Chapter News
September 2007


Sept. 14, 2007  

Call Meeting to Order: The meeting was called to order by Kristine Nelson, President, at 11:15  a.m. The meeting was held at the Aviation Technology Center at Merrill Field in Anchorage. 

Treasurer’s Report:  $1801.86  + $450 for local scholarship

Old Business:


Honorary work from the 2006-2007 Anchorage AMS Chapter Members:

- Our chapter won honor roll status this past season. 

- We were published twice in BAMS.  Once for the Fred Hirschmann aurora photography meeting and the other for John Whitney’s presentation on the Selendang Ayu! 

Recap of 2006-2007 Forecast Contest winners:

Jackie Purcell and Todd Foisey were the first snowfall winners.

The official measurement was 1.4" on the Oct 26th at the forecast office. You each were a tenth off the official measurement on Oct 25th:  Jackie had 1.3" and Todd had 1.5". 

Brett Shepard was the lowest temperature winner with -14F on Jan 20th.  The actual temperature was -15F on Jan 9th.

Ed Wentworth was the lowest pressure winner with 960mb on 01/08/07.  The actual lowest pressure was 959 Dec 20th. 

Heidi Strader was the first snowfall forecast winner for the 2006-2007 season with 84.6”.  The actual snowfall was 84.3”. 

New Business:


Possibility of combining the NWA with the Anchorage AMS Chapter:

Jackie Purcell will look into critical issues such as whether the Anchorage AMS would still be eligible for the AMS Honor roll if we combined with the NWA. 

Science Fair: 

The Alaska Science and Engineering Fair will be March 21st-23rd.   Judging will be on Saturday, March 22nd and the Awards Ceremony will be on Sunday, March 23rd.  Request was made for Chapter Members to think about volunteering to judge and/or to help with the awards ceremony. 


Annual AMS Meeting:

Next month’s speaker: tbd 

Christmas Party:

Other items:

James Partain mentioned the climate conference call occurring on Tuesday, Sept 18th.  Everyone was invited to attend. 

Main Event:   


Robert Kelly, the Chief of Forecast Operations at Hydrometeorological Prediction Center (HPC), Camp Springs, MD gave an overview of HPC products and services as well as future support planned for Alaska.  Robert’s meteorological experience stretches across much of the United States from a forecaster in Fairbanks, Alaska to Boston, Massachusetts to tropical Hawaii as the Director of Operations, to finally his work at HPC. Robert was a chief forecaster for five years at HPC before becoming the Chief of Forecast Operations at HPC and has also logged time at the Central Pacific Hurricane Center.  HPC is a national center with a diverse range of meteorological programs. The Forecast Operations Branch supports nearly all the programs of a WFO ranging from Air Quality to Precipitation, Medium Range to Winter Weather. Forecasts are issued in the form of graphics and gridded data, and every forecast desk issues a forecast discussion.

HPC provides gridded forecast and model analysis to NWS and private industries.  Currently Alaska benefits solely from the model analysis.  HPC is working to expand Alaskan services to the gridded days 4-7 forecasters to allow Alaskan forecasters to focus on the short-term.  

There are seven different forecasts desks at HPC producing a range of products from surface analysis, QPF charts, model diagnostics, winter weather, tropical predictions, verification, and more.  HPC is able to adjust the models real time to enhance forecast output.  However, the general forecast produced by HPC does not contain the meso nor micro meteorology.  Local Forecast Offices are responsible for adding value by applying local knowledge of weather,  marine, and geographical features. 

HPC support of Alaskan Weather Forecast Offices will be in the form of medium range products (days 4-7). 


Our next meeting will be announced at a later date.



The meeting was adjourned by Kristine Nelson at 12:35 pm.---Lisa Reed.



September meeting minutes.---John Gray.



Meeting Date:   September 4, 2007

Attendence:  Megan Babich, Meghan Bagnasco, Cody Bartow, Jeraca Benson, Catherine Bodak, Julia Bonk, Allison Britton, Chrissy Bukowski, Dan Burkhart, Chris Burling, Matt Clark, Aric Cylkowski, Alex DeSmet, Katie Dupree, Michael Estime, Heather Garren, David Hampton, Adam Hart, Amanda Hazard, Nathan Heath, Mike Hesche, Annie Hoezee, Kimberly Hoogewind, Brandon Hoving, Nathan Inks, Lindsay Job, Bryan Johnson, Stefanie Klimowicz, Rachel Kulik, Morris Langworthy, Kevin McDonald, Chase Meder, Chris Mickaels, Kevin Montie, Kayla Moore, Nathan Niedzwiecki, Jacob Owens, Gary Pratt, Aaron Sanders, Cort Scholten, John Sherry, Bryan Smith, Hillary Tahtinen, Greg Thornthwaite, Sarah Trojniak, Laura Velasquez, Kailey Wass

Meeting in Session:    9:12

President’s Report:     Pizza and soda were brought and can be obtained in the back.  “Who we are, and what we do...” was discussed. 

We recapped  MainStage.

Adopt a Highway—Sunday 16th of September.

1st weekend of October--Fall picnic

Vice President’s Report:   The VP went through what committees’ do and where we need help.  PR, Fundraising, Activities, Jobs and Internships are the committees this semester.

Treasurer’s Report:

We have in:     Savings:   $          2091.30                                         Checking:  $  97.78

Secretary’s Report:    Attendance sheet is passed out.

SGA Report:   What does SGA do...

Open Floor:   Webmaster explains website.


                            Current Weather Discussion

                            Mention of Michael Estime.

                            Club softball team.

Guest Speaker:    Dr. Baxter is out faculty advisor.  Tells about WxChallenge.

Meeting Adjourned:    9:51


Meeting Date:  September 11, 2007

Attendence:  Megan Babich, Meghan Bagnasco, Catherine Bodak, Julia Bonk, Allison Britton, Chrissy Bukowski, Dan Burkhart, Chris Burling, Matt Clark, Aric Cylkowski, Michael Estime, David Hampton, Adam Hart, Amanda Hazard, Nathan Heath, Mike Hesche, Annie Hoezee, Kimberly Hoogewind, Brandon Hoving, Nathan Inks, Lindsay Job, Bryan Johnson, Stefanie Klimowicz, Rachel Kulik, Morris Langworthy, Kevin McDonald, Chase Meder, Chris Mickaels, Kevin Montie, Kayla Moore, Nathan Niedzwiecki, Jacob Owens, Gary Pratt, Aaron Sanders, Cort Scholten, Bryan Smith, Hillary Tahtinen, Greg Thornthwaite, Sarah Trojniak, Laura Velasquez, Kailey Wass

Meeting in Session:     9:03

President’s Report:      New order of events will be shown by power point.  Breaking down of the RSO Constitution, the constitution was explained.  Going over “forgotten” things.  Adopt-a-Highway will be at 10AM Sunday.  Bike ride is Sept. 21, 6PM.

Vice President’s Report:  Answering committee questions.  Went over what the committees do again.

Treasurer’s Report:

Checking:  53.58            Savings:  2091.30

Secretary’s Report:     Attendance sheet was passed around.

SGA Report:

Fireside chat with Dave. Student government is paying for students to get the newspaper.  Talk about chalking.  No spray chalk allowed.

Open Floor:

Webmaster Report:  A special feature, the web-cam.

Conferences, lets decide early!

Meeting Adjourned:                  9:37


Meeting Date:  September 25, 2007

Attendence:  Dave Anderson, Megan Babich, Meghan Bagnasco, Catherine Bodak, Julia Bonk, Allison Britton, Dan Burkhart, Chris Burling, Aric Cylkowski, Alex DeSmet, Katie Dupree, Michael Estime, David Hampton, Stacy Hare, Adam Hart, Amanda Hazard, Annie Hoezee, Kimberly Hoogewind, Brandon Hoving, Nathan Inks, Lindsay Job, Bryan Johnson, Stefanie Klimowicz, Rachel Kulik, Morris Langworthy, Ben McDonald, Kevin McDonald, Chase Meder, Chris Mickaels, Kevin Montie, Kayla Moore, Jacob Owens, Aaron Sanders, Cort Scholten, Bryan Smith, Hillary Tahtinen, Greg Thornthwaite, Sarah Trojniak, Laura Velasquez, Kailey Wass

Meeting in Session:        9:05

President’s Report:      Current weather, storm sprung up.  National AMS Announcements, several scholarships are available.  Thinking about a newsletter.  Weather Challenge started yesterday.  9 people went on the bike trip Friday.  Star member of the week: Jacob Owens.

Vice President’s Report:   E-board members went to 201 classes to promote SCAMS.

Committee Reports:

1.  Fundraising:  will be receiving 50 packets for Yankee Candle sale.  Collect money when selling, checks payable to SCAMS.

2.  Public Relations:  need new ideas for the board, new photos to be put up.

3.  Jobs and Internships:  keeping an eye out for jobs, what do we want to be looked for?

4.  Activities:  October 2, movie/game night, 9:00PM Woldt lobby?  Halloween party?  Western game night?   

              Vote:  date of game night.  October 2 passed.

Treasurer’s Report:

Checking:           $ 53.58                                          Savings:              $ 2498.30

Vote on $ 70 for food for fun night.

Secretary’s Report:        Attendance sheet passed around.

SGA Report:   Western game is on a Tuesday, what’s with that?  Should classes be cancelled?  Dave says NO!  Looking for a new provost, screening a new candidate on September 26. 

Open Floor:

Weather Challenge results.

News article displayed. 

Website is doing well.

Stacy says thank-you for the card.

Softball score 9-12 we lost.

Golf outing?    

T-shirt designs:  due in the next two weeks.

Homecoming Medallion Search

Meeting Adjourned:  9:47---Annie Hoezee.



