Chapter News
November 2010


November 22, 2010 Meeting Minutes


The Ark-La-Tex Chapter of the American Meteorological Society held its 6th meeting of 2010 on November 22nd, at the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Shreveport, Louisiana. The meeting began at 6:30 pm, with eleven members present.

Jason Hansford and Keith Stellmen, employees of the National Weather Service office in Shreveport, Louisiana, presented on La Nina and its effect on the drought as well as the seasonal winter weather outlook for the Arklatex. Interestingly, the forecast for this winter calls for above normal temperatures as well as above normal chances for icing. Even though the long term forecast averages out to above normal in terms of temperature, La Nina periods often contain short durations of unusually cold temperatures that have been known to contribute to ice and snow events.

Before the presentation, President, Jason Hansford held a short business meeting.

The following members were present:

Jason Hansford, President

Marty Mayeaux, Vice President
Keith Stellman (National Weather Service Warning Coordination Meteorologist)

Ernie Ethridge (MidWest Weather)

Kelly G. Spencer (President of Shreveport amateur radio group)

Bryan Walter

Armando Garza

Mike Berry

Bill Parker

Billy Andrews

John Mussey

The meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM.---Marty Mayeaux for Marcy Novak.



November Meeting Minutes.---Sarah Corfidi.



November Newsletter---Andrea Bleistein.



The Emerald Coast Florida Chapter of the AMS held a meeting on Nov 9 at the 46th Weather Squadron at Eglin Air Force Base.  The speaker was Mr. Jeff Garmon, the Warning and Coordination Meteorologist for the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Mobile, AL.  Mr. Garmon gave a presentation on waterspouts, and the difficulties of providing warnings for waterspouts.  About six people were present at the meeting.---Dave Biggar.



The High Plains Chapter of the AMS met at Town and County Kitchen in Norton, KS on November 3rd, 2010.  We gathered at 11:30 am with lunch, then a business meeting, followed by an interesting presentation.  Eleven members and one guest were in attendance.  After our meeting, Jeremy Wesley/GID led a presentation summarizing the recent Severe Local Storms (SLS) Conference held in Denver in mid-October. Mike Umscheid/DDC then passed out handouts of a list of speakers/presentations from the SLS Conference, along with website links to each author’s extended abstract.  Aaron Johnson/DDC also added lively comments to the other two presenters.

Treasurer Corey King reported our treasury was setting with plenty of funds.  A summary from the recent HP14 Conference in Dodge City showed a $720 surplus good job, Dodge City staff!  Member Jim Johnson is assisting President Umscheid in completing and filing all needed tax-exempt forms, which carries $450 to $500 filing charge. Mike Umscheid/DDC passed on to our Chapter the AMS Chapter and Student Chapter of the Year:  The Twin City Chapter and the Iowa State Student Chapter, respectively.  We reviewed feedback surveys from the Dodge City August Conference, which were very positive.  This information will be passed on to the Wichita chapter, who is hosting the 15th High Plains (HP15) Conference in 2011.  The need for a hard deadline for abstract submissions was discussed, as was also the need to encourage more Chapter members to present papers at our annual conference.  Lastly, we discussed a Proposal recently received from the Wichita AMS/NWA Chapter on our joint venture to assist them with the 2011 HP15 Conference.  The Proposal was very thorough and in-depth.  Our HP Chapter liaison for the 2011 Conference, Al Pietrycha/GLD will draft a response to send to the Wichita chapter soon.

President Mike Umscheid/DDC solicited nominations for next year’s officers.  Mike will be stepping down as President.  The next meeting will be a conference call in early December.---Mike Umscheid and Tim Burke.



Meeting Minutes for November 23, 2010

I.  Call to Order

The third NWA/AMS meeting was opened by NWA President, Mr. Vincent Webb, in Dr. Loren White’s absence  at 7:13 p.m.   The meeting was held at WAPT TV Station, 7616 Channel 16 Way, in Jackson, Mississippi. 

