Chapter News
January 2011


The Ark-La-Tex Chapter of the American Meteorological Society held its 1st meeting of 2011 on January 5th, at the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Shreveport, Louisiana. Following a fish and shrimp fellowship dinner, the meeting began at 6:45 pm, with fourteen members present.

A short business meeting was held to collect the annual dues. In addition, President Jason Hansford presided over the annual chapter officer elections. Jason Hansford was re-elected President, Keith Stellman was elected Vice-President, Brandi Richardson was elected Secretary, Leslie Sexton was re-elected Treasurer for the 2011 calendar year. Matthew Duplantis was also designated as the Webmaster for the local chapter webpage. After the business meeting concluded, Nick Fillo, Meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Shreveport, gave a presentation on the April 9th, 2009 Tornado Outbreak that affected extreme Northeast Texas, Southeast Oklahoma, and Southwest Arkansas.  Fillo examined the synoptic and mesoscale environment prior to this outbreak, and specifically analyzed a rare anti-cyclonic tornado that touched down near CenterPoint community in Howard County, AR, which caused EF-2 damage with maximum sustained winds near 125 mph.

The following members were present:

Jason Hansford, President

Keith Stellman, Vice-President

Leslie Sexton, Treasurer

John Beck

Marty Mayeaux

Bryan Walter

Ken Falk

Mark Murphy

Randy Pritchard

Goreth Juays

Armando Garza

Matthew Duplantis

Aaron Stevens

Nick Fillo

The meeting adjourned at 7:35 PM.---Jason Hansford for Brandi Richardson.



Date: January 18, 2011

Meeting in Session: 9:00pm

Meeting Adjourned: 9:32pm

Executive Board

              President: Jason Atcho

              Vice President: Jenny Frautschy

              Treasurer: Michael Wagner

              Secretary: Maura Casey

              SGA Representative: Erica Smith

              Web Master: L.B. LaForce

President’s Report:

              Welcome to the New Year, introduction of new executive board.

Vice President’s Report/Committees:

              No committees this week, but passed around a sign-up sheet for members to indicate which committee they would want to participate in for this semester. Discussed Committee Leaders, had members indicate if they wanted to be a committee leader.

              For the newer Conferences and Miscellaneous Committee, some tasks have been presented for the semester (further discussed in open floor).

Treasurer’s Report:

              No news. Checking: $155.04. Savings: $4,134.82.

Secretary’s Report:

              Sign the attendance sheet, new members write your name and globalID on the paper as well. If the name is highlighted, either dues are owed or need to be repaid due to three or more unexcused absences. If you have an excuse (work, etc) contact the secretary and you will be exempt. New members, $10 for the semester in SCAMS dues.

SGA Representative’s Report:

              Nothing; no SGA meetings yet this semester.


              Starting fixing the website, fixing links, etc.

Special Presentation: Laura Hartman and Jason Atcho: Broadcast Meteorologist Internships

Open Floor:

              Conference Committee: Great Lakes/Valparaiso Conference, one-day in early April, freshman and sophomore level. Severe Storms/Iowa: three-day from March 31-April 2, junior and senior oriented.

              T-shirts: Still in meteorology lab, $10 each. Please pick them up/pay for them!

              Current Weather begins tomorrow (January 19, 2011) at 5:00pm in the met lab with Dr. Peyrefitte.

Date: January 25, 2011

Meeting in Session: 9:00pm

Meeting Adjourned: 9:30pm

Executive Board

              President: Jason Atcho

              Vice President: Jenny Frautschy

              Treasurer: Michael Wagner

              Secretary: Maura Casey

              SGA Representative: Erica Smith

              Web Master: L.B. LaForce

President’s Report:

              Weather Challenge coming up, sign up for free because the school/department covers the cost! Also, scholarship deadlines coming up, including the University of Oklahoma research scholarship (2/16/11) and the Hollings Scholarship (2/4/11).

Vice President’s Report/Committees:

              Really trying to pull for all committees to be able to participate and contribute to Relay For Life to push for more involvement from the entire club; boost membership and publicity.