Monthly Meeting Minutes

September 20, 2007

Dr. Watson introduced the night’s program, “Tropical Cyclogenesis-Variability in the Large Scale Environment”.  Our speaker was Dr. Anantha Aiyyer, Asst. Prof. Of Meteorology, NCSU. Anantha Aiyyer was born in New Delhi, India.  He received a BS and MS in Physics from the Indian Institute of Technology and an MS and PhD in Atmospheric Science from State University of New York, Albany.  He served as a post-doctoral research associate at SUNY Albany, 2003-2006.  He has been an Assistant Professor at NCSU since 2006.  Dr. Aiyyer originally studied physics and only became interested in meteorology after reading “Chaos”, by James Gleick.  He mostly studies large-scale circulation in the tropics, but tonight’s talk included the role of synoptic and smaller scale factors.  The focus of the talk was cyclogenisis, a system going from disorganized to organized and why some organize and some do not.  Dr. Aiyyer expressed the fact that there are still just as many unanswered questions as answered questions, particularly relating to eye formation.  He discussed the relationship between inertial stability and subsiding air leading to the calm inside the eye, as well as, features of the eye.  He gave an overview to include:

a) Key environmental factors

  • Sea surface temperatures (air/sea thermal disequilibrium)
  • Vertical wind shear
  • Large scale low-level vorticity
  • Large scale low-level convergence

b) Cyclonic precursor of the right scale

  • In the Atlantic: African easterly waves
  • In the Pacific: Mixed Rossby gravity waves and tropical disturbances 

From 1950 to 2003 global hurricane counts show 70-120 (average 85) hurricanes per year.  Why do we have the number of hurricanes we have?  How will the number change with climate change, if at all?  Can the number of hurricanes affect climate change?  The Atlantic has shown an increase in hurricane frequency in the last 10 years.  Is this indicative of climate change or just part of a natural cycle?  The eastern/western Pacific and South Indian ocean show less recent variation. Vertical wind shear inhibits development.  Tropical cyclones need a warm air column.  When strong vertical shear is present, the top of the cyclone becomes sheared and ventilation through the top of the cyclone hampers development. In the Atlantic vertical shear is from the west.  Tropical cyclogenesis occurs more in areas where there is weak vertical shear.  This was illustrated through a graph that showed annual cycle of shear versus tropical cyclones in the Atlantic.  A plot of yearly cyclogenesis shows less development in years with large vertical shear peaks.  ENSO related vertical shear shows frequency of vertical shear during strong El Nino, with shear higher in El Nino years because the immense amount of warming creates large shear.  This is why/how El Nino is used as a predictor. 

The Atlantic Multi Decadal Oscillation (AMDO), a large overturning circulation in the Atlantic brought an increase in hurricane development in the mid 90s.  Some studies contend the increase may only be partly a natural cycle and partly due to anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases.  West African prolonged drought corresponds to lower AMDO.   

Accumulated Cyclone Energy (ACE) is a good indicator of hurricane strength.  Graphs plotting ACE with vertical shear show decrease in ACE with shear.  Again, showing lack of vertical shear to be a good indicator of hurricane development. Vertical shear does not prove to be as good an indicator in the western Pacific.  This is possibly due to the greater number of tropical cyclones in the western Pacific impacting vertical shear due to frequency of cyclones and their powerful outflows interfering with shear.  There is perhaps a circular logic here that is not fully understood.  This becomes a problem in long-range statistical predictions and is why dynamic models offer more promise for better predictions. 

In many basins hurricanes occur in clusters.  It appears something large-scale may modulate hurricanes and typhoons.  An observed quasi-periodic reversal in the upper and lower-level wind direction was originally termed the 40-50 day oscillation, but is now known as The Madden Julian Oscillation (MJO) after the two individuals who originally made the observation.  The MJO is now known to be associated with large-scale eastward propagating circulation.  Nakazawa found tropical cyclone clusters within the convective envelope of the MJO.  An equation for the MJO has not been successfully developed.  The MJO fosters cyclogenesis through low-level convergence and low-level cyclonic vorticity.  Large-scale MJO has been shown to correspond to high frequency cyclogenesis through longitude-time diagrams of cloud brightness temperature.  MJO also pushes hurricanes northward.   

Synoptic-scale tracking of precursors to tropical cyclones uses potential vorticity as a proxy to track disturbances.  Why do some organized areas loose their punch?  Why do some then reorganize?  The ability of strong waves to become hurricanes depends on sea surface temperature, vertical shear, availability of moisture, and existence of mid latitude troughs.  Destructive potential corresponds to sea surface temperature, which some believe corresponds to overall global land surface temperature.  Therefore some conclude that longer-lived hurricanes may result as we continue to emit greenhouse gases.Hurricane tracks are well-established and predictable, but intensity forecasts remain a challenge due to mesoscale variations in ocean temperatures.  The Saharan Air Layer (SAL) hampers development by cooling surface temperatures, but conversely enhances development by providing condensation nuclei. 

Real-time observation of MJO is available by link.---Janice Godfrey.



Thursday, 5:00 PM, September 20, 2007
National Weather Center (NWC) in Norman, OK

President Patrick Burke welcomed the group to the first meeting of the 2007-2008 chapter year. He provided a recap of chapter events during this past summer, which included the May BBQ, an
Oklahoma Redhawks minor league baseball game in July, and an officers’ meeting to plan out the upcoming chapter year.

Upcoming Planned Events
-  Saturday, September 22nd, from 3 to 6 pm, the chapter will have a fall picnic hosted at Bob Johns' home in east Norman. The chapter will provide food/drinks and setup outdoor games. There is also a weather station and farm trails to explore. A map to Bob’s place was sent in email with printouts available to be picked up at the end of meeting.
-  Tuesday, October 2nd at 6:30 pm, COCAMS and OUSCAMS will hold a special joint chapter meeting in the NWC. Carolyn Brewer, author of Caught in the Path, will be the guest speaker. Her book chronicled the Ruskin Heights F5 tornado that killed around 40 people in the Kansas City metro area on May 20th, 1957. Having been in the path of the storm herself, Ms. Brewer’s Caught in the Path provides accounts of those who survived and died in the storm, as well as the reconstruction that followed afterwards. With 2007 marking the 50th anniversary of the storm, and ten years after Caught in the Path, Ms. Brewer is compiling additional stories and details to write a sequel. She plans to share this new material at the October 2nd meeting.
-  Wednesday through Friday, October 10th-12th, the chapter will co-sponsor the Multifunction Phased Array Radar Symposium: Leveraging Technology for a Next-Generation National Radar System. This event will be held in the NWC, co-sponsored by OFCM and NSSL. Kit Wagner, treasurer, will assist with collecting exhibitor fees similar to how COCAMS assists with the National Severe Weather Workshop. For more information, please see

Ideas for Future Meetings/Activities
From the officers’ planning meeting, the following items were presented to the membership as possible ideas for meetings and/or events.
-  Monthly meetings will typically be scheduled every 3rd Thursday.
-  A tour of the Phased Array radar on OU’s north research campus will likely occur at the next regularly scheduled meeting on October 18th. More details will be provided at the special meeting on October 2nd.
-  A committee should be formed to help staff a booth at the National Weather Festival, which will be held on Saturday, October 20th from 9 am to 1 pm at the NWC.
-  Additional committees should be formed to help with sponsoring the Storms of 2007 DVD and for putting together a poster to display at the AMS annual meeting in January.
-  A tour of the Moore Emergency Management Center will probably be scheduled in November or December.
-  The chapter will likely participate in the 2008 Oklahoma State Science and Engineering Fair in March.
A handout was passed around the membership to solicit committee members for the National Weather Festival, Storms of 2007, AMS annual meeting poster, and Fawbush & Miller scholarship maintenance.

Fawbush & Miller Scholarship
Bill Martin had maintained the Fawbush & Miller award for COCAMS since its inception several years ago. This involved determining the yearly winner of the National Collegiate Weather Forecasting Contest (now the OU WX-Challenge), communicating this information to Fred Carr in the OU School of Meteorology to have the scholarship check drawn, and having the perpetual plaque and an individual plaque engraved at Sooner Trophy. Since Bill has left for a position within the NWS in Montana, a new responsible person will be needed to take over.

Storms of 2007 DVD
Greg Stumpf presented the membership with a request for the chapter to sponsor the Storms of 2007 DVD. Greg asked the chapter to pay for the DVD cost upfront, with the chapter receiving 25% of the profits plus the cost of the DVDs. The chapter had sponsored the 2004 and 2005 versions of the series, raising $14,365 for the American Red Cross. A motion was made to have the chapter provide up to $500 for the upfront cost associated with producing the initial set of DVDs. This motion was approved. Greg followed up by saying that this year the producers of the DVD may decide to initially purchase a unit of 500 replicated DVDs to save on overall production cost. This could cost $1000 to $1500. There was some discussion on whether this larger initial sum should be approved instead of up to $500. Kit announced that COCAMS had a little over $10,000 in the treasury. It was decided to table any additional motions on this item until a future meeting.

Special Election for Vice-President
Amy Gardner had resigned as chapter Vice-President after taking a position at a TV station in Amarillo, TX. The nominating committee had selected Mark Sessing as her replacement. There were no additional nominations from the floor. Mark was approved by the membership as the new Vice-President.


COCAMS members Steven Kruckenberg, Service Hydrologist at the NWSFO Norman, and Chris Sohl, Senior Forecaster at NWSFO Norman, presented "Record Rainfall and Flooding of 2007 in Oklahoma and North Texas". Their talk gave a chronological perspective on heavy rain events during the spring and summer of 2007. They showed the upper-level weather pattern, as well as an analysis of rainfall/river levels during this time frame. Photographs of damage caused by flooding were also displayed.---Jeremy Grams.



The September, 2007  newsletter is available at: Tracton.




First Meeting of Fall Semester


Meeting Start Time: 6:45pm

Welcome/Introduction from the president

              Welcome new members

Introduce officers

Please turn in dues ($10) by the next meeting

Encourage members to join National AMS

              Get student discounts: $15 per year

              Benefits (BAMS magazine)

What does the AMS chapter do?




                            Email ideas for TV show

AMS Annual Student Conference

                            Jan 19-20 in New Orleans

                            Juniors/Seniors only

                            Must be an AMS student member

                            Great networking opportunity


              National Collegiate Forecasting Competition

              Begins Sep. 24

              See Dan if you are interested in participating ASAP

Potential Trip—Get ideas from members

National Hurricane Center, Miami


Next meeting

              9/27 at 6:45

Meeting End Time: 7:15pm



Meeting Start Time: 6:45pm

Welcome from president

The chapter will be helping to establish a weather broadcast that will air on the in-house channel.  Anyone interested in participating either on-camera or behind-the-scenes should see Dan or Bryan.

SKYWARN training Update

We are in contact with the Warning Coordination Meteorologist at the NWS Melbourne, FL office.  He is available only on a Monday or Tuesday night, so we will hold that meeting on a special day/time.

Members voted and decided Tuesday was the preferred day of the week.  Bryan will relay this information and set up a date/time.

Training session will be open to all students on campus.

We will advertise by placing one banner outside the Weather Center and one banner in the Student Union.


We have put together a team to participate in the WxChallenge.  The contest started Monday.  Dan will serve as the local manager.  See him with any questions or if you would like to sign up for the spring semester.

First potluck

              Great time to mingle with faculty



Austin will collect dues at the end of the meeting.

Meeting End Time: 7:20pm--- Dan Halperin. 




September 25th, 2007 7:00 PM

A special thanks goes out to everybody that helped out at all of the community outreaches opportunities of the past month.  This gets the AMS involved and recognized by the community and informs them about severe weather and meteorology in general.

The ISU AMS would like to send our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Eric Nygun.  Eric was well known in the meteorology community and a great photographer of severe weather.  He will be deeply missed.

The ISU AMS wishes Graduate Student Jimmy Correia the best of luck in the future as he is leaving Iowa State and continuing his meteorology career.

