Chapter News
October 2013


The Ark-La-Tex Chapter of the American Meteorological Society held its 5th meeting of 2013 on Tuesday, October 8th at the American Electric Power (AEP) at Arsenal Hill Power Plant in Shreveport, LA.  This meeting began at 6:15 pm, with eleven members present.

Kelly Spencer, along with the assistance of Samantha McDonald, led the tour. They handed out small fliers incorporating brief facts of the power plant’s size, location, expense, area span of customers, the amount of energy and electricity produced, as well as, how the gas generators produce electricity, a brief history of the unit, and the federal and state regulations that must be followed. These facts gave us better understanding of what we were going to see on the tour.

Following the handouts and the donning of proper safety gear, Kelly Spencer began the tour of the facility discussing each piece of Power Plant, the science, and the responsibility that each piece had. First, we began with the control room which, essentially, is the brain of the plant. Then we walked outside and viewed the other sectors of the plant: air filters, compressors, generators, water quality controllers and coolers, air sample test sites and many other locations. The outside tour itself lasted about 1.2 hours. As we returned to the starting location of the tour, we finished with any last questions that anyone might have had.

During the tour, Kelly mentioned the importance of how weather impacts their main objective: producing electricity for over half a million customers. Every piece of equipment was affected by weather. Weather wise, the AEP engineers looked for seasonal changes and drastic changes. These changes are important because not only would it affect the density, weight, and temperature of the air, water, and structure of the facility, but if not properly maintained, any piece of the plant could malfunction causing major issues.

From how a power plant runs to how it’s controlled, we were able to understand a major operation that affects many families, people, and businesses. Understanding the importance and difficulty of keeping a plant in check makes understanding the weather that much more important. Having the ability to accurately understand future weather events protects the workers of the plant and ensures comfort to all of their customers.

The following members were present:

Jason Hansford, President                       Kelly Spencer

Bryan Walter, Vice-President                   Samantha McDonald

Alex Sigler, Secretary                               Rhonda Lee

Brian Kabat                                               Leslie Sexton

Mario Valverde                                          Ann Mussey

John Mussey

The meeting adjourned at 7:40 PM.---Alex Sigler.  



October 8th, 2013 – 8:00 pm

136 McBryde Hall - Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Blacksburg, VA

Meeting called to order at: 8:00 pm


President, James Marrow

Treasurer, Adrianne Engel

Meeting adjourned at: 9:30pm

Members in Attendance: 53---Hans VanBenschoten



Meeting Date: October 1, 2013

Start Time: 9p.m.

President Reports:

Vice President Reports:

Secretary Reports:

Treasurer Reports:

SGA Reports:

Webmaster Reports:

Upcoming Events:


End Time: 9:25p.m.

Meeting Date: October 15, 2013

Start Time: 9:02p.m.

President Reports:

Vice President Reports:

 Treasurer Reports:

 Secretary Reports:

SGA Reports:

 Webmaster Reports:

 Open floor:

End Time: 9:54p.m.

Meeting Date: October 29, 2013

Start Time: 9:00p.m.

President Reports:


Vice President Reports:

              fundraiser possibly.

              visit a Reindeer farm

              homework help let us know (must be dedicated). Purchasing copies of

              books. Check out and

              Box top competition for entire building. Mobile Food Pantry. Chalking

              and Elementary School presentation.

Treasurer Reports:

Secretary Reports:

SGA Reports:

Webmaster Reports:

 Open floor:

End Time: 9:40p.m.---Rebecca Rogers.



October Meeting Minutes.---Sean Stelten.



General Business Meeting October 3rd 2013

Meeting called to order at 7pm


Thanks for attending events

NESC- invites send out soon

Southern New England Storm Conference

                  Room for 3 other people to volunteer for 59 dollar discount

                                    Help out with set up

                                    Transportation is not provided

6am-6pm in Canton MA

                  89 dollars to attend by yourself

Campus speakers

                  Spring semester (maybe fall)

                  Thursdays 12:30 -1:30

                                    Via Skype

Josh C

Internship Night

PowerPoint by November 7th

Email to Josh

Sector Search!!!

