Chapter News
October 2009


Meeting Minutes for October 6, 2009

Meeting in session: 9:01pm

Meeting adjourned: 9:35pm

Presidents report:

--Voted to give Catherine and Alan $100.00 each for the NWA conference.

--Rich Pollman discussion Wednesday or Thursday the last week in October at 4pm.

-Important dates to remember:

*Tours to GRR for the Friday November 13, 2009.

*Halloween Party: Tuesday October 27, 2009 At Megan’s House! In place of the meeting.

*Uncle John’s Cider Mill planned for 12:30 pm on Sunday October 25, 2009.

*November 5,6, & 7, 2009 is the severe weather conference in Illinois. $110.00 student reg/$95.00 per room (4 people per room).

Vice Presidents/webmasters Report:

-No change in the website this week.



Public relations:

              -Working on contacting schools

              -Experiment ideas for the presentation



              -Rich Pollman from DTX is interested in giving a talk to our club about working at NWS.

              -Tours to GRR a possibility for the Friday November 13, 2009.

              -Uncle John’s Cider Mill planned for 12:30 pm on Sunday October 25, 2009.

-Halloween Party: Tuesday October 27, 2009 At Megan’s House! In place of the meeting.


              - Jobs/Internships

              -New postings are available

              -New forecasting opportunity from Canada with good job description.



              -Yankee candle fundraiser-October 27, 2009 is the due date for order forms.

              -Additional catalogs on top of fridge in the “Map room”

              -Las Senioritas November 18th, 2009 at 7pm. Fundraiser-SCAMS gets 20%.          


Treasurers report:

*Pay your dues! $15.00/year or $10.00/semester. DUE OCTOBER 13, 2009.

*Savings: $3,594.67

*Checkings: $ 5.93


Secretary’s report:

If you are highlighted in pink on attendance, YOU HAVE NOT PAID YOUR DUES. DUE OCTOBER 13, 2009. If you have not paid, you will no longer be allowed to attend.


SGA representative:

-Tailgating rules changed for the better

-SBAC paperwork worked out.

Meeting Minutes for October 13, 2009

Meeting in session: 9:02pm

Meeting adjourned: 9:43 pm

Presidents report:

-Vaccine at Foust for Swine Flu-its free! Just walk in!

-T-shirt Ideas

-Matt Kirkwood from Wood TV is going to give us a talk on a Tuesday at 9pm-meeting time. He will probably come in November.

-Katie’s Presentation on her internship at channel 4.

-Important dates to remember:

*Tours to GRR for the Friday November 13, 2009.

*Halloween Party: Tuesday October 27, 2009 At Megan’s House! In place of the meeting.

*Uncle John’s Cider Mill planned for 12:00 pm on Sunday October 25, 2009. Meet in Moore parking lot!

*November 5,6, & 7, 2009 is the severe weather conference in Illinois. $110.00 student reg/$95.00 per room (4 people per room).

*Yankee Candle forms DUE TUESDAY OCTOBER 27, 2009!

Vice Presidents/webmasters Report:

Nothing new with the website. Meeting minutes are caught up. If you miss a meeting you can view the minutes on the site.



Public relations:

-Got a hold of one of the schools. Coming up with experiments for the school presentations. Megan will get a book from NWS.



              -Rich Pollman from DTX is interested in giving a talk to our club about working at NWS.

              -Tours to GRR a possibility for the Friday November 13, 2009.

              -Uncle John’s Cider Mill planned for 12:30 pm on Sunday October 25, 2009.

-Halloween Party: Tuesday October 27, 2009 At Megan’s House! In place of the meeting.



              - 6 pages of internships posted

              -new scholarships posted

              -New jobs are on the side of the cabinet now.


Las fundraiser Wednedsay November 18, 2009. We will go as a big group at a decided time.

-Who has not read the yankee candle email? Checks payable to SCAMS. No sales Tax!

Treasurers report:

*Pay your dues! $15.00/year or $10.00/semester. DUE TODAY!  

*Savings: $3,594.67

*Checkings: $ 5.93 

Secretary’s report:

If you are highlighted in pink on attendance, YOU HAVE NOT PAID YOUR DUES. DUE TODAY! If you have not paid, you will no longer be allowed to attend.


SGA representative:

-Hot dog eating contest. HIS HOUSE

-Last day to register for the conference is Friday. Print out and keep your receipt.

Meeting Minutes for October 20, 2009

Meeting in session: 9:02 pm

Meeting adjourned:  10:00 pm

Presidents report:

-T-shirt Design was picked!

-Front: Eat, Sleep, Meteorology, with beneath the design.

-Back: Lindsay’s design w/lightning, 2009-2010.

-Colors: Navy Blue and White

-Important dates to remember:

*Tours to GRR for the Friday November 13, 2009.

*Halloween Party: Tuesday October 27, 2009 At Megan’s House! In place of the meeting.

*Uncle John’s Cider Mill planned for 12:00 pm on Sunday October 25, 2009. Meet in Moore parking lot at 12:00pm!

*November 5,6, & 7, 2009 is the severe weather conference in Illinois. $110.00 student reg/$95.00 per room (4 people per room).

*Yankee Candle forms DUE TUESDAY OCTOBER 27, 2009! Give to Jason or Cort if you aren’t coming to the Halloween party.

*Las Seniorita’s Fundraiser is next month-November 12, 2009 @ 4pm 

Vice Presidents/webmasters Report:

Nothing new with the website. Meeting minutes are caught up. If you miss a meeting you can view the minutes on the site.



Public relations:

-Heard from a school working on dates.

-Volunteer activities not selected.

-Experiment idea book brought in from NWS



              -Tours to GRR -Friday November 13, 2009.

              -Uncle John’s Cider Mill planned for 12:30 pm on Sunday October 25, 2009.

-Halloween Party: Tuesday October 27, 2009 At Megan’s House! In place of the meeting.

-Ice skating plan in the works: November 22, 2009.  




              -Rich Pollman is coming from NWS on November 12, 2009 @ 4pm


Las fundraiser Wednedsay November 18, 2009. We will go as a big group at a decided time.

-Who has not read the yankee candle email? Checks payable to SCAMS. No sales Tax!

Treasurers report:

*Pay your dues! $15.00/year or $10.00/semester. If you haven’t paid, talk to Jason.  

*Savings: $3,495.67

*Checkings: $ 12.93

Secretary’s report:

If you are highlighted in pink on attendance, YOU HAVE NOT PAID YOUR DUES. DUE TODAY! If you have not paid, you will no longer be allowed to participate.


SGA representative:

No notes---Megan Babich.



October 23, 2009

~On Friday, October 30th, at 4:00 p.m., there will be a meeting in Bradfield for anyone interested in writing meteorological articles for the Cornell Daily Sun.

~We are currently organizing this year’s snowfall contest. It will be held outside Trillium or in the lobby of Mann Library. Predictions will cost $1 and as in previous years, it is a 50/50 win for the individual with the best prediction of the 1st inch of snowfall and the meteorology department. Eowyn (ecc37) will be in charge of this year’s event. Let her know if you’re available to man tables for the designated hours.

