Local AMS Chapter(s)


Buckhorn High School Pre-College Chapter
Founded in: 2012
Last Election: 01/2013
URL: http://bit.ly/13ctZpm

Corresponding Secretary: Austin Snell

Faculty Advisor: (Primary Contact) Mark C. Dunn , Buckhorn High School , Room #150 , 4123 Winchester Rd , New Market, AL, 35761
e-mail: mdunn@madison.k12.al.us

President: Aaron Ayers
e-mail: aaronayersataaweather@gmail.com

Recording Secretary: David Boyd

Vice President: Josh Kern

Huntsville Area Chapter
Founded in: 1988
Last Election: 04/2014
URL: www.huntsvilleamsnwa.org

President: (Primary Contact) Elise V Schultz , University of Alabama in Huntsville , Earth System Science Center , 320 Sparkman Drive , Huntsville, AL, 35805
telephone: 256-617-3246; e-mail: hsvamsnwa@gmail.com

Secretary: Mariana Scott

Treasurer: BJ Barbre

Vice President: Brian Carcione

Web Admin.: Karl Schneider

University of Alabama/Huntsville
Founded in: 1994
Last Election: 04/2014
URL: http://www.nsstc.uah.edu/uahams/

President: (Primary Contact) Charanjit Pabla , University of Alabama in Huntsville , Dept. of Atmospheric Science , 320 Sparkman Drive , Huntsville, AL, 35805
telephone: 206-331-0232; e-mail: charanjit.pabla@nsstc.uah.edu

Vice President: Bryce Williams
e-mail: brw0009@uah.edu

Secretary: Camille Woods
e-mail: cw0045@uah.edu

Treasurer: Tyler Castillo
e-mail: tjc0010@uah.edu

Faculty Advisor: Kevin R. Knupp , Mr.
telephone: 256-961-7762; e-mail: kevin.knupp@nsstc.uah.edu

Web Admin.: Nicholas Elmer
e-mail: nje0001@uah.edu

University of South Alabama
Founded in: 1999
Last Election: 04/2009
URL: http://www.southalabama.edu/meteorologyclub

Treasurer: Lissette M. Nunez

President: (Primary Contact) Connor J. Baird , University of South Alabama , MC 1623 - Coastal Weather Research Center , 307 N. University Blvd, Mobile, AL, 36688
e-mail: meteorologyclub@gmail.com

Vice President: Robyn N. King
e-mail: meteorologyclub@gmail.com

Secretary: Kati N. Chachere
e-mail: meteorologyclub@gmail.com

Faculty Advisor: Wesley D. Terwey
e-mail: meteorologyclub@gmail.com

Web Admin.: Patrick Bigbie
e-mail: meteorologyclub@gmail.com


Founded in: 1941
Last Election: 05/2009
URL: http://www.ametsoc.org/chapters/anchorage

President: (Primary Contact) James A Nelson , Anchorage Forecast Office , 6930 Sand Lake Rd , Anchorage, AK, 99502
telephone: 907-266-5111; e-mail: james.a.nelson@noaa.gov

Secretary: Jackie Purcell
telephone: 907-762-9232; e-mail: jpurcell@ktuu.com

Treasurer: Carrie Haisley-Almon
telephone: 907-266-5110; e-mail: carrie.haisley@noaa.gov

Farthest North



Central Arizona
Founded in: 1967
Last Election: 09/2011
URL: http://centralazams.com/

Co-President: Randall S. Cerveny , Dr.
e-mail: cerveny@asu.edu

Co-President: Nancy Selover
e-mail: selover@asu.edu

Secretary: (Primary Contact) Jessica M. Nolte , School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning , Arizona State University , P.O. Box 875302 , Tempe, AZ, 85287-530
e-mail: centralazams@gmail.com

Treasurer: Erinanne M. Saffell , Dr.
e-mail: centralazams@gmail.com

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University Prescott Student Chapter
Founded in: 2008
Last Election: 09/2010
URL: http://meteo.pr.erau.edu

President: Marc K. Collins
e-mail: COLLINM6@my.erau.edu

Faculty Advisor: (Primary Contact) Dorothea Ivanova , Embry Riddle Aeronuatical University , Department of Meteorology , AC-1, Bldg. 74, Room 222 , 3700 Willow Creek Rd., Prescott, AZ, 86301
telephone: 928-777-3976; e-mail: ivanovad@erau.edu

Northern Arizona
Founded in: 2009
Last Election: 5/2013
URL: https://sites.google.com/site/narizonaams/

President: (Primary Contact) Megan C Schwitzer , National Weather Service , 49 Hughes Ave., Bellemont, AZ, 86015
telephone: 952-913-8273; e-mail: megan.schwitzer@noaa.gov

Secretary: Chris Outler
e-mail: chris.outler@noaa.gov

Treasurer: Christopher Higgins
e-mail: clh122593@yahoo.com

Southeast Arizona
Founded in: 1997
Last Election: 2012
URL: http://www.atmo.arizona.edu/~seacams

President: (Primary Contact) Ron Holle , 11374 N. Cactus Rose Drive , Oro Valley, AZ, 85737
telephone: (520) 229-1685; e-mail: rholle@earthlink.net

Vice President: Glenn Minuth
e-mail: minuthg@cox.net

Secretary: Bill Scheftic
e-mail: scheftic@atmo.arizona.edu

Treasurer: Ann Hollis
e-mail: annhollis@usa.net


Founded in: 1995
Last Election: December, 2009 Officers Reappointed
URL: http://exitahead.tripod.com/amsnwa

President: (Primary Contact) Christopher Buonanno , The Arkansas Chapter , 8400 Remount Road , North Little Rock, AR, 72118
telephone: 501 834-9102 ext. 224; e-mail: christopher.buonanno@noaa.gov

Vice President: Todd Yakoubian
telephone: 501-324-7541; e-mail: tyakoubian@katv.com

Secretary/Treasurer: Chuck Rickard
telephone: 501-834-0308; e-mail: chuck.rickard@noaa.gov

Corresponding Secretary: Lance Pyle
telephone: 501-834-0308; e-mail: lance.pyle@noaa.gov


Los Angeles
Founded in: 1942
Last Election: 07/2011
URL: http://losangelesams.weebly.com

President: Chuck Happold
telephone: ; e-mail: happ65la@aol.com

Vice President: Scott Moore
e-mail: scottmoore80@yahoo.com

Secretary/Treasurer: (Primary Contact) Steve LaDochy , Ph.D , Los Angeles Chapter Treasurer , 6031 Kauffman Ave. , Temple City, CA, 91780
telephone: 626-287-3484; e-mail: sladoch@calstatela.edu

Web Admin.: Eric Sauppe
telephone: 323-255-3446; e-mail: whethernut@hotmail.com

Councilor: William Patzert , Ph.D
e-mail: wpatzert@jpl.nasa.gov

Councilor: Pedro Ramirez
telephone: 323-343-2417; e-mail: pramire@calstatela.edu

Monterey Weather Enthusiasts


North San Francisco Bay


Northern California Chapter


Founded in: 1955
Last Election: 10/2010
URL: http://www.ametsoc.org/chapters/sacramento/index.html

President: (Primary Contact) Eric C Kurth , National Weather Service , 3310 El Camino Ave. , #227 , Sacramento, CA, 95821
telephone: 916-979-3051; e-mail: Eric.Kurth@noaa.gov

Vice President: Tia M Taylor
telephone: 916-716-4175; e-mail: tataylor@ucdavis.edu

Web Admin.: Holly Osborne
telephone: 916-979-3051; e-mail: holly.osborne@noaa.gov

San Diego
Founded in: 1932
Last Election: 01/2014

President: (Primary Contact) Brandt D. Maxwell , Meteorologist, National Weather Service , 11440 West Bernardo Court, Suite 230 , San Diego, CA, 92127
telephone: 858-693-1455; e-mail: brandt.maxwell@noaa.gov

Secretary: Tina Stall
telephone: 858-675-8700; e-mail: tina.stall@noaa.gov

Vice President: Alex Tardy
telephone: 858-442-6016; e-mail: alexander.tardy@noaa.gov

Treasurer: Robert C. Hillestad
telephone: 760-742-3456; e-mail: bhillest@cts.com

San Jose State University
Founded in: 1963
Last Election: 08/2014
URL: sjsu.edu/meteorology

President: Kayla R Novak
telephone: 714-335-9227; e-mail: knovak616@gmail.com

Publicity: Gaby De La Cruz
telephone: 408-645-9370; e-mail: delacruzin2.0@gmail.com

Secretary: Chris Camacho
telephone: 530-545-1777; e-mail: greendigo20@gmail.com

Treasurer: Paul Zechiel
telephone: 714-386-0639; e-mail: weatherpaul@sbcglobal.net

Vice President: JP Kalb
telephone: 408-569-7539; e-mail: jpkalb1990@yahoo.com

Vice President: Cameron Venable
telephone: 310-713-7386; e-mail: mwccam@gmail.com

Faculty Advisor: (Primary Contact) Alison Bridger , San Jose State University , Dept. of Meteorology , One Washington Square , San Jose, CA, 95112
telephone: 408 924 5206; e-mail: alison.bridger@sjsu.edu

Santa Barbara/Ventura


SFSU Gator Weather Student Chapter
Founded in: 2003
Last Election: 9/2013
URL: http://userwww.sfsu.edu/~gweather/

President: (Primary Contact) Sierra L. Brune , GatorWeather Student Chapter of the AMS , OSPLD at San Francisco State University , 1600 Holloway Ave, SSB 105 , San Francisco, CA, 94132
e-mail: sierra.brune@gmail.com

Vice President: Malori Redman
e-mail: mredman@mail.sfsu.edu

Secretary: Emily Parker
e-mail: eparker9@mail.sfsu.edu

Treasurer: Ryan Thorp
e-mail: rpthorp@mail.sfsu.edu

Faculty Advisor: John P. Monteverdi
e-mail: montever@sfsu.edu

University of California, Davis
Founded in: 1997
Last Election: 04/2011
URL: http://www.ams.weatherwest.com

President: Kenneth J Doss
e-mail: kjdoss@ucdavis.edu

Vice President: Alison Ellis
e-mail: arellis@ucdavis.edu

Secretary/Treasurer: (Primary Contact) Alexander S. Neigher , Davis, CA, 95616
e-mail: asneigher@ucdavis.edu

Faculty Advisor: Kyaw Tha Paw U
e-mail: ktpawu@ucdavis.edu


Founded in: 1938
Last Election: 05/2011
URL: http://sites.google.com/site/denbouams

Past President: (Primary Contact) Scott Jackson , National Weather Service , Denver/Boulder Weather Forecast Office , WS1 , 325 Broadway, Boulder, CO, 80305
telephone: 303-312-6107; e-mail: scottjackson5@gmail.com

President: Victoria L. Sankovich
telephone: 724-448-6725; e-mail: Vsankovich@gmail.com

Past President: Lisa Kriederman
telephone: 303-494-3210; e-mail: lisa.kriederman@noaa.gov

FORT Collins Atmospheric ScientisTs (FORTCAST)
Founded in: 2012
Last Election: 05/2014

Other: Peter J. Marinescu
e-mail: pmarin@atmos.colostate.edu

Other: Robert Nelson
e-mail: rob.r.nelson@gmail.com

Other: Erik Nielsen
e-mail: erikrn@engr.colostate.edu

Other: Christopher J. Slocum
e-mail: cslocum@atmos.colostate.edu

President: (Primary Contact) Melissa A. Burt , Colorado State University , Dept. of Atmospheric Science , 1371 Campus Delivery , Fort Collins, CO, 80523
e-mail: mburt@atmos.colostate.edu

Publicity: Matthew A. Rogers
e-mail: rogers@atmos.colostate.edu

Treasurer: Douglas Stolz
e-mail: doug.stolz@gmail.com

Vice President: Leah D. Grant
e-mail: ldgrant@atmos.colostate.edu

Metropolitan State College of Denver
Founded in: 1991
Last Election: 05/2011
URL: http://www.mscd.edu/~scams

President: Christopher J Johnston
telephone: 303-523-1328; e-mail: cjohn225@mscd.edu