Open to sophomores (freshmen if spots are still available)

November 1st -2nd

We will leave LSC on Friday, November 1st around 7am our first stop will be at WSI in Andover, MA. From there we will grab lunch and head over to a tour at the National Weather Service in Taunton. Following the tour we will head to Eastern CT to spend the night. Saturday morning we will head to CBS Boston for a tour followed by a tour of UMASS Lowell. Then return to LSC Saturday evening

Survey on the website fill it out to attend

Will have vans

Sign up by Tuesday after break



Event tracker will be filled out soon

Josh S

Pay your dues or get me confirmation of your membership in National AMS club

Dues are due by the meeting today


First Inch contest

                  October 14th-19th & 21st-25th

 Week One in the theatre lobby

                  Week two in the student center

                  Sign up for 1 hour slot to get ½ events

                  Can sign up for a maximum of 4hour (after 4 you don’t get any events)


Sign up for the Fall Foliage 5k Run October 19th @ Kingdom Trails

Registration @ Vermont Children’s Theater @ 8:30

Volunteering with Daisy in the food bank

School Visits to talk about Meteorology


Pictures from the Mount Washington Hike are on the LSC AMS NWA website


Come to SGA on October 16th to support the Sector Search Trip funding request

Meeting adjourned at 7:33

ECM called to order at 7:33

Member signed up for events

Meeting Adjourned at 7:48pm---Haley Bouley.



Date: October 7, 2013

Start Time: 6:42pm

End Time: 7:09 pm

Attendance: 9

Total Minutes: 27

Upcoming Events


Community Outreach



NWI Chapter of AMS/NWA Minutes for 10-21-2013

Sophomore Social Chair - Come to Halloween Movie Night where we may or may not be showing a Halloween movie with three witches who are played by Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy.

Treasure- Dues were due today. If you haven’t paid your dues talk to Alex.

Secretary- Thanks so much for all who participated and helped with Relay for life. It was a great success and we raised at least $2,481.50 and had 33 total members (more than any other team). We are also starting our snowfall contest. Each guess is $0.50 and they can be for first day of measureable snow and for how much that day will have. Winner will get a prize.

VP- Thanks for the pictures submitted for the calendar. Winners will be notified soon. Also the conference is in about 5 months, so there will be a conference committee set up soon.

President- AMS national conference is in February. Also become a National member. It has many benefits including scholarships.---Alicia Camacho.



October 2013:

-WxChallenge continues

-Deadline reminders for Assistantships and Travel Grants

-Chapter dues were paid

-We held a fundraiser in attempt to help pay for Homecoming materials and to support the chapter.

-We had an outreach event where 100 5th graders from a neighboring city came and learned about the weather.  We took them to the weather tower where Dr. Fogt explained what different instruments did.  We then returned to campus to demonstrate different aspects of the weather (density and pressure), along with showing them our lab, where all the data at the weather tower comes in, and even doing tornadoes in bottles with the students.

-We held the annual alumni spaghetti dinner where all meteorology majors, minors, and weather enthusiasts joined to have some food and play games.

-We had a homecoming committee that helped paint the banner and come up with the costumes to wear in the parade.  Our chapter won first prize at this year’s homecoming parade!

-We began discussing the AMS conference and who all was interested.

-There was a Geography colloquium where our own Dr. Fogt presented his research on Antarctica.

-We began our peer mentor/mentee program and had our first activity together to get to know each other, which we went bowling.

-We also began our peer speaker’s series where seniors present on what they have done research on or even where they did an internship at over the summer and talk about what all they did.

-It was brought up that there were Hollings Scholarship Workshops where those interested could go and learn what it’s about and how to apply, along with more information if needed about the scholarship.

-Advising sessions were held to discuss next semester’s classes.

-We had our chapter photo taken by the pond on campus.

-Discussed sweatpants for the chapter with our logo on them, along with a fundraiser of wristbands that would say “OUCAMS 2013-2014”

-There were a series of climate speeches given throughout a week presented by our own or even geography professors.---Morgan Wentling.



The second meeting of the season for the Omaha-Offutt Chapter of the AMS/NWA was held at the Spaghetti Works in downtown Omaha on Tuesday, October 22nd.  Approximately 35 members and guests attended the meeting.  Our speaker for the evening was Mr. Kevin Stamm of the US Army Corps of Engineers in Omaha, who presented collaborative research about expected mountain water runoff in the upper Missouri River Basin in the coming decades. 

President Tom Shih called the meeting to order at 6:37 PM. 

Cathy Zapotocny presented information about the recently concluded National Weather Association meeting held in Charleston, South Carolina.   Among the highlights of her presentation included:

Cathy was thanked for her presentation.

