Chapter News
August 2007


The Charleston Chapter of the AMS met on August 29th, 2007 at WCSC-TV Channel 5 News Station, Mount Pleasant, S.C. Exactly 12 people attended the meeting.

Introductions were held between old and new attending members.

President – Ryan Evsich
Vice President –
Secretary – Anne Chalmers
Treasurer – Tom Rolfson

President handed out an executive committee meeting agenda.

Introductions and Updates: The President introduced himself and explained that former President Michael Kruk had to step down from his position because he took on a new job elsewhere. The President gave a brief background about himself. He also explained that he is still looking into the funding issue with the College of Charleston. Team building was discussed with idea of sports and different activities for the chapter to do. Everyone agreed that bowling would be a good start and to perhaps have a social hour every month or so. We discussed on when would be the best time for everyone to plan the future meetings. Some idea were lunch meetings.

Comments from Executive Committee:

The Secretary went into describing the minutes of the last meeting to the chapter. We then discussed the issue of appointing a new vice president. Rob Fowler (WCSC-TV) Channel 5 nominated Josh Marthers ( WCSC-TV Channel 5).

Comments from Chairpersons of other Committees:

How to reach interests for new members was discussed. “The What” group of high school students would be a good target to outreach to. A student email to local colleges describing what the chapter is was also an idea. Getting the webpage up was asked about, but Bob (NWS, Chas.), who is in charge of this, was not present. Josh volunteered to be on the activities committee.

The guest speaker was Steven Taylor (NWS, Chas.) “An Examination of the Mesoscale Environment of the James Island Memorial Day Tornado.”

Final Thoughts/Next Meeting: For the next meeting, we talked about including other local news stations and to have a possible informal get together at a Stingrays Hockey Game. The next regular meeting will be decided upon later.---Anne Chalmers.



Friday August 31, 2007 ; 4:30pm

Welcome from the co-presidents, Alli Wing & Pat Meyers

-icebreaker: introduce yourself (name, class year, hometown, favorite weather phenomenon)

Introduction of Officers and Chairs

-treasurer, secretary, apparel, conference, publicity, ithacation, social, webmaster, soda fairy introduced


-dues $15 for the year (freshman get the first semester free)

-Pay dues to treasurer Andrew Shook, or co-presidents Alli & Pat, or leave in CCAMS folder in 1125

-soda is available in the fridge in 1125, 50 cents per can

-become a student member of the national AMS (

Advisor Mark Wysocki: discussion about distribution requirement

-handouts available, may be posted on CCAMS website

-new writing requirements

-new writing seminar on environmental science taught by Steve Jessup (grad student)

-Humanities and Social Science requirement: 4 courses of 3 or more credits, from at least 3 categories (CA,HA, KCM, LA, SBA, or Foreign Language)

-new math sequence: must take Math 293 and either Math 213 or Math 192

-possibly reduced AP credits given in CALS, no more SAT use in admissions in the future?

Jordan Gremli: opportunities in the media

-ICTV (Ithaca College TV station) starts on the 18th of September; contact Jordan @ to get involved with on-air or behind-the-scenes meteorology

-WVBR (radio station): info session Tuesday 9/4 5 pm in Rockefeller 132; email for information

Forecasting activities

-Weatherphone: schedule will be sent to lead forecasters; anyone is free to come help forecast/watch/learn from upperclassmen

-athletics forecasting: sign up sheet was sent around; talk with Pat (pcm28) if interested


-snowfall contest (predict day of first snowfall greater than 1”, tabling on Ho plaza possibly; will occur in next month or so)

-Weather photo contest- email Alli (aaw28) your best photo of a weather phenomenon (taken within last year). Deadline is October 1st. Winning photos will be displayed in Bradfield.


-Lake Effect Conference @ SUNY Oswego October 20-21. The hotel is $140/room/night.  Register by September 20.

-88th Annual AMS Meeting: January 19-24. Info at Student Conference Abstract deadline October 15.

-Email jlc248, cmn35, kny4 if you are interested in attending

Internship/Course Info Sheets

-fill out sheets about internships/summer jobs you have had and about courses you have taken/enjoyed/hated. Will be compiled into some sort of book/on website. Return them to Alli or to CCAMS envelope in 1125.

Social Events

-Volleyball 2pm tomorrow on North (Dickson-Balch)

-Softball vs. Band team 2pm Sunday

-CCAMS seating at football game Saturday September 15 (7pm)

-picnic/bbq/hike/swim at local park on Saturday September 22. More info to follow.

-social gathering Friday September 14 @ 410 Dryden (Andrew & Mike’s)--- Allison Wing.



August 16, 2007


A brief chapter meeting was held during the lunch period of the 11th High Plains AMS conference.  This meeting took place in the hall way of the Wilson Center, where the conference was hosted.