~Make sure you have your apparel orders in to Eowyn (ecc37) by Monday, November 2nd at 5:00 p.m. The orders should come in by Thanksgiving.

~An update on AMS conference accommodations. The hotel of choice will most likely be the Hyatt. If you haven’t booked your flight by now you must do so ASAP! See Aaron (atp42) if you would like a look at the chart showing what airports people are departing from. Eowyn (ecc37) brought up the idea of a road trip for those looking into alternatives to flying. Email her if you’re interested in the idea. As for the D.C. conference, be on the lookout for emails from Aaron about updates.

~We could use able bodied individuals to devote time and energy into helping Dan (dar256) with the website. If you have any programming and design skills, send him an email.

~A CCAMS dinner is set for Tuesday, November 17th at 7:30 p.m. Be on the lookout for an email for more specifics.---Lisa Bacis.



October Newsletter

October 2009 Meeting Notes

The DC-AMS’s October 2009 meeting was held on Wednesday, October 28, 2009 at the NOAA Silver Spring Campus in Maryland.

The theme of the meeting was Conversation with Dr. Jack Hayes – NWS Director in which sandwiches were served from Potbelly Sandwiches for all new and existing members. The purpose of the meeting was to provide a recap of weather events from 2009, ongoing and new initiatives of the National Weather Service as well as with NOAA and internationally, and to hear about the future direction as the National Weather Service.

Andrea Bleistein, Chair of the DC-AMS, provided welcoming remarks to the approximately 50 attendees, chapter announcements and introduced Dr. Hayes. Some of the announcements included upcoming November and December chapter events as well as updates to the DC-AMS Outreach webpage and a reminder about the AMS Annual Meeting to be held on January of 2010.

Jack Hayes presentation covered the following details:

Dr. Hayes’ entire presentation can be found on our website on our Meetings page ( Bleistein and Samantha Segall.



Meeting Minutes for October 19, 2009  First ever meeting for new chapter

Meeting in session:  11:30 AM

Meeting adjourned:  12:45 AM

The first ever meeting of the new Emerald Coast Chapter of the AMS occurred on October 19 at the Warehouse Bistro Restaurant on Hurlburt Field, FL. 

Dave Biggar, who spearheaded the efforts to start this chapter, greeted everyone, and read excerpts from the petition to start the local chapter.  This petition was recently approved by the National AMS organization.

Dave discussed his vision for the new chapter, including ideas for future meetings in the upcoming year.  Additionally, the initial chapter officers were selected.

Meeting Attendees, and the chapter officers selected:

Dave Biggar (chapter President)

Doug Oltmer (chapter vice President)

Dave McKinney (chapter secretary)

Hoover Hodge (chapter treasurer)

Henry Voegtle

Troy Kirk

Michael Gilbert

Jay Syc

Jack Evans

Lisa Coleman

Also, Billy Tate (not present) was selected to be corresponding secretary

The newly elected chapter president (Dave Biggar) said he would work on selecting the next meeting date and location; probably in late November or early December.---Dave Biggar.



October Newsletter.---Lew Fincher.



Meeting Minutes

October 27th, 2009

Start Time: 7:04


President Hatteberg


Rachel began the meeting by updating on our Storm the Dorm project. Dave Bunker got back to us and let us know what would be needed next. Last year, we went through the dorms and marked areas that should have signs and where safe locations during a tornado would be located. Our next step is looking for money donations. These are going in the dorms, so we would like to get plexiglass on them to keep them nice. We will be doing our own labor and will hopefully begin putting up the signs in January. We will be sending around a sign-up sheet for those interested in helping.

Alumni Days will be held November 6-7th. Events are:

Friday, November 6

9:00-10:00 am. Coffee and Danish in Agronomy Hall Main Commons

1:15- pm. Careers panel in 3140 Agronomy Hall

6:30- pm. Reception and dinner at Hickory’s Hall (300 S. 17th St.)

Saturday, November 7

Field Trip to Ada Hayden Heritage Park

Field Trip to Martin Marietta’s Ames Mine

Please note that everything listed above is FREE for students and a guest is allowed. If you are interested in dinner, please let DeAnn Frisk ( know by October 30th. This is a great way to meet professional meteorologists. If you are attending the Alumni Dinner, rides will be leaving Agronomy at 5:15pm. Please see for more information on the Saturday tours.

A main goal of the ISU AMS is to provide tours for members to get a general knowledge of the different areas of meteorology. Rachel has been in contact with the Johnston NWS office and has set up a tour with Melinda Beerends on Thursday, November 5th. Our past tours of the NWS have been during open house with the general public, but this will be a private tour and more meteorology-based. Rides will be leaving Agronomy at 5:15.

Vice President Hoffman


Matt first announced that the ISU AMS apparel had been ordered and should be in soon (by Thanksgiving break). If you ordered something, please check your email for updates on when they arrive. They can be picked up in the Maproom (Agronomy 3008) from a cabinet member.


We will touring the KCCI station in Des Moines on November 12th with John McLaughlin. The tour will be at 8pm. Please look for an email from Matt about rides and more information. We will try to visit another station in the spring.

If you have any other ideas for tours, please email Matt at

The Iowa State Meteorology window clings are on sale for $5. Please talk to Matt or Justin if interested.

Treasurer Wittrock


Please pay Broomball Fees ($5), Curling fees ($3), AMS dues ($10), and WxChallenge Dues ($5) to Justing ASAP. They can be paid directly to Justin or put in the AMS mailbox in room 3010

Our current balance is $4769.31.

Please visit the AMS website or forums to take research surveys to help the seniors out with their thesis. If you have questions, feel free to email Justin (

Secretary Minniear

If you are not a member of the Central Iowa National Weather Association, please consider looking into it at Our chapter works very closely with the NWA, and it is a great way to meet professionals in meteorology: broadcast, National Weather Service, ISU faculty members, and other areas. You also can help plan the Severe Storm Conference held every spring. You can join committees to help decide who gives the presentations, help figure out travel, work on the electronics at the conference, work registration, and other things. The NWA also takes field trips (hopefully to a wind farm this year) and has presentations at meetings. By being a member of the NWA, you get chances to receive numerous scholarships, a large discount for the Severe Storm Conference, and stay informed of the latest weather news. The Central Iowa NWA has meetings once a month in Ames or Ankeny, and we will provide rides for these meetings. If you have any questions or are interested in joining, please contact JoBeth ( or Rachel Hatteberg (

Social Chair Witter


Broomball has started!! If you signed up for a team, please check the schedule below for team name and game time. If you cannot show up to a game, please let Rachael ( know. Also, please get your broomball and curling dues turned into Justin or the ISU AMS mailbox in Agron 3010.