Vice President Barb Mayes Boustead announced that the location, date, and speaker for the November meeting were still to be determined.  She also asked for recommendations for speakers; current financial restrictions limit some of our options and that this year may be a good year for speakers within the chapter, which would give members a chance to present work and research to local colleagues. 

Recording Secretary James McCormick asked for a motion to approve the minutes from the September meeting, which had been emailed to the club.  The motion was approved.

Treasurer John Roth gave the report of the treasury, announcing expenses and intakes as well as available cash and bank account totals.

President Tom Shih announced that the club was still in need of volunteers for a treasurer’s audit, with officers ineligible to participate.  

The meeting was recessed at 6:45 PM for Mr. Stamm’s presentation.  No further business was brought to the floor, so a motion to adjourn the meeting was made following the presentation.---James McCormick.



The Oswego State Chapter has hosted a two “Movie Nights” for the month of October. The goals of these movie nights are to unite our fellow meteorology majors to a night of relaxation with snacks, soda and fun. The first night we held the event was on October 10, 2013 where the meteorology club gathered and we all sat together and watched The Day After Tomorrow together. The club gathered a second time during October to watch Sharknado on Friday October 25, 2013.

Planning for the NWS/TV Station to Buffalo, New York continued during this month as the trip was scheduled for October 19, 2013. However, because of the government shutdown the NWS was unable to have us and therefore we had to push this trip back to the spring semester.

At one of our Met Club meetings in October on the 22nd our club held a game night where we played “METEOROLOGY BINGO”. This was basically to get the members of the club involved as well as to have fun!

Planned when we would have all the officers who held an internship over the summer or did research speak to the club and let them know what is out there.

Also, planned to have an alumni Brett Rathbun speak about Graduate School for those interested in attending after college.

The club began planning a Christmas Party for our meeting in December.

Planning for the spring semester GLASS conference is already underway as the letter for the Keynote Speaker has been sent out. We are currently waiting on a response back from them.

Planning a couple of fundraisers to take place in November.---Michael Vuotto.



We began working October 3rd with a general meeting of the club, where we had both a slew of volunteer opportunities to announce and activities to plan in the future, but I will only focus on the ones that actually took place this month.


On October 17th we went and talked to Troop 71452 in Ewing, New Jersey about the hydrological cycle, climatology, and meteorology which helped them fulfill the requirements for a badge about water. Here is a thank you card they gave us!

On October 18th we gave a Homeschool group, about 40 kids, a full tour of the Rutgers Gardens Weather Station, and followed that up with a tour of the Perry Hall Weather Studio where the weather forecasts for Rutgers Television are made. Here are two photographs from that tour.

The afternoon after giving that tour we embarked on our Fall Trip which was to Silver Spring, Maryland, which is just outside of Washington DC. The next morning we met with three employees of a company called Weather Analytics, who specialize in worldwide weather data analysis. They were nice enough to rent out a room in the beautiful Silver Spring Civic Center to give us an interactive presentation. They covered many topics; however there was a great focus on education and preparation for a possible job in private sector meteorology, since one of the speakers, Dan Shaltanis, Senior Director of Meteorological Data Solutions, was also a counselor at one point in the winding road he took to his current job. Overall this trip was a huge success with twenty-nine people attending, and because it covered private sector meteorology jobs that involved computer science.

We look forward to two speakers at the  November general meeting!---Joseph Slezak.



October 30, 2013 7pm - 9pm

Schuler Book's and Music

Community Room

2660 28th Street SE

Grand Rapids, Michigan 49512

October 30 meeting was called by Chapter President Brandon Hoving (National Weather Service Grand Rapids) at 7pm. Approximately 14 people in total were in attendance at the meeting. President Hoving, Chapter Vice-President Nathen Jeruzal (National Weather Service Grand Rapids), Chapter Treasurer William Marino (National Weather Service Grand Rapids), Chapter Secretary Steve Derry, and Chapter Webmaster Linda Paige were in attendance. We went around the room with introductions.

Treasurer Marino gave Treasurers Report for the Chapter. Chapter has $567.31 in bank accounts.

Secretary Derry reminded the group, when the Chapter has to have minutes in, to count on the correct month.

Treasurer Marino gave a discussion on the 2013-2014 Winter Forecast.

