Chapter News
December 2011


The Ark-La-Tex Chapter of the American Meteorological Society held its 6th meeting of 2011 on December 6th, at the Longhorn Steakhouse in Shreveport, LA. This meeting began at 5:15 pm, with nine members and five guests present.

     Chapter President Jason Hansford discussed the agenda for the January 2012 AMS meeting, upcoming officer elections, as well as other potential topics for future meetings during the next year.

The following members and guests were present:

Jason Hansford, President

JoAnna Hensley (Guest)

Keith Stellman, Vice President

Karen Stellman (Guest)

Leslie Sexton, Treasurer

Lee Sexton (Guest)

Armando Garza

Norma Garza (Guest)

John Beck

Billy Andrews

Cathy Andrews (Guest)

Matt Hemingway

Bryan Walter

Ken Falk                                                                                 

The meeting adjourned at 7:00 PM.---Jason Hansford for Brandi Richardson.



The December 19th meeting was called to order by Vice-President Greg Higgins. There 10 people in attendance. Stanley Christmas gave the Treasure’s report and stated we have enough money in the bank to support the Dallas and Ft Worth Science Fairs.

Bernard Meisner and Craig Finchler have expressed interest in judging this year. Past history of the chapter’s participation in the science fairs was discussed. A motion was made by Bill Bunting and seconded that we give a prize of $25.00 cash to the First Place and Runner-up winners in each of the two divisions. Stanley will make the prize money available to the judges.

Information on the April 2011 Tornado outbreak was passed around and the event was discussed.

Janice Bunting presented the program consisting of two video recorded lectures that were given at the recent NWA National Convention. The first was given by Mike Hudson on lessons learned by the NOAA Decision Support Services from the July 26, 2010 oil spill response in Michigan. The second was an excellent and very interesting 30 minute talk by Dr. Larry DeLucas on an astronaut’s life on the space shuttle.

The next meeting will be on January 17.---Stanley Christmas.



Monday, December 19, 2011 Meeting Minutes
Lansky’s, 50th and L, Omaha, NE

Jay called the meeting to order at 6:45 p.m. and greeted the 27 members and guests in attendance.

President’s Report (Jay Martinelli): Jay announced that our next meeting will be on Thursday, January 19, 2012 at Johnny’s Café in Omaha.  Our speaker will be Dr. Anthony Lupo, who will be speaking to us about Anthropologic Global Warming. 

(Recording Secretary note:  Dr. Lupo’s website at: )

Treasurer’s Report (Fritz VanWijngaarden):

Beginning balance:  $ 318.90 Petty cash, Closing checking balance = $1740.57.  Total = $  2059.47.  He also noted that we have 51 full members and 12 student members at this time.

Recording Secretary’s Report (Karen Harder-Sittel):

The meeting minutes from November were sent to the membership by email, the National Chapter, and also posted to our AMS Facebook page.  A motion that the minutes be approved and submitted to the record was passed. 

Corresponding Secretary's Report (Richard Ritz):  nothing to report

Vice President’s Report (Kristen George): nothing to report

Old Business: Jay reported that we should have ordering information for the shirts ready by our January meeting. 

New Business: Jay told the membership that our January speaker will be coming in from Columbia, MO.  Dr. Lupo agreed to foot the bill for his travel himself.  Now that we do have some money in our chapter coffers, Jay wondered how the membership felt about subsidizing his travel expenses a bit.  After a brief discussion, a motion to provide up to $200 to offset Dr. Lupo’s expenses was made.  This was then voted on and passed unanimously.

Fritz VanWijngaarden remarked that he is attending the annual AMS meeting in New Orleans Jan 22-26, 2012. He told us that Richard Ritz has been working on updating our chapter poster.  A motion was made to allocate $100 towards the completion of the poster.  This was then voted on and passed unanimously.

(Recording Secretary note:  Last year we allocated monies for the poster, but we did not have enough time to complete it, and the monies were not used.  This is a new allocation for the January 2012 meeting.)

Our meeting was adjourned at 6:54 p.m., after which we listened to our guest, Dr. Mark Burbach, who spoke about Transformational Leadership during Times of Cutback Management.---Karen Harder-Sittel.