Meteorologists on Ice          10:45pm Thursday Oct 29th

Ryan Alliss                      Nicholas Carletta           Matthew Hoffman         Michael Koschoff

Nicholas Krauel            Andrew Mair                   Jacob McLaughlin          Benjamin McNeill

Ryan Spies

AMS All-Stars                  10:45pm Thursday, Oct 29th

Andrew Akin                   Nathan Gogo                  Ethan Milius                    Devin Mastrodomenico            

Eric Mykleby                   Ian Nichols                      Samuel Schreier             Joseph Simpson

Seth Yakel

Lightning Sticks                  8:45pm Sunday, Nov 1st

Rachael Witter                 Christina Alt                    Kristyna Carter                            Samantha Edster

Jennifer Hays                   Emily Janssen                  Brittany Konradi           Stephanie Melton

Elizabeth Suess

Our next social event will be a Video Game Night on Friday, November 13th at 7:00pm in Agron 3140. This event may sound really nerdy, but it is a LOT of fun! There will be projectors and many different gaming systems to choose from. Rockband will also be played!


Academic Chair Rabideau


Please use the ISU AMS forums for any questions you have about classes or meteorology in general. Shannon has added a discussion on Electives that meet requirements for graduating. We have 12-15 classes listed so far. Please feel free to add more classes and use this list to help find interesting classes at ISU.

Shannon has updated the Career page to include internship and scholarship information. Please check out this page if you are interested in either of these! Deadlines will come up fast, so start applications early. Email Shannon ( or JoBeth ( for more information.

If you have any other ideas for Shannon to improve the academic chair, please let her know!

Sophomore Chair Effertz


Pete has offered to organize the Spring Break trip this year. If you are interested in going on this trip, consider joining the Spring Break Committee. This committee will look into where to go, how much it will cost, how to get there, what to visit, etc. In the past few years, we have gone to Boulder, CO, Norman, OK, and Atlanta, GA/Pensacola, FL. If you have any suggestions for this year’s trip, please email Pete ( or post on the forum’s Spring Break Discussion.

Webmaster Carletta


Nick has updated the ISU AMS email list. This means, if you received this email, you are on the list and, therefore, have paid your dues. Good job! If you did not receive this and are reading this on the website, please pay your dues or let Nick know you are not on the list.

The Calendar link on the ISU AMS website now features our Google Calendar. Check it out!

Please sign up for the forums at If you are having problems signing up, please contact Nick (

Nick is trying to update the pictures on our website because they are very old… If anyone has Science Night or VEISHA pictures from the past couple years, please send them to Nick (

If you would like to upload photos on the website, go to Member Resources then Photo Albums. Log in with your forums username and password and return to the previous page through the link. Select Upload File and then type in the number of photos you want to upload from files and/or from an URL. Then upload your picture. If you have troubles or need help, contact Nick. 


Historian Lueck


Please send any photos from AMS events to Ryan (, upload them on the website, or put on Facebook. As soon as we get new pictures, Ryan will update the Photo Board.


Cy's Eyes on the Skies Update


Cy’s Eyes has been going very well. They have added a new segment for a member to do a webcast. It can be seen at If you choose to do broadcast meteorology, you will need to know how to do this.

The Halloween Episode was Wednesday, October 28th. The on-air crew wore Halloween costumes during the show.

ISUTV has charged Cy’s Eyes for the Skies $250 for the year. A motion was passed for AMS to pay the full amount initially. The amount per Cy’s Eyes member will be determined next meeting.

WxChallenge Update


All the old results from the WxChallenge can be viewed on Ryan Alliss’s Website This page has the overall rankings and the top forecasters per period. We are currently forecasting Stockton, CA. Please contact Ryan ( with any questions.

We will be holding Forecast Discussions Tuesdays at 5:00pm in Agron 3128. It is yet to be decided if these will be weekly or monthly, so please watch for an email for the second discussion. These will be led by upperclassmen and will be informal discussion about the weather in Ames and the WxChallenge city. Please come to get forecasting experience and learn others’ techniques for forecasting. It will begin Tuesday, November 3rd. Email Ryan ( if you would like to lead a discussion. 

Past President Hobbs


Congratulations to Brandon Engelson for winning the last period in the Iowa Forecasting Contest. Remember that you can join this contest at anytime and it is FREE. To join, go to Member Resources, ISU AMS Contest, Register, and follow the directions given.

There will be a Meteorology Symposium Poster Session this semester. It is held by the Graduate Meteorology Club and is open to grad and undergrad students.

Typical posters cost $30. The department usually pays half and the AMS has paid the other half in the past. A motion was passed to pay the other half of poster costs for senior thesis.


Outreach Chair Suess


Please submit weather pictures to Liz ( by Friday, December 4th. Remember that these pictures can be from past years, especially since this year was a quiet year for severe weather. Please send in any tornado pictures you have!

Calendars are on sale for $12. The form is available on the website. We are holding contest for selling the most calendars. The person who sells the most calendars will receive some kind of prize! The deadline will be sometime between Thanksgiving and the next meeting. Please watch for an email for more information.

If you are interested in helping with next year’s calendar, please Liz at

Please let Liz know if you have any ideas for Science Nights.


*Congratulations to the Anthony and Ryan Lueck for winning the Costume Contest! They dressed up as the Minnesota Twins and received a $25 gift card to Target. Thank you to everyone who dressed up!

End Time: 7:47 



Any questions regarding the meeting minutes can be directed at Rachel Hatteberg ( or JoBeth Minniear ( Minniear.



October General Business Meeting Minutes:

President Tony McGee began the second general business meeting of the year by recapping the sector search van trip. Tony and Secretary Kaitlyn Jacobs brought 13 freshmen to four locations over a 24hour period to help the students learn about the concentrations available. The students stopped at NWS in Gray, Maine, WMTW Portland, UMass Lowell graduate Program, and finally Hometown Forecasting Services in Nashua, NH. The trip began on Friday night with the first two stops, then students spent the night at secretary Kaitlyn Jacobs Home in Massachusetts, then concluded the following day with the last two locations. Next, Tony discussed the NESC meeting being rescheduled to next Wednesday. This meeting will begin the long process of mailings and decisions that need to be made regarding the NESC in March. As our club is called the AMS & NWA students are being urged to become affiliated with the national organizations along with our local chapter.  Finally, Tony finished with showing a quick slideshow of pictures from this past months events.

                  Vice President Joe DiTommaso began his discussion with his meeting with OTB, the graphic design club on campus, to discuss our club poster and the new website for the club.  Next, he discussed the internship night that will be hosted next month. He urged all those students who did an internship over the summer to put together a presentation to present that evening.

                  Secretary Kaitlyn Jacobs talked briefly about events and sign in sheets.  She also reminded members of the requirements to be an active member and encourages members to stay involved.

                  Samantha Couture discussed the biweekly SGA (Student Government Association) meetings and also discussed that tonight is the final deadline for club dues.

                  Public Outreach Officer Garrett Combs began by recapping the fall BBQ, the Mt. Washington Hike and the car wash, which made the club almost $350 dollars. He then discussed the clubs upcoming fundraiser, the first inch contest. This contest is where members of the club and the school can pay to guess the day of the first inch of snow on the LSC campus. High temperatures are also guessed in case of a tie breaker.

                  Rachel Ducharme, the community outreach officer, went into detail of science fair and urged members to join the community outreach community.  A meeting will be held in the next month or so to send out notifications to schools regarding the science fair and offering to have the club come give talks at the various schools.