II. Rolls

Recording Secretary Ms. Nancy Lopez took attendance, and the sign-in sheet confirmed seven attendees, three of which were station hosts or guests.  There were higher absentees, partly due to holiday and scheduling conflicts.  Prior to the meeting, an e-mail poll recommended trying a scheduling program.

III. Minutes Approval

Mr. Webb briefly discussed his progress on the Chapter website before inquiring on minutes from the October 14 meeting, and any new business.   


IV. New Business

Ms. Lopez gave an update on the financial report in the absence of Treasurer, Ms. Joanne Culin.  Ms. Culin provided an e-mail that funds of $180 had been collected, and she had visited Bank Plus to open a checking account.  However, an EIN or tax number is needed to open an official business account.  One member thought the report number was 503C, and another suggested checking the East MS Central Chapter bylaws.  Ms. Culin reported sifting through websites such as IRS to find online help, and off the record, the AMS bylaws link with Chapter info is:

Ms. Lopez announced acceptance of participation for the AMS Chapter poster presentation in January 2011. She requested photos or written forecasts or materials on particular events to include in the poster.  However, the deadline is short, and the abstract was submitted with a final due date of Monday, November 29.


The meeting was then turned over to Mr. Ethan Huston, morning meteorologist at WAPT TV and current NWA Chapter VP.  Mr. Huston informed the group that he actually missed the October Chapter Meeting because he was being honored by his starting station, WOUB TV in Athens, Ohio.  The station is a PBS affiliate in Ohio.  The Broadcasting Alumni honored him for being the first person as a Broadcast Meteorologist originating at their station.  Ms. Huston provided a slide slow of his visit and the station background, and his volunteer availability of visiting schools.

Next, Mr. David Hartman, long-standing and well-renowned Chief Meteorologist at WAPT TV, took the group on a station tour starting in the Weather Center studio.  Mr. Hartman spoke of the station’s affiliation with Hearst, and pointed out logistics of airing their weathercasts and operating the computer equipment.  He highly detailed the different radar capabilities.  The Center has multiple radar capabilities, from older Fast Track versions, to state-of-the-art VIPIR radar storm shield and Baron-produced products.  The different products can show anything from warning rings to indicate storm rotation, and the GR Analyst which can display cross sections of storms.  He showed a cross section of the Yazoo City storm, and the sudden storm that occurred yesterday, before pointing out where the NWS reports and crawls come in.  While the new technology is improved and helpful, he explained the demands that can occur during severe weather between all the forms of communication available and trying to answer them.  Mr. Huston then walked the group through the audio and Master Control booth before meeting some news staff, and returning to the main starting point of the meeting. 

V.  Adjournment

The meeting concluded at approximately 8:00 p.m. with pizza and soft drinks for those with an appetite.  The next meeting date is not yet scheduled but was discussed most likely to be after the New Year.---Nancy Lopez.



November Meeting Minutes .---Jessica Fieux.



Meeting Type: General Meeting/ (Virtual) Speaker Series

Meeting Date: November 10, 2010

Attendance: 31

Meeting in Session: 8:35pm

Speaker (Brent Wachter: Albuquerque, NM NWS; Fire Weather)

Title: IMET’s and Fire Weather 

Meeting out of Session:  9:50pm---Erica Dolinar.



University of North Dakota Student Chapter

Minutes from:

November 9th, 2010

Odegard Hall Rm. 103

5:15 p.m.

Members Present(19):

[No sign up sheet]               

Call to Order:

President Matt Sarri called the AMS meeting to order at 5:15PM

Officer Reports:


President’s Report: N.R

Vice-President’s Report: N.R

Secretary’s Report: N.R

Treasurer’s Report: N.R

Old Business:

*Studio One- Last week, attendance was weak.  We will reschedule, so more can make it.

*Mortar Board- Weak sales, will check on who was signed up for items. If we are short, we will donate from our funds. ($200)

*Halloween Trick or Treat- Winners announced.  They will receive $2 from baked goods.

*AMS Annual Meeting- Room and flights were booked for the 8 members attending.

New Business:

*Photo Contest- Unusual clouds.  Ends the 15th.

*Baked Goods- Look on the Google Docs page for sign up. An email will be sent out.