Vice-President Jeruzal gave heads up on future Winter Forecast Contest, also Chapter Summer Forecast Contest results:

Warmest High at Grand Rapids & Date - 96 degrees July 19th Laura Velasquez

Warmest High at Lansing - 94 degrees July 18,19th Linda Paige

Number of 90 degree days at Grand Rapids - 8 Cort Scholten

Number of 90 degree days at Lansing - 6 Jim Carpenter

Warmest Water Temperature at the Southern Lake Michigan Buoy & Date -

79 degrees July 15th Steve Derry

President Hoving went over Chapter Survey results. Also had a feedback session on Dues, Seminars, Meetings, Raffles, Fund Raising, Professional and Public Awareness, Speakers, Social Networking, etc. Also reminded Chapter of upcoming elections.

The meeting was adjourned by President Hoving at approximately 9pm.---Steve Derry.



October 2013

Eberly Science and Technology, California University of Pennsylvania



The October 2013 meeting of the Twin Cities Meteorological Society was called to order by President Mike Griesinger at 7:18 p.m. at O’Gara’s Bar and Grill in St. Paul, Minnesota. Vice President Jim Marusak, Secretary Chris Bovitz, Treasurer Jim Taggart, and 10 members and guests were present, including our speaker, Kate Mullin. The attendees introduced themselves.

Bovitz summarized the events of the September meeting, and the report was approved.

Taggart reported on the society’s finances: This morning we have $901.47 in the bank and $30 in cash for a total of $931.47.  The report was approved.

Old business ensued:

Newsletter Editor Jarrod Schoenecker urged members that when they attend an event where TCMS members are involved to take pictures of them for our web site, Facebook page, and Twitter account.

Future events:

Our speaker was Kate Mullin, a wind analyst from WindLogics. She is from the Twin Cities, received her bachelor degree from the University of Virginia and her master’s degree from Colorado State. She’s been working with WindLogics for the past 2 years. Her topic was wind resource modeling, how they come up with recommendations for siting wind farms.

WindLogics is part of NextEra Energy, renewable energy company headquartered in Florida, and they focus mainly on the development of wind resources; specifically, wind resource assessment. Other parts of NextEra work with operational and energy trading facets.

After a general location for a wind farm is selected, the models are set up. First, a full-physics model such as the Weather and Research Forecasting (WRF) model, with nested grids at 18, 6, and 2-kilometer resolutions is run. It’s initialized by the Rapid Refresh model (RAP), and elevation data is from the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM). It takes about a week to run the model. The second step is to run the Swift model, a mass-conservation model, using the national elevation dataset (NED) for terrain, at 1 kilometer and 50-meter resolutions. This takes three to five days. The result is a three-dimensional wind flow for the requested area and shows which areas would be best for locating wind turbines.

Additional refining of the wind resource estimates are helped by meteorological data from met towers, which record at least wind speed and direction and temperature. The towers often don’t reach to the 80 meter hub height, so extrapolation is done. A year’s worth of data is desired.  Modern Era Retrospective-Analysis for Research and Applications (MERRA) data is used to normalize the meteorological data along with statistical regression to create a site-specific data set known as a wind resource grid (WRG).

The WRG is used by NextEra to design a wind turbine layout based on the customer’s needs and other factors, such as land availability, proximity to existing power transmission lines and housing and development, environment, and history.

Potential energy production is determined using the proposed turbines’ power curves, or the relation between wind speed and generated power. For most turbines, there is a sharp ramp-up to a peak in energy production, then power decreases more gradually as the wind speed increases. The turbines’ cut-in and cut-out wind speeds are also considered and are based on this power curve, and the se speeds dictate when the turbine will generate power when it’s most effective. Energy production losses are caused by turbine wake, turbine performance, power grid constraints, and weather, among other factors. The net capacity factor is the ratio of actual output to potential output. This value usually ranges from 40 percent to 55 percent. After these factors are considered, decisions are made regarding the locations and types of turbines that will be constructed.

Mullin took some questions and had additional comments after her presentation:

Q: You’re using LIDAR for elevation and obstruction information around the proposed sites. Do you use SODAR data?

A: They’re testing that now.

Q: How long do the turbines last?

A: The turbines last about 30 years.

In the modeling, shear between the top and bottom of the rotors is not considered

Q: Who are your competitors?