A presentation was given by Rachel Butterworth on her REU research experience at the National Weather Center in Norman, Oklahoma.  This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in research or just wondering what research meteorology is all about.  This is a ten week all expenses paid summer research program at the National Weather Center, in Norman, Oklahoma.  The NWC is a collaboration of the Storm Prediction Center, National Severe Storms Laboratory and the Oklahoma University’s meteorology program. Along with getting to know some of the best known researchers in the U.S., you get to go on trips with fellow students and go storm chasing in the heart of tornado alley.  You actually perform research and give a presentation at the end the program.  To apply you should be of at least junior status.  Applications are available at in December and are due in February.  For further information and to see Rachel’s presentation, email   

AMS apparel

As a chapter, we order apparel that supports ISU AMS on them.  This apparel varies from sweatshirts to windbreaker jackets.  They are really snazzy and you get to represent the ISU AMS!  We need at least twelve people interested in each of the items in order to even consider them.  A show of hands was taken to who was interested in what.  Further information on apparel will either be emailed out or discussed at next meeting. Here are the options:

Hooded Sweatshirts in red with white lettering and grey with red lettering

              Polo in red with white lettering and navy with white lettering

              Windbreaker Jacket in red with white lettering and navy with white lettering

              Shirts in red with white lettering or grey with red lettering

AMS Snowfall Contest

              The AMS is sponsoring a snowfall contest for anyone who wishes to participate. 

The contest is to forecast the first full inch of snow from the observation at the Ames Municipal Airport.  In order to enter just write your name on the calendar in the map room to which day you think there will be the first inch of snow.  Only one person per day, so first come first serve!  The prize for the person who is the closest is a $25 gift card from Target.  Sign up now!!

CPR Training

              The ISU AMS is looking into getting its members CPR certified.  CPR is something everyone should know how to do; you never know when you might be able to save somebody’s life.  A sign up sheet was passed around during the meeting.  If you weren’t there and are interested in the training, email  Further updates will be given at a later time.

National AMS Meeting

     The American Meteorological Society has an annual meeting every year that anyone can attend.  The meeting is January 20-24, 2008 in New Orleans, LA.  Travel grants and assistantships are available.  For more information about them see  Applications are due October 19th, 2007.  For more information about topics and events at the conference visit:

Science Bound

              Thanks to those of you who helped Sept. 21

              If anyone is interested to help on Thursday Oct 25th, 2007 sign up at meeting or email  Science Bound is a program that involves high school students and tries to get them interested in meteorology after high school, while at the same time answering questions that they may have.  It is a bunch of fun and gets the AMS involved with the community, which is always a good thing.

The Road Less Traveled

              The next opportunities to help are: October 11, 18, 25 2007 from 1-2pm in the Memorial Union.  This a program that involves middle school and high school female students and tries to get them geared up towards a science field after high school.  It is fun to work with the students and teach them a thing or two about the weather.  If interested in helping out email for further information.


Dues for membership in the ISU AMS were $10 and were due last Friday September 28th, 2007.  If you haven’t paid yet and still want to be a member get it to Bree Sullivan ASAP!


              Current balance: $2207.39


Tornado Machine

              The tornado machine committee met right after the meeting on Tuesday September 25th, 2007.  Topics to be covered were new paint scheme, naming the machine and formulating a way to make it leak-proof.  Also the motion for reimbursing Mr. Dave Flory for paying for the new mister that is currently in the tornado machine was passed.  The value was approximately: $100.       


We are planning on selling weather calendars as a fundraiser for the club.  We are looking for any weather pictures that you think might look good on a calendar.  The calendar committee will then look over the pictures and select their favorites.  Send any pictures to  These calendars make a great Christmas present and can be shipped to their destination!  Further information will be given at a later date on prices, ect.

Academic Chair

Keep on the ams forums to see for possible review sessions.  Otherwise don’t be afraid to ask upperclassmen questions about homework and tests.  Thank you to all of the members who are serving as section leaders.  Your help is greatly appreciated and helps our major succeed in the academic world!

Social Chair

Please pay $3 for broomball if you are participating for it.  Sheets for volleyball, dodge ball and racquetball were sent around during the meeting.  If you didn’t get on those sheets email for further information on intramurals.  The social event for October will be Friday October 5th, 2007 at McFarland Park.  It will consist of playing football, maybe some volleyball, sitting around a campfire and socializing with fellow members of the AMS!  Also don’t forget about the smores!  Address and directions were printed on the back of the meetings agenda.  If you still need them email for further information.  Also an annual event is coming up, the Student Faculty Dinner at Hickory Park!  You can chat with your favorite meteorology professor while dining at one of Ames best restaurants.  Further information will be given at a later date.


Forecasting Contests

The National Contest is currently forecasting for Cape Hatteras, NC.  This period will go through October 4th, 2007.  If you are competing in the WXChallenge and haven’t paid your $5, please get it to Bree Sullivan ASAP!

The Local Contest is currently forecasting in Lamoni, IA for day 2 conditions.  Congrats goes to Justin Wittrock who won the first period for Iowa City. This period will also go until October 4th, 2007.  If you are interested in the contest and haven’t entered yet, you can still get in on the action!!  Just email and get registered.  It costs nothing and you get to compete against your fellow meteorologists!   

ISU AMS Photo Forum

              Please sign up on the AMS forums to put and view pictures of fellow members!  Ben would like to know your opinion on what you think about the forum, so give it to him at webmaster.isuams.

Cys Eyes on the Skies

              Cys Eyes is going good; $5 dues are due soon.  Everybody is still encouraged to help out at shows, either on or off camera.  The more help the better.  This is a great opportunity to get familiar with the green screen or running cameras and props off screen. Next show at 6Pm September 26th, 2007 in the communications building.  If you can’t be there, be sure and watch on ISU TV!


              Please pick up pictures in map room or they will be discarded of.  Still looking for any pictures of members of the AMS doing activities, ect.  Also looking for someone to take some pictures of members playing in intramurals events.  Email pictures to historian.isuams or just give them to Jeff Edmondson.


Sophomore Chair

               The nominees gave a talk on why they should be sophomore chair.  The nominees were: Andy Mair, Justin Wittrock, Matt Hoffman and Amanda Bakley.  A special congrats goes to Matt Hoffman was elected Sophomore Chair.

The next AMS meeting will be Tuesday October 30th, 2007 at 7pm. It will be a Halloween theme, so wear your scariest costumes because we will be having a contest for the best costume.---Brandon Engelson.



The Kansas City Chapter of the American Meteorological Society held its first meeting of the 2007-2008 year, on September 18, 2007, in mid-town Kansas City’s Country Club Plaza.  The meeting’s topic was the commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the Country Club Plaza Flood of 1977. Appropriately, the meeting was held on the Plaza, in a building (next to Brush Creek) that was under water during the flood of 1977.

Business meeting

Chapter President Mike Hudson called the September meeting of the KC AMS chapter to order around 7:40 pm, after a chapter dinner at the Granfalloon Bar and Grill in Kansas City, MO. A total of 54 members and guests were in attendance. Hudson made a welcoming address and called the meeting to order for a brief business session. The executive board of the Chapter has offered to extend a $5.00 rebate incentive to any current members who bring in a new member, or bring a previous member (earlier than the 2005/06 year) back to the rolls (limit 4 new ‘rebates’ to regular members and 1 new ‘rebate’ to student members). The chapter goal this year is to grow from 76 paid members to 100.

The executive board has also discussed providing some incentive for encouraging new faces to run for future officer positions (2008-2009 and beyond). Chapter action on that proposal will be asked for later in the year.

Hudson also reminded members that there is a place on this year’s membership form to express and interest in meeting nights. Most of last year’s meetings and the early meetings this year were/are slated for the third Tuesday of the month.  A survey will be distributed soon to members by email or mail depending on your preferences for meeting announcements. This survey will ask further questions about meeting days, locations, meals and prices.  It will also solicit members who are interested to serve on one or more of four committees:

1.    To seek out speakers

2.    To seek out restaurants and/or meeting locations

3.    A committee to prepare a poster about this long-serving Chapter for the January, 2008 AMS National meeting in New Orleans

4.    A committee to work with local AMS Chapters in Wichita and Omaha, to explore the concept of co-sponsoring a local conference ala the High Plains or Central Iowa annual conferences.

Administrative reports

-          Treasurer Evan Bookbinder reported a balance to begin the new year of $443.00.

-          Mike Hudson gave a summary of the last meeting’s notes from May, 2007, when the chapter commemorated the 50th anniversary of the Ruskin Heights tornado, the last F5 tornado to strike the greater metro area. Joe Audsley (retired NWS), Jon Finch (NWS Dodge City), Suzanne Fortin (NWS Pleasant Hill) and Les Lemon (WDTB) were the speakers at that meeting, and they shared research, memories and observations from that tornado event.


 The speaker was Jack Hales, lead forecaster at the Storm Prediction Center in Norman, OK, formerly the National Severe Storms Forecast Center in Kansas City.  While at NSSFC, Jack had done research into the Plaza Flood of 1977.

Jack spoke about the “Plaza Flood” 30 years and 6 days prior to the meeting that had inundated the very restaurant that we were in that evening. Tremendous rains fell during the late night of September 11th/12th over the small basin that drains into Brush Creek. Brush Creek runs along the southern parts of Kansas City’s Country Club Plaza region, an area of up-scale shopping and dinning along with 5-star hotels.

Weather conditions that spawned the initial rains on the night of the 11th/12th were brought on be a fairly non-descript 500mb pattern with a weak trough over western Kansas, but with some other “flood” features that included a 250mb jet segment and a strong, southerly low-level jet of 45 kts at 850mb. The following afternoon and evening, a second round of storms was spawned by a 30kt 850 jet continuing to provide abundant humidity, the lingering 250mb jet segment and resultant right entrance region, and the 500mb trough deepening and sliding farther east over Kansas. Surface features on the late afternoon of the 12th included a warm front just to the south of Kansas City and a weak cool front extending from northeast to southwest across northeastern into central Kansas. Severe weather was largely insignificant. Upper air profiles surrounding Kansas City indicated a deep humid layer, fairly insignificant lapse rates and minimal change in winds aloft speed and direction.

The first nights rains brought a stream flow on Brush Creek of 5.600 cfs in a typical urban spike. The second evenings stream flow grew to 17,800cfs, again a quick spike that peaked around 11:00 PM.

Flood warnings for the evening of the 12th were issued at 7:45 PM. In addition to the stores and businesses that were flooded, approximately 2,000 automobiles were destroyed in the flood. Loss of life at and near the Plaza was put at 25. Sixty-eight percent of those deaths were directly associated to an automobile.

In subsequent years, the US Army Corp of Engineers sought to deepen and widen what had been a competitively small, concrete channel, and to raise the level of numerous urban bridges. By October 1998, most of the necessary channel work had been completed through the immediate Plaza stretch of the stream, but was yet on-going down stream on Brush Creek before its confluence with a much larger stream, the Blue River.