*Movie Night- November 10th, meet in Clifford Parking lot at 7:30pm for “Due Date”.

*Popcorn Fundraiser- Lottery is the 30th.  Need a representative present.

*Hockey- “Slow League” hockey signup for Sunday nights after Thanksgiving at Crookston.  Talk to Joel or Matt. 

*Salvation Army Bell Ringers- Need volunteers to fill slots. Will pick times next week.  

Committee Reports


*Education/Outreach Committee- N.R

*Fundraising Committee- N.R

*Banquet Committee- N.R


*Activities Committee- N.R


*Photo contest submissions due the 15th.

*Those interested in the hockey team, talk to Joel or Matt.

*Volunteers are needed to Salvation Army bell ringers, talk to Fred.


-The meeting was adjourned without objection at 5:50 p.m


Minutes from:

November 30th, 2010

Odegard Hall Rm. 103

5:15 p.m.

Members Present(16):


Al Borho

Matt Sarri

Miranda Hilgers

Scott Rowe

Justin Weber

Garrett Jepsen

Joel Siegel

Corey Amiot

Melissa Becker

Katie Link

Alec Davis

Travis Toth

Alex Z.

Chris Hammer

Ben Schink

Nichole Shotwell

Call to Order:

President Matt Sarri called the AMS meeting to order at 5:20PM

Officer Reports:


President’s Report: N.R

Vice-President’s Report: N.R

Secretary’s Report: N.R

Treasurer’s Report: N.R

Old Business:

*Mortar Board Turkey Drive- Only $92 was fundraised through baked goods.  We will donate $108 out of pocket to reach our goal of $200. 

*Movie Night- Great success!

*Popcorn Fundraiser- Didn’t get picked for next semester.

New Business:

*Holiday Potluck- Reading and Review day (December 10th) from 1130-1PM.  We need to figure out who is bringing what and go shopping and also make flyers and post on 4th floor.

*AMS Paying for Events- Must be a paid member to have your way covered. If you are interested in being a full member, get your dues to Scott.  

*Speaker- Was approved by his organization.

*Baked Goods- Now a Google Docs. Check our website. 

*Studio One- We will try next semester.

*Hockey Team- We will donate $150 to team ATMOS.  A vote was taken and the motion was approved.   

Committee Reports


*Education/Outreach Committee- N.R

*Fundraising Committee- N.R

*Banquet Committee- N.R


*Activities Committee- N.R


*This will be the last meeting of the Semester!

*Holiday Potluck will be December 10th, from 1130-1PM up on 4th floor of Clifford.

*Photo contest will be Holiday Lights. Submissions are due by the 15th.  


-The meeting was adjourned without objection at 5:52p.m---Justin Weber.



Greg Story called the November meeting to order at 7 pm. New guests introduced themselves.  Stanley said there were adequate funds in the treasury to finance this year’s activities.  A report on the NWA convention was given.  Janice Bunting urged members to join the NWA and briefed on the dues structure.  Jonthan Whitehead will do a poster for the chapter at the upcoming APS meeting.  Stanley will send him some pictures from last year’s science fair.  The group voted on giving the 2011 Science Fair winners the Jack Williams book published by the AMS.  We are looking for members to volunteer to be judges at the science fairs.   The January AMS meeting will be a field trip to Channel 33.

The guest speaker, Whitney Buehrle from the North Texas Council of Governments gave an excellent talk on Ozone Action Days and Air pollution Alerts. She discussed the legal requirements for pollution control and showed the progress that has been made in this area.  She also discussed how Ozone Action Days are determined and warnings issued.

The meeting was adjourned around 8:30 pm.---Bobette Mauck.



November 18th, 2011 Meeting Notes 



November 3, 2010

Start: 11:10 AM

Dues of $15.00 are due today!
Money earned from the pumpkin carving contest: $20.84

Thanks to everyone who participated in the pumpkin carving contest! Congrats to Liz Whalley for her winning twister pumpkin!