Vice President: Kristen Bond
e-mail: kbond8@mscd.edu

Secretary: Khara Lukancic
e-mail: klukanci@mscd.edu

Treasurer: Alycia Gilliland
e-mail: abuhler@mscd.edu

Faculty Advisor: (Primary Contact) Dr. Sam Ng , Metropolitan State College of Denver , Dept. of Earth & Atmos. Sciences , Campus Box 22 , P.O. Box 173362, Denver, CO, 80217
telephone: (303) 556-8399; e-mail: sng1@mscd.edu

Pikes Peak
Founded in: 1962
Last Election: Pending 2014

Other: (Primary Contact) Jennifer Alexander , , ,
e-mail: jennifer.alexander@us.af.mil

University of Northern Colorado
Founded in: 1999
Last Election: 04/2014

President: Coltin Grasmick
e-mail: gras8910@bears.unco.edu

Vice President: Kate Cotsakis
e-mail: cots3222@bears.unco.edu

Recording Secretary: Rebecca Hykin
e-mail: hyki0005@bears.unco.edu

Treasurer: Paul Reeder
e-mail: reed2365@bears.unco.edu

Faculty Advisor: (Primary Contact) Wendilyn Flynn , Dr. , University of Northern Colorado , Earth Sciences Program , 501 20th St. , Campus Box 127, Greeley, CO, 80639
telephone: (970) 351-1071; e-mail: wendilyn.flynn@unco.edu


Connecticut Valley


Western Connecticut State University
Founded in: 2000
Last Election: 05/2012
URL: http://www.wcsu.edu/weather

President: Frank Gaetano
telephone: 203-525-2289; e-mail: gaetano004@connect.wcsu.edu

Vice President: John Choquette
telephone: 860-597-8819; e-mail: choquette002@connect.wcsu.edu

Secretary: David Haliczer
telephone: 201-675-6089; e-mail: haliczer001@connect.wcsu.edu

Treasurer: Andrew Pineiro
telephone: 845-781-0385; e-mail: pineiro001@connect.wcsu.edu

Faculty Advisor: (Primary Contact) Gary Lessor , Physics/Astronomy/Meteorology Dept. , Western Connecticut State University , Science Building , 181 White St., Danbury, CT, 06810
telephone: 203-837-8552; e-mail: LessorG@wcsu.edu


Founded in: 2000
Last Election: 05/2012
URL: http://www.udel.edu/Geography/AMS_Chapter/

President: (Primary Contact) Alan M. Cope , National Weather Service , 732 Woodlane Road , Westampton, NJ, 08060
telephone: 609-261-6602; e-mail: alan.cope@noaa.gov

Vice President: Linden Wolf
telephone: 302-831-1047; e-mail: lwolf@udel.edu

Treasurer: Joe Miketta
telephone: 609-261-6602; e-mail: joseph.miketta@noaa.gov

University of Delaware Student Chapter
Founded in: 2001
Last Election: 05/2012
URL: http://climate.geog.udel.edu/~ams

Faculty Advisor: Cristina Archer
e-mail: carcher@udel.edu

Secretary: Nikki DeShane
e-mail: desnik@udel.edu

Treasurer: Anna Solomon
e-mail: asolomon@udel.edu

Web Admin.: Sean Lafferty
e-mail: seanlaff@udel.edu

Vice President: William Henley
e-mail: whenley@udel.edu

Co-President: Ben Blake
e-mail: bblake@udel.edu

Co-President: Natalie Stevenson
e-mail: natnas@udel.edu

Faculty Advisor: (Primary Contact) Dana Veron , University of Delaware , Dept. of Geography , 125 Academy St. rm 216 , Newark, DE, 197162541
telephone: 302-831-4842; e-mail: dveron@udel.edu

District of Columbia

Howard University Student
Founded in: 2009
Last Election: 04/2012
URL: gsaashu.weebly.com

President: (Primary Contact) Shadya J Sanders , Howard University , Program for Atmospheric Sciences , 408 Thirkield Bldg. , 2355 6th Street NW, Washington, DC, 20059
telephone: 502 439-0264; e-mail: shadya.sanders@gmail.com

Vice President: Karretta N. Venable
e-mail: kvenable2011@gmail.com

Secretary: Megan Payne
e-mail: megan.payne@live.com

Treasurer: Lorenza Cooper , Jr
e-mail: lorenza.cooper@gmail.com

Faculty Advisor: Belay Demoz
e-mail: belaydemoz@gmail.com

Web Admin.: Tasha Anderson
e-mail: starrynight378@gmail.com

Publicity: Felisha Lawrence
e-mail: felisha.lawrence@gmail.com

Washington, D.C.
Founded in: 1938
Last Election: 05/2014
URL: http://www.dc-ams.org

Chairperson: (Primary Contact) Jeff Weinrich , DC AMS , 1922 16th St, NW Apt 1 , Washington DC, DC, 20009
e-mail: jeffrey.weinrich@gmail.com

Other: Katy Shontz
telephone: Outreach Officer; e-mail: Kathryn.Shontz@noaa.gov

Other: Charlie Woodrum
telephone: Social Chair; e-mail: charles.woodrum@noaa.gov


Treasurer: Lizzy McMichael
e-mail: elizabeth.mcmichael@noaa.gov

Vice President: Janna Feeley
e-mail: JFeel21@gmail.com

Corresponding Secretary: Bryan Jackson
e-mail: bryan.jackson@noaa.gov

Science Fair Coordinator: Kevin Shaw
e-mail: kshaw4@gmail.com

Other: Michelle Cohen
telephone: Webmaster; e-mail: michelle.cohen@noaa.gov


Cape Canaveral
Founded in: 1967
Last Election: 05/2009
URL: http://www.canaveralams.org/

President: (Primary Contact) Bragaw Matt , National Weather Service , 421 Croton Rd. , Melbourne, FL, 32935
telephone: 321-255-0212; e-mail: Matt.Bragaw@noaa.gov

Vice President: Lindsay Bloch
e-mail: lindsaybloch925@gmail.com

Secretary: Joe Dreher
telephone: 321-254-4122; e-mail: dreher.joe@ensco.com

Treasurer: George Diller
telephone: 321-867-2468; e-mail: George.H.Diller@nasa.gov

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
Founded in: 2005
Last Election: 04/2012

Secretary: Rachel Lezman
e-mail: lezmanr@my.erau.edu

Treasurer: Kyle Longchamps
telephone: 860-748-6235; e-mail: longchak@my.erau.edu

Vice President: Stefanie Lauber
e-mail: laubers@my.erau.edu

President: Rachael N Isphording
telephone: 251-990-3422; e-mail: isphordr@my.erau.edu

Faculty Advisor: (Primary Contact) Thomas A Guinn , Applied Aviation Sciences , Embry Riddle Aeronautical University , 600 S. Clyde Morris Blvd. , CoA Rm 334, Daytona Beach, FL, 32114
telephone: 386-226-6858; e-mail: guinnt@erau.edu

Emerald Coast Chapter
Founded in: 2009
Last Election: 09/2010

President: (Primary Contact) David G. Biggar , 46th Weather Squadron , 601 W Choctawhatchee Ave. Ste 60 , , Eglin AFB, FL, 32542-571
telephone: 850-882-5960; e-mail: david.biggar@eglin.af.mil

Vice President: Doug Oltmer
telephone: 850-882-6798; e-mail: douglas.oltmer@eglin.af.mil

Corresponding Secretary: Billy Tate
telephone: 850-884-7423; e-mail: billy.tate@afsoc.af.mil

Treasurer: Hoover Hodge
telephone: 850-884-5640; e-mail: hoover.hodge@AFSOC.af.mil

First Coast


Florida Institute of Technology
Founded in: 1996
Last Election: 05/2013
URL: http://my.fit.edu/wx_fit/index.php

Other: Cassandra Plotkin
e-mail: cplotkin2010@my.fit.edu

President: Kristine A Boykin
telephone: 770-312-4969; e-mail: kboykin2011@my.fit.edu

Secretary: Jeff Colvin
e-mail: jcolvin2012@my.fit.edu

Treasurer: Amanda Sava
e-mail: asava2013@my.fit.edu

Vice President: Nichole Pallan
e-mail: npallan2011@my.fit.edu

Faculty Advisor: Steven M Lazarus
e-mail: slazarus@fit.edu

Greater Miami
Founded in: 1948
Last Election: 05/23/2011
URL: http://www.miamiams.org

President: (Primary Contact) Falko Judt , RSMAS/University of Miami/MPO Division , 4600 Rickenbacker Causeway , Miami, FL, 33149
telephone: 305-421-4806; e-mail: fjudt@rsmas.miami.edu

Vice President: Robert A. Black
telephone: 305-361-4314; e-mail: Robert.A.Black@noaa.gov

Treasurer: Xuejin Zhang
telephone: 305-361-4558; e-mail: Xuejin.Zhang@noaa.gov

North Florida
Founded in: 2002
Last Election: 03/2013
URL: http://www.northflams.org/

Past President: Max Tsaparis
telephone: 630-487-0503; e-mail: met09d@my.fsu.edu

President: Peter DellaGrotta
telephone: 727-919-2362; e-mail: peter.dellagrotta@gmail.com

Treasurer: Ian Cassette
telephone: 813-731-7725; e-mail: ijc11@my.fsu.edu

Past President: Nikki Perrini
telephone: 8137842533; e-mail: nikki.perrini@yahoo.com

Secretary: Zachary Covey
telephone: 727-810-4882; e-mail: zec13@my.fsu.edu

Vice President: (Primary Contact) Coral Arroyo-Baez , North Florida Chapter of the AMS , 404 Love Building , 1017 Academic Way, PO Box 3064520 , Tallahassee, FL, 323064520
telephone: 479-409-4966; e-mail: cma11d@my.fsu.edu

Past President: Jonathan D Belles
telephone: 7274124578; e-mail: Jonathan.Belles@yahoo.com

St. Thomas Aquinas High School
Founded in: 2008
Last Election: Oct. 2008

President: Casey M Grenet
telephone: 954-655-8557; e-mail: c_grenet@yahoo.com

Vice President: Alison Novakovic

Secretary/Treasurer: Stephen Grenet

Treasurer: Justin E Grenet

Faculty Advisor: (Primary Contact) Joe A. Chmielewski , St. Thomas Aquinas High School , 2801 SW 12th St. , Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33312
e-mail: jchmielewski@aquinas-sta.org

University of Florida
Founded in: 2010
Last Election: 04/2012
URL: http://www.facebook.com/groups/AMSGC/?fref=ts

President: (Primary Contact) Donielle S Rouse , University of Florida , 3141 Turlington Hall , P.O. Box 117315 , Gainesville, FL, 32611-731
telephone: (904) 412-3043; e-mail: rousds@gmail.com

Secretary: Christian Kamrath
e-mail: ckamrath88@ufl.edu

Treasurer: Donnie Bartolomucci
e-mail: doncbart@gmail.com

Vice President: Brandon Scott
e-mail: wade4evermvp@gmail.com

Faculty Advisor: Corene J. Matyas
e-mail: matyas@ufl.edu

University of Miami Student Chapter
Founded in: 2004
Last Election: 05/2014
URL: http://ametsoc.org/chapters/umiami/

President: (Primary Contact) Heather M Zons , Attn: UM AMS Student Chapter , 1301 Memorial Drive , 182 Cox Science Center , Coral Gables, FL, 33146
telephone: 2625157238; e-mail: heatherzons@gmail.com

Treasurer: Matthew McKinney
e-mail: m.mckinney2@umiami.edu

Past President: George H. Houck , IV
telephone: 786.431.6516; e-mail: George.HouckIV@gmail.com

Faculty Advisor: Brian Mapes
e-mail: bmapes@rsmas.miami.edu

West Central Florida
Founded in: 1961
Last Election: 04/2014
URL: http://www.wcflams.org

Other: David Faysash
e-mail: david.faysash@hotmail.com

President: (Primary Contact) Jennifer M Collins , University Of South Florida , School of Geosciences , 4202 East Fowler Avenue, NES 107 , Tampa, FL, 33620
telephone: 813-974-4242; e-mail: jcollins@cas.usf.edu