A: The two main ones are AWS Truepower and DNV KEMA

Q: What do you have for staff meteorologists?

A: They have two meteorologists. They arrive around 5 a.m., make a national forecast for their wind farms, and send the forecast to the turbine operators.

The meteorologist predicts wind ramps (when the wind is expected to change speed or direction), hourly winds for the next day, and a coarser outlook for the next few days. 

They also need to predict when farm operators need to curtail operations for airborne wildlife such as for bats and birds.---Chris Bovitz.



Monthly Meeting: Thursday, October 31st 2013

The third meeting of the year for the Student Chapter of the American Meteorological Society met on Thursday, October 31st 2013 at 12:30pm in NSSTC 4th floor conference room 4078. The first item on the agenda was the Treasurer report from Sarah Stough on the chapter's budget and the Rocket City Weather Fest budget. The current balance was $850.00 while the Weather Fest budget was at $99.05. Separately the club has $130 in the cash box for the snack bar. Sarah talked about the bake sale and passed around a sign-up sheet to work the booth for the bake sale.

Vice President Tony Lyza and Research Scientist Elise Schultz are the co-chairs of the 4th Annual Rocket City Weather Fest. Tony and Elise held a separate meeting about a week prior to the AMS meeting with the volunteers for the event. Weather Fest is scheduled for Saturday February 22nd, 2014 from 10am to 4pm at the Shelby Center on the UAH campus. Meetings for RCWF will continue throughout the rest of the semester in preparation for the event.

Emily Foshee passed out the order forms for the Yankee Candle fundraiser. We will be selling candles to family members and friends as a fundraiser for the club and the money will be due on Monday, November 11th so that the candles will be delivered to us before Christmas. Money is due with the orders to assure we receive the candles on time. The officers talked with the rest of the club about possible sweat shirt designs. Members must vote on a logo by the end of the week. Polos are in Aaron’s office, ready to be picked up.

The student posters at weather fest were also addressed. The club needs to vote on a slogan for the poster contest. Tony will need help stuffing envelopes of letters for the poster contest, see him if you would like to help! We will also need volunteers to start working on the UAH AMS poster for the annual meeting in February. Email any of the officers if you would like to help out with this! If you plan on going to the annual AMS meeting, you need to start thinking about your travel and lodging situations sooner rather than later. Also as a reminder, early registration ends December 2nd.

A reminder that the 2013 UAH Girl’s in Science and Engineering Day will be held on Saturday November 16th from 9:30am to 12:35pm. We have about 4-5 volunteers that are signed up to help give talks about careers in atmospheric science and meteorology to middle school girls.

The next meeting will be held sometime soon before Thanksgiving break. Lastly, we had approximately 20 members attend the October AMS meeting.---Danielle M. Kozlowski.



The University of Georgia Chapter of the American Meteorological Society held its fourth meeting of the semester on Wednesday, October 16th in the Geography Building on the University of Georgia campus. Chapter funded snacks were served while chapter members mingled and the meeting was called to order by chapter President Matt Daniel at 5:37PM, with 28 members present.

Treasurer Castle Williams and President Matt Daniel opened by briefly discussing new business including upcoming fundraisers, officer meetings, and chapter meetings.

President Matt Daniel then introduced our guest speaker, Mike Smith, Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation Executive of AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions and author of When the Sirens Were Silent and Warnings: The True Story of How Science Tamed the Weather.

Presentation: Mike Smith opened with a fascinating presentation about the history of the warning system. Smith presented captivating facts about what he referred to as “Dark Ages of Meteorology” that transported the student chapter back to the mid-20th century when there was no warning system in place and tornadoes terrorized the United States. By comparing the almost identical tornadoes of Udall, Kansas (1955) and Greensburg, Kansas (2007), Smith demonstrated not only the importance of the warning system we have today, but also the fact that the warning system only continues to improve with research and time. Mike Smith then encouraged the room of predominately aspiring meteorologists that they should be proud because they have chosen “one of the most noble professions.” Before taking questions, Mike Smith discussed and provided advice about careers in the field of meteorology. Smith spoke on jobs in government, broadcast, academia, as well as providing his own experience in private sector meteorology at AccuWeather. He also stressed to the chapter that great communication skills and gaining practical experience are imperative for young professionals starting out. After Mike Smith took questions, the chapter eagerly anticipated the second part of Smith’s presentation that discussed what went wrong during the devastating Joplin, Missouri tornado in 2011. Smith chronologically marched through timing of the storm in reference to the timing of the warnings issues as well as reflecting upon all the factors that contributed to the shocking death toll. At the end of his presentation, Mike Smith tied together the devastation in Joplin to his earlier talk on the warning system reiterating the importance of properly issued warnings.