              Fundraising: Ideas including Buffalos Wild Wings, Las Senoritas, Papa John’s, Tropical Smoothie and bowling.

              Activities: Caberfae Friday Night 2/25/11? Perhaps meet in the Moore Parking lot at 2pm or 3pm, $9 lift, $9 rental, more details to come. Sledding at a nearby hill, put-put golf in the spring, ice skating. Also, proposed limit to one activity per month.

              Conferences/Miscellaneous: Two conferences coming up, Valparaiso (Saturday, 3/26/11) and Iowa (Thursday – Saturday, 3/31/11-4/2/11). Both would cost $25 each in deposit to apply for funding, will get most of other money back in school funding. Also discussed was doing presentations on past conferences and on the etiquette discussed during first semester.

              Public Relations: Starting a Facebook page? Start working on posters to post around campus buildings (Dow, Pierce, IE, dorms, etc.). Look into getting a spot in the calendar sheets in the Residential Restaurants (application, waiting list?).

Treasurer’s Report:

              Anybody who owes dues need to contact Mike and (re)pay dues in order to be an official member. Deposited money into the bank account, spent money on pizza and pop from last meeting. Checking: $155.04. Savings: $4,134.82.

Secretary’s Report:

              Sign the attendance sheet, new members write your name and globalID on the paper as well.  If you have an excuse (work, etc) contact Maura and you will be exempt. New members, $10 for the semester in SCAMS dues.

SGA Representative’s Report:

              SGA outlined the goals for this semester, including: free legal advice as provided by the school, medical amnesty regarding hospital visits and criminal charges, and off-campus recycling beginning with one “tester” apartment complex.


              Posted a link to images of snowflakes under an electron microscope.

Special Presentation: Chase and Troy SCEP program

Open Floor:



January Newsletter.---Lew Fincher.



January 19, 2011 GBM Minutes

Attendance: 40 (Including Exec. Board)

Start Time: 7:00 PM

Samantha (President)-   Samantha welcomes the club from a month  long winter break.  She gave the run down for the rest of the semester.  The following events coming up are winter ball, storm conference, science fair, and then voting for next year’s executive board.   The executive board has made a decision to change the name of the event from Winter Ball to the Generation Dance.  People who attend will get to dress up as their favorite generation (example 50’s, 60’s, 70’s  etc) and a prize will be given out to the best costume.  Sam has been in contact with the hotel for the storm conference and she urges for people to sign up and to room in quads to save room space.   She also urges people to car pool.  Parking is free and we are in the process on figuring out the wifi situation. 

Matt (Vice President)-  Matt asks the club if anyone is interested in joining “Tech Help” for the conference.  The job is to make sure that all the technology is running well during the conference.   

George (Secretary)-    The events have been updated up to Talent Show last December.  If you’re not active there is still time.  You can still get up to 3-4 events and become active.  Registration will be up shortly for LSC students, but registration for others is still up.  

Laura (Treasurer)-  Laura updated the club that we’re out of debt and  is now in the process of getting our budget from SGA. 

Ben (Public Relations)- Ben reminded the club that Generation Dance is on Friday, February 11, 2011 in ASAC 100.

Garrett- (Community Outreach)-  Garrett needs people to help out for the Science Fair (just a head count).  Mt. Washington observatory will be at the event to share their knowledge of weather to the students.  Also, school visits are also on the agenda.  Goal is to get two or three school visits. 

Garrett (Department)- DOW will be on campus next week and will be here for 3 weeks.    Open forum will be held on Thursday, February 17, 2011 at 12:30PM in ASAC 100.  This is a chance for students to voice their opinions to the Department.   

The meeting then ended with a candy raffle. 

End Time:  7:13PM---George J. Krauszer II.



January 27, 2011 

Erik Proseus opened the meeting.  The first order of business was Joey Sulipeck of Fox 13 introduced that he is planning to have a weather camp for 3rd through 6th graders on Saturday, August 6, from 9 a.m. to Noon.  He stated that he receives many calls and emails about children who either love weather or fear weather and he is looking to have something for all these children in the Memphis area.  The camp will be at the Agricenter.

The AMS/NWA could have a table or two that shows learning experiences for the children.  No decision was made; however, the chapter will bring it up at the next meeting in March. 