Vice President: Nicole Carlisle
telephone: 813-645-2323; e-mail: nicole.carlisle@noaa.gov

Corresponding Secretary: Heather Key
e-mail: hkey@mail.usf.edu

Recording Secretary: Randall Hergert
e-mail: rhergert@mail.usf.edu

Treasurer: Nancy Knight
telephone: 813-744-6100 ext. 120; e-mail: nancy.knight@dep.state.fl.us

Web Admin.: Robert Garcia
e-mail: robert.garcia@noaa.gov

Publicity: Bobby Deskins
e-mail: rdeskins@wtsp.com


Georgia Institute of Technology Student Chapter
Founded in: 2003
Last Election: 04/2014
URL: http://storm.eas.gatech.edu

President: (Primary Contact) Lauren Merritt , 311 Ferst Drive , Earth and Atmospheric Sciences , Atlanta, GA, 30332
e-mail: lmerritt3@gatech.edu

Secretary: Jordan Rogers
e-mail: jrogers87@gatech.edu

Treasurer: Mallory C. Frost
e-mail: mfrost8@gatech.edu

Vice President: Robert D. Haynes
e-mail: rhaynes7@gatech.edu

Faculty Advisor: Robert X. Black
e-mail: rob.black@eas.gatech.edu

Metropolitan Atlanta
Founded in: 1951
Last Election: 04/2014
URL: http://www.ametsoc.org/chapters/atlanta/

Other: Daniel Ross
e-mail: daniel.rosseas@gmail.com

President: (Primary Contact) Keith M. Stellman , National Weather Service , 4 Falcon Drive , Peachtree City, GA, 30269
e-mail: keith.stellman@noaa.gov

President-Elect: Christine Ina Warrilow
e-mail: chrissy.warrilow@gmail.com

Secretary: Jessica L. Fieux
e-mail: jessica.fieux@noaa.gov

Treasurer: Adam Baker
e-mail: adam.baker@noaa.gov

University of Georgia
Founded in: 2000
Last Election: 04/2014
URL: http://ams.uga.edu

Faculty Advisor: J. Marshall Sheperd
e-mail: marshgeo@uga.edu

Other: Lani Hannah
e-mail: lhannah@uga.edu

Other: Castle Williams
e-mail: castleaw@uga.edu

President: (Primary Contact) Michael Stewart , University of Georgia , Dept. of Geography , Room 204, GGS Bldg. , Athens, GA, 30602
e-mail: m1ke2150@uga.edu

Secretary: Taylor Sarallo
e-mail: tsarallo@uga.edu

Treasurer: Harry Slimming
e-mail: hslim@uga.edu

Vice President: Ian Boatman
e-mail: ianboat1@uga.edu


Founded in: 1961
Last Election: 07/2013
URL: http://www.alohachapterhawaii.org

President: Jonathon B Isbell
telephone: 808-285-9279; e-mail: jbisbell@hawaii.edu

Publicity: L B Harvey
telephone: 646-481-8237; e-mail: bharvey@lawrenceblake.com

Vice President: Alexander Daniels
e-mail: amdaniel@hawaii.edu

Secretary/Treasurer: (Primary Contact) Matthew Foster , NWS WFO Honolulu , 2525 Correa Rd Ste 250 , Honolulu, HI, 96822
e-mail: matthew.j.foster@noaa.gov


Eastern Idaho


Southwest Idaho



Central Illinois
Founded in: 2000
Last Election: 05/2009
URL: http://www.c-il-ams.org

President: (Primary Contact) James R. Angel , University of Illinois , Illinois State Water Survey , 2204 Griffith Dr , M/C 674, Champaign, IL, 61820
telephone: 217-333-0729; e-mail: jimangel@illinois.edu

Secretary: Ed Shimon
e-mail: edward.shimon@noaa.gov

Treasurer: Mary Schoen Petersen
e-mail: schoenpetersen@comcast.net

Past President: Steve Nesbitt
telephone: 217-244-3740; e-mail: snesbitt@illinois.edu

Past President: Mike Spinar
e-mail: mspinar@illinois.edu

Founded in: 1938
Last Election: 03/2014
URL: www.chicagoams.org

Vice President: Christi Drawhorm
e-mail: vice-president@chicagoams.org

President: Matt Friedlein
e-mail: president@chicagoams.org

Secretary: (Primary Contact) Robert Somrek , American Meteorological Society, Chicago Chapter , 425 Tamerton Pkwy , Burr Ridge, IL, 60527
e-mail: secretary@chicagoams.org

Treasurer: Patricia Wontroba
e-mail: treasurer@chicagoams.org

College of DuPage Student Chapter
Founded in: 2005
Last Election: 09/2012
URL: http://weather.cod.edu/ams

President: Faye Shanti

Vice President: John Wills

Secretary: Alex Hoffman

Treasurer: Diana Milevska

Faculty Advisor: Paul Sirvatka

Web Admin.: (Primary Contact) Mike Zuranski , College of DuPage , c/o Paul Sirvatka, Natural Science Department , 425 Fawell Boulevard , Glen Ellyn, IL, 60137
telephone: 630-942-2590; e-mail: cod.ams.officers@gmail.com

Councilor: Evan Anderson
telephone: 630-942-3857; e-mail: anderson@weather.cod.edu

Northern Illinois University
Founded in: 1971
Last Election: 05/2014
URL: http://niuams.blogspot.com/

President: Brian Mette
e-mail: bmette@ou.edu

Secretary: Meghan Heman
e-mail: z1653300@students.niu.edu

Treasurer: Joe Rodey
e-mail: Jrodey51292@yahoo.com

Vice President: Adam Troxell
e-mail: weatherman.trox@gmail.com

Web Admin.: (Primary Contact) Sarah Black , Northern Illinois University , Dept. of Geography , 218 Normal Road , DeKalb, IL, 60115
e-mail: Z1696148@students.niu.edu

Faculty Advisor: Walker S Ashley
telephone: 815-753-0648; e-mail: washley@niu.edu

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Student Chapter
Founded in: 2007
Last Election: 04/2013
URL: http://www.atmos.uiuc.edu/ams/

President: Geoffrey R Marion
telephone: 618-616-7044; e-mail: gmarion2@illinois.edu

Secretary: Lauren C Carter
e-mail: lcarter2@illinois.edu

Faculty Advisor: Jeff Frame
e-mail: frame@illinois.edu

Faculty Advisor: Stephen W. Nesbitt
e-mail: snesbitt@illinois.edu

Western Illinois Student Chapter
Founded in: 2008
Last Election: 04/2014
URL: http://www.wiu.edu/severeweather

Chairperson: Quianna M. Anderson

Chairperson: Ashley Horswill

Chairperson: Nick Stewart
e-mail: n-stewart2@wiu.edu

Other: Brendan Wallace

President: (Primary Contact) Jacob T. Vancil , Western Illinois University , Geography Department SWC , 1 University Circle , Macomb, IL, 61455
telephone: 309-255-2598; e-mail: JT-Vancil2@wiu.edu

Secretary: Sally M. Riccardi
telephone: 847-431-0964; e-mail: sm-riccardi@wiu.edu

Treasurer: Nicholas Delfino

Vice President: Anthony Fairchild
e-mail: a-fairchild@wiu.edu

Faculty Advisor: Marcus L Büker , Dr.
e-mail: ML-Buker@wiu.edu

Faculty Advisor: Redina L. Herman , Dr.
e-mail: RL-Herman@wiu.edu

Faculty Advisor: Thomas B. Williams , Dr.
e-mail: TB-Williams@wiu.edu


Founded in: 1966
Last Election: 12/2011

President: (Primary Contact) Brad Herold , National Weather Service , Indianapolis Office , 6900 W. Hanna Avenue , Indianapolis, IN, 46241
telephone: 317-856-0360; e-mail: bradford.herold@noaa.gov

Vice President: Dave Call
telephone: 765-285-1768; e-mail: dacall@bsu.edu

Secretary: Chris Wright
telephone: 317-752-2265; e-mail: chriswrightwx@gmail.com

Treasurer: Marc Dahmer
telephone: 317-856-0360; e-mail: marc.dahmer@noaa.gov

Northwest Indiana Student Chapter
Founded in: 2007
Last Election: 04/24/2013
URL: http://www.valpo.edu/organization/nwa/

Other: Elyse A. Smith
telephone: 630-484-1982; e-mail: Elyse.Smith@valpo.edu


President: (Primary Contact) Allison M. Young , Kallay-Christopher Hall , Valparaiso University , 1809 Chapel Dr. , Valparaiso, IN, 46383
telephone: 708-296-4532; e-mail: allison.young@valpo.edu

Secretary: Raelene C. Campbell
telephone: 216-466-2224; e-mail: raelene.campbell@valpo.edu

Treasurer: William Haenni
telephone: 314-406-9455; e-mail: william.haenni@valpo.edu

Vice President: Alexandra L. Caruthers
telephone: 614-588-2600; e-mail: alexandra.caruthers@valpo.edu

Faculty Advisor: Craig A. Clark
e-mail: Craig.Clark@valpo.edu

Purdue University
Founded in: 1997
Last Election: 04/2014
URL: http://www.eaps.purdue.edu/for_students/purdue_weather/

President: (Primary Contact) Joseph L. Bauer , Purdue University (PUMA) , Dept of Earth/Atmos./Planetary Science , 550 Stadium Mall Drive , West Lafayette, IN, 47907
telephone: (574) 386-5415; e-mail: bauer9@purdue.edu

Secretary: Kyle A Jordan-DeDeaux
e-mail: kjordand@purdue.edu

Treasurer: Jessica Bozell
e-mail: bozell@purdue.edu

Vice President: Alexandra N. Marmo
e-mail: amarmo@purdue.edu

Faculty Advisor: Sonia G. Lasher-Trapp
e-mail: slasher@purdue.edu




Iowa State University
Founded in: 1996
Last Election: 04/2014
URL: http://www.meteor.iastate.edu/ams/

President: (Primary Contact) Kenzie Krocak , Iowa State University AMS Chapter , 2104 Agronomy Hall , Ames, IA, 50011
telephone: 612-991-5113; e-mail: pres.isuams@iastate.edu

Treasurer: Tayler Schillerberg
e-mail: treasurer.isuams@iastate.edu

Vice President: Katie Voitik
telephone: 779-875-3686; e-mail: vp.isuams@iastate.edu

Secretary: Kristofer Tuftedal
e-mail: secretary.isuams@iastate.edu

Faculty Advisor: David Flory
telephone: 515-294-0264; e-mail: flory@iastate.edu

Faculty Advisor: William A. Gallus , Jr.
telephone: 515-294-2270; e-mail: wgallus@iastate.edu

Web Admin.: Matthew Miksch
e-mail: webmaster.isuams@iastate.edu

Past President: Kevin Smalley
telephone: 281-748-7349; e-mail: roscoePCooltrain@gmail.com

Other: Elizabeth Lennartson
e-mail: social.isuams@iastate.edu

Other: Nick Lesser
e-mail: sophomore.isuams@iastate.edu

Other: Sydney McBride
e-mail: academic.isuams@iastate.edu

Other: Antoinette Serrato
e-mail: historian.isuams@iastate.edu

Other: Lauren Walker
e-mail: outreach.isuams@iastate.edu


High Plains
Founded in: 1996
Last Election: 01/2008
URL: http://www.highplains-amsnwa.org

President: (Primary Contact) Rick Ewald , NOAA's National Weather Service , Hastings, NE Weather Forecast Office , 6365 Osborne Drive West , Hastings, NE, 68901
telephone: 402-462-2127 ext 766; e-mail: Rick.Ewald@noaa.gov

Vice President: Mike Umscheid
telephone: 620-225-6514; e-mail: Mike.Umscheid@noaa.gov

Secretary: Tim Burke
telephone: 620-225-6514; e-mail: Tim.Burke@noaa.gov

Treasurer: Matthew Masek
telephone: 308-532-0921; e-mail: Matthew.Masek@noaa.gov

Kansas University
Founded in: 1992
Last Election: 04/2011
URL: http://atmo.ku.edu/~atmosci/studentorg.shtml