The annual snowfall contest starts today and will go through next Wed. Guess the date of the first sustained 1 inch of snowfall as well as the total for the season for only $1.00. You can submit your guess either in the weather center or at our table in the union during chapel break (Mon-Wed). Anyone can participate and the winners of the contest will receive a Jimmy Johns gift card!

Congrats to Will Graff and Rebecca Sheperd for their winning t-shirt designs. You can order a shirt by signing up with your name and size on the met bulletin board in the hallway across from the weather center. T-shirts will cost $12-$15.

Vice President:
Revealed the design for this years weather calendar. They will go on sale shortly and will cost around $15.00; they make great Christmas presents!

Chris Weiss from Texas Tech. is a confirmed keynote speaker for the conference!

The national AMS Conference will take place in Seattle, WA this year from Jan. 23-27. It's a great opportunity to network and meet professionals in the meteorology world. Try to go if you can (especially upperclassmen)!

We are still looking for a second keynote speaker for our conference, possibly someone from the National Hurricane Center.

Meeting end: 11:30 AM---Sarah Al-Momar.



McKenna's Blues, Booze, and BBQ (7425 Pacific St., Omaha, NE 68114)

Thursday, 11 November 2010

11:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Barb called the meeting to order at 11:33 a.m., and greeted the members and guests.  We had 31 members and guests attending the meeting.  

President’s Report (Barb Mayes):

Barb reported on our next meeting:

Date: Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Location: TBD

Time: Evening (TBD)

Speaker: Mr. John Ogren, Director of the National Weather Service Training Center

Treasurer’s Report (Fritz VanWijngaarden)

Oct Checking              $1378.00

Oct Petty cash               $247.08

Start Balance               $1625.08

Checks Paid                  $556.12

Deposits                        $619.00

Checking balance        $1440.88

Petty Cash                     $249.08

Total (Nov Balance)   $1689.96

Recording Secretary’s Report (Karen Harder-Sittel): October minutes were submitted to the National Chapter, and posted to Facebook.  Our website is still down, so the minutes were not posted there.  Earlier this week, Rose sent the minutes to everyone via email. Motion was carried to submit the minutes to the record. 

Vice President’s Report (Kristen George): nothing to report

Corresponding Secretary's Report (Rose Tseng): nothing to report

Old business:


At our last meeting we discussed a possible co-affiliation with the NWA.  The best reason for a teaming up with the NWA: Another national organization to support us, and money allocations for speakers, for which the NWA has less limitations.  Also, there would be exposure to a more operational focus.

Barb again opened the discussion to the members: Dan Neitfeld expressed that his experience with the NWA was a positive one.  Dave Garrison asked about our name changing, to which Barb responded, it would probably be the “Omaha-Offutt Chapter of the American Meteorological Society & National Weather Association.”   Robert Allen suggested that we should have a proposal mailed out to the members.  Barb asked that the membership to send an email to with their feelings on the matter.  Rose will collect feedback from the membership.  Bruce Telfeyan said he would help in writing up a document for the members, along with Barb. 

Overall, again this month there was no negative feedback received.  Barb wanted us to hold off for one more month and discuss this at our December meeting.  Motion to table discussion was passed.

Thoughts for the future: 

Student completion reminder:  $400 will be awarded.  Chapter members will judge.  Abstracts should be submitted by the end of December.  Details will be forthcoming.

We would like to have a booth at Central Plains Severe Weather Symposium and Family Weatherfest (CPSWS).  We can program weather radios, play educational children’s games, and we will entertain other ideas.  We need volunteers to coordinate both the booth setup and volunteers to man the booth.

Karen asked for volunteers for the King Science and Technology Magnet Center, 3720 Florence Blvd.  The fair will be held on Tuesday, January 4th, 8:00-2:30pm. An email for volunteers was sent to the membership.  Email Karen at for details.  Dave Garrison added that this a general fair (not just in physical sciences). He noted it is a great opportunity to help children in their quest for knowledge.

New business:

Allocations:  $200 for the Fritz for the AMS poster.  We will send out an announcement to the chapter for someone to put together a poster.  We need volunteers to assist with the layout.  We will be emailing the membership for assistance. Call to a vote: passed.