The chapter has $248.46 in the scholarship fund and 752.99 in the general fund.  The chapter would like to do a $250 scholarship, so we are looking for donations and welcome donations at anytime. 

Erik also announced that the chapter would need some new members for the selection committee, as a couple people from last year cannot help this year.

The chapter may provide refreshments at the February 26 spotter training class at the Agricenter.

We are targeting a February 15 lunch.

Tom Salem led a discussion on the January 9-10, 2011, snowstorm we had in the Mid-South showing data from the NWS computer system.---Tom Salem.




January Meeting Minutes .---Jessica Fieux.



Meeting Type: General Meeting

Meeting Date: January 19, 2011

Attendance:  46

Meeting in Session: 8:31pm

Introduction (Pete Mullinax)

Events/Fundraising Committee (DJ Hoffman and Erica Dolinar)

Outreach Committee (Pete Mullinax)


Meeting adjourned 8:45pm---Kristina Laboy.




Odegard, 103

Member Present
    Al Borho

    Matt Saari

    Miranda Hilgers
    Scott Rowe
    Justin Weber
    Holly Robak
    Meghan O’Connell
    Ben Schink
    Shawn Palquist
    Nichole Shotwell
    Karen Larson
    Erin Hoeft
    Corey Amiot
    Andrea Neumann
    Katie Link
    Garrett Jepsen

I.)Call to Order
    -President Matt Sarri called the meeting to order at 5:14 PM

II.)Old Buisness
    1. Christmas Potluck
        -Overall success
        -Need for food, we ran short
    2. Mortar Board
        -Received a “Thank-You” card for our donation.

    3. Team Atmos donatinon

        -Our planned donation is currently on hold.

III.) New Buisness
    1. Photo Contest
        - One submission from December.  Will extend to January.
        -The theme will be: Snow
    2. Dues
        -Semester dues are due on Feb 15th ($15)
    3.Lake Agassiz Chapter
        -Organizational meeting on Janurary 31st, 8PM in Odegard 102
    4. Scholarships
        -AMS: Feb 11th
        -Hollings: Feb 4th

    5. SCEP Legislation

         -Changes going to be made

         -No more guaranteed job

   6. New Meeting Time

         -Will revert to 5PM

IV.)Comittee Reports
        -Brainstorming ideas for spring trip
    2. Fundraising
        -Baked goods sign up sent around
            *Last semester made around $600
        -Hot Chocolate fundraiser
        -Grilled Cheese fundraiser

President Matt Saari adjourned the meeting at 545PM---Justin Weber.



Meeting: January 25, 2011

I. Welcome

a. National Conference in Seattle, WA
       i. Chris Outler represents the Northern Arizona Chapter
                  1. Took 2nd place in the poster contest
                  2. Attended the Chapter Breakfast

b. Future events
      i. Next Chapter meeting: February 23, 2011
                  1. Guest speaker Chuck Gillick of ADOT on Winter Maintenance program

c. Few calendars left for sale

II. Presentation

a. Great October 6th Tornado Outbreak: Brief Review & Analysis
b. Presenter: Brian Klimowski, Meteorologist in Charge, NWS Flagstaff---Andrew Latto


Start: 11:11 AM

Friend Northwest Indiana AMS/NWA Chapter on Facebook! We'll use it to communicate upcoming events and information to you.

Sign up for our Relay for Life team, Team Twister, at
The event itself will be in the ARC on April 9-10, 2011 and will benefits the American Cancer Society.
It's only $10.00 to join and we will be doing a lot of group fundraisers to help gather donations. We always have a silent auction so start thinking about possible prize ideas-does anyone work at a local business that might want to donate something? We're also thinking about having an Applebee's fundraiser night sometime in March. For every person who brings in a printout saying they're supporting our team, Applebee's will donate 10% of their meal to Relay For Life!

Vice President:
There are a few weather calendars left that are still available for purchase. They're first come, first serve and just $12.00.
March 26 is the Conference! It will be at Strongbows again and speakers such as Christopher Weiss and Stacy Stewart will be presenting. Tickets are $50 if purchased before spring break and a $5 discount will be given to any newbies who haven't gone before. This is a great opportunity to network and even figure out what type of meteorological careers are available to you!