Co-President: (Primary Contact) Garrett Black , Dept. of Geography , 1475 Jayhawk Blvd. , 213 Lindley Hall , University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS, 660457613
e-mail: g075b594@ku.edu

Co-President: Kristen Menz
e-mail: kmenz5@ku.edu

Secretary: Michael Shook

Treasurer: Kathryn Clark
e-mail: kctexas7@ku.edu

Vice President: Matt Sanderson
e-mail: mattsande22@gmail.com

Faculty Advisor: Donna F. Tucker
telephone: 785-864-4738; e-mail: dtucker@ku.edu

South-Central Kansas
Founded in: 1994
Last Election: 11/2010
URL: http://www.wichita-amsnwa.org

President: (Primary Contact) Jerilyn M. Billings , Wichita AMS/NWA , 2142 S. Tyler Road , Wichita, KS, 67209
e-mail: Jerilyn.Billings@noaa.gov

Vice President: Lorrie Donham
e-mail: hdsciteach@cox.net

Secretary: Mark L. Bogner
e-mail: mbogner@ksn.com

Treasurer: Ross M. Janssen
e-mail: RJanssen@kwch.com


Kentucky-Southern Indiana


Western Kentucky University Student Chapter
Founded in: 2007
Last Election: 10/2013
URL: http://www.wku.edu/meteorology/amsnwachapter.php

Chairperson: James Bryant
e-mail: james.bryant747@topper.wku.edu

Chairperson: Chris Reece
e-mail: christopher.reece321@topper.wku.edu

President: Tori Schow
e-mail: tori.schow409@topper.wku.edu

Publicity: Michael Schulz
e-mail: michael.schulz959@topper.wku.edu

Secretary: Caitlyn French
e-mail: caitlyn.french510@topper.wku.edu

Treasurer: Brandon Jarrett
e-mail: john.jarrett094@topper.wku.edu

Vice President: Courtney Wagel
e-mail: courtney.wagel425@topper.wku.edu

Faculty Advisor: Joshua Durkee , Dr
telephone: 270-745-8777; e-mail: joshua.durkee@wku.edu


Founded in: 2002
Last Election: 02/2014

Contact: (Primary Contact) Jason Hansford , 5655 Hollywood Ave. , Shreveport, LA, 71109
telephone: 318-631-3669; e-mail: Jason.Hansford@noaa.gov

Secretary: Brittanie Langford
telephone: 318-529-2670; e-mail: Brittanie.Langford@us.af.mil

President: Jason Hansford
telephone: 318-631-3669; e-mail: Jason.Hansford@noaa.gov

Vice President: Daniel Fazio
telephone: 318-529-2600; e-mail: Daniel.Fazio@us.af.mil

Treasurer: Leslie Sexton
telephone: 318-393-5597; e-mail: bieux_yongson@hotmail.com

Central Louisiana
Founded in: 1986
Last Election: 12/2008
URL: http://www.srcc.lsu.edu/

President: (Primary Contact) Kyle Brehe , LSU , Dept. of Geography & Anthropology , E328 Howe-Russell Geoscience Complex , Baton Rouge, LA, 70803
telephone: 225-578-5021; e-mail: kbrehe@srcc.lsu.edu

Vice President: Michael Roberts
telephone: 225-578-5022; e-mail: mrobe44@lsu.edu

Secretary/Treasurer: Amanda Penick
telephone: 225-578-5022; e-mail: apenic1@lsu.edu

University of Louisiana at Monroe
Founded in: 1981
Last Election: 05/2008
URL: http://www.ulmams.com

President: (Primary Contact) Donald R Jones , Student Chapter of the AMS , ULM , Dept. of Geosciences , 700 University Ave., Monroe, LA, 71209
telephone: (985) 788-1622; e-mail: ULM_AMS@yahoo.com

Vice President: Matthew M Clay

Secretary: Lara M Keys

Treasurer: Nicolas Fenner

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Boniface Mills

Past President: Ashley A Jones


Salisbury University Student Chapter
Founded in: 2013
Last Election: 04/2014

Faculty Advisor: Darren B. Parnell
e-mail: dbparnell@salisbury.edu

Faculty Advisor: Brent R. Skeeter
e-mail: BRSKEETER@salisbury.edu

President: (Primary Contact) Kathryn Hickey , Salisbury University , Dept. of Geography and Geosciences , 1101 Camden Ave. , Salisbury, MD, 21801
e-mail: khickey1@gulls.salisbury.edu

Secretary/Treasurer: Ryan Dennis
e-mail: rdennis2@gulls.salisbury.edu

Vice President: Emily Lewis
e-mail: elewis1@gulls.salisbury.edu

University of Maryland Student Chapter
Founded in: 2006
Last Election: April 2012

President: (Primary Contact) Abigail Ahlert , Dept. of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences , University of Maryland , 3417 Computer and Space Sciences , College Park, MD, 20742
e-mail: abbyahlert@yahoo.com

President: Michael Francis
e-mail: michaelfrancis73@gmail.com

Vice President: Colleen Wilson
e-mail: cewilson45@gmail.com

Treasurer: Daniel Smith
e-mail: dsmith36@terpmail.umd.edu

Faculty Advisor: Tim Canty
e-mail: tcanty@atmos.umd.edu


Concord-Carlisle Pre-College
Founded in: 2010
Last Election: 06/2013
URL: www.cchsweather.com

Other: Celeste Balboni
e-mail: cbalboni14@colonial.net

Other: Emily Mushlitz
e-mail: emushlitz15@colonial.net

Faculty Advisor: (Primary Contact) Stephen S Lane , Concord-Carlisle High School , Social Studies , 500 Walden Street , Concord, MA, 01742
telephone: 617-306-4650; e-mail: slane@colonial.net

Other: Julia Nelson
e-mail: jnelson15@colonial.net

Everett High School Pre-College Chapter
Founded in: 2011
Last Election: Pending 2011

Faculty Advisor: (Primary Contact) Jonathan C. Cue , Everett High School , 100 Elm Street , Everett, MA, 02149
telephone: 617-394-2490, x3640; e-mail: jcue@everett.k12.ma.us

Greater Boston


Plymouth Community Intermediate School Weather Club


University of Massachusetts-Lowell
Founded in: 1969
Last Election: 05/2014
URL: http://storm.uml.edu/~metweb/UMLStorm/AMS.html

President: (Primary Contact) David Coe , Dept. of Env. Earth & Atmos. Sciences , Univ. of Massachusetts Lowell , 1 University Ave. , Lowell, MA, 01854
e-mail: david_coe@student.uml.edu

Secretary/Treasurer: Corinne Clifford
e-mail: corinne_clifford@student.uml.edu

Vice President: Michaella Farese
e-mail: michaella_farese@student.uml.edu

Faculty Advisor: Frank Colby
telephone: 978-934-3906; e-mail: Frank_Colby@uml.edu


Central Michigan University
Founded in: 2002
Last Election: 12/2014
URL: www.cmuweather.com

President: Shaye Lenz
e-mail: lenz1sm@cmich.edu

Vice President: Matt Tuftedal
e-mail: tufte1me@cmich.edu

Secretary: Kylee Miller
e-mail: mille22k@cmich.edu

Treasurer: Blake Hansen
e-mail: tufte1me@cmich.edu

Faculty Advisor: Daria Kluver
e-mail: kluve1db@cmich.edu

Web Admin.: (Primary Contact) Patrick Saunders , Central Michigan University , Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences , 315 Brooks Hall , Mount Pleasant, MI, 48858
telephone: 586-489-5745; e-mail: saund1pe@cmich.edu

Other: Colton Chichoracki
e-mail: cicho1c@cmich.edu

Michigan State University Student Chapter
Founded in: 2013
Last Election: Pending 2014

Faculty Advisor: Julie Winkler
e-mail: winkler@msu.edu

President: (Primary Contact) Valerie Morel , 152 South Williams Hall , Michigan State University , 25 Beal St. , East Lansing, MI, 48825
e-mail: morelval@msu.edu

Secretary: Lori Wachowicz
e-mail: wachowi4@msu.edu

Treasurer: Mitchell Raeck
e-mail: raeckmit@msu.edu

Vice President: Carmen Scruggs
e-mail: scruggs6@msu.edu

Southeast Michigan


Southwest Michigan Chapter
Founded in: 2010
Last Election: 12/2012

President: (Primary Contact) Brandon Hoving , National Weather Service , 4899 South Complex Dr. SE , Grand Rapids, MI, 49512
e-mail: brandon.hoving@noaa.gov

Vice President: Nathan Jeruzal
e-mail: nathan.jeruzal@noaa.gov

Secretary: Steve Derry
e-mail: steve37srd@yahoo.com

Treasurer: Bill Marino
e-mail: william.marino@noaa.gov

University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
Founded in: 2000
Last Election: 02/2014
URL: https://maizepages.umich.edu/organization/ams_um

Councilor: Trent Frey
e-mail: tfrey@umich.edu

President: Justin S. Tsu
telephone: 609-235-8546; e-mail: jtsu@umich.edu

Publicity: Rachel McLoughlin
e-mail: rmclough@umich.edu

Secretary: Kevin Kacan
e-mail: kkacan@umich.edu

Treasurer: Scott Loeffler
e-mail: sloeffle@umich.edu

Vice President: (Primary Contact) Barbara R. Doyle , Space Research Building, Rm. 2109 , Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Space Science , University of Michigan , 2455 Hayward St., Ann Arbor, MI, 48109
telephone: 586-453-3274; e-mail: bubsaloo@umich.edu

Faculty Advisor: Frank Marsik
e-mail: marsik@umich.edu


St. Cloud State University Student Chapter
Founded in: 2013
Last Election:

Faculty Advisor: Anthony R. Hansen

Faculty Advisor: Alan F. Srock
e-mail: afsrock@stcloudstate.edu

President: (Primary Contact) Klint T. Skelly , , ,
telephone: 507-271-5356; e-mail: skkl1001@stcloudstate.edu

President: Robert A. Weisman

Secretary: Jeff Wetter
e-mail: weje0904@stcloudstate.edu

Treasurer: Amanda Conaway

Vice President: Caleb T. Grunzke
e-mail: grca1101@stcloudstate.edu

Web Admin.: Brendan M Pucel

Twin Cities
Founded in: 1948
Last Election: 05/2013
URL: http://tcmetsoc.org


Treasurer: Jim Taggart
telephone: 952-855-4905; e-mail: treasurer@tcmetsoc.org

Vice President: Jim Marusak
telephone: 651-488-1278; e-mail: vicepresident@tcmetsoc.org

President: (Primary Contact) Mike Griesinger , Twin Cities Meteorological Society , - , 298 Sibley St. , -, Carver, MN, 55315
e-mail: president@tcmetsoc.org

Secretary: Anna Louks
telephone: 952-239-0796; e-mail: secretary@tcmetsoc.org


Central Gulf Coast
Founded in: 1989
Last Election: 04/2010
URL: www.facebook.com/cgccams

President: William M Davis , Jr., CCM
telephone: 228-233-9027; e-mail: will@daviswxsolutions.com

Vice President: Edward J. Ring
e-mail: edring@clearchannel.com

Secretary/Treasurer: (Primary Contact) Jonathan R. Heesch , National Data Buoy Center , W/OPS52 , 1007 Balch Blvd. , Stennis Space Center, MS, 39529
telephone: 713-494-9564; e-mail: cgccams@gmail.com

East Mississippi Student Chapter (MS State University)
Founded in: 2001
Last Election: 04/2014
URL: http://www.nwa.org.msstate.edu/

Faculty Advisor: Lindsey Morschauser
e-mail: lcm193@msstate.edu

Faculty Advisor: Greg Nordstrom
e-mail: gjn2@msstate.edu

President: Barrett Gutter
e-mail: bfg23@msstate.edu

Secretary: Dean Meeks
e-mail: kdm343@msstate.edu

Treasurer: Chase Bullman
e-mail: cb858@msstate.edu

Vice President: (Primary Contact) Meagan Massey , Mississippi State University , Department of Geosciences , P.O. Box 5448 , Mississippi State, MS, 39762
e-mail: mem852@msstate.edu