                  The club finished the meeting by taking the Club photo and as always having a candy raffle.---Kaitlyn Jacobs.



Meeting Type: General Assembly

Meeting Date: October 21, 2009

Attendance: 32

Meeting in Session: 8:31 pm


Report on Fundraising (Treasurer Heather Morgan)


Speakers from Planalytics

Meeting out of Session: 9:35 pm---Samantha McGraw.



Executive Board Meeting Tuesday, October 27th, 2009 – 4:30 p.m.


The meeting was brought to order by President Brad Schaaf.

Officers in attendance:

Vice President Todd Zwissler

Treasurer Heather Holbach

Secretary Andy Monplaisir

Science & Outreach committee chair Robert Garcia

Webmaster Alec Bogdanoff


General Body Meeting Tuesday, October 27, 2009 – 7:30 p.m.





Minutes of the October 27th Meeting of the North Texas AMS/NWA Local Chapter

Chapter president Greg Story called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm.  He welcomed new members (of which there were three) and reminded everyone that dues were being collected for the chapter’s new fiscal year which began in September.  Greg stated he would provide a free standard rain gauge to any person who was a new chapter member and also signed-up to become a CoCoRaHs observer.

Chapter treasurer Stan Christmas reported there was $698.76 in the treasury, including $150 in gift cards that are presented to the monthly speakers.

Greg reported that Chapter secretary Bobette Mauck has obtained 13 new names of soldiers from the Weather Squadron at Fort Hood who are deployed to either Iraq or Afghanistan.  The postage for sending a small box to such soldiers is $10.35.  Greg suggested that at the November Chapter meeting those in attendance can determine what items to bring to the next meeting to send to those soldiers.  Members can also contribute cash to pay for the postage.

Greg mentioned that the Chapter had been contacted by the Univ. Texas at Dallas chapter of Alpha Phi Omega, the national co-ed service fraternity, for assistance with their tenth annual math and science camp they were conducting for third through sixth grade students from the Richardson ISD in early October.  Unfortunately, the request arrived too late for our chapter to respond.

Janice Bunting reported on the annual meeting of the National Weather Association which was held in Norfolk the previous week.  She said the meeting was very successful, with over 450 in attendance.  Many of the presentations delivered at the meeting would soon be made available on the NWA Web site.  The big news from the meeting was the announcement of the ongoing development of a Members Only section of the Web site, and the option to receive electronic delivery of the NWA Newsletter and Digest instead of the hard copy versions.  The NWA also has a presence on Facebook and Twitter.  Janice indicated next year’s meeting would be held in Tucson, Arizona, followed by Birmingham, Alabama, in 2011.

Janice also mentioned that Bill Read, director of the National Hurricane Center, and NWA Executive Director Steve Harned were interviewed at the meeting by  The recorded version of that netcast audio program is available on the Weatherbrains Web site.

Greg reported he has been contacted by the Dallas Regional Science & Engineering Fair.  This year the fair will be held in late February.  Stan and Tracy have served as judges for the chapter and the national AMS awards last year and volunteered to serve again this year.  Stan encouraged other members to assist in this rewarding task; judging this year will be on February 27th.

Greg mentioned the Chapter will be again a co-sponsor of the TESSA National Storm Conference, which will be held on Saturday, March 13th at the Colleyville Center in Colleyville, Texas.  Scheduled speakers include Gary Woodall (MIC, WFO Phoenix), Mark Fox (WCM, WFO Fort Worth-Dallas), Scott Rae (North Texas Council of Governments), Tim Marshall (HAAG Engineering), Kevin Kloesel (University of Oklahoma), and Cinematographer Martin Lisius. The conference will again award an Alan R. Moller Severe Weather Education and Research College Scholarship.  For more details on the scholarship and conference, visit the TESSA Web site at:

Greg also mentioned the 2010 Skywarn training will begin in January in the North Texas counties.  If you are interested in helping staff an AMS/NWA table during the coffee and lunch breaks at any of these events, please let Greg know.

Greg announced Brad Barton, chief meteorologist at WBAP radio, will be the speaker at the November meeting.  Greg is finalizing the details of a visit to the weather center at a local television station in December.

Greg then introduced Tim Marshall, who discussed his experiences with the VORTEX2 tornadogenesis research project.

The meeting adjourned at 8:20 pm.---Bernard N. Meisner.



Tuesday, 10/27/09 Guest Speaker: Brian Klimowski, Meteorologist-in-Charge, National Weather Service, Flagstaff

On Tuesday, October 27, 2009, the Northern Arizona AMS Chapter held its first official general meeting. Chapter Co-Founder Andy Latto, Meteorologist Intern at the National Weather Service, Flagstaff introduced a brief history and background of AMS national and local chapters. He gave an overview of what the chapter intends to do as far as meetings, social events, fundraisers, etc. Nicholas Petro, Science and Operations Officer at the National Weather Service, Flagstaff, and chapter Co-Founder proposed the next meeting to be during the 3rd week of November or 1st week in December, with hopefully a speaker from the Arizona Snowbowl to discuss how weather affects ski operations. Nicholas also requested ideas for the first social event for the chapter. The chapter website was announced: as well as information regarding a new Facebook group found under the search “Northern Arizona AMS”. Andy briefly described the duties for each officer, for which nominations will take place until November 2nd. Elected officers will reside until April 2010.

The new local chapter took nominations for officers at the first meeting with an announced election to be held at the next general meeting. So far the nominations are:
President – Andrew Latto
Vice-President – Nicholas Petro
Treasurer – Liane Claytor
Secretary – Leah Francis, Sam Hogan

Andy introduced the meeting’s speaker, Brian Klimowski, Meteorologist-in-Charge at the National Weather Service in Flagstaff. Brian gave a presentation named “A handful of ramblings of on observational meteorologist”.

A total of 17 new members signed up. Dues were $5 for those who signed up at the first meeting. After the first meeting dues will be $10.---Andrew Latto.



October 6th, 2009 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Start: 11:04 am

Treasurer Report:
Dues are due by 3rd metting. ($15)
Thank you for coming to the Cold Stone Fundraiser! We made $104.00!
Pop is for sale in the weather center for 50 cents, all suggestions can be given to Jason.

Secretary Report:
Thank you for coming to the Activities Committee meeting & to all who signed up to work the snow fall table.
Snow fall contest ends Wednesday, $1 per vote on date of first snowfall & amount over the season.

Vice Presidents Report:
Conference planning has started!
Official date to be March 20th.
Trying to reserve the Union & Strongbows catering.
If you ordered a T-shirt see Chris!
Calendar submissions are to be e-mailed to Chris over the next few weeks.

Presidents Report:
Thank you for all who came to Stone Cold!
There will be a new format for internship talks next year.
Joint meeting with Chicago Tuesday at 7:30 in Chicago.
Still looking for a fall speaker, please e-mail any suggestions to Ellen.
National Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, $65.00, see Ellen for housing info.
Reminder: Chi Epsilon Pi opportunity for conference.
Currently updating the website!