The meeting began at 12:35 PM.  Mainly the officers attended our short meeting, but a few other members stopped by.  Most of the business held at our regular meetings was postponed until the next regular meeting.  Previous meeting minutes will be read then, and an updated Treasurer’s report (including conference updates) will be submitted.

One item of New Business we voted on was to admit new members (not previous members) from this ongoing conference with the $15 dues paid during this conference to count toward all of 2008 as well.  5 new members joined our chapter during the conference.

The meeting adjourned at 12:55 PM.  The next meeting will be held during in mid to late October.---Tim Burke.



Meeting Minutes

Meeting Time: Tuesday, August 28th, 2007 7pm


-Join the ISU Chapter of the AMS, only $10, pay cash or check made payable to ISU AMS and give to Bree Sullivan in map room.

-Benefits of being in the ISU AMS:

-Increase involvement in meteorology program

-Getting to know upperclassmen which can give guidance

                            -Listening to invited speakers from TV. Stations, NWS, ect.

                            -Tours of the NWS and TV. stations

                            -Community involvement


National AMS

-Joining the National AMS is only $15

-Benefits of being a member of the National AMS:

-Getting a monthly journal BAMS to keep up on your meteorology

-Professionally rewarding


Central NWA

              -if interested in becoming a member visit

              -is responsible for the Severe Storms and Doppler Conference in April, members  get discounted rates to an awesome conference


-Aug. 30th, 11am to 4pm at Lied Recreational Center

-Need help with set up (9:30am) and tear down, if interested contact Chris at

Science Bound

              -Sept. 15th, 9:45 – 11:15am

-Members of our chapter go give a talk to ninth grade students to get them interested in meteorology.  If interested in helping, email

 Treasurer Update

-Current balance: $1750.07

-Voted on chapter dues: Motioned: $10, and seconded

-Membership dues are $10 for the entire year


-Some ideas for fundraisers are selling calendars with weather scenes.  If have any neat weather pics be sure to let us know! Also if have any other fundraiser ideas email treasurer.isuams

Tornado Machine

-looking for a group of members to make upgrades to the machine (new paint job, ect.)

-This machine is the most valuable school talk tool we have. Kids are fascinated by it and it gets a lot of attention, so it is important that it looks as nice as it works.

Storm Ready

-ISU is up for Storm Ready renewal this year.  As an act of community outreach we will be helping identify the best shelter locations in some of the buildings on campus helping to make Iowa State University Storm Ready.

Academic Chair

-Make sure to give your classes to Chris Schaffer at academic.isuams so people with the same classes can work together and work for better grades.

Social Chair

-Intramurals start soon! If didn’t sign up at meeting send social.isuams an email

-Curling, Flag Football, Sand Volleyball

-Department Picnic: Thursday Aug. 30th, at Inis Grove Park.  Grab a bite to eat and talk with all of you favorite professors before the football game! Food served at 5:30 and it’s free!!

AMS Forums

-register for the AMS Forums to have access to up to date discussions around the department including topics like class help, storm chasing, Cys Eyes and general meteorology questions.


Cys Eyes on the Skies

-Sign up to work on the production of Cys Eyes.

              -Great experience for broadcasting and much more!

-Can either do green screen work or work behind the scenes with cameras, ect.

              -Contact Jason Patton or Justin Schultz to sign up.


AMS apparel

-ISU AMS has apparel orders that will be taken later on in the semester.  Previous items sold include: shirts, long and short sleeve, coats and sweatshirts.


-Work almost complete on clubfest poster, stop by if you can!

If you have any pics that you want included in a meteorology collage email them to

Sophomore Chair

-Serves as the voice of the underclassmen

-Nominations: Matt Hoffman, Andy Mair, Justin Schultz and Amanda Bakely.

              -Send any other nominations to or

              -Nominations will be accepted until Sept. 4th, 2007

Forecasting Contests

-Local contest: run by Jon Hobbs, free of charge.  Contest between students here at ISU.  To sign up go to

-Wx Challenge forecasting contest.  Costs $5. Contest between forecasters in the entire U.S. To sign up go to --- Brandon Engelson.



August 28th Officer’s Meeting:

  1. Dr. Hart will talk at the first meeting on September 11th and Andy will take care of the refreshments.

  2. Membership and sign-up sheets will be handled by Kevin.

  3. The Bear Paw social event will be optional for members; attendance will not be held against them and held on September 23rd with everyone meeting at 10 am.

  4. Membership dues will be $10 for students and $15 for non-students.

  5. T-shirts will be sold at the first meeting; $15 for the t-shirts and $25 for the polo’s.

  6. A Cici’s fundraiser and social will tentatively be held on September 20th.

  7. The first AMS bake sale will be held on September 26th.

  8. Alec and Charlie discussed Community Weather Day in which our chapter of the AMS will cover tornadoes.

  9. A tentative car wash at Blockbuster is planned for October 13th.

  10. Our chapter will have a table at Emergency Preparedness Week on September 12th from 10-2 pm on Landis Green and provide a demonstration with weather instruments. There will be a teleconference with Max Mayfield at WFSU on September 13th and AMS paying members will be able to attend.