Faculty Advisor: Timothy J. Wallace
e-mail: tjw5@msstate.edu

Founded in: 1990
Last Election: 09/2012
URL: http://www.centralmsweather.com/

Corresponding Secretary: Alan Gerard
e-mail: alan.e.gerard@noaa.gov

President: Loren White
telephone: 601-979-3635; e-mail: loren.d.white@jsums.edu

Recording Secretary: Eric Carpenter
e-mail: Eric.Carpenter@noaa.gov

Treasurer: Jason Brand
e-mail: jasonhbrand30@gmail.com

Vice President: Barbie Bassett
e-mail: barbie@wlbt.net

Web Admin.: (Primary Contact) Daniel Lamb , National Weather Service , Jackson Weather Forecast Office , 234 Weather Service Dr. , Flowood, MS, 39232
e-mail: daniel.lamb@noaa.gov


Greater St. Louis


Kansas City
Founded in: 1934
Last Election: 02/2012
URL: http://www.kcamsnwa.org

President: Michael Hudson

Vice President: Marc Burger

Secretary: (Primary Contact) Evan Bookbinder , 348 SE Williamsburg ct , Lees Summit, MO, 64063
e-mail: evan.bookbinder@noaa.gov

Treasurer: Jim Keeney

Web Admin.: Matthew Dux
e-mail: Matthew.Dux@gmail.com

Ladue School District


St. Louis University
Founded in: 1974
Last Election: 04/2009
URL: http://pages.slu.edu/org/weather/


President: Samantha Chiu
e-mail: tinkding@sbcglobal.net

Faculty Advisor: (Primary Contact) Timothy P. Eichler , 3642 Lindell Blvd. , St. Louis, MO, 63108
e-mail: teichler@eas.slu.edu

Past President: Rebecca L. Baggett
telephone: 314-780-8026; e-mail: beachbumbecca@yahoo.com

Past President: Emily B. Eisenacher
e-mail: eisenaeb@slu.edu

Past President: Nichole McKinney
telephone: 314-803-8982; e-mail: nmckinne@slu.edu

University of Missouri-Columbia
Founded in: 1997
Last Election: 04/2014
URL: http://weather.missouri.edu

Vice President: Sarah Fairman
e-mail: siffh3@mail.missouri.edu

President: Christopher B Soelle
telephone: 7154163801; e-mail: cbs54d@mail.missouri.edu

Secretary: Emma Thomas
e-mail: ert6w3@mail.missouri.edu

Treasurer: Sammy Shepard
e-mail: samuelshepard@mail.missouri.edu

Faculty Advisor: (Primary Contact) Neil I. Fox , Atmospheric Science Program , University of Missouri-Columbia , 302 Anheuser-Busch Natural Resources Building , Columbia, MO, 65211
telephone: 573-882-2144; e-mail: FoxN@missouri.edu


Creighton University
Founded in: 2005
Last Election: 04/2006
URL: http://flare.creighton.edu/catss

President: (Primary Contact) Beth M. Dickey , Hixson-Lied Room 504 , Creighton University , Omaha, NE, 68178

Vice President: Jaclyn Gomez

Secretary: Anastasia Yanchilina

Treasurer: Halley Holmes

Faculty Advisor: Arthur V. Douglas
e-mail: sonora@creighton.edu

Eastern Nebraska Pre-College Chapter


Founded in: 1955
Last Election: 05/2014
URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/190337428689/

President: (Primary Contact) Nengwei Shih , USAF , Air Force Weather Agency , 101 Nelson Drive , 16th Weather Squadron/WXE, Offutt AFB, NE, 68113
e-mail: omahaoffuttams@gmail.com

Recording Secretary: Fritz VanWijngaarden
e-mail: omahaoffuttams@gmail.com

Corresponding Secretary: David Pearson
e-mail: omahaoffuttams@gmail.com

Vice President: James McCormick
e-mail: omahaoffuttams@gmail.com

Treasurer: Haley Homan
e-mail: omahaoffuttams@gmail.com

University of Nebraska at Lincoln
Founded in: 1994
Last Election: 04/2012
URL: http://www.ams.unl.edu

President: (Primary Contact) Adam K Taylor , University of Nebraska - Lincoln , 214 Bessey Hall , Lincoln, NE, 68588
e-mail: aktaylor08@gmail.com

Vice President: Casey Griffin
e-mail: casey.griffin@huskers.unl.edu

Secretary: Amber Michael
e-mail: avmichael.unl@gmail.com

Treasurer: Carly Baumann
e-mail: baumann.carly@gmail.com

Faculty Advisor: Adam L Houston
telephone: 402-472-2416; e-mail: ahouston2@unl.edu

Publicity: Andrew Kalin
e-mail: ajkalin7@gmail.com


Northern Nevada


Reno-Lake Tahoe Student Chapter
Founded in: 2005
Last Election: 04/2010
URL: http://www.ametsoc.org/chapters/renotahoe

President: Erich Uher
e-mail: ejuher@gmail.com

Vice President: Stephen Bones
e-mail: bones@unr.nevada.edu

Secretary/Treasurer: Joshua Molzan
e-mail: antman6220@sbcglobal.net

Faculty Advisor: (Primary Contact) Pat Arnott , Ph.D. , Atmospheric Sciences Program , Department of Physics / 220 , University of Nevada - Reno , Reno, NV, 89557
e-mail: patarnott@physics.unr.edu

Faculty Advisor: Jeffrey Underwood , Ph.D.
e-mail: jeffu@unr.edu

Web Admin.: KC King
e-mail: kc.king@dri.edu

New Hampshire

Plymouth State University
Founded in: 1988
Last Election: 05/2014
URL: http://vortex.plymouth.edu/ams/

President: (Primary Contact) Alex Herbst , PSU AMS , , HUB Suite A21 , 19 Highland Ave., Plymouth, NH, 03264
telephone: 732-484-0631; e-mail: arherbst@plymouth.edu

Vice President: James Romer
e-mail: jfromer1@plymouth.edu

Secretary: Emily Kane
e-mail: eskane@plymouth.edu

Treasurer: Vanessa Przybylo
e-mail: vmprzybylo@plymouth.edu

Faculty Advisor: Jason Cordeira
e-mail: j_cordeira@plymouth.edu

New Jersey

Founded in: 2000
Last Election: 05/2012
URL: http://www.udel.edu/Geography/AMS_Chapter/

President: (Primary Contact) Alan M. Cope , National Weather Service , 732 Woodlane Road , Westampton, NJ, 08060
telephone: 609-261-6602; e-mail: alan.cope@noaa.gov

Vice President: Linden Wolf
telephone: 302-831-1047; e-mail: lwolf@udel.edu

Treasurer: Joe Miketta
telephone: 609-261-6602; e-mail: joseph.miketta@noaa.gov

Kean University


New Jersey/Delaware Valley Pre-College Chapter


Rutgers University
Founded in: 1968
Last Election: 05/2014
URL: http://metclub.rutgers.edu

Other: Kevin Gaynor
e-mail: kevin.gaynor@rutgers.edu

Other: Cody Hewitt
e-mail: cody.hewitt@rutgers.edu

Other: Britney Truempy
e-mail: b.truempy@rucampusinfo.rutgers.edu

President: (Primary Contact) Tyler Case , Meteorology Dept. , Rutgers University , 14 College Farm Road , Room 243, New Brunswick, NJ, 08901
e-mail: tc401@scarletmail.rutgers.edu

Secretary: Alessandra Burgos
e-mail: agb83@scarletmail.rutgers.edu

Treasurer: Alexander Calamia
e-mail: alexander.calamia@rutgers.edu

Vice President: Joe Slezak
e-mail: joseph.slezak@rutgers.edu

Faculty Advisor: Alan Robock
telephone: 732-932-9800 x 6222; e-mail: robock@envsci.rutgers.edu

New Mexico

El Paso-Las Cruces
Founded in: 1957
Last Election: 08/2010
URL: https://sites.google.com/site/amschapter

President: (Primary Contact) Joshua J. Schroeder , ATTN: TEDT-WSR-DAF , BLDG 1830 , White Sands Missile Range, NM, 88002
telephone: 575-678-2963; e-mail: jj.schroeder@us.army.mil

Vice President: Young Yee
telephone: 575-640-3046; e-mail: yyee@aol.com

Secretary/Treasurer: Steve McGee
telephone: 575-678-6788; e-mail: smcgee@arl.army.mil

New York

Capital Region of New York
Founded in: 1976
Last Election: 05/2010
URL: http://www.atmos.albany.edu/ams

President: (Primary Contact) Sara Ganetis , Capital Region of NY AMS , Univ. of Albany , Dept. of Atmospheric & Environmental Sciences , 1400 Washington Avenue, Albany, NY, 12222
e-mail: capitalregams@hotmail.com

Vice President: Larry Gloeckler
e-mail: capitalregams@hotmail.com

Secretary: Ryan Fucheck
e-mail: capitalregams@hotmail.com

Treasurer: Alicia Bentley
e-mail: capitalregams@hotmail.com

Faculty Advisor: John Quinlan
e-mail: capitalregams@hotmail.com

Web Admin.: Gabriel Susca-Lopata
e-mail: capitalregams@hotmail.com

Central New York


Cornell University
Founded in: 1979
Last Election: 04/2013
URL: http://ccams.eas.cornell.edu

Co-President: (Primary Contact) Gaige H Kerr , Cornell University Chapter , Earth and Atmospheric Sciences , Bradfield Hall, Tower Road , Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, 14853
telephone: 920-285-5177; e-mail: ghk35@cornell.edu

Co-President: Zachary Labe
telephone: 717-602-5959; e-mail: zml5@cornell.edu

Secretary: Katelyn Tisch
telephone: 516-729-7195; e-mail: klt53@cornell.edu

Treasurer: Matthew Greico
telephone: 718-873-6416; e-mail: mgg63@cornell.edu

Faculty Advisor: Mark W. Wysocki

Marymount School of New York


New York City/Long Island
Founded in: 1932
Last Election: 03/2012
URL: http://www.nws.bnl.org/meetings.html

President: (Primary Contact) Mark L. Kramer , WeatherMark LLC , 23 Salem Drive , Scarsdale, NY, 10583
telephone: 914-777-1729; e-mail: mkramer@weathermarkpro.com

Vice President: Frank P. Castelli
telephone: 631-853-5943; e-mail: wx54@optonline.net

Secretary: Jeffrey S. Tongue
telephone: 631-924-0593; e-mail: jeffrey.tongue@noaa.gov

Treasurer: Lisa Bastiaans
telephone: 516-572-7023; e-mail: Lisa.Bastiaans@ncc.edu

State University of New York at Brockport
Founded in:
Last Election: 09/2009

President: AnneMarie Giannandrea
telephone: 315-727-6375; e-mail: agian2@brockport.edu

Vice President: Kelley Bryant

Secretary: Kristen Lapenta

Treasurer: Christopher Fisher
e-mail: cfish1@brockport.edu

Faculty Advisor: (Primary Contact) Scott M. Rochette , Dept. of Earth Sciences , SUNY College at Brockport , 350 New Campus Dr. , Brockport, NY, 14420
telephone: 585-395-2603; e-mail: rochette@esc.brockport.edu

State University of New York at Oneonta
Founded in: 1982
Last Election: 04/2014
URL: http://www.oneonta.edu/academics/wxclub

President: Jillian Young
e-mail: YOUNJS51@suny.oneonta.edu

Vice President: Alyssa Dubbs
e-mail: DUBBAM71@suny.oneonta.edu

Secretary: Shannon Scully
e-mail: SCULSB10@suny.oneonta.edu

Treasurer: Jessica Topal
e-mail: TOPAJL18@suny.oneonta.edu

Faculty Advisor: (Primary Contact) Jerome Blechman , SUNY -Oneonta , Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences , Ravine Parkway , Oneonta, NY, 13820
telephone: 607-436-3322; e-mail: Jerome.Blechman@oneonta.edu