Jack had spoke to the chapter on the 20th anniversary of the flood in 1997.  One year later, on October, 4, 1998, Brush Creek experienced another devastating flood which Jack touched on as a new development since his last presentation. A deep and large low circulation had developed over the central Great Plains, and there was a deep mid-level trough over the western U.S. Soundings revealed plenty of humidity in the lower- and mid-levels, steep lapse rates and plenty of shear in the eastern Plains. Twenty tornadoes tore across Oklahoma, while Kansas and Missouri had numerous reports of large hail and storm winds. For Kansas City though, a stubborn warm front hung southward of the city and once the severe storms formed into a line and eventually a bow echo, it was to be another major rainfall event. The bow echo pushed through Kansas City during the early evening and on toward north-central Missouri, but yielded back-building storms over Kansas City to build on previous rains.

Intense rainfall rates rivaled those of the 1977 flood event for several hours through the heart of the city, including the few square miles of Brush Creek. Completed construction through the immediate Plaza area allowed the resultant flood flow to sweep past there uneventfully. However, in the area just blocks downstream, where channel work and bigger bridges had yet to be completed, seven lives were lost when flood waters overtopped the old Prospect Avenue bridge over Brush Creek. Additional lives were lost to flash flooding around the remainder of the metro area that evening as well.  The city has spent around $150 million since 1998 in completing the Brush Creek project to the Blue River.

The meeting concluded around 8:45 pm.---Lisa Hill.



Welcome to the first AMS Meeting of the 2007-2008 school year!

Monday, September 17, 2007 7:00pm

Election of Officers

President - Caitlyn Goble

Vice President - Kristen Skolaut

Secretary - Kim Hernandez

Treasurer - Ava Dinges

Social Chairs - Frank Waugh, Andrew Oberthaler

New/existing members, don't forget to pay your DUES! Dues are $10 - these are to help us with creating fun social events, severe weather week in the spring, food for social events, etc.

Ava really advocated making AMS bigger and better this year but setting goals to accomplish - such as weather calendars, t-shirts, severe weather week, etc. - in a timely and effective manner. We want to make sure everyone in the group feels like the can contribute something (i.e. not leaving everything up the the officers to do!) This discussion continued with a brainstorm of possible activities/ideas AMS members could help organize by breaking into committees.

Possible separate committees/ideas

*Networking - compile a list of Alumni, faculty, etc. that we could use in building a network (Probably will be our first project)

*Severe Weather Week (Spring - Ava expressed interest in heading this up)

*Weather Calendar - Frank said AMS used to make a calendar/almanac using weather pictures students have taken - we thought it would be fun to do this again

*T-shirts - we are going to talk about designs at the next meeting so come with ideas if you have any!

Next Meeting: OCTOBER 1st at 7:30pm in 405 LINDLEY (if you don't know the code, just knock) Hope to see everyone there!---Kimberly Hernandez.




September 12, 2007 General Business Meeting

Attendance: 62 (Including Executive Board)

Start Time: 7:03 pm

This was the first General Business Meeting for the fall semester of 2007.  Steve, our AMS President, first welcomed the new students to the club.  He also welcomed back the returning students for another exciting year.  He then explained that the registration sheets and dues for the club had to be filled out and handed in by October 5th.  He also mentioned all the committee options on the registration sheet, and discussed the Storm Conference Committee since he will be running that particular group.  Steve then updated the club on the new features added to the 33rd NESC, mainly the longer lunch period and our Sunday morning keynote speaker position.  He also made the club aware of our attempt for a Lyndon State-Plymouth State College activity and our AMS Charity Event for this coming year.  Finally, he talked about the requirements and need of a Meteorology Department Spokesperson.  This person will be a student representative at department meetings held every month.  Nominations and voting occurred later in the meeting.


Vice President Mike Swan then took the stage and talked about the club’s Internship Night.  He asked that anyone in the club who did internships during this past summer to present during this event.  He then moved on to the Photo of the Month on the course website, and explained how to send photo candidates to him.  Mike finished by talking about the Web Page Committee and his plans to teach any members on web site management.


Secretary Alex Jacques reminded the club members that the registration sheets needed to be turned in by October 5th and he would be willing to receive them at any time before that date.  He then stressed the importance of signing up on event sign-up sheets during all events.  Alex explained the active member requirement of five events or more, and the benefits of this active member status.  Alex finished with explaining to the club his plan to post an “event counting” sheet on the AMS bulletin board, so club members could track their progress to becoming an active member.


Treasurer Hayley LaPoint notified the club members to get their $10 dues to her if possible, otherwise they could be given to any executive board member.  She then talked about the National AMS Conference.  An application process will be put together for club members.  They can apply for two positions and can receive them after a review panel goes over their applications.  She also mentioned the opportunity to go to the Southern New England Weather Conference.  More on this process will come in future meetings.  Finally, she quickly introduced one of our fall events to the club, the AMS Car Wash.


Richard, our Public Relations Director, introduced the new members to the various events the club does throughout the year.  He then moved onto our first event, the annual Fall BBQ, which will be held on September 16th.  He also talked about the first Events Committee meeting on September 20th, and the events that will be covered during that meeting.  He finished with reminding club members that event meetings count as one-third of an event and that General Business Meeting attendance is also a requirement for active member status.  To be an active member, one must attend two-thirds of the AMS General Business Meetings.


Community Outreach Officer Josh Redinger began by mentioning the date for the club’s annual Science Fair on March 22, 2008.  He then updated the club on his efforts to get local school visits started.  He has contacted Danville, Lyndon, and West Burke schools but hasn’t received too much feedback at this time.


Scott Jaeger, the AMS Historian, talked about collecting photos and notebooks from past Northeastern Storm Conferences.  He also mentioned that the next Alumni Newsletter should be out in Early November.  He also put in efforts to design a new logo for the Lyndon Front.


Finally, nominations and voting for the Meteorology Department Spokesperson were done using Robert’s Rules of Order.  Mike Lichniak began by nominating Matt Clegg for the position.  Alex Lataille seconded, and Matt did accept.  Tyler Southard then nominated Eric Guillot, with Carl Trypaluk seconding the nomination.  Eric declined the nomination.  Josh Kidd then nominated Mike St. Laurent, with Carl Trypaluk again seconding him.  Mike St. Laurent did accept.  Tyler Southard then nominated Todd Lanouette.  Mike Lichniak seconded that nomination, but Todd declined.  Todd then proceeded to nominate Mike Lichniak, with Alex Lataille seconding that motion.  Mike also declined.  No other nominations occurred after so Matt Clegg and Mike St. Laurent took the stage and explained their reasons for wanting the position.  A secret-ballot vote was then done and unfortunately two-thirds majority was not won.  More questioning of the candidates then followed and a second-round of voting was done.  This time, Mike St. Laurent won two-thirds majority, so he became the department spokesperson.


This concluded the first General Business Meeting of the year by the Lyndon State College AMS & NWA.  The meeting officially ended after the club raffle at 7:46 pm.---Alexander Jacques.



Location: Georgia Tech

Our first meeting of the 2007-2008 Academic Year was held on Georgia Tech's campus in our usual room, L1175 on Thursday the 13th of September. Our recorded attendance for the meeting was 30 people.

The meeting was opened with a greeting and report from our President, Stephanie Klipfel. In the report Stephanie discussed having a logo contest to design a new logo for our chapter- by the end of the year we want a logo that includes the NWA and AMS in the logo. We are working on the details of the contest but start putting your thinking caps on now!

Members were asked if they would be willing to volunteer for career days, science fairs, etc. They were then asked to fill out a sheet indicting which part of town they are willing to travel to. There should soon be a link on the website for teachers, scout leaders, etc can ask for someone to speak to them, and we can arrange for someone to speak.

A Career day with UGA and with GT are also in the works.

Our first order of business was brought to us by our President-Elect Trisha Palmer. It concerned the possibility of the chapter hosting a regional conference:

Several pro's to doing conference including: 1) enhance knowledge of topic 2) bring notoriety to Chapter etc...

If we do this conference we will need to fill several committees tasked with individual responsibilities related to the committee, such as:
Location and Accommodations / Speakers / Budget / Market / Food & Beverage / Technical / ETC...

First, we must decide if this is something we want to pursue! Do we want to do this???

In order to help answer this question we need to form an exploratory committee. If we vote to form an exploratory committee it will be charged with gathering more data so the chapter can make an informed decision at our November meeting whether or not we will go forward with the meeting. Some things the exploratory committee will look at include:

Trisha then opened the floor up to questions...A possible venue mentioned was Dobbins Air Force Base, since we could get the Hurricane Hunters plane there...The question as to how many people could we expect was raised, possibly a couple hundred max??...should we keep it professionals only, so we don't get overwhelmed?

A vote was then taken to see if an exploratory committee should be formed, results: unanimous to form the committee...A form was then passed around where people could sign up for the committee.

Stephanie then presented the Student of the Year award for Georgia Tech to Steven DiNapoli. This award and scholarship was rewarded to Steven in The Spring, but was presented formally at this meeting due to absence.

Finally, our speaker, Mike Gibson of Gibson Ridge Radar Software, was introduced. Mr. Gibson gave a fantastic presentation on his amazing GRLevel2, GRLevel3, and especially GRLevel2Analyst software. Mr Gibson included in the presentation images from the Moore, OK F5 tornado from 3 May 1999, a storm from GA from Spring 2007 which produced 4+ inch hail, and also the EF5 tornado from Greensburg, KS during May of this year. For more information on Gibson Ridge Radar Software, go to

After the presentation, the next meeting was announced, which will be Tuesday, October 9th at CNN in Atlanta, where we will tour the Weather Studio and Newsroom.

The meeting was adjourned after the announcement. The meeting lasted approximately 1.5 hours---Brandon Miller.



Millersville University Chapter of the American Meteorological Society

Compilation of Meeting Minutes for September


Meeting Type: General Meeting

Meeting Date: September 5, 2007

Attendance: 83 


Meeting Type: General Meeting

Meeting Date: September 12, 2007

Attendance: 77 


Meeting Type: Community Outreach

Meeting Date: September 12, 2007

Attendance: 20 


Meeting Type: Fundraising Committee

Meeting Date: September 12, 2007

Attendance: 25 


Meeting Type: Trips/Events Committee

Meeting Date: September 12, 2007

Attendance: 15 


Meeting Type: General Meeting

Meeting Date: September 19, 2007

Attendance: 83


Meeting Type: Community Outreach

Meeting Date: September 26, 2007

Attendance: 19 


Meeting Type: Fundraising Committee

Meeting Date: September 26, 2007

Attendance: 19 


Meeting Type: Trips/Events Committee

Meeting Date: September 26, 2007

Attendance: 12 



September 6th Officer’s Meeting: 

  1. The first meeting will be on September 11th at 7:30 p.m. and Dr. Hart will be speaking on "Taxes, Taxis, Tornados, Tropical Cyclones, Temperature and Global Warming:  From coincident correlation to cautious causation and the desperate demand for a devil’s advocate in a dynamic world."