End Meeting: 11:24---Lisa Meadows.



17th Annual “What Will the Winter Be Like?” Meeting

This very popular meeting attracted 275 people this year – a new record.  We were hosted by our good friends at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI).  Local meteorologists gave their best forecast for the winter of 2009-2010: Tyree Wilde, Warning Coordination Meteorologist, National Weather Service, in Portland; George Taylor, Applied Climate Services (retired Oregon State University Climatologist), in Corvallis; Pete Parsons, Oregon Dept. of Agriculture Meteorologist in Salem; and Kyle Dittmer, Hydrologist-Meteorologist, Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission, in Portland.  Many TV and radio media were present, too. 

Rainy weather and thunderstorms were going on during the meeting.  We checked the real-time radar images in-between each speaker to see the action outside.

We offered the “Snowflake Contest” for a third year in a row.  Folks had the chance to guess the date and time of the first official recorded snowfall, based on Portland NWS data.  The four winners will receive eight general admission passes donated by OMSI.  Response was great.

Jim Todd of OMSI gave the Welcoming remarks.  KPTV-Fox 12 Chief-Meteorologist Mark Nelsen, OR-AMS Councilor, reviewed the 2008-2009 winter weather.  The great Snow of December 2008 was a dominant theme.  Steve Pierce, OR-AMS Councilor, gave a review of Portland snowfall potential based on 1871-2009 data. 

Bobby Corser, Oregon-AMS President, then introduced each of the guest speakers.   Tyree showed how El Nino has been developing in the tropical Pacific in recent months, with persisting +0.5 to 1.5 degC sea-surface temperatures (SSTs).  The NOAA/NWS probabilistic forecast calls for El Nino to strengthen and elevated chances for a warmer and slightly drier than normal winter.  Tyree did note that significant storms can occur during an El Nino winter and that we should not be caught off-guard.

George said that whatever El Nino we had has now peaked and is dying out, as noted in the Australian Bureau of Meteorology’s current SOI index and NOAA’s Multivariable ENSO Index.  He gave the most credence to the NOAA – Climate Diagnostics Center product of forecasted SSTs, which shows a decay of warm water back to near normal.  George thinks we’ll have an active early season with a mid-winter slow down.  Expect below average precipitation, above average temperatures, average mountain snow, and low valley snow.

Pete says this is a “atypical El Nino” with higher-than-average likelihood of above average valley rain and mountain snow, Cascades and westward, and drier east of the Cascades, for January, with increased flood risk west of the Cascades.  He sees no clear climate signal in the top three analog years for November and December, so anything is possible (i.e., highly variable).  Expect average chance for valley snow.  Pete’s forecast uses analog- or surrogate-years, past years that indicate a repeat of specific weather patterns based on SOI and ONI indices across the Pacific Ocean.

Kyle opened with a question to ponder: “I know what the computer model says, but what’s really going to happen?”  His analog-year forecast approach uses solar forcing, SST, and hydro-climate (past water years).  The sunspot counts have been very low and portends to weather similar to winter 2008-2009.  He believes that El Nino will not happen and that we are trending to ENSO-Neutral.  Kyle calls for near normal temperatures, but on the coolish side, with the coldest departures in December and February.  Precipitation will be near normal, but a little high in November and January.  The crowd gasped when Kyle said, “Expect six snow events in Portland, during December through February, 2-3 inches each.”

Lastly, President Bobby Corser extended an invitation to the crowd to come join us for lunch in the OMSI Café and talk with the forecasters.  Afterwards, we were given a special demonstration of OMSI’s new “Science on a Sphere” project, partly funded by NOAA and NASA.

In an effort to help bring weather science to the local community, our chapter has partnered with OMSI since 1999 to host the popular Winter Weather meeting.  OMSI and the Oregon chapter benefit from the attention generated by ample local media coverage.  The presentations can be found at the Chapter website: Dittmer.



This month the Oswego State Student Chapter of the AMS has held a Weatherfest for the college and local schools around the area. We held the festival on Saturday October 10 and we had weather experiements and activities for all ages, a panel discussion, and we launched our tethersonde and radiosonde. We had a guest speaker at our last Meteorology Club meeting this month. Major Brian Newton came to speak to us about jobs for Meteorologists in the Air Force.---Christina Faraone.



Thursday, October 8, 2009


              - True or False: Raindrops are shaped like tear drops? Answer: False.

              - What is the lowest pressure recorded on Earth? Highest sea level equivalent pressure ? Answer: 870mb, 1083.8mb.

              -  Aurora Australis is another name for? Answer: Southern Lights.

              - Cloudiest state? Answer: Alaska.

              - What is Keraunophobia? Answer: Fear of lightning and thunder.

              - Great single storm snowfall (where and how much)? Answer: Mount Shasta, CA; 183 inches.

              - What is the largest change in temperature that occurred in 2 minutes? 41 degrees (4-45F).

              - Do all tornadoes rotate counter clockwise? Answer: No.

              - Which state has the most tornadoes per unit area? Answer: Florida.

              - During what hours of the day do tornadoes strike most often? Answer: 5-6PM.             

Numbers 2 and 15 won. 



Meeting called to order at 3:00 P.M. by Patrick.  Nine members were in attendance. 

Old Business

We collected dues from the remaining members. The snow pools were also turned in. The cost was $3 per guess and we have 10 people participating. The winner collects half of the earnings.

The AMS National Conference was discussed. There are still travel grants and student worker applications available for interested undergraduates. The conference is Jan. 17th – 22nd, 2010. Check the AMS website if interested.

Treasury Report: With dues collected, we now have $223.75.

New Business


We set a tentative date to go to the Haunted Ghost Tours at the Wyoming Territorial Prison for Oct. 29th at 7pm. We will need a number of interested students a week prior in order to make reservations.

The group brainstormed a lot of new ideas for things to go as an organization on campus such as the following:

Upcoming Business

The snow pool continues to run from October 1st , 2009 through May 1, 2010.

Reminders: Next meeting will be Friday, Nov. 6th at 3pm in the Library of the Atmos. Sci. Dept.

Please send t-shirt ideas to Patrick or Jennifer before next meeting.

The Halloween Haunted Hayride will take place on Oct. 29th, 2009. Check emails for details closer to the date.

Meeting adjourned at 4:10 P.M.---Jennifer Vogt.



New Business

Next Meeting

The next Chapter meeting will be held on Thursday, December 3rd at 11am. We will be discussing the upcoming American Meteorological Society conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Also, the president of the club is graduating in December at the end of the semester, so we will be having nominations to vote for the new president for the spring semester.---Lindsay Rice.



The Texas A&M Student Chapter of the American Meteorological Society met on October 6th, 2009. We went over important dates for upcoming school volunteer events and trips. Our guest speaker was Dr. Paul Kocin. Dr. Kocin has previously worked at The Weather Channel and currently works for the Hydrological Prediction Center (HPC). Dr. Kocin spoke about snowstorms in the Southeast.---Rita Matos.



