Chapter News
December 2010


December 8, 2010 Meeting Minutes 

The Ark-La-Tex Chapter of the American Meteorological Society held its 6th and final meeting of 2010 on December 8th, at Longhorn Steakhouse in Shreveport, Louisiana. The meeting began at 6:00 pm, with four members and one guest present.

President Jason Hansford discussed the agenda for the January 2011 AMS meeting, as well as other potential topics for future meetings during the next year.

The following members were present:

Jason Hansford, President

Keith Stellman

Mark Murphy

Billy Andrews

Cathy Andrews (Guest)

The meeting adjourned at 7:45 PM.---Jason Hansford for Marcy Novak.



Meeting Minutes 12/7/10

·         Thanks to everyone who helped with WeatherPhone this semester!  We had the most participation we’ve had in a long time!

·         Don’t forget to sign up for WeatherPhone for credit for next semester!

·         Look out for emails about intramurals for next semester as well

·         Forecast Contest prizes:

-          1st place: Tory Farney

-          2nd place: Jase Bernhardt

-          3rd place: Johnathan Kirk

-          Congratulations!

AMS Conference:

·         Look out for an email about the Alumni Dinner and room assignments soon

·         Flights/registration for the conference should have already been taken care of

·         **NOTE: flight times for the trip to and from the conference have changed so be sure your information is updated!!

·         *If you are not staying in the CCAMS block for the conference, please let Matt/Tory know so that we can finalize rooms

Next semester:

·         Look forward to Alumni Weekend in the spring, continued Intramurals, outreach events, social events, etc!

**Thanks for a great semester, CCAMS!! Have an awesome winter break, and we’ll see you all in January!!**---Sarah Lynagh.



Winter Newsletter---Andrea Bleistein.



The High Plains AMA Chapter met via a conference call, at 2 pm on Wednesday, December 15th.  President Mike Umscheid led the conference all, with 12 members logged into the call.   President Mike Umscheid continues to work on the Tax-exempt status for our Chapter.  Our Chapter will first need to become incorporated as a non-profit organization in either the state of Kansas or Nebraska, before we can apply to the IRS for tax-exempt status.  It was decided to incorporate in Kansas, and this action requires us to have a “registered agent”, which President Mike Umscheid volunteered for.  Mike will continue to work with Jim Johnson on filing the required IRS Form 1023. 

 Rick Ewald/GID read the proposal from the Wichita AMA/NWA Chapter, covering the upcoming joint Conference to be held in Wichita in 2011.  The proposal calls for a 3-day conference, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Saturday is being planned as a “Family Day”, with activities planned around Wichita for families of conference attendees.  One issue was centered upon the proposal for our Chapter to split the cost of conference.  Our members were in general agreement that we would split the cost of the student scholarships, but we would not commit more than $1000, and hope to get that money back. 

A beginning of this year’s Jim Johnson Scholarship committee was discussed, and volunteers came forward:  Chris Foltz/GLD, Teresa Keck/LBF and Scott Bryant/GID. Another will be added from the DDC office soon.  Officer nominations were solicited, and will be voted on at the first meeting in 2011. 

The next meeting will be during the first week in February.---Tim Burke.



December 1, 2010 GBM Minutes

Attendance: 42 (Including Exec. Board)

Start Time: 7:05 P.M

Sam (President) - Sam started off the meeting by announcing that the AMS is officially out of debt with the Student Government Association (SGA).  She thanks everyone for all of their hard work this semester and said that we would never got out of this debt if it wasn’t for our supporters and our members.  Plans for this year’s storm conference are off and running and mailings will go out soon.

Matt (Vice President) - With the news that our conference is a go, Matt started working on the panel discussion for the conference.  Matt also asked the club if there is anyone interested in helping out with the equipment at the storm conference (Tech Help).  If anyone is interested, please notify Matt.  Also, the events on the website will be updated as soon as George sends it to Matt. 

George (Secretary) - George first started off mentioning that there are still some members that have not paid their dues yet.  Please have your dues paid off as soon as possible if you haven’t done so already.  The events are now updated on the bulletin board and will be soon be updated on the website.    George also mentioned the remaining events that are left in this semester.  Talent Show and Movie Night. 

Laura (Treasurer) – Laura thanked the club for all their hard work this semester.