The meeting is adjourned at 6:50PM by President Matt Daniel.---Molly McCollum.



This meeting was held on October 8th in Room 1313 of the National Weather Center.  Addison welcomed everyone back to SCAMS.  He discussed paying dues, incentive points and a few upcoming events.

Weather Festival is next month and volunteers are needed.   If you are interested, contact Rachel Norris.  Mr. Meteorology will be November 22 and we need volunteers to participate as contestants and freshman to dance.  We also need to elect a new freshman representative.  Misa was elected.


Next, Chuck Doswell was introduced and gave a presentation on “Storm Chasing: The Good, The Bad, and The Stupid.”  He gave several examples of all three cases that he has seen in the field during his time.  Many enjoyed this and member got to ask a lot of questions.  He also discussed the consequences of being stupid.  Mr. Doswell presented many interesting pictures he has taken over the years and stayed around to talk with students.


The meeting was then dismissed.  Our next meeting will be November 5 at 6:30 in NWC 1313.---Megan McClellan



October 2013


On Saturday, October 5, 2013, we had our 8th Initiation Ceremony where we welcomed fifteen new members to our Chapter. The ceremony was a huge success! We had different members from our Campus community as guests, including several professors. Meteorologist Ada Monzón also attended, and lastly our parents. The ceremony took place in the Salón Tarzán at 2:00PM. It was mainly focused on the new members, but we also the new Chapters Officers took their oath of office, and the award for the Honorary Member of the year was given.

Monthly Meeting
On October 10, we had our third monthly meeting of the 2013-2014 school year. During this meeting we discussed future activities for the Chapter, such as, our Halloween Party, Weather Today #2, and the 40th Anniversary of the Physics’ Department Planetarium, and lastly a fundraiser for the first science museum in Puerto Rico.

Weather Today
On October 17, we had our second Weather Today, about the Nautilus Expedition. The conference was given to us by a Professor of the University’s Marine Sciences Department, Dr. Wilford Schmidt. The conference lasted about an hour, where he talked to us about the instruments and machinery they were using for this expedition, and also about the key aspects of it.

Halloween (Weatherween) Party

On October 21, we had our Halloween Party at “La Cueva de Tarzan” at the University’s Cafeteria Building. The night was full of laughter and costumes, were we enjoined some karaoke singing.

On October 24, he had an interview with Enrique Vargas from “Ciencia PR”. The interview was for a Podcast he is creating about science. He asked questions about our Society at the University, what were some of our goals and how do we contribute to the community.


October Meeting Minutes.---Lindsay Rice.



AMS Chapter Meeting 10/16

Our meeting began by having our new officers introduce themselves to the group with brief introductions about undergraduate institutions they came from and relative experience in leadership. The chapter president presented our organization purpose: “The purpose of this organization will be the development and dissemination of the knowledge of meteorology. It shall also be a means of bringing together students interested in meteorology”.


The first aspect of the meeting was our involvement at the AMS annual meeting in Atlanta. We need a couple of volunteers to create a new chapter poster to be displayed in the chapter poster session. Similarly to last year, we will be funding one or two undergraduate students to travel to the student conference and graduate student/career fair the weekend prior to the conference. The process will be competitive to determine who will attend but the process has not been finalized.

Chapter meetings will occur on Wednesday’s this year, the second week of each month, with that being the best time from a poll taken a few weeks ago. With finals week being the second week of December, it will be moved to the first week that month. We will host four speakers this year: A local media broadcaster, NWS Office employee (SOO), Faculty member, and an Emergency Management Agency coordinator.


We will continue having AMS Chapter apparel available for purchase, including a polo that was created last year and a t-shirt, of which a design with be composed via chapter members.


Some of our events this year include participating in WxChallenge, involvement with the Geoscience society on campus, annual food drive at the beginning of December benefitting the South Plains Food Bank, 8th annual Severe Weather Awareness Day, NWS Skywarn Storm Spotter Training, and a wacky/bad weather movie night.---Aaron Hill. 



October Meeting Summary.---Ryan Difani.



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