Chapter News
May 2009


Election results are in!  Congratulations to our new officers.

President: Katie Van Cleave and Julia Weiden
Secretary: Lisa Bacis
Treasurer: Chris Wood

The photo contest was also held.  The winner was Lisa Bacis.  Her photo will be featured on the front cover of the manual for next year's basic meteorology lab.  All of the photos that were entered will be posted in Room 1104.---Robert Gottlieb.



May Meeting Minutes.---Andy Monplaisir.



The AMS/NWA meeting was held on Tuesday April 21st. President Greg Story called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm. Greg welcomed visitors and new members.  Greg informed the members that Haag Engineering is conducting a hail pad study and he had some pads to give to the members, the pads will be collected by Haag Engineering.  

Virtual Storm Chase – will run from April 20th – June 20th you can go to to register.

Stan Christmas gave a treasury report. Stan told the members that they received a thank you from one of the science fair students; Tracy Burns read the card to the members.

Jennifer Dunn and Ted Best gave a very interesting presentation on Derechos.---Bobette Mauck.



May Chapter News.---Arthur Umland.



The May meeting of the Smoky Mountain Chapter was held on the 18th. Everyone met first for dinner at "Calhouns on the River" in Knoxville. The meeting then commenced in Room 160 of the Plant Biotech Building on the Ag campus of the University of Tennessee. The speaker was Grant Goodge (retired from the National Climatic Data Center) who spoke about "Wind". The presentation examined the history of wind estimates, measurements, and some of the common instruments used to populate the nation's climatological data bases. Discussion were given about the nature of windflow and resulting damage, as well as the beneficial uses of wind and wind data.---David Gaffin.



The Texas A&M Student chapter of AMS met on Tuesday May 5, 2009. The meeting was the final meeting of the school year. No speakers were present, but the meeting was the first run by the newly elected officers.---Rita Matos.



President Chris Bovitz called the May 2009 meeting of the Chapter to order at 7:03pm on May 21, 2009.  Secretary-Treasurer Bryan Howell and Newsletter Editor Kevin Huyck were in attendance along with 11 members.  The meeting convened at the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Chanhassen, MN following a picnic outside the building.  

The meeting opened with the customary introductions and was followed by a reading of the April meeting minutes by Secretary-Treasurer Bryan Howell.  A motion was made by Nicolle Morock to accept the minutes with a second by Craig Edwards.  The motion passed.  Following the minutes was the Treasurer’s report.  Secretary-Treasurer Bryan Howell went over the finances from the past month and over the past chapter year.  Kevin Huyck moved to accept the reports with a second from Chuck Schoeneberger.  The motion passed.

President Chris Bovitz next announced the winners of the winter contest.  Bill Enderson came in first for snowfall with Craig Edwards in a close second.  Mike Bardou was first in the temperature category.  President Bovitz then presented the prizes to the winners that were in attendance. 

Officer elections were next on the agenda.  Nominations were opened for each position with a reading of the position duties as found in the chapter constitution.  One person was nominated for each position with the membership casting white ballots in the candidate’s names.  The officers for the 2009-2010 chapter year are:


President: Chris Bovitz

Vice-President: Matt Friedlein

Secretary-Treasurer: Bryan Howell

Newsletter Editor: Kevin Huyck


              In addition to the election of officers, there were a few positions that needed to be filled as well.  First up was Science Fair Coordinator.  Matt Friedlein agreed to continue to serve in this position with possible assistance from Diane Cooper.  This position will be revisited in the fall to see if there is any more interest.  The second position was for the chair of the newly created By-laws committee.  Kevin Huyck volunteered to chair this committee, which will consist of the officers and any other interested parties.  Meeting information will be forthcoming. 

              One of the constitutional amendments was briefly discussed next, but no action could be taken since the language was not complete and the no action was taken at the last meeting to put the process in motion.  The language for the amendment to the elections article was finalized and will be ready to act on in the fall.