Ben (Public Relations) – Ben reminded the club of some major events coming up.  Talent show will be on Friday, December 10, and AMS Movie Night will be on December 11.  Movie will be selected after the meeting. 

Garrett (Community Outreach) – No new news from Community Outreach.

Alison (Historian) – No new news from Historian.

There’s no new news from the Department. 

The club then voted on which movie they want to see for Movie Night on Saturday, December 11.  The selected movie was Inception. 

Then the meeting finished with a candy raffle. 

End Time:  7:34.---George J. Krauszer II.




December 7, 2010 

Before the meeting, we had a dinner in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the chapter.

Erik Proseus, President, opened the meeting with a brief history of the chapter that started 40 years earlier.  It started as an AMS Chapter and a couple of years ago it became a joint chapter of the AMS and NWA.  He passed around several documents from the chapter that were saved by the past officers.  Erik also read a letter from Dave Brown, Chief Meteorologist at WMC-5 here in Memphis.  In the letter, Dave Brown shared some of the things he remembered since joining the chapter.

The chapter has $653 in checking, and $227 in the scholarship fund.

Erik mentioned that a scholarship committee is needed for this years scholarship and if you are interested contact him.  Last year, we were able to give a MSU student a $500 scholarship.

The next meeting will be in January.

Ron Pryzbylinski, Science and Operations Officer of the National Weather Service in St. Louis, provided a fantastic talk about the history of research on bow echoes.---Tom Salem.



Greg called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.  The treasurer's report was we had adequate funds in the treasury to finish out the year. 

Old business,

1.    Stanley briefed on the Ft Worth and Dallas Science Fairs.  The Ft Worth Science Fair will be held at the Arlington Convention Center on February 20-21.  The Judging date had has now been given to us but it probably will be the 21st.  The Dallas Science Fair will be held at Centennial Hall, Fair Park, Dallas. February 26, 2011.  We have two judges for Ft Worth, Stanley Christmas and Jonathan Whitehead and possibly Tracy Burns.  For Dallas, we have one judge, Tracy Burns and possibly Skip Ely.  We need judges for Dallas. (Please put out an appeal in your next AMS notice.) 

2.  We will be touring Channel 33 in January, but the date has not been firmed up yet.

3.  Greg discusses the chapter attending the Dallas Skywarn on February 19 and the Tarrant County Skywarn March 5.  He said Bobette Mauck would be at the Collin County Skywarn.

There was no new business.

Matt Mosier gave a talk on an algorithm for the Doppler Radar that he has developed that gives a signature for which spawning convective cells and which ones will produce lightning.  He presented data on the criteria and the success rate of detection.  The optimum lead time currently about 14 minutes before lightning occurs.  

The meeting ended around 8:30 pm.---Stanley Christmas.





8 December 2010 Meeting Minutes

Barb called the meeting to order at 6:28 p.m., and greeted the members and guests.  We had 25 member and guests in attendance

President’s Report (Barb Mayes):

Next meeting in January is TBA, but we hope to have a speaker to talk with us about flooding. 

February’s meeting will be our Student Competition.

Student Competition:  Call for Papers

The AMS Omaha-Offutt Chapter will host its third annual student competition in February 2011!  Undergraduate and graduate students with original research in meteorology, climatology, or hydrology fields are encouraged to submit an abstract.  The winning presenter will receive a $400 grant from the chapter to be used to attend and present at a regional conference.  Students will present their research to the chapter members, who will provide feedback and scoring to select a prize winner.  Presentations will be scored based on their research topic, experiment design and data collection/analysis, and presentation technique.

Students are asked to submit a note of intent to Barb Mayes Boustead, chapter president, by Friday, January 14, 2011 (<>).  The note should include the student's name, university, degree being pursued, and topic.  Abstracts are due to Barb by Monday, January 31, 2011.

Barb reiterated about our food drive at meetings.

As residents and professionals of the Omaha area community, our organization would like to give back to the community that is our home.  The officers of the AMS Omaha/Offutt Chapter will collect food items at the December meeting to donate to the Omaha Food Bank.  If you would like to contribute, please bring non-perishable, unopened food (for a list of their most needed food items, see

We will collect food or other donation items at each meeting this year, possibly rotating collection for more than one of the community aid organizations in the area.  If you are aware of an organization that needs small item donations as support, then please contact your chapter president, Barb Mayes Boustead (, to make a suggestion. Participation, of course, is voluntary but appreciated!