State University of New York at Oswego
Founded in: 1982
Last Election: 05/2014
URL: http://www.oswego.edu/news_weather/weather/

President: (Primary Contact) Kayla Fenimore , 124 Canterbury Drive , Cobleskill, NY, 12043
telephone: 518-618-9277; e-mail: kfenimor@oswego.edu

Vice President: Dillon Ulrich
telephone: 716-560-9675; e-mail: dulrich@oswego.edu

Secretary: Lauren Cutler
telephone: 330-224-5373; e-mail: lcutler@oswego.edu

Treasurer: Shelby Clark
telephone: 607-329-3545; e-mail: sclark4@oswego.edu

Faculty Advisor: Scott Steiger
e-mail: scott.steiger@oswego.edu

Web Admin.: Matthew Dinwoodie
telephone: 607-661-0310; e-mail: mdinwood@oswego.edu

Publicity: Molly Matott
telephone: 315-412-1433; e-mail: mmatott@oswego.edu

Other: Andrew Janiszeski
telephone: 716-220-4758; e-mail: janiszes@oswego.edu

Western New York
Founded in: 1949
Last Election: 4/2010
URL: abbeycat1@aol.com

President: (Primary Contact) Andrew D. Ross , 76 Wardman Rd. , Kenmore, NY, 14217
telephone: 716-876-3354; e-mail: abbeycat1@aol.com

Vice President: Warren Glover
telephone: 716-836-2903;

Secretary: Warren Glover
telephone: 716-836-2903;

Treasurer: Debby Sibbilio
telephone: 716-668-6445;

North Carolina

Founded in: 1960
Last Election: 04/2014
URL: http://www.ametsoc.org/Chapters/asheville

Other: Organization Email
e-mail: asheville.ams@gmail.com


Web Admin.: Jared Rennie
e-mail: jared.rennie@noaa.gov

President: (Primary Contact) Ryan Harris , 14th Weather Squadron , 151 Patton Ave , Asheville, NC, 28801
telephone: 828-271-4243; e-mail: ryan.harris.3@us.af.mil

Vice President: Carl Schreck
e-mail: cjschrec@ncsu.edu

Secretary/Treasurer: Ge Peng
e-mail: ge.peng@noaa.gov

Secretary/Treasurer: Gary S. Swanson
telephone: 828-271-4270; e-mail: Gary.Swanson@us.af.mil

Central North Carolina
Founded in: 1968
Last Election: 04/2014
URL: http://www.nc-climate.ncsu.edu/ams/

Vice President: Bob Boyd
telephone: 919-825-2697; e-mail: rdboyd2@outlok.com

President: (Primary Contact) Katie Webster , NC Emergency Management , 138 Churchill Downs Drive , Clayton, NC, 27520
telephone: 919-825-2299; e-mail: kmcraven2@gmail.com

Secretary: Elliot Tardif
telephone: 980-253-3348; e-mail: elliot.tardif@gmail.com

Treasurer: Francis A Schiermeier
telephone: 919-467-5120; e-mail: schiermeier@msn.com

Charlotte-Metro Chapter


Coastal Carolinas Chapter
Founded in: 2013
Last Election:

President: Jamie Arnold
e-mail: jamiearnold@wmbfnews.com

Secretary: (Primary Contact) Sandy LaCorte , National Weather Service , 2015 Gardner Drive , Wilmington, NC, 28405
e-mail: sandy.lacorte@noaa.gov

Treasurer: Dawn Wedig
e-mail: dwedig@alumni.unca.edu

Vice President: Brad Reinhart
e-mail: brad.reinhart@noaa.gov

Crystal Coast


East Carolina University Student Chapter
Founded in: 2013
Last Election: 04/2014
URL: http://www.ecu.edu/cs-cas/geog/Atmospheric_science.cfm

Faculty Advisor: Rosana Nieto-Ferreira
e-mail: ferreirar@ecu.edu

President: (Primary Contact) Austin Mansfield , East Carolina University , Geography , A-227 Brewster Building , Greenville, NC, 27858
e-mail: mansfielda12@students.ecu.edu

Secretary/Treasurer: Zachary Sefcovic
e-mail: sefcovicz14@students.ecu.edu

Vice President: Nick Luchetti
e-mail: luchettin14@students.ecu.edu

North Carolina State University
Founded in: 1969
Last Election: 04/2014
URL: http://clubs.ncsu.edu/ams/


President: (Primary Contact) Zachary H Fair , NCSU , MEAS Department , Jordan Hall Box 8208 , Raleigh, NC, 27695
e-mail: zhfair@ncsu.edu

Secretary: Michael Brackett
e-mail: mabracke@ncsu.edu

Treasurer: Catherine E Opalka
e-mail: ceopalka@ncsu.edu

Vice President: Sam C Roback
e-mail: scroback@ncsu.edu

Faculty Advisor: Gary M. Lackmann
telephone: 919-515-1439; e-mail: gary@ncsu.edu

Triad Student Chapter at A&T


University of North Carolina - Charlotte
Founded in: 2007
Last Election: 04/2013
URL: http://www.sco.uncc.edu/storm

President: (Primary Contact) Ricky Matthews , UNCC-Student Organization of Meteorology , Geography and Earth Science , UNC Charlotte , McEniry 214, Charlotte, NC, 28223
telephone: 757-771-4638; e-mail: rmatth17@uncc.edu

Secretary: Amber McGinnis
e-mail: amvollme@uncc.edu

Treasurer: Britney E. Hamilton
e-mail: bhamil23@uncc.edu

Vice President: Brittany Borer
telephone: 551-265-0769; e-mail: bborer@uncc.edu

Faculty Advisor: Terry Shirley
telephone: (704) 687-5925; e-mail: trshirle@uncc.edu

University of North Carolina at Asheville


North Dakota

Lake Agassiz
Founded in: 1981
Last Election: 04/2014
URL: https://www.facebook.com/Lake.Agassiz.AMS

President: (Primary Contact) Danny Burtch , Lake Agassiz Chapter , Department of Atmospheric Sciences , 4149 University Avenue , Stop 9006, Grand Forks, ND, 582029006
e-mail: dannyburtch@gmail.com

Vice President: Ryan Stanfield
e-mail: ryan.stanfield@my.und.edu

Secretary: Andrea Neumann
e-mail: andrea.neumann2@gmail.com

Treasurer: Jeff Makowski
e-mail: jeff.makowski@gmail.com

Lakota Chapter


North Dakota
Founded in: 1980
Last Election: 04/2014
URL: www.undams.org

Other: Dave Agee
e-mail: david.r.agee@my.und.edu

Other: Nick Gapp
e-mail: nicholas.james.gapp@my.und.edu

President: (Primary Contact) Johnathan Metz , UND AMS , 4149 University Avenue , Stop 9006 , Grand Forks, ND, 58202
e-mail: johnathan.j.metz@my.und.edu

Secretary: Molly Aufforth
e-mail: molly.e.aufforth@my.und.edu

Treasurer: Tessa Philpott
e-mail: tessa.philpott@my.und.edu

Vice President: Emily Maddox
e-mail: emily.maddox@my.und.edu

Faculty Advisor: Alan Borho
telephone: 701-777-3283; e-mail: borho@aero.und.edu


Central Ohio
Founded in: 1997
Last Election: Pending 2013

Contact: (Primary Contact) Chris D. Birchfield , , ,
e-mail: birchfield.20@osu.edu

Northeast Ohio
Founded in: 1984
Last Election: 04/2012
URL: http://www.ametsoc.org/chapters/neohcams/neohcams.html


President: (Primary Contact) Erin Dweik , LakeErieWX LLC , 28579 Stonegate Circle , Westlake, OH, 44145
telephone: 216 312-3188; e-mail: erin.dweik@gmail.com

Treasurer: Dan Maly
e-mail: dnmaly@yahoo.com

Northwest Ohio


Ohio University Student Chapter
Founded in: 2009
Last Election: 05/2014
URL: http://www.scalialab.com/metclub.html

Other: Jackie Fain
e-mail: jf626411@ohio.edu

Other: Megan Jones
e-mail: mj327911@ohio.edu

President: (Primary Contact) Chad Goergens , Ohio University , Geography Department , 402 Clippinger , Athens, OH, 45701
e-mail: cg432610@ohio.edu

Secretary: Morgan Wentling
e-mail: mw244110@ohio.edu

Treasurer: Ashley Maupin
e-mail: am894910@ohio.edu

Vice President: Alex Vorst
e-mail: av129210@ohio.edu

Faculty Advisor: Ryan Fogt , Dr.
e-mail: fogtr@ohio.edu

Wright Memorial
Founded in: 1960
Last Election: 06/2005 June 1999 (officers
URL: http://www.ametsoc.org/chapters/wrightmem/

President: (Primary Contact) Steve Fiorino , NASIC/DEMS , 4180 Watson Way , WPAFB, OH, 454335648
telephone: 937-255-3636; e-mail: Steve.fiorino@wpafb.af.mil

Vice President: Allison Schauer
telephone: 937-674-8191; e-mail: allison.schauer@wpafb.af.mil

Secretary: Paul Gehred
e-mail: pgehred@ball.com

Treasurer: Karen Kowaleski
telephone: 937-257-2485; e-mail: karen.kowaleski@wpafb.af.mil

Web Admin.: John S Turnbull
telephone: 937-257-4270; e-mail: john.turnbull@wpafb.af.mil


Central Oklahoma
Founded in: 1959
Last Election: 09/2012
URL: http://cocams.nwc.ou.edu

President: (Primary Contact) John Ferree , National Weather Service , 120 David L Boren Blvd Ste 2312 , Norman, OK, 73072
telephone: 405-325-2209; e-mail: john.t.ferree@noaa.gov

Vice President: Stephen Corfidi
telephone: 405-325-2872; e-mail: stephen.corfidi@noaa.gov

Secretary: Liz Lietman
telephone: 405-325-2657; e-mail: liz.stoppkotte@noaa.gov

Treasurer: Chris Sohl
telephone: 405-325-3816; e-mail: csohl@cox.net

Northeast Oklahoma


University of Oklahoma
Founded in: 1961
Last Election: 04/2014
URL: http://weather.ou.edu/~ouscams

Other: Blake Elmer
e-mail: be1093@ou.edu

Other: Jarrett Quinn
e-mail: Jarrett.J.Quinn-1@ou.edu

Other: Zack Zounes
e-mail: Zackery.T.Zounes-1@ou.edu

Publicity: Mandy Bailey
e-mail: mandy.a.bailey-1@ou.edu

President: Kate-Lynn A Walsh
e-mail: katelynn.a.walsh-1@ou.edu

Vice President: Noah Myers
e-mail: noah.e.myers-1@ou.edu

Secretary: (Primary Contact) Rachel Norris , 120 David L. Boren Blvd , OU SCAMS Office Rm 5700 , Norman, OK, 73072
telephone: 913-952-1903; e-mail: rachelbnorris@ou.edu

Faculty Advisor: Kevin A Kloesel
e-mail: longhorn@ou.edu

Treasurer: Josh Wadler
e-mail: jwadler@ou.edu


Founded in: 1947
Last Election: 05/2013
URL: http://www.ametsoc.org/chapters/oregon

President: (Primary Contact) Steve Pierce , PO BOX 2491 , Vancouver, WA, 98668
telephone: 503-504-2075; e-mail: stevejpierce@comcast.net

Vice President: Bobby Corser
e-mail: tvweatherproducer@gmail.com

Secretary: Brian MacMillan
e-mail: brian.macmillan@kptv.com

Treasurer: John Rinier
e-mail: john@johnrinier.com

Councilor: Mark Nelsen
e-mail: mark.nelsen@kptv.com

Councilor: Crystal Stout
e-mail: airboss@nwplace.com

Councilor: Tyree Wilde
e-mail: tyree.wilde@noaa.gov


California University/Southwest Pennsylvania
Founded in: 2002
Last Election: 05/2014
URL: http://sai.calu.edu/clubs/weather

President: (Primary Contact) Joshua G Gebauer , Calif. Univ. of Pennsylvania , Dept. of Earth Sciences , Box 55 , 250 University Avenue, California, PA, 15419
telephone: 814-594-6927; e-mail: GEB6699@calu.edu