  2. Membership dues will be $10 for students and $15 for non-students.

  3. Membership and sign-up sheets for the meeting will be handled by Kevin.

  4. Photo contest #3 was held and 1st place went to Jimmy Taeger for
    Early evening thunderstorm in Wellington, FL, May 6, 2007. 2nd place went to Steven Martinaitis for Orographic stratus over Mount Mitchell, NC (Elevation 6684 ft.); taken from an overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway (Elevation 4825 ft.), July 11, 2007. And 3rd place went to Krizia Negron-Hernandez for plane contrail/clouds.

  5. The Cici’s fundraiser will be on September 20th from 6:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.

  6. The Bear Paw social event will be optional for members; attendance will not be held against them and held on September 23rd. Everyone will meet at 10 am.

  7. T-shirts will be sold at the first meeting; $15 for t-shirts and $25 for polo’s.

  8. The first AMS bake sale will be held on September 26th.

  9. Alec and Charlie discussed Community Weather Day in which our chapter of the AMS will cover tornadoes.

  10. A tentative car wash at Blockbuster is planned for October 13th.

  11. Our chapter will have a table at Emergency Preparedness Week on September 12th from 10-2 pm on Landis Green and provide a demonstration with weather instruments. There will be a teleconference with Max Mayfield at WFSU on September 13th from 7-8:30 p.m. at 4FSU and AMS paying members will be able to attend.

  12. Kevin said we had approximately $600 to start the year, before membership dues.

  13. The next officer’s meeting is tentatively scheduled for October 15th.


On Tuesday, September 11, 2007, the North Florida AMS held its September general meeting. President Charlie Woodrum made the opening welcome and comments and thanked past president, Jessica Fieux for all of her hard work. Charlie also talked about Emergency Preparedness Week that was currently taking place, and invited members to stop by and to help run the North Florida AMS booth on Landis Green. He also talked about the new designs for the t-shirts and orders will be taken until September 27th. Kevin McKee gave the treasurer’s report with a starting balance of over $600.00 before dues or sales. After the meeting and 90+ attendees, our balance is now at $2,503.82 from membership dues and AMS t-shirt sales. Committee reports were then given by Andy Latto, chair of the Programs Committee, Kevin McKee, chair of the Membership Committee, Liane Claytor, chair of the Publicity Committee, and Alec Bogdanoff, chair of the Science and Education Committee.  Andy discussed the upcoming golf tournament scheduled for November 4th. In addition to the account balance, Kevin discussed our upcoming fundraiser at Cici’s Pizza which will be September 20th and the chapter will earn a percentage of the sales made between the hours of 6 and 9 in the evening. Also, the car wash which will be held on October 13th at Taco Bell on Tennessee St from 10am-2pm. Liane talked about the bake sale and that it will be held on September 26th from 10am-2pm near the Love building, and Alec discussed a community weather day tentatively scheduled for October. Charlie then proposed to change an amendment so our chapter would include Southeast Alabama, which everyone agreed to. Our featured speaker was Dr. Robert Hart, speaking on “Taxes, Taxis, Tornados, Tropical Cyclones, Temperature and Global Warming: From coincident correlation to cautious causation and the desperate demand for a devil’s advocate in a dynamic world”. Dr. Hart is an associate professor at FSU, and received his PhD from Penn State. Dr. Hart entertained attendees while speaking about global warming, correlation/causation, predictability, and intensity forecasting for hurricanes.--- Liane Claytor.  



September 13, 2007 ; 11:00am

The Northwest Indiana Chapter of the AMS/NWA met on September 13, 2007 at Valparaiso University. There were 43 people in attendance.

Members Present:
- President: Michael Grogan
- Vice President: Mark Borchelt
- Secretary: Katie Giannecchini
- Treasurer: Chris Wilson

The meeting was called to order at 11:07am. Introductions of the members and a brief synopsis of the goals of the chapter were given.

Our current balance is at $1,179.16. Dues will be $15 per member, and are payable to NWI NWA. Dues must be paid by the end of the third meeting.

An introduction of the Activities Committee was given. The group will help plan activities and fundraisers throughout the year, starting with a snowfall contest that will take place at the beginning of October. An email will be sent out to all members interested with the date and time of the first Activities Committee meeting.

The Northwest Indiana Chapter of the AMS/NWA will be holding its annual conference in the spring of 2008. The tentative date is Saturday, April 5th. We are looking into inviting several speakers, including Charles Doswell, Mike Umscheid, Max Mayfield, and Dr. Uccelini. More information will be given as it becomes available.

We will be hosting a fall speaker sometime in the second half of October. The speaker will most likely be a National Weather Service employee from either the Romeoville or North Webster offices.

Other fundraisers and activities this year will be the bake sale, No Talent / Talent Show, weekly kickball tournaments, and a 2008 calendar sale. Members interested in submitting photos to be considered in the calendar can send them via email to Mark Borchelt.

A request for a volunteer to help update our website was made. If there is any interest, the member could receive a discounted rate for their ticket to the conference.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:18am.---Katie Giannecchini.



September 18, 2007   5:30 - 7 PM   Study Abroad meeting

5:30 Pizza served!

5:45 Talks given by students who had participated in a variety of OU School of Meteorology exchange programs, with Monash, Reading, and Hamburg universities.  Fielded many questions from the students!

6:45  Reminder for students to pay dues, and began the sale of School of Meteorology stickers---Kim Klockow.




On September 20, 2007, fifteen Oregon-AMS members gathered for good drink and food at the Raccoon Lodge and Pub…and to share their weather projects.  This event is for/by members without a formal outside guest speaker.

Thyra Bishop said that the Oregon Air National Guard is looking for good recruits—young people are encouraged to apply.  There are training tracks for weather jobs.

Bobby Corser talked about efforts to install a new WSR-88 (aka, Doppler radar) in central Oregon to bridge radar coverage gaps and help with forest fire operations.  He is beginning to gather citizen and state legislative support to work with NOAA on this effort.  Lobby efforts are being organized too.

Kyle Dittmer shared a creative idea—a weather contest to boost office moral.  For the last nine years, he’s offered a “Summer Weather Contest” at work where people guess the start day of summer.  The criteria: a string of six days of sunshine.  The prize is a free lunch at a local restaurant.  The contest started with few people, and now has increased to 30-35 staffers each year, and interest in weather has increased.

Mark Nelsen offered his “magic charts.”  He has plotted maximum air temperatures vs. 850 mb as a regression, for each month.  Technique is good for long-range forecasts and is better than NOAA’s MOS model guidance.

Phil Welke showed two Infrared satellite photos of the Pacific Northwest and asked, “What time of year was this taken?”  Most said it looked like a winter pattern (i.e., westerly flow).  The answers: July 21 (rain on the Hillsboro air-show) and August 20 (gray skies, rain).  Our weather patterns are sure changing.---Kyle Dittmer.


September PSUBAMS Minutes

Life in the Penn State meteorology department is back in full swing - full of hydrostatic equations and atmospheres in geostrophic balance.  On Labor Day, PSUBAMS, in conjunction with Penn State Campus Weather Service, held its first social outing of the 2007-2008 academic year.  We had over 70 students and faculty attend a Spikes game, which is the minor league baseball team that plays at Medlar field on the University Park campus.  PSUBAMS kicked off its first meeting of the year with a few words from Ken Graham, the chief meteorologist in Huntsville, Alabama.  Mr. Graham spoke of opportunities within the National Weather Service along with helpful tips for students aspiring to become future NWS employees.  After Mr. Graham, Dr. George Young, a professor of meteorology in the PSU department, gave a presentation about his research on synthetic aperture radar.  Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) is an active radar usually deployed on polar orbiting satellites or aircrafts.  This type of radar creates detailed backscattered images of minute wind patterns within mesoscale phenomena over oceans.  A slide from his presentation titled “Synthetic Aperture Radar- physics observations of mesoscale atmospheric phenomena” is available below.  This slide demonstrates how well gravity waves and fronts can be identified through the backscattering of SAR.  Over 80 undergraduates and graduate students were in attendance for the September PSUBAMS meeting.  We are looking forward to an energetic and informational year full of interesting speakers and events in order to enrich the Penn State meteorology department.   

 ---Maria Zatko.



Executive Board Meeting

Date: September 5, 2007

Minutes: 5:00-5:30pm

Board Members in Attendance: Melissa P, Heather D, Katie P, Norm S, Jeff V


         All Majors Meeting is tomorrow (Sept 6th) at 7pm in Boyd 144. A sign-up sheet with name and email of members (new and old) will be available. Stickers and sweatshirts will be raffled off.

NH Speedway Fundraiser will be Saturday, Sept 16th (5 people) and Sunday, Sept 17th (unlimited people). A sign-up sheet will be available at tomorrow’s All Majors Meeting.

The date for the Annual Mt. Washington Hike is Saturday, Sept 22nd with a rain date of Sunday, Sept 23rd. Contact will be made with the Observatory soon to book reservations. A sign-up sheet will be available at tomorrow’s All Majors Meeting.

A sign-up sheet for Intramural Softball will also be available at tomorrow’s All Majors Meeting. Between 10 and 15 people are needed to start a team. Getting shirts for the team is a possibility this year.

The next All Members Meeting is Thursday, October 4th at 7pm with guest speaker alumni Chris Gloninger. Pizza will be served.

The Meteorology Open House will be Saturday, October 13th. Time is to be determined.

Dr. K has offered to donate $500 to the AMS Local Chapter in exchange for a day of yard work at his house. Lunch will also be provided to those students who attend. A tentative date is set for Saturday, October 20th.

Our chapter will donate 100 PSU Meteorology car stickers to CEAPS for a TV survey to get the public’s option about the local channel’s PSU student weather broadcasts.

The new Website Programmer/Photo Album designer for this year will be Peter Austin.

Exec board meetings will tentatively be every Tuesday at 5pm.

The exec board can access the new Zimbra email for the Meteo account at A new password has been agreed upon and will be updated as soon as possible.

Dr. K has mentioned the possibility of a guest speaker coming from Accuweather. More details to come later.


All Majors Mtg. Agenda
Date: September 6, 2007

Minutes: 7:00-8:00pm

Board Members in Attendance: Melissa P, Katie P, Norm, Heather, Jeff V

Attendance: 70


Each professor gave short speech and introduction of themselves:


Dr. Hoffman spoke about various internship opportunities available to students. He also discussed the WxChallenge which is open to all students and starts September 24th. Cost is $5 for the year which pays for the winner plaques. Students would compete against others in their level only. Dr. H also laid out the rules of the “Food and Drink” policy for 3rd floor of Boyd which is as follows:

Finally, Dr. H gave a quick introduction of all graduate students present.