Treasurer’s Report (Karen, sitting in for Fritz VanWijngaarden):

              Balance =  $1526.56(Checking) + 251.08(Petty Cash)  = $1777.64

Recording Secretary’s Report (Karen Harder-Sittel): November minutes were submitted to the National Chapter, and posted to Facebook.  Our website is down, so the minutes were not posted.  Rose sent the minutes to everyone via email. Motion was carried to submit the minutes to the record. 

Vice President’s Report (Kristen George): nothing to add

Corresponding Secretary's Report (Rose Tseng): nothing to add

Old business:

Jay Martinelli heads up a committee to help in the chapter website development.  Karen Harder-Sittel will assist, and we could use more input as to design and function.  Christy Carlson will be working with Jay for the transition.  

Bruce Telfeyan, member of both the AMS and NWA National Chapters, prepared a document for the membership to read.  Please see pages 2-3.

Fact Sheet:  Omaha-Offutt Chapter Affiliation with National Weather Association

Background Information:

1.  There are currently 30 active NWA local chapters.  Of these, 18 are joint NWA & AMS chapters.  The list comprises the following:

- East Mississippi Chapter of the NWA & AMS             - Lyndon State College Chapter of the AMS & NWA

- Three Rivers Chapter (California, PA)                                - Central Minnesota Chapter

- West Central Texas Chapter                                                  - The Wx-MINDS Chapter of the AMS & NWA (Sioux Falls)

- Central Arkansas Chapter of the AMS & NWA            - Central Iowa Chapter

- Northwest Indiana Chapter of the AMS & NWA          - High Plains AMS & NWA Chapter

- Central Oklahoma Chapter of the AMS & NWA           - Four Rivers Chapter (Paducah, KY)

- Wichita Chapter of the AMS & NWA                               - Aloha Chapter of the AMS & NWA (Honolulu, HI)

- Central Mississippi Chapter (Jackson, MS)                      - Central Alabama Chapter

- Southern New England Chapter                                            - North Texas Chapter of the AMS & NWA (Ft Worth)

- University of MO Chapter of the AMS & NWA       - Kean University Chapter of the AMS & NWA (NJ)               

- Northland College Chapter of the AMS & NWA          - Kern Chapter (Bakersfield, CA)

- Embry Riddle Aero Univ AMS & NWA Chapter           - Metro Atlanta Chapter of the AMS & NWA

- South Central Texas AMS/NWA Chapter                        - University of the Incarnate Word Chapter (San Antonio)

- Memphis Chapter of the AMS/NWA                                - Utah AMS/NWA Chapter

- TAMU AMS/NWA Student Local Chapter                     - Southern Wisconsin Chapter (Univ of WI, Madison)

2.  There are currently 120 active AMS local chapters.  I did not obtain a breakout of the number of student chapters.

3.  Annual dues, required for Chapter President:  AMS - $90, NWA - $45 (active duty military - $18).

Positive considerations of dual affiliations:

1.  Opportunity to compete for two chapter of the year awards.

2.  Ability to take advantage of the support offered by both these national organizations.

3.  Greater visibility for our chapter and the possibility of attracting some members with whom we had not come into association.

4.  Opportunity to attract speakers who we might not previously have accessed, especially with an operational bent.

5.  No foreseeable increase in the operating costs for our chapter.

Negative considerations of dual affiliations:

1.  The Chapter President will need to both organizations (total cost of $135, perhaps $108 for active duty military).

2.  The name of our chapter will have to be changed.  Probably it would become Omaha-Offutt Chapter of the AMS & NWA, but we could be creative.

R. Bruce Telfeyan, 8 Dec 2010

Member, AMS Local Chapter Affairs Committee; NWA Membership and Marketing Committee

Barb opened the discussion to the members:

Several members of this positively, however one member questioned the possible futility of the venture.  Barb explained that the initial and the most pressing reason to push forward was that so we can pay for a speaker’s travel expenses through the NWA affiliation.  We run into troubles doing so through the AMS. 

Barb offered to hold off and discuss this at subsequent meetings, or vote on it now.  Motion to either call to a vote, or table the discussion for one more month. 