Member Scott Risch introduced guests from NOAA, Silver Spring MD: Ronla Henry (Deputy AWIPS II Program Manager, HQ NWS) and Tom Piper (AWIPS II PM Office, HQ NWS).

Business meeting adjourned at 11:50 am. 


Mr. Philip Schumacher
Science and Operations Officer

National Weather Service

26 Weather Lane

Sioux Falls, South Dakota 57104

Title:  Precipitation Regimes Associated with Inverted Troughs:  A composite study and comparative case study

Philip Schumacher grew up in Marathon, Wisconsin, a small town in central Wisconsin.  He graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Madison in 1989 with a B. S. degree in meteorology and from the State University of New York - Albany in 1993 with a Master's Degree in Atmospheric Science.  He began working for the National Weather Service in 1993 at the National Meteorological Center (now NCEP) in Camp Springs, Maryland.  Since then, he has worked in Charleston, West Virginia, and Grand Forks, North Dakota, before becoming the Science and Operations Officer in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, in 1998.  His research interests are primarily associated with winter weather, including the forecasting and dynamics of frontal precipitation bands.  He has several published articles in Monthly Weather Review and Weather and Forecasting focusing on frontal dynamics and inverted troughs.  Phil is married to Cindy Schumacher, and they have two boys - Alex and Brett.  Cindy is a teacher at West Central High School in Hartford, South Dakota.---Karen Harder-Sittel.



Nov 30th General Meeting: 9 to 10PM


Christina Speciale
Jimmy Danco
Shunondo Basu
Eric Sinsky
Adam Rainear
Erik Taylor
Matt Drews   
Geoff Heidelberger
Jeff Mart Joe Martucci
Anthony Adams
Jeffrey Deppa
Alexander Harrison

Secretary Notes

At this meeting the group discussed potentially attending a traveling weather exhibit at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Planning continued for the annual AMS trip. The group also did the weather photo contest. Students would send in their best weather photos prior to the meeting starting and then students would vote on the best photos, which were displayed on a projector. The travel mug fundraiser is well underway at this point and mugs designs were also voted on. The mugs should arrive at the end of the semester. The reason for choosing this fundraiser was because the dining halls would no longer be providing Styrofoam coffee/tea cups in an effort to be more environmentally conscious.---Jeffrey Deppa. 



The November meeting of the Smoky Mountain AMS chapter was held on the 15th in Morristown at the National Weather Service office. Around ten people met first for dinner at O'Charley's in Morristown, and then around 15 to 20 people assembled at the NWS office to hear a presentation about the Nashville epic flood from this past May. The program was in two parts: 1) a review of the synoptic and mesoscale factors of the May 1-4, 2010 epic flood at Nashville by David Hotz (Science and Operations Officer) and 2) the impact of the Nashville flood if it happened over east Tennessee (part 1) by Tim Troutman (Warning Coordination Meteorologist). David looked at why the Nashville flood happened, and then Tim looked at what would have happened if that rainfall had occurred over east Tennessee. Tim mainly focused on the potential impacts on the tributaries of the Tennessee River in east Tennessee. Part 2 of Tim's presentation (to be presented at a later date since he'll have to work with TVA for this information) will be the effects of the excessive rainfall on the mainstem Tennessee river. After the program, there was a tour of the NWS office for the attendees.---David Gaffin.



November Meeting Minutes.---Lindsay Rice.



We had our third meeting of the school year last week. We discussed important topics such as TAMSCAMS T-shirt designs, our annual Christmas party, and our TAMSCAMS volleyball team. We also discussed the upcoming annual AMS Student Conference in January, and how our organization recieved some funding from a proposal we submitted within our department. This upcoming January, we will have a group of seniors attend the AMS Student Conference in Seattle. We feel like this will be an excellent opportunity for graduating seniors to see what is available after graduation. After discussing these topics, our guest speaker of the night, Dr. Bill Randell, spoke to us about his job at NCAR, and some of the experiences and highlights throughout his career. He also discussed some of the different opportunities currently available to college students. After Dr. Randell's talk, we concluded our meeting by having dinner and cookie cake.---Allison Podbielski.