Dr. Aviles inquired about students interested in becoming tutors with the PASS Office. This would be a paid position. Also, she asked students to email her any cool weather photos.

Brendon Hoch gave various updates on the technology of the 3rd floor including the newly installed Microsoft Vista on all computers. Vista has the program Dreamweaver, but does not have FrontPage. For access to any files from an old profile, see him as soon as possible. Brendon informed students of their 24 hour access to the 3rd floor computers. Get faculty approval and then see Christine in Boyd 124 for a night or weekend pass by 3pm the day prior. The combination for doors of the 3rd floor was given out. Brendon informed students of the new PC’s that will be coming to Boyd 3rd floor in the near future. He notified students of the username and password for the new online Job Board which is available at Brendon also introduced his 3 JGMI student assistants for this semester. He stressed to contact him at or with any technological issues. Brendon also informed students that if they change their password (which is highly recommended; once a month) it will not be updated until the next day. Finally, he spoke about a launch of 4-5 weather balloons by NOAA in Gloucester, MA for their 200th anniversary on September 22nd from 7am-7pm.

Dr. Miller spoke about several research projects he is heading up (some funded by Comet) which would be either an independent study credit or senior research credits. He inquired about interest in a 75 year record on mountain meteorology as a research topic. Dr. Miller invited students to a guest speaker from MIC of Gray, ME during his satellite meteorology class on Friday, September 28th at 11:15am.

Dr. Koermer talked about an internship opportunity at WMUR for the Fall semester a few days every week. The internship would include generating weather graphics for the newscast. He also mentioned a guest speaker named Dave Dombeck who is a human resources worker from Accuweather out of Pennsylvania. Dr. Koermer informed students of an opportunity to become a student worker at the National AMS Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana this year. Two students are chosen per school, hotel accommodations are paid for, and a stipend is given while PSU generally helps out with the cost of airfare. Another opportunity is to apply for one of the 50 travel grants given out to students in order to attend the National AMS Conference. Yet another opportunity is to apply for the National AMS Scholarship. A benefit of this is a free ride to the National AMS Conference. He also highly suggested sophomores to apply for the Hollings Scholarship which pays partially for your last two years’ tuition and guarantees you a paid internship with NOAA. Finally, Dr. K informed students of various summer opportunities available including the Mt. Washington Observatory and Kennedy Space Center which is funded through the NASA Space Grant. This year the KSC research internship will be open to any graduate students and entails a $4000 stipend plus paid travel.

Following the professors’ speeches, the AMS executive board encouraged members to pay their dues of $10 for the year.

Discussion continued with the mention of a freshman and junior representative as additions to this year’s executive board in order to gain input from those classes.

A verbal invitation was given to all members to attend executive board meetings which will be Tuesdays at 5pm this semester.

It was encouraged to sign-up for membership and several events after the meeting. The events include intramural softball, the NH Speedway fundraiser, and the Mt. Washington hike.

The NH Speedway fundraiser will be Saturday, September 16th (5 people needed) and Sunday, September 17th (unlimited people needed) in Loudon, NH.

The Mt. Washington hike will be Saturday, September 22nd with a rain date of Sunday, September 23rd.

The October All Members Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, October 4th with guest speaker alumni Christopher Gloninger.

This year the Meteorology Open House will be Saturday, October 13th. More details to come later.


Executive Board Meeting

Date: September 11, 2007

Minutes: 5:00-5:30pm

Board Members in Attendance: Katie P, Norman S, Jeffrey V, Heather D, Melissa P, Peter A

Other Members in Attendance: Matthew B


Need to give key list as well as get username and password from the Student Activities Office.

Email Lyndon State AMS back: no weekends available in October so schedule an event in the spring instead.

Contact Mt. Washington about hike on Sept. 22nd (rain date Sept. 23rd). Schedule two tours of observatory tours at 12:30pm. Arrange for cookout after hike.

Update chapter website. Executive board photo already updated, but need to update president’s message and current members list. Look over website and suggest any changes to Peter.

E-mail speedway fundraiser participants about this weekend, including what to wear, directions, and where and what time to meet at track.

E-mail members about Mt. Washington hike to inform of proper attire and how to be prepared for hike as well as meeting time and directions.

Make long-sleeved t-shirts for fundraiser to sell to members as well as at Open House in October. Go to website to design t-shirt and compare at next meeting to come up with final design.

Make t-shirts for intramural softball team. Get money for registration fee from Jeff.

Heather e-mailed Dr. Koermer and confirmed Saturday Oct. 20th for the date to help with yard work as a fundraiser.


Executive Board Meeting

Date: September 18, 2007

Minutes: 5:00-5:30pm

Board Members in Attendance: Melissa P, Heather D, Katie P, Norm S, Jeff V

Other Members in Attendance: Josh F, Matt B, Lindsay V


         The Mt. Washington list of hikers and their emergency contacts was updated.

         Melissa will send an email to Donna of the NH Speedway to give the appropriate mailing address (AMS HUB suite) for sending the check and to get the hourly pay amount.

         The AMS softball team is all registered and paid with play starting Wednesday, September 19, 2007. Heather needs to be reimbursed for the $20 registration fee. Also, Jeff is in charge of the softball t-shirt design.

         The AMS long-sleeve shirt design by Katie needs to be approved by the Plymouth State Public Relations office.

         The Human Resources WSI guest speaker will speak at either a special October meeting or at the November All Members Meeting (depends on his email response).

         Norm will reserve Boyd 306 on Venus and with Christine for the October All Members meeting.

         Peter has done several updates to the website.

         Junior representatives are Josh F and Lindsay V. Freshman representatives will be chosen at the October All Members Meeting.


Executive Board Meeting

Date: September 25, 2007
Minutes: 5:00-5:30pm
Board Members in Attendance: Katie P, Norm S, Jeff V, Heather D, Melissa P, Peter A, Josh F, Lindsey V
Other Members in Attendance: Matthew B


Donna from the Speedway sent via email the hourly pay amount and confirmed the HUB mailing address for sending the check.

The All Members Meeting in October is the 4th at 7pm with guest speaker Chris Gloninger (weekend/noon meteorologist at WTEN in Albany). Pizza will be served. Norm will send a reminder email and reserve Boyd 306.

In regards to the long-sleeve t-shirts, PR has not emailed Katie back yet. She will email them again. Jeff will print out ideas for the softball t-shirts.

Heather is writing up a thank-you note to Mrs. Tavilla.
The website has been updated and looks very good. Still needed are alumni updates and photo updates. Melissa and Norm will change the “President’s Message” after the meeting tonight.

Melissa needs to be reimbursed for the Mt. Washington parking ($24) and Heather needs to be reimbursed for softball registration ($20).

A First-Year, Andy Desrosiers, has shown interest in being a representative.

Sign-up sheets for the Open House and Dr. K’s house will be made up for the October 4th meeting.

The Snowfall Contest will be October 15th through October 26th. Donation request forms will be obtained by Katie before getting prizes from local establishments.

The Photo Contest will tentatively be held in November.

An inventory of the AMS closet will be done on items such as sweatshirts, t-shirts, and stickers.---Heather Dinon.



Thursday, September 13, 2007

The meeting was called to order by chapter president Phillip Marzette at 5:30 pm PDT.

Map discussion:  There was no map discussion at this meeting since the agenda was already quite full with discussion of plans for the new semester.

Evening’s program:

Chapter member and treasurer, Subhashree Mishra, presented a talk entitled “Aerosols, Clouds, and Radiation in the Atmosphere”.  This was an introductory level talk concerning her research interests in atmospheric chemistry.  Subhashree is a Ph.D. candidate in the Atmospheric Science program at the Desert Research Institute in Reno, Nevada.

Officer reports:  There were no officer reports this meeting.

Committee reports:

Brian O’Hara (of the weather calendar committee) reported that the 2008 weather calendar projects are well underway.  The UNR bookstore has agreed to sell our calendars on consignment (starting with 25 Reno calendars and 25 Lake Tahoe calendars).  We are still waiting to hear from Barnes & Noble, Borders, and Sundance bookstores on whether they will carry them.  Some chapter members mentioned the possibility of also selling the calendars at the National Weather Association (NWA) annual convention here in Reno in October, and the American Geophysical Union (AGU) meeting in December.

Continuing business:

President Marzette reminded those present that chapter dues for the 2007 calendar year can be paid at any time.  As at previous meetings, he stated that we can only accept cash at this time since the student chapter is still in the process of opening a bank account with the University of Nevada.

President Marzette also mentioned that the chapter still plans on viewing an evening weather broadcast at a local news station, and watching a weather balloon launch at the Reno National Weather Service office.

The chapter voted to start a program committee.  This committee will be involved in planning future meetings by finding speakers and providing refreshments for chapter meetings.  Chapter president Phillip Marzette will update the chapter constitution to reflect the addition of this new committee.

New business:

Brian Billings discussed the possibility of having a chapter “Fantasy Weather League” this winter.  Participants would choose weather observation sites from across the contiguous U.S.  They would get points for various weather events such as record low temperatures, precipitation and snowfall amounts, etc.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:22 pm PDT.---Brian O’Hara.



                      President – Nick Mangieri

                      Vice President – Allie Marquardt

                      Treasurer – Taylor Hayes

                      Secretary – Allison Parker

                      Events/Activities – Megan Leigh

                      Webmaster – Zakrzewski

                      Media Forecaster – Ross Altar

                      Conference Chair – Mary Moore

                      Council Representative – Stephanie Matheson



The September 17, 2007 meeting of the Smoky Mountain Chapter began with dinner at "Calhoun's on the River" in Knoxville. Everyone then moved to the Biosystems Engineering and Environmental Science Building on the University of Tennessee Ag campus for the meeting. The meeting began with a discussion of two points of business: creating a Bob Miller Memorial science fair award and deciding whether we should increase dues. With 15 members present (which represents slightly more than half of the active membership), a quorum was declared and these issues were voted on. It was decided to raise dues to $20 a year in order to cover the current spending costs and still have a surplus at the end of the year to cover unexpected expenses. Also, one of the science fair awards will be renamed the Bob Miller Memorial award (with a possible increase in the corresponding monetary award).

The meeting then proceeded with our guest speaker Paul Lewis, who is the director of Space Science Outreach at the University of Tennessee. Paul's talk was entitled "Returning To The Moon: A Dusty Tale" and centered around the following synopsis: "I always thought we would return to the moon, but I as had many others, hoped it would have been long before now. Many of the issues encountered with past missions have been thoroughly investigated and are now better understood. One particular issue, lunar dust, is a threat not to be taken lightly. The mitigation of dust is of major concern and UT's Earth and Planetary Sciences Department is working to deal with some of the problems related to lunar dust."---David Gaffin.