President Chris Bovitz called the October 2009 meeting of the Chapter to order at 7:02pm on October 20, 2009.  Vice-president Matt Friedlein, Secretary-Treasurer Bryan Howell and Newsletter Editor Kevin Huyck were in attendance along with 13 members and guests.  The meeting convened at Telvent DTN in Burnsville, MN.

The meeting opened with the customary introductions and was to be followed by a reading of the September meeting minutes, but a copy was unable to be located.  The reading of the September minutes was then tabled to the November meeting.  Secretary-Treasurer Bryan Howell then went over the finance reports from the summer months and the month of September.  Kevin Huyck moved to accept the reports with a second from Jim Marusak.  The motion passed.

President Chris Bovitz then brought up the next order of business which was a set of Bylaws for the Chapter.  The proposed Bylaws were read and Kevin Huyck made a motion to accept the new Bylaws.  Jim Marusak seconded the motion and the ensuing vote passed.  Once the Bylaws were in place, a set of proposed Constitutional amendments were presented by President Bovitz.  Bryan Howell moved to accept the new amendments with a second by Kevin Huyck and approval from the membership.

The position of Science Fair Coordinator has been filled with member Tony Sudano volunteering to take over the position.  There was one event of interest to Chapter members over the past month.  The annual Kuenast Lecture was held at the St. Paul Campus of the University of Minnesota.  No one in attendance at the meeting attended the lecture, but a report at a future meeting is anticipated.  Information on a few upcoming events was then shared.  On October 31st, members Doug Dokken and Kurt Scholz will be attending the Science Matters convention and will be promoting the Chapter.  The Northern Plains Winter Storm Workshop will be November 9-10 in St. Cloud.  Our Chapter is a sponsor of the event.  Finally, the November meeting will be November 17th in the 3M Auditorium at St. Thomas University in St. Paul.  Joe Schaefer, Director of the Storm Prediction Center will be the speaker.  Members are invited to have dinner with Dr. Schaefer prior to the meeting. 

As the last item of business, Bryan Howell presented what he had found out in regard to the Chapter becoming an NWA Chapter as well.  More on this will follow at a future meeting.  With business completed, Kevin Huyck moved for adjournment with a second by Melissa Stambaugh.  The motion passed and the business meeting was adjourned at 7:32 pm.

The evening featured two presentations from staff members of Telvent DTN.  The first was from Wes Hyduke, Director of Meteorological Operations (MetOps) at Telvent DTN.  Wes briefly went over the four industries that Telvent DTN focuses on for weather operations, which are transportation, energy, aviation and turf/sports.  He also went over a few of Telvent DTN’s well-known clients.  This was followed by a brief overview of WeatherSentry Online, which is the company’s primary way of getting weather information to its clients.   Wes then handed things over to Brian Kragh for the second presentation.  Kragh has been with Telvent DTN since February 2005 and prior to that spent 8 years in the Marines, which is where he received his meteorology education.  At Telvent DTN, Kragh is a part of the Sports/Recreation Team and Energy team.  One of the primary responsibilities of the Sports/Rec Team is to provide on-site support for PGA Tour events, which was the focus of Kragh’s presentation.

Telvent DTN provides on-site support for the PGA Tour, the Nationwide Tour, the Champions Tour and the LPGA tour.  Over the course of a typical year, this can amount to 46 PGA Tour events, 31 Nationwide events, 28 Champions events, three or four PGA of America events (e.g. PGA Championship, Ryder Cup), 23 LPGA events and 25 PGA Qualifying School events, which makes for a pretty busy year.  Telvent DTN has seven employees on staff to cover these events.


The first on-site meteorologists started working events after the 1991 U.S. Open at Hazeltine National Golf Club in Chaska, MN.  During that event on June 13th, 1991, lightning struck near the 11th tee during a thunderstorm.  Five spectators were injured and one died from a total of 15 that had been struck.  Since then, the on-site meteorologists have been on hand to help get the warning out to clear the course when inclement weather approaches.


A typical work week for an on-site meteorologist starts on Monday, when the meteorologist travels to the site and sets up their equipment.  Tuesday is a practice day for the golfers on the tour and a staff meeting is also held, in which the meteorologist participates.  Wednesday consists of Pro-Am events in which people pay to play rounds of golf with the tour players.  The actual tournament then takes place Thursday through Sunday.  Days are long on the tour with the day starting at 5am and sometimes running to 9-10pm during the summer when days are long.  On good weather days, the on-site meteorologist can walk the grounds of the course and watch the tournament.  On inclement weather days, the entire day can be spent inside a trailer monitoring the weather.  The primary lightning detection equipment is an electric field mill, which can measure charge over 20 miles away.  The other equipment used is one or two laptop computers connected to the internet and a printer. 


Some of the perks of the job include breakfast and lunch in the clubhouse with the tour golfers, cars to drive for the week provided by sponsors and tickets to other local sporting events during the evenings.  Some of the locations of the tournaments can be considered perks as well, with events in Hawai’i during the cold season in Minnesota.  To wrap up the presentation, Brian provided a few facts about the 2009 PGA Season.  The tour lasted about 27 weeks and included 123 events worked by Telvent DTN meteorologists.  The meteorologists also spent over 900 nights in hotels and racked up over 175,000 airline miles.  Following Brian’s presentation, the attendees were taken on a tour of the new MetOps facility.  Upon completion of the tour, the meeting was adjourned at 8:56pm.---Bryan J. Howell.




Monthly Meeting:  Friday, October 16, 2009


The second meeting of the academic year was began at 12:15 pm by President Chris Schultz with distribution of sign in and member info sheets, as well as list of proposed amendments to the chapter’s constitution.  Treasurer Chris Jewett collected dues for the semester.  Materials from our Yankee Candle fundraiser were also collected.  Next, the proposed amendments were presented by Secretary Stephanie Mullins.  The amendments are summarized as follows: (1) references to “UAH AMS” will be changed to “UAHuntsville AMS,” (2) the term for elected officers will be changed to 01 May to 30 April, (3) for a member to be considered “active,” nominal dues must be turned into to the chapter by the end of the second meeting of the academic year in, and (4) members will have at least three days to review meeting minutes, so that the minutes can be submitted to the national AMS within seven days of the meeting.  According to the current constitution, each proposed amendment, after presentation to the chapter, must have signatures from least twenty-five percent of the membership to put the amendment up to vote at the proceeding meeting.  Vice-President Elise Schultz announced that members may sign for the amendments between now and the next meeting on the lists in her office.

Next, Webmaster Jon Fairman discussed further improvements to the new proposed website.  Other comments were made including concerns over email address security and a section for prospective students, which will be implemented to the website.  After the discussion, Chris Hain moved to have the members vote on using the new website format in place of the previous format.  Aaron Naeger seconded the motion.  The members present unanimously decided to go with the new design, which will be set up at the url as soon as possible.