The November 2010 meeting of the Twin Cities AMS took place at the 3M Auditorium on the campus of St. Thomas University on November 12, 2010. There was no business executed this meeting, as the evening was devoted to presentations and discussions of the tornadoes of June 17, 2010. The presentations started around 6:30 p.m. for the approximately 60 people in the audience.

The introduction was given by President Chris Bovitz. He introduced the audience to the chapter, and gave a very general overview of the event and of the evening. This event was a memorable record-setter by nearly any measure.

Chapter vice-president Matt Friedlein presented a meteorological and statistical overview of the event. He discussed the general meteorological setup for the day, and he also mentioned the numbers behind the day. There were 48 tornadoes that day in Minnesota, the greatest number in the state's recorded history. Among that number were four EF-4 tornadoes, including one that devastated Wadena, MN. Unfortunately, three people died that night. For the year so far, 104 tornadoes (another record, shattering the previous record of 74) have been reported in Minnesota, which makes it the state with the greatest number of tornadoes this year, barring a late-year outbreak in the South.

A historical/statistical look at the event was done by Kenny Blumenfeld took a look at the event in a historical con-text. He showed the tracks and strengths of significant tornadoes during most of the past 60 years in Minnesota. After comparing for each of those events' characteristics with those of the June 17 event - areal extents, number of significant tornadoes, etc. - he concluded that this was a historic event with a return frequency of 0.002, or an average of about once every 500 years.

The area of initiation was in eastern North Dakota and western Minnesota, and this was covered by Greg Gust, the warning coordination meteorologist from the Grand Forks WFO. He spoke of how his office had two lines of discrete supercells moving across his area and how staffing needed to be handled . He said his staff was constantly issuing warnings on these storms. His area also covered Wadena, which had a direct hit of an EF-4 tornado. He showed how, despite the city's being at the edge of his and two other radar ranges, they were able to properly diagnose the situation and issue warnings.

Chaser Eric Whitehill related his chasing day from Otter Tail and Wadena counties, including a close call with the Wadena tornado. He talked of his decisions that day on where to chase, and how he ended up in Wadena. He showed us video and pictures of the tornado as it moved through Wadena and after the tornado passed through. There was a lot of damage, including school buses being pushed around and other large buildings dam-aged. The high school was also damaged.

Dan Miller, science and operations officer at the Duluth WFO, talked about the storms as they moved into his county warning area in north-central and northeastern Minnesota. By this time, storms were mature and were slowly dissipating. They were still potent and located at the western edge of the Duluth radar. He also mentioned (and showed) the Lake Superior lake breeze, and talked about how the storms usually dissipate rapidly when they hit that boundary. The effect of the storms in his area was relatively minor compared to other parts of the state.

A panel discussion closed the evening. In it, the presenters, along with chasers John Wetter, Dean Baron, and Brad Nelson, took questions from the audience (and each other). They spoke mainly of the event, on how bad things were that night including the firehose of information coming in, and the decisions they had to make and made. The WFO meteorologists also spoke of their respective offices' experiences during that day and evening. Other topics were dis-cussed, such as the polygonal warnings the NWS uses.

While it was apparent that the discussion could have gone on much longer, the evening needed to end. Around 9:30 p.m., Bovitz thanked the remaining audience for their time, and thanked the presenters for their time and efforts for sharing their experiences of the worst tornado day in Minnesota history.---Chris Bovitz.



The last meeting of the UAH student chapter of the AMS for the calendar year began at 12:50 pm on Friday, November 19, 2010, with President Rob Junod calling it to order.  He began by announcing that Rocket City Weather Fest was featured on the AMS Front Page site, and showing on a projector the webpage.  Members were excited to see our event given mention by the national AMS organization.

Next, Treasurer Ken Leppert presented the current budget.  He reported that the Yankee Candle fundraiser earned the chapter about $350, and that members' orders would arrive very soon.  The idea of hosting another Yankee Candle sale in the spring semester was discussed.  Members seemed to like the idea as options are different in the spring catalog from the fall version.