Motion to call to a vote: passed. 

Vote on becoming a joint AMS/NWA chapter was passed, 20 votes yes, 1 no.

Officers will be working this issue forward.

New business: none

Allocations: none

Business meeting adjourned at 6:50 p.m.

Speaker: Mr. John Ogren, Director of the National Weather Service Training Center

Topic: "What’s Leadership Got To Do With Weather?"

Please see: Harder-Sittel.



Franklin Institute Trip, Philadelphia, PA : December 4th, 2010: 11AM until 6PM


Matt Drews

Christina Special

Teresa Sikorski

Alexander Harrison

Jimmy Danco

Eric Sinsky

Jeffrey Deppa

Jeffrey Mart


Secretary Notes


The Franklin Institute had a traveling weather and climate exhibit. The club took advantage of the opportunity to see the exhibit, with information on climate change, global weather, and a host of other topics. The group also enjoyed the chance to see the rest of the museum, which had a host of activities and exhibits of an array of physics, health, and environmental topics.


Holiday party 14th Dec, Followed by Bowling: 5PM until Midnight


Jeffrey Deppa

Alexander Harrison

Matt Drews

Geoff Heidelberger

Christina Speciale

Anthony Adams

Teresa Sikorski

Dan Manzo

Joe Martucci

Jimmy Danco

Alyssa Donovan

Jacob Carlin

Shunundo Basu


Secretary Notes

During this meeting, the group kicked it back by playing foosball, watching Twister, and playing Apples to Apples. The group enjoyed pizza, soda, and other food. It was a great bonding time for all in attendance and was a great way to take a break from studying for finals. Many members in attendance stuck around for discount bowling night after watching twister.---Jeffrey Deppa.



December Chapter News.---Lindsay Rice.



This month we had our last meeting of the Fall 2010 semester with some of the University of Oklahoma's graduate students come to our meeting and present their research. David Bodine presented us his research over the OU Prime data from May 10th 2010, and Zachary Flamig presented us his research about flash flood prediction. During December and currently we are working on our annual Ground Hog's Day Party, full of fun, food, and karaoke. We are also working on our field trip to NASA in Houston. Both events are to take place in February.---Kait Smoleroff.



December 2010 


Activity: Weather Today


The chapter’s Weather Today committee invited meteorologist Jesús Figueroa from the National Weather Service (NWS) Weather Forecast Office at San Juan to share his perspective on the global warming issue. On December 7, Figueroa gave an entertaining and informative talk about climate change, its relationship to hurricanes, and its potential impacts on Puerto Rico and the USA. The talk concluded with a discussion of professional opportunities at the NWS. Figueroa then answered one-on-one questions over refreshments.


Monthly Meeting:


Thirty members attended the last meeting of the semester on December 9 (10:45 am). The chapter officers summarized past activities and encouraged the group to become even more engaged in future events. They also discussed creating a survey to gather anonymous feedback on the activities. Finally, they announced the upcoming gatherings and the plans for spring semester.


Activity: Blood Drive

On December 20, the chapter hosted a blood drive at the UPRM Student Center as part of its community outreach mission. The event was promoted around all school buildings and the participants were very enthusiastic about helping save others’ lives. 


Activity: Christmas Dinner


The chapter’s traditional end-of-semester dinner was held on December 22. The attendants enjoyed an appetizing meal while getting to know each other better in a fun and relaxed environment. A Christmas-themed decoration, music, and karaoke were some of the treats of the evening. The final touch was given by a gift exchange among members. 


Activity: Undergraduate Research Opportunities in Geosciences


Six students prepared presentations about undergraduate internship and scholarship programs to share with the chapter members on December 23. These were: the internship managed by the UPRM Physics Department’s Atmospheric Science and Meteorology program, the Center for Multiscale Modeling of Atmospheric Processes (CMMAP), Research Experience in Solid Earth Science for Students (RESESS), Significant Opportunities in Atmospheric Research and Science (SOARS), and the NOAA Educational Partnership Program Undergraduate Scholarship Program. The talks included a brief description of each program, their requirements, and guidance for the application process. The students also shared pictures of their diverse experiences to motivate the attendants to apply.

Activity: Hot Dog / Pizza Sales


A total of 3 sales were held for fundraising. This month the menu’s main course changed from hot dogs to pizza.




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