After the voting on the website, chair of the education and outreach committee, Sandy LaCorte, announced upcoming events and passed around a sheet for those interested in joining the education and outreach committee.  The committee will need help with planning for the Crohns and Colitis Foundation of America Take Steps Walk for the spring of 2010.  The chapter will also need volunteers for the Science Olympiad, science fair judging, the fourth annual severe weather poster contest, and the Panoply fair in the spring.  School talks and tornado simulations with the Madison County 911 center will resume soon; the 911 center had postponed these due to concerns about spreading the H1N1 flu.  Elise Schultz discussed the quickly upcoming UAHuntsville’s Girls in Science and Engineering day, where our chapter will set up a booth with demonstrations and develop a 45 minute hands-on classroom session for girls in the third to fifth grade.  This event will be held on November 14th from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm.  Sandy mentioned that the committee will need help creating our student chapter poster for the AMS annual meeting in Atlanta in January, and Jon Fairman volunteered to spearhead this project.  Sandy concluded by thanking all of the members who had volunteered for weather radio programming with the WAFF road tour events over the past month.

Following the discussion on outreach events, social activities and chapter apparel will discussed.  The first games of the UAHuntsville Chargers ice hockey team will be next weekend, October 23 and 24, at 7:00pm at the Von Braun Center in downtown Huntsville; admission for students is free.  The deadline for ideas for T-shirt designs has been pushed back to October 30th due to a lack of entries.  Turn in designs to Chris Jewett.  The chapter will also be making another order for polo shirts; members interested in purchasing polo shirts should talk to Chris Jewett.  A minimum of 15 polos will need to be ordered.

At the close of the meeting, Chris Schultz discussed the project of making the University’s campus recognized by the National Weather Service as Storm Ready.  The chapter will be working Dave Nadler, of the Huntsville NWS office, to recommend changes to the University’s policies on severe weather event preparedness and action.  The meeting, which had 22 members present, was called to an end at 1:00 pm.---Stephanie Mullins.



October 27th, 2009 @ 7 pm in room 109 ATMS BLDG

Meeting Minutes


Justin had his weather joke of the day and then talked about SCAMS logo design contest. The logo will be for t-shirts and hoodies.  The winner of the contest will receive $30 cash.  All logos are to be submitted via e-mail to by November 30, 2009

Weather Briefing:

Isaac did the weather briefing this week. He concentrated on rain in the Champaign area and a significant snowstorm in Denver


Eric spoke about current balances and how we have been spending money. Snow pool deadline was discussed and some people still need to pay dues.

Dan is organizing a leaf-raking fundraising opportunity. Nov 8th and 15th are leaf racking days. Donations are $15 for front yard only or $30 for full yard. Half of the money raised will be donated to the Red Cross and the other half will be decided upon next meeting.

After the business meeting was completed, members split into their committees.

The following are what each committee discussed… 


Updates needed:

           Needs to upload:

Community Service:

Membership Services:

Academic and Professional Committee

Fundraising Committee



Minutes from:

October, 13, 2009

Odegard Hall Rm. 356

5:15 p.m.

Members Present:

Al Borho – Advisor

Kelsey Watkins - President

Leah Tatarak - Vice President

Erin Bertschi - Treasurer

Matt Saari – Secretary


Joe Hansel

Laura Burns

Chris Hammer

Miranda Hilgers

Andrea Neumann

Randy Johnson

Amanda Homann

Melissa Becker

Garrett Jepsen

Scott Rowe

Karen Larson

Mike Lanciki

Justin Weber

Amanda mills

Nichole Shotwell

Ben Schink

Brady Hoskins

Shawn Palmquist

Kelly Buer

Call to Order:

              President Kelsey Watkins called the AMS meeting to order at 5:15pm.

Past Minutes:

The minutes from 9-29-2009 were read.

Officer Reports:

-President’s Report:

-Vice-President’s Report: none

-Secretary’s Report: none

-Treasurer’s Report: our balance is: $2256.30

Guest Speaker: none


Old Business:

            Who’s Who Wall (ongoing)

              Photo Contest up and running!!

              --have until Oct 21st to send in pictures. Topic is summer. On Oct 22nd you can go to the contest site and vote. Winners get a dollars’ worth from the AMS snack box on 4th floor, and a certificate.

              Potato Bowl Concessions

              --Next game we sell at is Nov. 7th

New Business:

            DUES ARE DUE TODAY       

              Visiting Studio One show on Oct. 29th

              Faculty Awards-VOTE FOR FRED by Oct. 16!!!

              Facebook group and EzLMS Site

              Halloween Trick or Treating-Oct. 30th

              National AMS Conference-in January

              --in Atlanta, Georgia this year

              --Funding for travel-applications due Oct. 16th

              --Student Assistance Program


              --Any questions, talk to Kelsey

              Northern Plains Winter Storm Conference

              -Nov 9-10 in St. Cloud, MN

              NWS Spring Semester Volunteer Applications-due Oct. 30th

              --Ask Aymie Oliver-Wedwick or Amanda Homann for more info

AMS Scholarships-deadline is Feb. 5th

              Committees Did Not Meet

-Education/Outreach Committee

-Fundraising Committee

-Banquet Committee


-Activities Committee


            Next Meeting will be on Tuesday, October 27th, 2009.



              -The meeting was adjourned without objection at 5:34pm.

Minutes from:

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

Odegard Hall Rm. 356

5:15 p.m.

Members Present:

Al Borho – Advisor

Kelsey Watkins - President

Leah Tatarak - Vice President

Erin Bertschi - Treasurer

Matt Saari - Secretary

              Laura Burns

              Kelly Buer

              Melissa Becker

              Mike Lanciki

              Shawn Palmquist

              Karen Johnson

              Aaron Kennedy

              Amanda Homann

              Dan Adriaansen

              Randy Johnson

              Justin Weber

              Miranda Hilgers

              Chris Hammer

Call to Order:

              President Kelsey Watkins called the AMS meeting to order at 5:16 pm


Past Minutes:

The minutes from October 10th, 2009 were read.

Officer Reports:

-President’s Report: none

-Vice-President’s Report: none

-Secretary’s Report: none

-Treasurer’s Report: Balance is: $3524.25

Guest Speaker: none


Old Business:

Who’s Who Wall (ongoing)

              -Email just sent out. Get info to Justin Weber

Dues were due Oct 13

Faculty Award Nominations were due Oct 16

New Business:        

-Photo Contest-Voting is up Now!! Next contest will start in November (Fall Colors)

-We are visiting Studio One this week (Thursday, Oct 29).

              Meet @ 4:15 2nd Floor of Clifford Hall-outside room 210

-Halloween Trick-or-Treating THIS FRIDAY (Oct 30th)

              Meet @  ? (Email should be coming later this week)     in the Clifford Parking Lot

-Mortar Board Turkey Baskets-Food baskets with Turkeys go out to families in the Grand Forks area.

              We will donate 4th Floor proceeds for a few weeks to this cause.

-Baked Good Sign-Up

-NWS Applications due Oct. 30 (for the Spring)

-Concessions-Alerus Center-November 7th

-Northern Plains Winter Storm Conference-St Cloud, MN- Nov 9-10


-Education/Outreach Committee-Girl Scout Weather Badge Workshop: looking to next semester.

