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Below are links to AMS Education Resource Associates. The AMS Education Resource Associates (AERA) Network is an important volunteer component of the AMS Education Program. AERAs are specially trained science educators who volunteer their time to assist carrying out the functions of the AMS Education Program. All have completed an AMS educational leadership training program and have significant content training in the AMS disciplines. Represented in most states, the AERA Network collaborates with AMS to promote the teaching of Earth system science to educators across the country.

If you are interested in giving a talk at a local school, judging a science fair, or volunteering your time in some way, these teachers would be a great resource. Please contact these teachers ONLY if you are interested in doing some type of K-12 outreach in meteorology/science.

DataStreme ATMOSPHERE LIT Leaders


DataStreme Ocean LIT Leaders


DataStreme Earth's Climate System LIT Leaders



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