T-shirts are in and are $15.00; find Lisa or Jason if you still need to pick yours up.
The National AMS conference in Seattle is next week!!
Talk to Lisa if you are interested in attending any other conferences this year such as the Broadcasting Conference in Iowa. She has all the information for you.

End: 11:19 AM---Sarah Al-Momar.



Chapter Minutes for January 

Treasurer's Report

Alex Wovrosh has informed us that we have made it over $1000 dollars within our account. This is the first time that our chapter as had this much money. Congratulations to everyone!

This will lead into the subject of fundraising for the month. 


Old Business

The calenders that were being planned to sale to the public will be held off until next year. The proofs that the company was giving us were not to the quality that we would have liked them to be. We will try selling calenders again next year. 

The doughnut sale well be held in February this year. We will be selling Krispy Kreme glazed doughnuts for 6 dollars a dozen. We will have teams that will go around to the different buildings and offices to see if anyone would like to buy them. We will be ordering the doughnuts on Wednesday February 16th and will be receiving them on Friday February 18th. The same teams will be distributing the doughnuts to the buildings that they traveled too. We will also have a table outside of Baker center selling the doughnuts. If you have any questions contact Cora. 

New Business

The dues for the chapter were due this month. If you have not paid your dues that are $5 and they are to be given to our treasurer Alex Wovrosh. Contact him if you have any questions about them. 


Old Business 

We sent out flyers to everyone's high school to get the knowledge that our program exists out there. This will be a great opportunity for high school students to know where they can go for school if there are interested. 

New Business

In February we are planning to attend an elementary school to help second graders learn a little about weather. We will be demonstrating how a couple of simple principles of meteorology work and how they effect how the weather works around us. 

We will also be traveling to Pittsburgh in February to give a helping hand to the Cal U chapter with their StormFest. This event will be held in the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh. A couple of us will travel there to help them out. 

Old Business 

The weather tower is finally functional. The tower out on West State Street is finally up and running, and recording data. Along with the new weather tower is also a new website. The website has totally been redesigned. 

Traveling to Seattle for the AMS conference was a success. There are a lot of great communications that were made while the students were out there, as well as a lot of learning. 

The 2nd annual symposium is coming up fast. We have been talking to different speakers that could possibly come and speak. Alex and Nicole attended the SAC funding meeting in an attempt to receive some money to help a couple of the speakers come in town from further away this year. Being able to have speakers come in from further away will further our symposium even more.---Alex Steinkamp. 



Oklahoma University SCAMS Chapter News - January/February 2011

We started our semester with our first opening meeting featuring renowned scientist, Dr. Charles "Chuck" Doswell, who gave our members an inspiring lecture on the ethics of storm chasing entitled, "Storm Chasing: The Good, The Bad and The Stupid."

Elections were held to replace last year's Publicist (who is studying abroad this semester).

OUSCAMS, in collaboration with the School of Meteorology, hosted our annual Groundhog's Day Party, an event where the students and faculty of the school come together for food, drinks, karaoke, and merriment on February 10th.

Also in our sights is our highly anticipated NASA Field Trip, which will take place one week from today.---Kait Smoleroff.



January Meeting Minutes.---Steve Pierce.



Bowling: Jan 18th 9:30PM until Midnight


Jeffrey Deppa

Matt Drews

Alexander Harrison

Geoff Heidelberger

Anthony Adams

Members of the club went out to enjoy discount bowling night near Rutgers University. The experience was great for club member bonding. Geoff broke 200!

