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June 2005


---Evan Kuchera.


AMS Meeting Minutes for:
Banquet Meeting 6/14/05

Our final convergence of the 2005 season took place at the University Club, which is a beautiful exclusive club on the 38th floor of one of downtown Tampa's nicest buildings. This is the night where our members get to socialize and have a wonderful dinner together. For this meeting we were fortunate to have our own Local Chapter AMS Vice President and NWS meteorologist Charlie Paxton as our guest speaker.

To start the evening events, President Andy Johnson began with a brief business meeting. Daniel Noah was called upon to announce the results of the 2003-2004 elections. The officers currently in place have been re-elected to serve again next year. The officers are: President Andy Johnson, Vice-President Charlie Paxton, Secretary Laura Monk, Treasurer Nancy Knight, and Webmaster Daniel Noah.

Then Andy introduced Neva Duncan Tabb & Dr. Dewey Stowers to present this year's scholarship award to student Thomas Walsh. He is specializing in tropical meteorology and we all wish him continued success in his career.

Mr. Charlie Paxton (NWS SOO Tampa Bay) along with his wife Cena and daughter. Dr. Dewey Stowers presenting scholarship award to Thomas Walsh.

Next, Charlie began a fascinating presentation on Tsunami's. Using graphics and charts, he started out with facts about tsunamis and how they affect coastlines. He showed the various causes of tsunamis, both common and rare. He showed some very interesting power-point demonstrations on how plate tectonics affect the oceans and how the effects spread out many miles from the origin points.

He showed historic pictures of tsunamis and affected regions, giving many historical facts along the way. The most stunning portion of the presentation was the video images of the 2004 tsunami. Charlie showed footage, filmed by tourists and locals, that was very emotional as people were running and screaming, fighting for their lives. At the same time, the footage was spectacular and never seen before as these huge waves overtook entire regions.

Charlie concluded his presentation with risks to the east coast of the United States and differences between tsunami's and rogue waves. All in all, Charlie did a presentation that was enlightening, fascinating to watch, and a great learning experience.

This is the end of our 2004-2005 season. Regular meetings will once again resume in September 2005.---Laura Monk.


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