Secretary: Jensen L Hufnagel
telephone: 814-758-4315; e-mail: HUF2018@calu.edu

Web Admin.: Ryan C Lingo
telephone: 215-768-7076; e-mail: LIN1730@calu.edu

Treasurer: Brittany A Kusniar
telephone: 724-366-5475; e-mail: KUS2111@calu.edu

Other: Jason D Dohoda
telephone: 412-760-9471; e-mail: DOH5775@calu.edu

Councilor: Chad M. Kauffman , Ph.D.
telephone: 724-938-5760; e-mail: kauffman@calu.edu

Faculty Advisor: Mario Majcen , Ph.D.
telephone: 724-938-4180; e-mail: majcen@calu.edu

Councilor: Swarndeep S Gill , Ph.D.
telephone: 724-938-1677; e-mail: gill@calu.edu

Vice President: Jamie L Melzer
telephone: 412-337-3032; e-mail: MEL5800@calu.edu

Founded in: 2000
Last Election: 05/2012
URL: http://www.udel.edu/Geography/AMS_Chapter/

President: (Primary Contact) Alan M. Cope , National Weather Service , 732 Woodlane Road , Westampton, NJ, 08060
telephone: 609-261-6602; e-mail: alan.cope@noaa.gov

Vice President: Linden Wolf
telephone: 302-831-1047; e-mail: lwolf@udel.edu

Treasurer: Joe Miketta
telephone: 609-261-6602; e-mail: joseph.miketta@noaa.gov

Millersville University
Founded in: 1986
Last Election: 05/2014
URL: http://snowball.millersville.edu/~ams

Recording Secretary: Rosa A Brothman
telephone: 267-229-1390; e-mail: rabrothm@millersville.edu

Treasurer: Ben M Bonner
telephone: 609-519-1606; e-mail: bmbonner@millersville.edu

Web Admin.: Megan E Nielsen
telephone: 443-643-7988; e-mail: menielse@millersville.edu

Secretary: Jennifer L Hane
telephone: 484-333-0893; e-mail: jlhane@millersville.edu

Vice President: Renee E Duff
telephone: 443-547-1899; e-mail: reduff@millersville.edu

President: (Primary Contact) Jimmy P Fowler , Millersville University AMS , SMC Box 35 , Millersville University , Millersville , PA, 17551
telephone: 302-373-9778; e-mail: jpfowler@millersville.edu

Faculty Advisor: Richard D Clark
telephone: 717-872-3930; e-mail: Richard.Clark@millersville.edu

The Pennsylvania State University
Founded in: 1952
Last Election: 04/2014
URL: http://psubams.met.psu.edu/

President: (Primary Contact) John Paul Nicola , PSUBAMS , Department of Meteorology , 503 Walker Building , University Park, PA, 16802
e-mail: jpn5089@psu.edu

Vice President: Meredith Fish
e-mail: mwf5243@psu.edu

Secretary: Maximilian Vido
e-mail: mov5104@psu.edu

Treasurer: Bradford Guay
e-mail: bpg5075@psu.edu

Faculty Advisor: Marisa A. Ferger
e-mail: mferger@psu.edu

Faculty Advisor: Jerry Y. Harrington
e-mail: harring@mail.meteo.psu.edu

Publicity: Alexandria Herdt
e-mail: ajh5553@psu.edu

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico


University of Puerto Rico - Mayaguez (UPRM)
Founded in: 2006
Last Election: May/2014
URL: www.sometpr.com

Faculty Advisor: Carlos U. Pabón Ortiz
e-mail: cupabon5@gmail.com

Newsletter Editor: Lee Ann Inglés Serrano
e-mail: lee.ingles@upr.edu

Other: Rosa M Vargas
e-mail: rosa.vargas1@upr.edu

President: (Primary Contact) José A. Algarín Ballesteros , AMS Student Chapter , Department of Physics , University of Puerto Rico - Mayagüez , P.O. Box 9000, Mayaguez, PR, 00681
telephone: 787-466-6007; e-mail: jose.algarin2@upr.edu

Secretary: Mileidy Crespo Jones
e-mail: mileidy.crespo@upr.edu

Treasurer: Gloria J. Berrios
e-mail: gloria.berrios@upr.edu

Vice President: Evemarie Y Bracetti Resto
e-mail: evemarie.bracetti@upr.edu

Web Admin.: Iván Fontánez
e-mail: ivan.fontanez@upr.edu

South Carolina

College of Charleston
Founded in: 2000
Last Election: 10/2010

President: Cameron Self
e-mail: ckself87@gmail.com

Vice President: Conor Smith
e-mail: cjsmith4@edisto.cofc.edu

Secretary: Stephen Brown
e-mail: stevebrown703@gmail.com

Treasurer: Joseph Niehaus
e-mail: jdniehau@edisto.cofc.edu

Faculty Advisor: (Primary Contact) Michael L Larsen , College of Charleston , Physics Department , 66 George St. , Charleston, SC, 29424
telephone: 843-953-2128; e-mail: LarsenML@cofc.edu

Founded in: 1988
Last Election: 03/27/2014
URL: http://www.ametsoc.org/chapters/palmetto/

President: (Primary Contact) Daniel C. Miller , National Weather Service , 2909 Aviation Way , West Columbia, SC, 29170
telephone: 803-822-8133; e-mail: daniel.miller@noaa.gov

Secretary/Treasurer: Andrew P. Kingston
telephone: 803-898-0403; e-mail: kingstap@dhec.sc.gov

Vice President: Whitney L. Rushing
telephone: 803-822-8135; e-mail: whitney.smith@noaa.gov

Upstate South Carolina
Founded in: 1994
Last Election: 06/2013


President: (Primary Contact) Meghan Danahey , , ,
telephone: 704-281-6416; e-mail: mdanahey@hotmail.com

Vice President: Laurence Lee
telephone: 864-848-9970; e-mail: laurence.lee@noaa.gov

Treasurer: Dan Bickford
e-mail: dbickford@wspa.com

South Dakota

Black Hills
Founded in: 1977
Last Election: 04/2012
URL: http://bhams1.blogspot.com

President: (Primary Contact) Adam French , South Dakota School of Mines and Technology , Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences , 501 E. St. Joseph St. , Rapid City, SD, 57701
e-mail: adam.french@sdsmt.edu

Vice President: Erin Walter
e-mail: erin.walter@mines.sdsmt.edu

Secretary: John Hamilton
e-mail: john.hamilton@mines.sdsmt.edu

Treasurer: Alana Ballweber
e-mail: alana.ballweber@mines.sdsmt.edu

Siouxland Weather MINDs
Founded in: 1995
Last Election: 12/2011
URL: http://www.engineering.sdstate.edu/~physics/wx_minds/index.htm

President: (Primary Contact) Larry M. Browning , South Dakota State University , Physics Department , Box 2219 , CEH 314, Brookings, SD, 57007
telephone: 605-688-4548; e-mail: Larry.Browning@sdstate.edu

Vice President: Philip N. Schumacher
telephone: 605-330-4247; e-mail: Phil.Schumacher@noaa.gov

Secretary: Joanne P Anderson
telephone: 605-688-5670; e-mail: joanne.anderson@sdstate.edu

Treasurer: Brian A. Karstens
telephone: 605-357-5687; e-mail: bkarstens@keloland.com

South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
Founded in: 2014
Last Election: 03/2014

Faculty Advisor: Darren R. Clabo
e-mail: darren.clabo@sdsmt.edu

President: (Primary Contact) Timothy C. Nelson , South Dakota School of Mines & Technology , Department of Atmospheric and Environmental Scienc , 501 East Saint Joseph Street, Rapid City, SD, 57701
e-mail: timothy.nelson@mines.sdsmt.edu

Secretary: Jacey Wipf

Treasurer: Trisha Gabbert

Vice President: Jorel R Torres


Johnson County


Founded in: 1970
Last Election: 05/2014
URL: http://www.amsmemphis.org

President: (Primary Contact) Thomas L. Salem , Jr. , National Weather Service - Memphis , 7777 Walnut Grove Road, OM-1 , Memphis, TN, 38120
telephone: 901-544-0401; e-mail: president@amsmemphis.org

Vice President: Ned Savage
e-mail: vp@amsmemphis.org

Secretary/Treasurer: Jim Branda
telephone: 901-544-0401; e-mail: jim.branda@noaa.gov

Web Admin.: Erik A. Proseus
telephone: 901-397-8493; e-mail: eproseus@fedex.com

Past President: Erik A. Proseus
telephone: 901-397-8493; e-mail: eproseus@fedex.com

Smoky Mountain
Founded in: 1997
Last Election: 03/2014
URL: http://www.ametsoc.org/chapters/smokymnt/

President: (Primary Contact) Jeremy Buckles , Meteorologist , Lenoir City, TN,
e-mail: jlbuckles@gmail.com

Secretary/Treasurer: Bob Becker
e-mail: RBWM5657@aol.com

Vice President: Joanne Logan
telephone: 865-974-8803; e-mail: loganj@utk.edu

Web Admin.: David Gaffin
e-mail: David_Gaffin@yahoo.com

UCHS Valley Beautiful Pre-College


University of Tennessee Martin
Founded in: 2014
Last Election: Pending 2014

Faculty Advisor: (Primary Contact) Robert M. Simpson , Ph.D. , University of Tennessee Martin , College of Agriculture & Applied Science , Dept. of Agriculture, Geosc, & Natural Resources , 256 Brehm Hall, Martin, TN, 38238
telephone: 731-881-7439; e-mail: msimpson@utm.edu

President: John A Reasons
telephone: 731-487-3455; e-mail: johareas@ut.utm.edu

Secretary: Taylor Binkley

Treasurer: Rebecca Smith

Vice President: Hannah Wallsmith




Central Texas


Founded in: 1965
Last Election: 01/2010
URL: http://www.amshouston.net

President: (Primary Contact) Aaron M. Studwell , Wilkens Weather , 2925 Briarpark Drive, Suite 710 , , Houston, TX, 77042
telephone: 713-430-7146; e-mail: aaron.studwell@wilkensweather.com

Vice President: Lance Wood
telephone: 281-337-5192; e-mail: Lance.Wood@noaa.gov

Secretary: Jennifer Stein
telephone: 281-652-1041; e-mail: jstein@impactweather.com

Treasurer: Brian Planz
telephone: 713-430-7400; e-mail: Brian.Planz@wilkensweather.com

Houston Area Student Chapter
Founded in: 2009
Last Election: Spring 2011

Contact: Alexander Kotsakis
telephone: 847-254-9107; e-mail: alex.kotsakis@gmail.com

President: Jay Shelton

Faculty Advisor: Barry L. Lefer
e-mail: blefer@uh.edu

North Texas
Founded in: 1937
Last Election: 05/2014
URL: http://www.ametsoc.org/chapters/northtexas/

Secretary: David McAnally
telephone: 940-799-9440; e-mail: david.mcanally@gmail.com

President: (Primary Contact) Gregory Story , National Weather Service , West Gulf River Forecast Center , 3401 Northern Cross Blvd. , Fort Worth, TX, 76137
telephone: 817-831-3289; e-mail: Greg.Story@noaa.gov

Vice President: Greg Higgins
telephone: 817-236-6806; e-mail: gs.higgins@sbcglobal.net

Treasurer: Stanley Christmas
telephone: 817-656-2925; e-mail: elvira6@swbell.net

South Central Texas Chapter
Founded in: 2008
Last Election: 10/2013
URL: http://www.sctxamsnwa.net

Co-President: Juan Alanis
telephone: 956-251-3996; e-mail: juan.alanis@noaa.gov

Co-President: Bob Rose
e-mail: bob.rose@lcra.org

Secretary/Treasurer: Rich Dixon
e-mail: rd11@txstate.edu

Vice President: Richard McAlister
e-mail: richardmcalister@outlook.com

Vice President: Carmen Nava-Fischer
e-mail: cnava-fischer1@alamo.edu

Southeast Texas/Southwest Louisiana Chapter
Founded in: 2012
Last Election: 05/2013