91st Annual AMS Trip, Seattle, WA: January 21st-27th, 2011


Jacob Carlin

Christina Speciale

Kelly Ann Cicalese

Bobby Capella

Jessica Webster

Dan Manzo

Alexander Harrison

Chris Sheridan

Alyssa Caroprese

Alyssa Donovan

Jeffrey Deppa

Anthony Adams

Doug Simonian

Geoff Heidelberger

Matt Drews

Secretary Notes

During this trip junior and senior members of the Rutgers student chapter were able to experience a student and professional conference in Seattle Washington. It was many students first time attending a professional conference. The conference had talks, poster sessions, an exhibit hall, and career fair. The students also had the chance to go out to eat at Pikes Place with the head of the Rutgers Undergraduate Meteorology Program, Dr. Alan Robock. Students are required to give a presentation on at least one of the talks they attended at a regular chapter meeting during the spring semester. Many students were able to talk to potential graduate schools and career providers, which was also very beneficial. Overall, the club had an extremely positive experience during this trip.---Jeffrey Deppa.



The January meeting of the Smoky Mountain Chapter was held on Monday evening, January 24th, in Knoxville. Around ten people first met for dinner at Dazzos Pizza in downtown Knoxville, and then 15 to 20 people convened for the meeting on the Ag campus of the University of Tennessee. The speaker was David Gaffin from the National Weather Service in Morristown, who spoke on "An examination of varying supercell environments over the complex terrain of the eastern Tennessee River Valley". The following was an abstract of his talk:

"The climatological minimum in tornado frequency over the eastern Tennessee River Valley is often attributed to the complex terrain of the region. While tornadoes are relatively uncommon in the eastern Tennessee River Valley (compared to areas further west and south), several significant tornado outbreaks have occurred in this area. Five events that produced supercells across the eastern Tennessee River Valley during the past decade were examined to gain insight into why there were varying levels of tornado-producing efficiency. This study determined that the three events with a high tornado-producing efficiency were characterized by tornado-producing supercells tracking near a well-defined, preexisting west-to-east oriented quasi-stationary frontal boundary. The other two events with a low tornado-producing efficiency had supercells that were located and moved further away from a south-to-north oriented cold front. The west-to-east propagating supercells likely encountered lower LCL heights (and stronger helicity values) for a longer distance along the west-to-east oriented quasi-stationary frontal boundaries in the high tornado-producing efficiency events. In the low tornado-producing efficiency events, the west-to-east propagating supercells encountered higher LCL heights (and weaker helicity values) the further they propagated away from the south-to-north oriented cold fronts, especially across the Great Tennessee Valley where the lowering elevation from the Cumberland Plateau aided in the higher LCL heights. Another common trait observed in four of the five events was the location of strong equivalent potential temperature advection near the locations of the observed supercells and tornadoes. During the one non-tornado-producing event, the combination of high LCL heights, a lack of low-level directional wind shear, and the location of the supercell paths away from a well-defined surface boundary likely caused the lack of tornado development  despite the presence of numerous supercells. The two outbreak events experienced the strongest low-level helicity values in the study, although the low-level instability values were the weakest. While the strongest low-level wind shear was present with the two outbreak events, the higher low-level instability during the other three non-outbreak events may have compensated for the weaker (but still significant) low-level wind shear."---David Gaffin.



January Meeting Minutes.---Lindsay Rice.



The January 2011 meeting of the Twin Cities Chapter of the AMS was called to order on January 18, 2011, by President Chris Bovitz at 7:05 p.m. in the conference room of the Twin The January 2011 meeting of the Twin Cities Chapter of the AMS was called to order on January 18, 2011, by President Chris Bovitz at 7:05 p.m. in the conference room of the Twin Cities WFO/RFC conference room. Vice President Matt Friedlein and six other members were in attendance. Bovitz gave a high-level overview of the October meeting and the November forum. There was no treasurer’s report.

Two constitutional amendments and one change to the bylaws were proposed. There was general assent given to the wording of the amendments and a little discussion about the proposed bylaws change. These are some of the proposed changes to the constitution these documents (changes are in italics):

Constitution - Article IX: Expenses and Chapter Business

Criteria for conducting business at a Chapter meeting shall be established in the Bylaws.

Expenses above an amount specified in the Bylaws and other Chapter business requiring approval of the members shall be approved by a simple majority vote of the members in attendance at the meeting at which the issue was raised.


Bylaws - Section 2: Meetings

Monthly meetings will be on the third Tuesday of the month unless otherwise designated.

To conduct official business at a meeting, at least two (2) elected officers and at least five (5) non-officer members must be present.