Sept 17th and 24th- Meeting for all elected and appointed officers. We discussed upcoming activities for the club. SeCAPS was addressed and pre- planned at this time. (South Eastern Coastal Atmospheric Process Symposium).   All other planned events got cancelled due to rain.---Miranda Hayes.



September 2007

The Southwest Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Meteorological Society had its newly elected officers take office on July 1. President is Michael Allen, Vice-President is Joshua Eachus, Treasurer is Matthew Owens, Secretary is Brandon Todd, Historian is Nicole Persons, and Webmaster is Kyle Olmstead. During the weekend of Friday, September 7 to Sunday, September 9, the Chapter welcomed new members by traveling to Ohiopyle State Park for a weekend camping trip. This social event was organized with the intent to familiarize themselves with returning members of the chapter.

On Friday, September 21 we welcomed Bryan Hughes, KGAN Cedar Rapids, IA Chief Meteorologist Bryan Hughes, to be the first speaker in our fall Colloquium Series. His presentation was entitled “Broadcast Meteorology and Forecasting - A Midwestern Perspective.” The National Weather Service nominated Mr. Hughes for Broadcaster of the Year for his Severe Weather Coverage during the 2005 season after a 14-hour weather event that resulted in more than fifty severe weather warnings.

The California University of Pennsylvania Earth Sciences Department hosted its annual departmental picnic at Roadman Park on Sunday, September 16. Many Chapter members attended to meet their fellow students and professors. To reach out to other students on campus that may me interested in meteorology, the Chapter participated in the annual California University of Pennsylvania Club & Organizational Fair on Wednesday, September 26. As another social event, the Chapter organized a night out at the Pittsburgh Pirates game on Friday, September 28. As a promotion for this event, the Pirates hosted a fireworks presentation following the game. All attendees were in agreement that this event was an excellent social event to relax and also to get to know each other better.

Highlighting the Chapter news was the announcement that the Three Rivers Chapter of the National Weather Association was selected as 2006-07 Chapter of the Year and the Southwest PA Chapter of the AMS was selected for the 2006-07 Honor Roll. Both awards are an honor and we as a Chapter are very appreciative to be held in such high esteem. We are very thankful for the hard work of past officers to elevate our status to one of national recognition. We thank the NWA and AMS for the award and look forward to a great future.---Reece Todd.



It was our first official meeting of the year, and as such we welcomed the new freshman and the returning students.  We then had a guest speaker speak to us about an Oswego weather photo gallery to be displayed in the library.  She was asking for Club members to submit photos to be displayed.  The deadline for photo submission was announced to be October 19th.

Being the first meeting, our Meteorology Club web site ( was handed out.  Members were encouraged to look at the web site, and to become a student member of the AMS.

Then the 2nd annual Lake Effect Conference was discussed.  Registration was the top priority of the evening, also we discussed member involvement in the committees associated with the conference.

We discussed our yearly plans which include but are not limited to: Hosting the Lake Effect Conference, attending the Northeastern Storm Conference, and the National Meeting in New Orleans,  our spring picnic, and other social activities.

Fundraising was discussed, and information on personalized club jackets was announced, and a sign up sheet will come around next meeting.  Our next meeting will be Wednesday October 3rd.--- Ted Letcher.



The Texas A&M Meteorology Chapter had their first official meeting of the new school year on September 4th. The new officers of TAMSCAMS and their duties were announced. The new officers of TASC (Texas Aggie Storm Chasers) were also introduced. Our first trip was announced to be either Oct. 12-13 or Oct. 19-20 and we will be visiting Austin/New Branfuels to see the Nationa Weather Servcie and a local TV station. We also discussed possible upcoming social events like a movie night and a basketball game. We encouraged students to join AMS, visit our new TAMSCAMS website, and to enter in the National Forecasting Competition. Our next meeting will be October 2 and 7 P.M.---Beth Bange.



The September 2007 meeting of the Twin Cities chapter of the American Meteorological Society was called to order at 7:05 pm on September 18, 2007 by President Chris Bovitz. Vice President Lisa Schmit, Secretary/Treasurer Lori Bovitz, and Newsletter Editor Kurt Scholz were in attendance along with approximately 20 members and potential members.

Introductions were made of all members present. A recap of the May meeting and a tour of the current web site - - were provided.

Requests for volunteers for the Poster Committee for the National AMS meeting and for the DataStream project were made. In general, it was requested for volunteers to step up and help out as needed throughout the year.

The main goal for the year is to increase the awareness of our group. We cater not only to the professionals in the area, but also to the general weather enthusiasts in the community across southern Minnesota. Outreach events are planned, but the members are also requested to post the newsletter or let others in the community know about our group. This includes in conversation, forward the newsletter, or post the meeting notice in community locations.  Some of our best advertising is word-of-mouth.

It was announced that this is our 60th year. The first Twin Cities local chapter was organized was September 1, 1948. More about this at future meetings.

The business portion of the meeting was adjourned at 7:40 p.m.

After the meeting, the Twister Sisters (, Peggy Willenberg and Melanie Metz along with Brad Nelson from DTN/Meteorlogix gave a presentation on their experiences during the Greensburg, KS tornado of May 4, 2007.

The Twister Sisters were in the area and chased the Greensburg, KS. They had video and video captures of the actual tornado despite it being a night tornado. The tornado touched down at around 8:30 p.m. and entered Greensburg just before 10:00 p.m. It was up to two miles wide and was a part of a family of 12 tornadoes, one of which was actually larger than the Greensburg, KS tornado.  The Greensburg, KS was the first tornado rated EF-5. The rating is based on the new Enhanced Fujita scale that takes into consideration differences in construction and other variations not originally considered when the original Fujita scale was created.

The tornado developed near a dryline bulge in SW Kansas just north of another storm that developed in extreme northern Oklahoma. This storm may have helped to break the cap and along with moisture being fed northeast into the area set the stage for the initiation of the storm cell. Once it developed, the storm cell ended up riding up along the dryline, remaining in an area of high shear and high CAPE. The tornado was on the ground for about an hour and lifted just northwest of Greensburg. The storm curled up and the storm cell recycled and produced another tornado northeast of Greensburg.

The Twister Sisters also described their emotions surrounding the chase. There were a variety of emotions involved with the actual chase and seeing a storm of that magnitude along with the aftermath. They talked about seeing panicked cattle, broken gas mains, downed power lines, and the damage from the storm. In addition, they did get into town the next day to see the damage, and it was overwhelming.

Fortunately, there was a 20-minute warning for the town, and the sirens sounded well in advance of the storm. Unfortunately, not many homes had basements or storm shelters.

The presentation concluded with a question and answer session.---Lori Bovitz.



UAH AMS Meeting
September 6, 2007

The Severe Weather Poster Contest will take place again this year since it was so successful last year. A committee will be formed at the next meeting. Principals will be contacted throughout the school district about this contest.

Instead of receiving dues for this semester, there will be two bake sales to bring in money for our account. The first bake sale will take place on September 28th starting at 9:00 a.m. in the first floor lobby. The other bake sale will take place around the first of December.

The progress for a weather calendar has been put on hold due to lack of contributions. WHNY and WAAY stations will be contacted for hopeful donations. Money from the calendar will be donated to local libraries and the north Alabama Red Cross. Also, the calendar will display hi and low temperatures for each day.

Funding from the SGA will hopefully send an AMS member to the Annual AMS Meeting in New Orleans, LA, or the SEACAPS Meeting in Mobile, AL.

The local National Weather Association chapter will have a picnic September 22nd and they have invited the UAH AMS chapter in hopes of joining the two clubs together.

Another fundraising idea proposed was to sell Pepsi product drinks in someone’s office that would cost roughly the same or less than drinks in the vending machines. All purchases will go the UAH AMS account.

The grand opening of the Applied Sciences Building will be held next week and all departments from the College of Science have been invited.---Holly Searcy.



Thursday, September 27, 2007

-DUES! $15 was due at tonight’s meeting.  If you did not pay, please bring your money to the next meeting!

- Still have t-shirt ideas? Let us know asap.

- Chi Epsilon Pi Meteorological Honor Society: Talk to Tom for more information.

- Dues are $20.  Membership dues include your pin, jersey with weather related name on the back, dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, and stool at graduation.

- Please bring your dues to the next meeting! We need them as soon as possible.

- If you want to join, you will need to fill out the application and pay the dues at the next meeting.  Old members do not need to fill anything else out, your information is already saved.

- We are in the processing of planning a trip to Pittsburgh, PA on November 9th – 11th.  We would leave after classes on Friday, the 9th, and come back at around 1am on the 11th. Saturday morning, we will go to Niagara Falls, Canada. (Need your passport.) Then we will go to California University at PA and take tours. Only 5 people can go (plus Tom.)  Trip is paid for due paying members.

- Weather Forecasting Contest: “The Weather Challenge”: Talk to Shaunna for more info.

              - New website this year. Shaunna is in charge of the website.


              - Forecasts are due by 7pm every night, Monday thru Friday.

              - Forecasts go from 6 UTC to 6 UTC.  06UTC = 2 A.M. Eastern

- You forecast the high and low temperature in degrees Fahrenheit, maximum wind speed (not the gust!) in knots, and precipitation in inches.

- Best place to get your information is MOS. Under Miscellaneous on our website, go to “Decoding Help” to help in decoding the MOS information.  Also under Miscellaneous, look at Shaunna’s discussion under “UM Discussion.”

- You can look at your forecast results and how you compare to others under “Forecast Results” on the contest website.  Go to University of Miami and look for your forecast name.

-They will drop one of your cities.

- Any questions? Email Shaunna at

- AMS Conference: Talk to Vanessa for more information.

              - Will be in New Orleans, LA this year.

              - January 19-25, 2008, which means you will miss the first week of school.

- Can be a student volunteer (work in various parts of the conference, and they will pay for everything except travel), get a travel grant, or get money from SAFAC.

- If you want to go, please sign up now! We need to know who is going so we can go out and receive our funds to send everyone. They will only allow 4 student volunteers, so we must receive the rest of the funds from SAFAC, etc.

- Apply online by October 19th, to be a student volunteer.  You must be a student member of AMS to sign up! Sign up and pay $15 dues if you would like to become one. The website is

- Fundraising Ideas and Future Plans: Talk to Scott for more information

- Photo Contest with Rho Rho Rho.  We will then create a calendar with the winning photos.  Possibly ask businesses to donate money and we will place their ad in the calendar.  We will also sell these calendars to generate some money for our club!

- Storm Chasing Trip:

-This is a huge commitment.  We need to fundraise around 15 to 20 thousand dollars... and fast!

-We can send out letters to close family and friends asking for donations. Please send your addresses of people who might donate to Scott or the Atmo Club e-mail. Scott’s email is

- We can also ask businesses for donations.  We might be able to join up with a storm chasing groups or find people at the AMS conference.  We are looking for any possible ways to make this trip happen.