Councilor: Dr James Westgate
e-mail: james.wetgate@lamar.edu

Secretary/Treasurer: Benjamin J. Terry
e-mail: benterry@kplctv.com

President: (Primary Contact) Donald R. Jones , 1828 N Tallowood Dr , Lake Charles, LA, 70605
telephone: 985-788-1622; e-mail: donald.jones@noaa.gov

Vice President: Jonathan Brazzell

Texas A&M University
Founded in: 1956
Last Election: 05/2014

President: (Primary Contact) Avery B. Tomasco , Texas A&M University , Department of Atmospheric Sciences , 3150 TAMU , College Station, TX, 77843
telephone: 512-698-5313; e-mail: abtomasco@gmail.com

Secretary: Lauren Replogle
telephone: 512-775-9181; e-mail: laurenreplogle@gmail.com

Vice President: Cameron Batiste
telephone: 713-737-5795; e-mail: cbat052693@tamu.edu

Treasurer: Kat Cobb
telephone: 713-598-9543; e-mail: Kat.j.cobb@gmail.com

Faculty Advisor: Don Conlee , Ph.D.
telephone: 979-845-5099; e-mail: dconlee@tamu.edu

Faculty Advisor: Robert Korty , Phd.
telephone: 979-847-9090; e-mail: korty@tamu.edu

Publicity: Edmar Ruano
telephone: 407-222-4672; e-mail: edmar.ruano@gmail.com

University of Incarnate Word
Founded in: 2007
Last Election: 04/2012
URL: http://www.stormcenterlive.net/StormCenterLive/HOME.html

Co-President: Alexandra Sammon
e-mail: alexandrasammon@yahoo.com

President: (Primary Contact) James D Fieber , University of the Incarnate Word AMS/NWA Chapter , Meteorology Department , 4301 Broadway , San Antonio, TX, 78209
telephone: 210-833-5360; e-mail: fieber@student.uiwtx.edu

Secretary: Teresa Velasco
e-mail: velasco@student.uiwtx.edu

Secretary/Treasurer: Lucia Vives
e-mail: vives@student.uiwtx.edu

Corresponding Secretary: Erik Esparza
e-mail: emesparz@student.uiwtx.edu

Faculty Advisor: Alejandro V Garcia
telephone: 210-829-6000; e-mail: alex@wxguide.com

Faculty Advisor: Larry Peabody
telephone: 210-829-6000; e-mail: lpeabody@satx.rr.com

West Texas
Founded in: 1993
Last Election: 08/2014
URL: http://www.atmo.ttu.edu/

President: (Primary Contact) Ashley Morris , Texas Tech University , Atmospheric Science Group , Box 41053 , Lubbock, TX, 79409-210
e-mail: ashley.morris@ttu.edu

Vice President: Kelly Neely
e-mail: kelly.neely@ttu.edu

Secretary: Aaron Hill
e-mail: aaron.hill@ttu.edu

Treasurer: Tim Sliwinski
telephone: 504-722-1320; e-mail: timothy.sliwinski@ttu.edu

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Brian Ancell
telephone: 806-742-3143; e-mail: brian.ancell@ttu.edu


Salt Lake Student Chapter
Founded in: 2000
Last Election: 05/2013
URL: http://www.atmos.utah.edu/ametsoc/

Faculty Advisor: Kevin D. Perry
e-mail: kevin.perry@utah.edu

Other: Adam C. Abernathy
e-mail: adam.abernathy@utah.edu

Past President: Brian K Blaylock
telephone: 385-208-2300; e-mail: blaylockbk@gmail.com

President: (Primary Contact) Ben Fasoli , Student AMS , Department of Atmospheric Sciences , 135 S. 1460 E. Room 819 , Salt Lake City, UT, 84112
telephone: 508-965-3887; e-mail: btbenjo@gmail.com

Secretary: Alex Lukinbeal

Treasurer: Alex Weech

Vice President: Jeff Fitzgerald
telephone: 801-319-5354; e-mail: u0629004@utah.edu

Founded in: 1942
Last Election: 04/2014
URL: https://www.facebook.com/UtahAMS

Publicity: Maura Hahnenberger
e-mail: mhahnenb@bruinmail.slcc.edu

Secretary: Cody Oppermann
e-mail: cody.oppermann@gmail.com

President: (Primary Contact) Monica Traphagan , 2242 W North Temple , Salt Lake City, UT, 84116
e-mail: Monica.Traphagan@noaa.gov

Vice President: Kimberly Smith
e-mail: kimi.smith@utah.edu

Treasurer: Peter J. Wilensky
e-mail: peter.wilensky@noaa.gov

Web Admin.: General Information
e-mail: utah.ams@gmail.com


Lyndon State College
Founded in: 1971
Last Election: 04/2014
URL: http://apollo.lsc.vsc.edu/ams

Other: Anthony Macari
e-mail: Anthony.Macari@lyndonstate.edu

Publicity: Stephen Decatur
telephone: 802-751-5085; e-mail: Stephen.Decatur@lyndonstate.edu

President: (Primary Contact) Christopher McCray , LSC Box 7221 , Lyndon State College , 1001 College Road , Lyndonville, VT, 05851
telephone: 413-813-9440; e-mail: Christopher.McCray@lyndonstate.edu

Vice President: Josh Cingranelli
telephone: 860-917-4575; e-mail: Josh.Cingranelli@lyndonstate.edu

Science Fair Coordinator: Arianna Varuolo-Clarke
telephone: 914-733-2576; e-mail: Arianna.Varuolo-Clarke@lyndonstate.edu

Secretary: Benjamin Adkins
e-mail: Benjamin.Atkins@lyndonstate.edu

Treasurer: Josh Searles
telephone: 860-384-8343; e-mail: Josh.Searles@lyndonstate.edu

Faculty Advisor: Jason Shafer
telephone: 802-626-6225; e-mail: jason.shafer@lyndonstate.edu

Newsletter Editor: Sarah Murphy
telephone: 207-240-7190; e-mail: sarah.murphy@lyndonstate.edu


Central Virginia


Hampton Roads


Hampton University Student Chapter
Founded in: 2008
Last Election: 09/2010
URL: http://cas.hamptonu.edu/

President: (Primary Contact) Christopher J. Spells , Center for Atmospheric Sciences , Hampton University , Hampton, VA, 23668
e-mail: csplls@hotmail.com

Faculty Advisor: William L. Smith
e-mail: bill.l.smith@cox.net

The Blue Ridge Chapter
Founded in: 2012
Last Election: 04/2014

Other: Jordan Pegram
e-mail: jordan95@vt.edu

President: (Primary Contact) Elliot Shiben , Virginia Tech , 112 Major Williams Hall , 220 Stranger Street, Blacksburg, VA, 24061
e-mail: eshiben5@vt.edu

Secretary: Hans VanBenschoten
e-mail: hansvan@vt.edu

Treasurer: Mayss Saadoon
e-mail: mayss95@vt.edu

Virginia Piedmont
Founded in: 2003
Last Election: 05/2004

Co-President: (Primary Contact) E. Daniel Carre , University of Virginia , Environmental Sciences - Clark Hall , 291 McCormick Rd. , P.O. Box 400123, Charlottesville, VA, 22904
telephone: 434-924-1306; e-mail: edc6z@virginia.edu

Co-President: Jennie L. Moody
telephone: 434-924-0592; e-mail: moody@virginia.edu

Corresponding Secretary: Thomas L. O'Halloran
telephone: 434-924-1306; e-mail: tlo5c@virginia.edu

Recording Secretary: Jose D. Fuentes
telephone: 434-982-2654; e-mail: jf6s@virginia.edu

Treasurer: Erin B. Potter
telephone: 434-924-1306; e-mail: epotter@virginia.edu


Inland Northwest


Puget Sound
Founded in: 1935
Last Election: 2010
URL: http://www.atmos.washington.edu/ams/

President: (Primary Contact) Cliff Mass , Univ. of Washington , Atmos. Sci. Dept. , Box 351640 , Seattle, WA, 98195-1640
telephone: 206-685-0910; e-mail: cliff@atmos.washington.edu

Vice President: Kirby Cook
e-mail: kirby.cook@noaa.gov

Secretary/Treasurer: Jordan Sutton
e-mail: jls4c@frontier.com

University of Washington
Founded in: 2001
Last Election: 06/02/2014
URL: http://www.atmos.washington.edu/uw_ams/

President: (Primary Contact) Matt Rogers , Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences , University of Washington , 626 ATG Building , Box 351640, Seattle, WA, 98195
e-mail: rawrgers@u.washington.edu

Publicity: Ángel Adames-Corraliza
e-mail: angelf88@atmos.washington.edu

Secretary: Max Smith
e-mail: maxwella@u.washington.edu

Treasurer: Matt Woelfle
e-mail: woelfle@uw.edu

Vice President: Isaac Renfrow
e-mail: irenfrow@u.washington.edu

Web Admin.: Jennifer DeHart
e-mail: jcdehart@uw.edu

Faculty Advisor: Clifford F. Mass
e-mail: cliff@atmos.washington.edu


Greater Milwaukee
Founded in: 1973
Last Election: 05/2012
URL: http://www.facebook.com/MilwaukeeAMS


President: (Primary Contact) Barton J Adrian , , ,
telephone: 414-502-5125; e-mail: adrianb@uwm.edu

Vice President: James M Frederick
telephone: 262-524-9287; e-mail: jmf@uwm.edu

Secretary: James Johnson

Treasurer: Stephen J. Augustine
telephone: 414-962-5291; e-mail: augustin@uwm.edu

Northland College
Founded in: 1998
Last Election: 04/2011

President: William J. Mokry , Jr.
telephone: 815-997-0196; e-mail: mokryw01@myemail.northland.edu

Vice President: Chelsea Bartlett

Secretary: Carissa Stephenson

Treasurer: Colton Eddy

Faculty Advisor: (Primary Contact) Luke P. Van Roekel , c/o Northland College , 1411 Ellis Ave. , Ashland, WI, 54806-3999
e-mail: lvanroekel@northland.edu

Publicity: Stephanie Lein

Founded in: 1999
Last Election: 05/2009
URL: http://www.ametsoc.org/chapters/packerland/

President: (Primary Contact) Dave Miller , WFRV-TV , PO Box 19055 , Green Bay, WI, 543079055
e-mail: dmm427@aol.com

Vice President: Steve Meyer
e-mail: meyers@uwgb.edu

Secretary: Brian Hulse
e-mail: brianhulse@unforgettable.com

Treasurer: Peg Zenko
e-mail: pegzenko@gmail.com

Other: Gary Austin
e-mail: gary.austin@noaa.gov

Other: John Chandik
e-mail: jchandik@earthlink.net

Other: Jeff Last
e-mail: jeff.last@noaa.gov

University of Wisconsin-Madison
Founded in: 1987
Last Election: 05/2010
URL: http://www.aos.wisc.edu/~ams


President: (Primary Contact) Carissa G Bunge , UW AMS , 1225 W Dayton Street , Madison, WI, 53706
telephone: 630-392-1335; e-mail: cbunge@wisc.edu

Vice President: William Line
e-mail: line@wisc.edu

Secretary: Elise Garms
e-mail: egarms@wisc.edu

Treasurer: Alita Spangenberg
e-mail: aspangenberg@wisc.edu

Faculty Advisor: Jon E Martin , Dr
telephone: 608-262-2828; e-mail: jemarti1@wisc.edu


Southeast Wyoming
Founded in: 1987
Last Election: 09/2013
URL: http://ametsoc.uwyo.edu

Past President: Jaclyn Ritzman
e-mail: jaclyn.ritzman@gmail.com

President: (Primary Contact) Dustin A Snare , Department of Atmospheric Science , Engineering Building , Room 6045 , University of Wyoming, Laramie, WY, 82073
telephone: 717-307-0028; e-mail: dsnare@uwyo.edu

Secretary/Treasurer: Phil T Bergmaier
e-mail: pbergmai@uwyo.edu

Vice President: Eric R Beamesderfer
e-mail: ebeamesd@uwyo.edu

Faculty Advisor: Bart Geerts
e-mail: geerts@uwyo.edu