These will be voted upon at the next meeting.

Bovitz asked about the state of our application to be a chapter of the NWA. He will contact former Newsletter Editor Kevin Huyck, who was instrumental in getting the process started and moving along.

Science fairs were then discussed. Bovitz listed the upcoming fairs. (See “Science Fair Roundup” in this newsletter for more details. –Editor’s note) Members were urged to check their schedules and volunteer to be a judge at one of these fairs. To extend the supply of our weather radios, at most one radio per fair will be given to the best meteorologically-related project. Bovitz will check with Science Fair Coordinator Arden Berge to find out who has already offered to volunteer. He will also find out what kind of time commitments are needed for each fair.

Sponsorship and outreach activities were discussed next. The chapter is a sponsor of the Minnesota Storm Chasing Convention, which will take place on Saturday, February 26, in Maple Grove. There is a table for us, and we need a couple of people to be there. Bovitz offered that members attending the convention anyway can take turns at the table. He can provide handouts for the convention.

The Chapter is a cosponsor of the National Weather Service’s Northern Plains Convective Workshop, which will be held on March 22 and March 23 at St. Thomas University in St. Paul. Sixty to 70 attendees are expected, but there have been as many as 100 recently. The chapter will work with the Twin Cities WFO to collect registration money via a PayPal account and pay St. Thomas University for refreshments. Attendees will pay $25, and costs are expected to be $22 to $23 per person. Bryan Howell will set up the PayPal account. The chapter will also pay $2 for each of 100 booklets to be printed. The NWS office will decide soon if they will need people from the AMS to work at the workshop.

The chapter approved unanimously (with one abstention) to spend $125 for the use of a table at the Minnesota Skywarn Workshop on April 9 at St. Thomas University in Minneapolis. Bovitz will make handouts for this event has he has done for other years’ events.

There were no other items, so the meeting was adjourned at about 8:35 p.m.---Chris Bovitz.



January 2011 

Monthly Meeting:


No chapter meeting was held due to the amended UPRM 2010-2011 academic calendar. The fall semester ended in January instead of December. We will start having chapter meetings regularly after the spring semester begins in late January. 


91st AMS Annual Meeting:

This year’s AMS Meeting was marked by quite a few first-time events for the chapter. From January 22-23, the chapter formally attended the Student Conference for the first time ever. Eleven members presented their respective research projects at the 10th Student Conference poster session. The chapter poster also became available for viewing. We were well represented at every activity, including the talks, the Career Fair, and the Weather Fest.

All the attendees stayed for the main conference, which lasted until January 27. For the first time, four freshmen received funding to attend the meeting, and another member covered the costs by himself. In addition, two members were selected to work at the conference as part of the Student Assistant Program. Regarding the presentations, one member gave a talk, while another presented a poster at the 24th Conference on Weather and Forecasting/20th Conference on Numerical Weather Prediction.

We were also well represented at the Chapter Breakfast, which was held on January 25. Our chapter received the 1st place in the Student Chapter Poster Competition for the first time ever (Figure 1). We proudly received the award ribbon from Andrea J. Bleistein, the 2010 president of the AMS Local Chapter Affairs Committee (See: This great news was quickly announced the same day through some Puerto Rico local TV stations. Also, the chapter officers were invited to give an interview to the UPRM media station (Prensa RUM), as well as to Univisión PR, within the next month.


Figure 1. The chapter officers posing with the poster after receiving the award

In total, 21 members attended, 11 of which were first-time attendees (Figure 2). Three alumni joined us to share their experience after graduating from UPRM, and presented at the meeting as well. Puerto Rican professionals, such as Ada Monzón, broadcast meteorologist at Univisión PR, and Dr. Yasmín Detrés, Dr. Héctor Jiménez and Dr. Luis F. Bejarano, faculty members of UPRM, accompanied us during the meeting.

Figure 2. UPRM attendees (Photo courtesy of Ken Dewey, Applied Climate Science Group, University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

On behalf of all the members who attended the meeting, the chapter would like to thank all the individuals and/or programs that supported their attendance. 



January Meeting Minutes.---Nicole Carlisle.





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