- Another way to fundraise is working the concession stands in the Bank United Center during concerts.  They will give us 10% of the profits we bring in at our stand.  On a good night we can earn around $500.  It’s a great idea.  We will need at least 6 people per concert to do this.  More details later.

- Any other fundraising ideas? Please let us know! We have to do anything and everything to collect the thousands of dollars we need for our trip!

**Sorry for the LONG synopsis.  This was a long and detailed meeting! Get your dues in! And don’t forget to submit your forecasts to the contest, along with fundraising ideas to our club!---Dianna Francisco.



Minutes from:

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

Clifford Hall, Rm. 264

5:00 p.m.

Members Present:

              Alan Borho, Advisor

Kira Dordal, President

              Katy Olson, Vice President

              Becki Legatt, Secretary

              Kelly Kramlich, Treasurer

              Erin Bertschi

              Kevin Skow

              Ashton Singhai

              Dan Koller

              Matt Ham

              Michael Phillips

              Luke Johanneck

              Abigail Radi

              Leah Tatarak

              Matt Saari

              Aaron Hommerding

              Andrea Neumann

              Kelsey Watkins

              Ben Schink

              Chris Hammer

Call to Order:

              President Kira Dordal called the AMS meeting to order at 5:01 PM.


Past Minutes:

            Last meeting we discussed committees and selected committee chairs.  We also discussed what activities AMS is involved in throughout the year.  We also set the date for the AMS fall picnic.  It was held on Sunday, September 9th. 

Officer Reports:

              Secretary’s Report: Past meeting’s minutes were read.

              Treasurer’s Report: Our current balance is: $631.49

As of right now, our charges haven’t been deducted for the food and shelter for the fall picnic.  Once that transaction occurs our balance will be: $561.13.

Guest Speaker:

              We invited Gretchen Mullendore, one of the new atmospheric science department professors, to our AMS meeting to introduce herself to the group and talk about her background.  She came from UCLA and has a background in atmospheric modeling.  She is currently teaching numerical and next semester she will be teaching computer concepts.  She welcomes anyone to stop by her office on 4th floor Clifford to say hi or ask any questions.


Old Business:

              No old business for the first meeting.

New Business:

              The focus of the meeting was to break into committees to start planning activities and fundraisers for the year, as well as set goals for AMS this year.



-Our first fundraiser, selling hot dogs in the link, will take place next Wednesday, September 19th.  A sign-up was passed around for volunteers to work shifts between 10:30 and 1:00.  Anyone interested can still sign-up to help, just talk with one of the officers.  We will also be selling any baked goods anyone makes.  If you’re interested in baking bars or cookies, let Katy Olson know and bring the items individually wrapped the morning of the fundraiser. 

-AMS will hold a hot chocolate fundraiser in the link later in the semester when the weather turns colder.

-We are also planning a cookie dough fundraiser for sometime around Thanksgiving.

-AMS will be selling concessions at the Alerus for the game on November 3rd.  A sign-up was passed around at the last meeting.



-This year’s photo contest will begin in October.  The categories and specific information will be sent out in an email in the coming weeks.

-A new Who’s Who wall will be created for each class.  Watch for forms being passed out in the coming week or so and please try to get them back quickly.

-We’re still planning on having a weather badge workshop for the local girl and boy scouts.  The activities committee will continue to look into this and plan out activities to meet the requirements before contacting local troops.  A tentative date was set for Friday, October 12th or 26th around 4 to 6 pm.

-A casual AMS get together will be held after our next AMS meeting at Buffalo Wild Wings.  They have 40 cent wings on Thursday nights.  If you don’t have a car we’ll have people willing to carpool and give rides.  Come out and get to know your classmates.


-Not too much to start working on yet except finding a banquet speaker. 

-AMS will contact the new graduate organization to seek their input for a speaker as well, but we are still hoping to have a female speaker since we haven’t had one in many years. 

-Other ideas for the banquet include awards for the photo contest, a slide show, and a senior farewell video or profile.


-The following items were brainstormed for this year’s “items”: long-sleeve shirt, fleece, broomball t’s, water bottles, ice scrapers, winter hats, sports bag, and blankets.  The committee will look into costs and report back at a future meeting.

-We’re planning on going with an ATSC logo instead of an AMS logo so anyone in the department can make a purchase.



-Next meeting will be in 2 weeks, September 25th at 5 PM.



Meeting was adjourned without objection at 5:48.


Minutes from:

Tuesday, September 25th, 2007

Clifford Hall, Rm. 264

5:00 p.m.

Members Present:

              Alan Borho, Advisor

Kira Dordal, President

              Katy Olson, Vice President

              Becki Legatt, Secretary

              Kelly Kramlich, Treasurer

              Erin Bertschi

              Kevin Skow

              Dan Koller

              Leah Tatarak

              Matt Saari

              Aaron Hommerding

              Andrea Neumann

              Kelsey Watkins

              Chris Hammer

              Angelle van Oploo

              Shawn Palmquist

              Sydney Souza

              Chris Krupp

              Katie Link

              Michael P

              Ashton Singhal

Call to Order:

              President Kira Dordal called the AMS meeting to order at 5:00 PM.


Past Minutes:

            Last meeting our committees met and planned out things for the semester.    

Officer Reports:

              Secretary’s Report: Past meeting’s minutes were read.

              Treasurer’s Report: As of right now, our balance is: $561.13.

We brought in $137 at hot dog sale, but our expenses were $105 for food at Sam’s.  We do however have leftovers of pop and some snacks that will now be sold upstairs on 4th floor Clifford.  Al is keeping a spreadsheet with totals of what is owed and what he paid for so he will be reimbursed. 

Dues are $30.  All members should get them in asap to Kelly. 

Guest Speaker: none this week



Old Business:

              No old business for the first meeting.

New Business:

              The focus of the meeting was to get feedback from each committee to make sure things are on course to be completed.



                            -Hot dog fundraiser success. 

                            -Nov 3rd Alerus fundraiser

                            -Cookie dough fundraiser after alerus

                            -Set goal of $1000 in fundraising for the year

-Possibly have AMS members taking time baking goodies to sell on 4th floor.  Have members sign up to make things on a rotating schedule to sell on 4th floor.  This is pure profit J and they should sell fast!  We will pass around a sign up at the next meeting. 



-Who’s Who wall due shortly … get them in as soon as possible to your class representative

-Girl Scout Weather Badge workshop will be October 26th from 6:30-8:30 PM Friday night.  The team is working on putting together an outline for the evening’s event.  Arrive around 6:00 PM, clean up till 8:45 PM.  Location: at girl scout office on demer’s ave just past Colombia.  Sign up was passed around.  Let them know asap if you can help.  If you sign up you must be committed to be there and help.  Activities team will meet at 7:30 tomorrow.

-Photo contest will start next month.  First month’s topic will be clouds.  Look for an informational email in the coming week.



-In process of finding a speaker.  We will be talking with the graduate students to get contacts. 


-Broomball: freshman or others…. Design is still on file.  It will be less than $10 for the shirt.  They won’t have a back because a new back would cost lots more. 

-Other apparel:  tshirt itself is $4.00,  longsleeve shirt is $6, hooded sweatshirt $17.  Setup fee is $27.  We will only be charged one set up fee if we keep one design for all items.  To be divied equally.  Logo will be voted on next meeting.  Color choice form was sent around. 

                            -We will also get more information on blankets and hats and mugs, etc. 



              -BWW ride sharing.

              -Next meeting will be in 2 weeks, October 9th at 5 PM.



              Meeting was adjourned without objection at 5:37.---Becki Legatt.



First Meeting: September 18, 2007 

Welcome from the 2007-2008 officers:

President: Jon Meyer

Vice President: Kim Insana

Treasurer: Philip Webber 

Secretary: Amy Dreiling                      

Underclassmen at Large: Grant Gutierrez 

--Icebreaker—introduce yourself (name, hometown, weather interest, and interesting fact about yourself) 

***We are excited to announce that this was UNC's biggest AMS meeting with 28 members present*** 

Amy Dreiling: Event Ideas for the school year

Science BBQEnd of the year BBQ

Visits to 9News and Channel 7 News

Trips to NCAR, NOAA and NWS-Cheyenne

Tours of Skyfire, The Water Office, and CU Boulder’s

Mountain Research Station

Storm Chasing (Spring)                      

Kim Insana: National AMS Meeting

January 20-24, 2008—Student conference January 19-20

You must be an AMS member

Registration dates: December 3, 2007—onlineregistration ends January 22, 2008

Registration fees:   

AMS Student Member  $165-before Dec. 3     $205-after Dec. 3                      

Student Non-Member   $195-before Dec.  3    $235-after Dec. 3

Travel Grants are available—Apply before October 19,2007

AMS Student Assistant Program—Apply before October19, 2007 

Jon Meyer: Potential Speakers and “Guesscasting”

Mike Nelson—Chief Meteorologist, Channel 7 News

John Gordon—MIC with The National Weather Service, Hurricane Expertise

Nolan Doesken—Colorado’s Climatologist, Hail Research

Walt Lyons—Certified Consulting Meteorologist and Forerunner in Lightning Research

Steve Rutledge—Dean of Graduate Students at CSU’s School of Atmospheric Science  

Prizes awarded each month and each semester for people who best guess longterm weather such as: 

*first snow                      

*first freeze

*high and low temperatures on Halloween

*last day of hurricane presence in Atlantic  

*coldest day of the semester                       

*largest diurnal range   

 *smallest diurnal range  

Philip Weber: Social Events and Fundraisers

Bowling—Every Wednesday @ 7 pm

Potluck Movie Night

Sporting Events—Avalanche, Nuggets, UNC Hockey games

Hanging out in the Meteorology Lab

Poker Night

Weather Calendars

CiCi's Pizza and Subway Coupons 

Grant Gutierrez: More involvement with AMS

T-Shirts & Bumper Stickers

Tornado Model Outreach

Club Partnerships

Underclassmen Tutoring Programs

AMS Bulletin Board in hallway

Raffle Participation

Personalized and Football Team Forecasters needed---Amy Dreiling.



September 2007

Monthly Meeting
We had a monthly meeting on September 13th at 10:45 am. A total of 36 people attended. We discussed the details of our initiation. In addition, the members paid their membership fee. We divided the members into the different committees that our chapter has: Promotions Committee, Weather Today Committee, Sales Committee, Webpage Committee, Weather Fest Committee, Community Service Committee, Demonstration Committee and Magazine Committee.

Hot dog Sale and Breakfast Sale
We had a hot dog sale on September 17th and a breakfast sale on September 20th as a fund raising activity at the Physics Department lobby.

Weather Today
On September 25 we had our first Weather Today of the semester. This is a day that is dedicated to conferences and movies related to weather.--- Nestor Flecha.





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