The Rutgers University Chapter held two meetings in the month of December to wrap up the semester before winter recess.  On December 4th we had an E-Board meeting, at which the first discussion topic was on the trip to AMS coming up in January.  It was established that we would have all attendees meet at Newark Airport at 6:00AM and we would proceed from there.  The planning and ideas for the schools AMS Poster was discussed.  We also discussed some of the Spring 2012 semester's budget which includes $2600 for the Northeast Storms Conference.  This budgeted value as of now looks like it is enough to cover 24 people on the trip for the hotel at Rutland Holiday Inn ($150 per room + $30 per night, per additional person).  It may end up being cheaper but we will handle details for this event later.  We also discussed that we are trying to reschedule the Bill Evans Lecture/talk that was originally intended for this past fall semester.  Also looking into having the Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz talk this spring.

The RU Meteorology Club wants to bring back some items for Spring Sales/Fundraiser including sweatshirts.  Possible colors include our school colors of red and black or possibly green with black tornado logo.  Other potential items the club could order would be hats, ties, or scarves.

On December 14th,  which was a reading day before finals began, we held our last General Club Meeting for the semester.  We first had a mandatory meeting at 7PM for AMS Attendees, at which we discussed the rules/requirements that Rutgers had while students were on the trip, as well as had attendees sign their permission slips.  Afterward at 7:30, the meeting opened to everyone else and we had food and drinks for everyone to relax before final exams.  We held another one of our Weather Photography Contests, and played our classic Meteorology Club Pictionary to finish up the meeting.---Jeffrey Mart.



On behalf of the Southwest Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Meteorological Society, I am proud to present you with our Chapter’s December Submission. 



December 2011 

Monthly Meeting

No chapter meeting was held because classes ended at the beginning of December.


Activity: Internships and Scholarships in Earth Sciences


On December 1st, 22 members attended the second workshop of the semester about opportunities in Earth Sciences. Seven members offered presentations about internship and scholarship opportunities that were not addressed at the previous workshop. The internship opportunities were:  the Joint Institute for the Study of the Atmosphere and Ocean (JISAO) internship, the NOAA Educational Partnership Program (EPP) Undergraduate Scholarship Program, the internship managed by UPRM’s Physics Department- Atmospheric Science and Meteorology program, and the NOAA Center for Atmospheric Sciences at Howard University Summer Internship program. Scholarship opportunities included the AMS Named Scholarships, and the National Weather Association’s David Sankey Minority Scholarship in Meteorology. Ángel Adames-Corraliza, former chapter member and current graduate student at University of Washington’s Department of Atmospheric Science, joined the workshop via Internet. He spoke about his experience as a graduate student and available fellowships and scholarships to support graduate studies. The presentations were sent to the members via e-mail after the workshop.

Activity: National Weather Service (NWS) Spotters Appreciation Day


The chapter’s Demonstrations Committee participated of the NWS Spotters Appreciation Day held at the NWS San Juan office on December 3. The SKYWARN Weather Spotters are volunteer observers trained to provide “on the spot” weather reports to the NWS. The SKYWARN Spotters are considered one of the most important tools for identifying hazardous weather conditions and improving NWS warning decision-making process. This activity recognized the efforts of the SKYWARN Spotters at Puerto Rico.  Our members gave weather-related hands-on activities to the spotters and also attended a talk about the SKYWARN program.

 Activity: Christmas Dinner

The chapter’s traditional end-of-semester dinner was held on December 7 in conjunction with the Society of Physics Students at UPRM. Members from both chapters had the opportunity to socialize with each other in a joyful environment while enjoying a traditional Puerto Rican Christmas meal. Christmas-themed music and decorations, karaoke, and a gift exchange were some of the treats of the evening. During the gift exchange, each member told a “bomba”, a humorous verse recited during break in music. After dinner, some of the students continued the celebration with a “parranda”, the Puerto Rican version of Christmas caroling (Figure 1).  

Figure 1.  Chapter members singing Puerto Rican Christmas songs with members from the Society of Physics Students at UPRM

---Diamilet Pérez-Betancourt.




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