              President Bovitz next spoke about the chapter activities over the past year and some ideas for the future.  Following this Secretary-Treasurer Howell then spoke briefly about the AMS Local Chapter Handbook and a few of the items listed within that would be of interest to the chapter as they addressed a few of the topics that had been under discussion over the past few meetings.  President Bovitz then thanked everyone for a great year.  Craig Edwards followed with a motion to adjourn the business meeting with a second from Mike Bardou.  The membership approved the motion and the business meeting was adjourned at 7:57 PM. 

              The evening’s speaker was member Craig Edwards.  Craig retired as Meteorologist-in-Charge at the Twin Cities WFO in 2007 and then went to Minnesota Public Radio to start weather programming.  Craig regaled the members with stories of his years in the NWS and made comments on how much technology has changed the way things are done in that time.  For example, when he started, the radar that was used at the Milwaukee office was located in Neenah, WI and the data had to be faxed in, which by that time was 5 minutes old.  He wrapped his presentation up with a case study on how the forecast changed through one day with an incoming MCS from September 1981 when he was at the Indianapolis office.  The meeting was then adjourned at 8:56 PM.---Bryan Howell.



Minutes from:

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Clifford Hall Room 264

5:15 p.m.

Members Present:

Al Borho – Advisor

Dan Koller - President

Kelsey Watkins - Vice President

Erin Bertschi - Treasurer

Kevin Skow - Secretary

Andrea Neumann

Leah Tatarak

Matt Saari

Nichole Shotwell

Kathryn Crosby

Aymie Oliver-Wedwick

Amanda Homann

Mike Lanciki

Tim Logan

Jennifer Dvorak

Ben Schink

Garrett Jepsen

Dan Adriaansen

Call to Order:

President-Elect Kelsey Watkins called the AMS meeting to order at 5:15 pm.

Past Minutes:

The minutes from 04/21/09 were read.

Officer Reports:

-President’s Report: None

-Vice-President’s Report: None

-Secretary’s Report: None

-Treasurer’s Report: The AMS balance is currently: $2553.64.

Guest Speaker:

- None.


Old Business:

-The ATSC Awards Banquet was held on Friday, April 24. The guest speaker at the event was Mark Fraizer, the MIC at the NWS in Grand Forks. Thanks to the Banquet Committee for their hard work in making the banquet look great and run smoothly.

-We played three final games of broomball (including two playoff games) at the Ralph over the past two weeks. Thank you to all those who played and made it a great season.

-AMS sold hot dogs in the link last Friday. We made $245.00 pending expenses (likely to be near $25.00 minus expenses).

-The popcorn drawing for next year was held back in late April. We were not selected to sell popcorn for next year.

-AMS participated in the Big Event on Saturday, May 2. We ended up cleaning the football fields and surrounding area damaged by the recent spring flooding. About 12 people showed up to help.

-The ATSC spring picnic was held on Sunday, May 3 at University Park. All who attended had a great time playing different games and socializing with other ATSC people. AMS also handed out the comical professor awards that were voted on in the last meeting.

New Business:        

-The UND Student Involvement Expo is on August 26, 2009 from 10am-3pm. We will have a booth at the expo and will have volunteers sign up to help out in early August.

-We will be emailing incoming ATSC freshmen like we’ve done in the past few years. Al will compile a list of incoming freshmen this summer and Kelsey will distribute this list this summer.

-Professor Borho came to our meeting and gave us a survey regarding our thoughts about the ATSC program at UND and how we can improve it.

-The incoming officers for next year discussed what we did this year in AMS and talked about ideas for different AMS activities for the 2009-2010 year. These included:

              -Skywarn spotter training

              -Girl Scouts weather workshop

              -Talking to elementary/junior high schools

              -Create and sell apparel with our logo

              -Designing a float for the Homecoming parade

              -Holding a Boy Scout workshop

              -Cleaning up the Betty Englstad Arena

              -Various destinations for a Spring Trip

-Activities Committee

-No new business.

-Fundraising Committee

-No new business.

-Banquet Committee

-No new business.


-Have a great summer!!


-The meeting was adjourned without objection at 5:45 pm.---Kevin Skow.




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