-Fundraising Committee-Nov 7 Alerus football game. 4pm game. Need Workers.

-Banquet Committee-We need a speaker for the Banquet. If you have any ideas for a speaker, get your ideas to Kelly Buer before Thanksgiving.


-Activities Committee-Tuesday Nov. 10th: possibly a movie night in the Atmospherium.

-December 11th-Department Holiday Potluck


Studio One tour and show on Thursday

-Trick or Treating Friday evening

Next meeting will be November 10th at 5:15 pm. Odegard 356


-The meeting was adjourned without objection at 5:42 pm--Matthew Saari.



Officers Meeting 10/6 6:30-7:45:

We began our October 6 officers meeting with planning our October 13 meeting. We had a last minute glitch with a graduate student speaker that we had asked to talk about our new GIS program, but we have approached Melissa Brown and Matt Collier who have agreed to speak.  We discussed basic organizational tasks: food, agenda, and sign up sheets for committees.  We discussed the need for more promotional ‘Weatherologist’ T-Shirts due to popular demand. We also need these in time for the Weather Fest.  In addition, we discussed the possibility of a group for chalking for Weather Fest.

Officers meeting 10/13 6:30-7:40:

At the October 13th meeting, we invited speakers Melissa Brown and Matt Collier from the newest major in our department, GIS. They explained the importance of GIS to meteorology and other areas.  GIS is a geographic information systems integrates hardware, software, and data for capturing, managing, analyzing, and displaying all forms of geographically referenced information. 80 -90% of government information has a spatial component, and meteorological data is inherently spatial.  GIS allows for the overlay of many layers including topographical, land use, and vegetation layers. It can combine arial image with agricultural image and maps of locations of earthquake hazards to see what buildings may lie inside an explosion buffer zone.  GIS has applications in areas of agricultural, hydrological, ecosystem modeling and analyses, atmospheric and climate modeling at a variety of scales, and prediction risk decision-making and site selection analysis.  The current program is small and newly accredited with the academic unit closely aligned with the research unit.  There is flexibility in the program, hands on work, and interaction with other students, faculty and professionals in the area.---Stacey Hitchcock.



October 2009


Extraordinary Meeting:

During this month we had an extraordinary meeting on October 20th at 10:40 am. This meeting was held before the day that the monthly reunion was planned for because of the need to organize the 4th Initiation Ceremony. A total of 16 members attended. The meeting concluded at 11:40 am.


Monthly Meeting:

The third monthly meeting of the Semester was on October 27th at 10:40 am. A total of 26 members attended. The final details of the Initiation Ceremony were discussed. We also discussed the different activities that are planned for the month of November. The meeting concluded at 11:40 am.

Hot Dogs Sale:

              We had a hot dogs sale on October 5 as a fund raising activity.

Activity “Un 350 por el ambiente”:

              “Un 350 por el ambiente” (A 350 for the environment), is a global mobilization by the 350 organization in which a 170 countries participated, including Puerto Rico and the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez. The purpose of this event is to aware people of the need to lower the CO2 concentration in our atmosphere from 387 to 350 by forming the number 350 with humans.


Weather Today:

              The first Weather Today of the Semester was held on October 29. The Topic of this Weather Today was Tsunamis and a total of 9 members attended.

4th Initiation Ceremony:

              On October 31st we had our 4th Initiation Ceremony at 11:00 am. A total of 30 members attended, including the 12 new members that were initiated that day. To this activity attended 46 guests, including 37 friends and family members and 9 special guests. The ceremony concluded at 1:00 pm.



Surviving a Natural Disaster

DATE:                            October 14, 2009

LOCATION:                  Antonio’s Pasta Grille

                                       Tampa, FL

PRESENTATION       The October meeting of the West Central Florida Chapter was presented by Mr. Adam Montella.  Mr. Montella is considered one of the country’s top disaster planners with expertise in homeland security and emergency management – including personal experience responding to the devastation resulting from hurricanes Andrew, Hugo and Katrina; the anthrax attack at the U.S. Capital and the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.  Mr. Montella collaborates with the Discovery Channel in a new reality show, The Colony, which forces participants to face some of the same or similar conditions the government faces when responding to a disaster and fighting for limited resources in a very confined area – in order to survive, they must set priorities.

The presentation focused on the many weather-related disasters native to the Florida environment, as well as the potential for non-weather related emergencies.  Mr. Montella stressed the need for a safety plan, including the development of an individual or family disaster kit to mitigate the impacts of emergencies.  Personal responsibility is critical to the success of any disaster or safety plan.  An individual or family must prepare by having its own disaster supplies, to be self-sufficient up to 72 hours following a disaster. 

In speaking of human behavior and response to disasters, Mr. Montella described how an individual goes into taking care of primal needs and taking care of themselves first, initially. Depending on the individual, people respond to stress and disasters differently. Some people crumble immediately under pressure, and some people rise to the top and actually surprise themselves and others with their abilities to keep their focus and keep the mission in the forefront. 


SPEAKER: Mr. Adam Montella, emergency management and homeland security expert.  Mr. Montella is one of the creators of a new reality show, The Colony, airing on The Discovery Channel.

Mr. Adam Montella, distinguished speaker of the West Central Florida Chapter

of the American Meteorological Society

TREASURER’S REPORT: The West Central Florida Chapter of the AMS account balance, as of October 14, 2009:  $1,038.05.

CONCLUSION:  The meeting was attended by 33 AMS members – including students from the University of South Florida, officials from the National Weather Service and friends and family of Chapter members.---Brian LaMarre.



Some of the club members are participating in a nationwide competition called the WxChallenge, hosted by the University of Oklahoma.  Club members submit a forecast Monday through Thursday for a scheduled city, and try to accumulate the least amount of error points based on their forecast, made up of a high and low temperature, maximum wind speed, and precipitation.  This is truly a great way for students to hone, or even kick start their forecasting skills.

Our picnic at Lake Argyle has been postponed to a later date, although it may seem that the weather may not cooperate much longer, so an indoor location may be used as an alternative.

The club is preparing for Western Illinois University's annual homecoming events!  The theme this year is "Around the World" and events are correlate to the many different cultures around the world.  We are going to be participating in Paint the Town, which is an event where the club will create a painting that is related to WIU, the homecoming theme, and our organization.  Pictures will be provided afterwards.  We are also participating in Dec the Campus, which is similar to Paint the Town, but it is on the WIU campus instead, and Rocky's Boat Regatta, which is a competition that allows clubs to build manned cardboard boats and race them.  One of our members, Eric Apel, is also showcasing his cooking talents in the International Chef competition, where participants create an ethnic dish of some sort.

Moon Over Macomb, which is a farmer's market held in the Macomb square, is approaching, and we are getting our baked goods ready, as well as pass out winter weather safety information to customers and interested people. 

We are in the process of creating new Severe Weather Club t-shirts, as well as a 2010 calendar with member-submitted photos!

We are starting to hold short meetings before club meetings to prepare for the AMS conference in January.  So far there is about 16 members who know they are going to the conference!  This is a big change from last year, and we are getting excited for January to get here!---David Anderson.



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