President Junod brought up the AMS Annual Meeting in Seattle, WA, that will take place in January.  The chapter is helping to send two of our members to the meeting, and will be handing out sticky notes and miniature globes as promotional items at the UAHuntsville recruiting table.  Members were encouraged to submit photos from any UAHuntsville AMS activities over the past year for inclusion on the chapter poster that will also be on display at the Annual Meeting.

Education and Outreach Committee Chair, Sandy LaCorte, spoke next.  She announced that the chapter will be participating in an Adopt-an-Angel program for needy children in the Huntsville community.  Ms. LaCorte will send out a list of items needed for the gift once a child has been selected.  Members are asked to donate either items on the list or cash towards purchasing the gifts for the child not later than Friday, December 10th.  The gifts will be brought in for giving to the children on 13 December.

After the Christmas outreach discussion, Mr. Junod announced that the next event for the chapter will be a bake sale.  Members are to bring individually wrapped baked goods on the morning of December 1st.  The bake sale will take place in the main lobby of NSSTC from 8am to 1pm or until all items have been sold.

Mr. Junod then discussed events members can look forward to for the next semester.  These activities include: a “big name” guest speaker that will also be part of the NSSTC Brown Bag Seminar series, projects with Habitat for Humanity, and getting the planning committee established for Rocket City Weather Fest's second year.

There were  9 members in attendance, and the meeting was ended at 1:15 pm.  Our next meeting will be sometime in January, the date and time will be emailed to members after the new semester has started.---Stephanie Mullins.



The monthly meeting was held on November 11 at 10:45 am. A total of 34 students, including active and prospective members, attended.  The meeting was especially meant to take care of the final details for the upcoming 5th Student Chapter Initiation. Chapter officers also summarized past activities and stated their successful aspects as well as what could be improved. They gave the financial report and announced the dates for future activities, such as talks and social gatherings.


Activity: 5th Student Chapter Initiation


On November 13, 32 students officially joined our chapter at the fifth annual initiation ceremony. The UPRM Business Administration building served as the setting for this gathering of around 90 people, including active members, new members, friends, and family. Special guests included Dr. Héctor Jiménez, the director of the Physics Department, Dr. Carlos U. Pabón, the chapter’s faculty advisor, Denisse Ramírez, the chapter’s first honorary member, and Ada Monzón, the first female Puerto Rican meteorologist.  A tornado-themed decoration, a musical performance, and a delicious lunch were just some of the treats of this eagerly awaited activity. The 2010-2011 officers (Figure 1) and the new members (Figure 2) took an oath to commit to the chapter endeavors.

Figure 1. From Left to Right: Rosimar Ríos-Berríos (president), Ismarí Ramos (vice-president), Suheily López (secretary), Melanie Luna (treasurer), Diamilet Pérez-Betancourt (historian), Alina Nieves (Juracán magazine editor) and Juan P. Ramos (webmaster)

Figure 2. Newly initiated chapter members


This time, María del Carmen Miranda, chapter officer Alina Nieves’ mother, and Dr. Héctor Jiménez were designated as honorary members for their support and immense contribution to our accomplishments.

Juracán TV, the chapter’s weather channel, transmitted this event live through their webpage, People in the other municipalities of Puerto Rico as well as people in New York, Maryland and other states could watch the whole ceremony and special interviews online thanks to the Juracán TV committee’s excellent initiative.

Activity: Ice Skating

The chapter’s social event of the month was held on November 17. Ten members enjoyed a Christmas-themed ice skating rink while sharing and releasing the stress from an intense academic semester. 

Activity: Meteorology Through a Lens


On November 30, the chapter’s Weather Today committee conducted a friendly competition of weather-related pictures taken by chapter members. Denisse Ramírez, chapter honorary member, and Dr. Luis Bejarano, UPRM meteorology professor, served as judges. While the judges deliberated, Emmanuel Vazquez, the committee leader, gave an interesting talk about atmospheric phenomena. The 17 attendants participated in a prize draw and shared their opinions about the exhibited pictures over refreshments.



November Meeting Minutes.---Nicole Carlisle.








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