  11. Kevin said we had approximately $600 to start the year, before membership dues.

  12. The next officer’s meeting will be September 6th at 3:25 pm and we will be judging photos from picture contest #3. --- Liane Claytor.



August 28, 2007  - 5:30 - 6:30 PM    First meeting

5:30 Food served

5:45 Introductions and welcome by officers, description of goals and motivations for the group for the coming school year

6:00 Election of freshmen and graduate representatives

6:30 Solicitations for t-shirt ideas---Kim Klockow.



Minutes from:

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Clifford Hall, Rm. 264

5:00 p.m.

Members Present:

Alan Borho, Advisor

Kira Dordal, President

Katy Olson, Vice President

Becki Legatt, Secretary

Kelly Kramlich, Treasurer

(Members to be added)

Call to Order:

              President Kira Dordal called the AMS meeting to order at 5:03.


Past Minutes:

            First meeting of the year no past minutes, however Kira went through an agenda of a typical meeting.

Officer Reports:

              No officer reports for the first meeting.


Old Business:

              No old business for the first meeting.

New Business:

- Member dues for the year are: $15/semester or $30/academic year.  Dues can be turned into Kelly and checks can be made out to AMS.  If members join for the academic year they will be provided with a free banquet ticket that is typically valued at approximately $17-20.  Students can still participate in events with AMS without paying dues but technically they won’t be able to add it to a resume without officially joining. 

- Kira introduced the new plan for our committees this year.  The 4 committees will be led this year by the committee chair with the assistance of an AMS officer.  The following officers are leading the committees: Activities – Kira, Banquet – Becki, Fundraising – Katy, T-shirt – Kelly.

- Next each officer went over the objectives and projects for each committee. 



-Unfortunately we didn’t get a spot to work at the popcorn stand for the fall semester; but we are on a waiting list in case another group backs out.

-Our goal is to hold 4 fundraising events this year.  These will include selling hotdogs and snacks in the link, as well as a winter fundraiser selling hot chocolate and muffins.

-Another fundraiser option involves selling concessions at the Alerus.  Six to Eight students are needed to assist at each home football game.  The time commitment would be from approx. 10:30 AM to 4:00 PM and AMS would receive 8% of the sales profit.  The following dates were available: Sept 15th, Sept 29th, Oct 13th, and Nov 3rd.  A sign up sheet was passed around to see what dates worked for most members and most members were available on November 3rd.  Katy will talk with the person in charge to sign AMS up for this particular date.  Any AMS members not at the meeting are welcome to help out with this event as well and more information will be sent out as the date approaches.

-This year AMS hopes to hold another Toys for Tots drive and/or coat donation drive to support the local community.



-The first activity of the year will be the Fall Picnic.  The date has been set for September 9th at 4pm at University Park.  We will be grilling hotdogs and having a pot luck for all AtSc undergrad students, graduate students, faculty, and family and friends.  A reminder will be sent out as the date approaches. 

-Activities committee also helps plan the spring picnic and the holiday potluck, get-togethers, and Halloween trick-or-treating at professor’s houses. 

-Sports: AMS participates in intermural broomball and hopes to try curling this year as well. 

-The Who’s Who wall will be updated this year with a new poster for each class for easy updating in the future.

-The photo contest will continue again this year with a picture theme for each month to be decided at an upcoming mtg. 

-We also plan to put on badge workshops for local girl and boy scout troops to help them earn their weather badge, and possibly visit local schools to get them excited about weather with super neat experiments kira learned in Colorado this summer J.


-The main goal of the banquet committee is finding a speaker for the end of the year banquet.  This is done in collaboration with the AtSc faculty.  Our goal is to start looking for a speaker asap, and hopefully have someone committed before we leave for winter break. 

-The committee works with the secretary in the dept. of AtSc to assist with other banquet details, and we also will work to make the awards for faculty to be handed out.


-The main goal of the t-shirt committee is pretty straightforward J.  This year we’re throwing out some new ideas… we could go with the usual tshirt or sweatshirt or we could do something new with ideas including: nalgene bottles, blankets, zip up fleece, or winter hats. 

-This committee is responsible for choosing a new logo or working with an old logo to be used again.

-We discussed either ordering more of the old broomball tshirts for new members or designing a new shirt for this year’s broomball season.

-The t-shirt committee members will work together in helping call for prices, designing logos, collecting $ for items, and distributing items.

-After the committee’s were explained with their goals for the year a sign up sheet went around and members signed up for committees.  Any members not at this weeks meeting are more than welcome to join a committee at the next meeting or help out wherever needed. 

-At meetings this year we will once again have treats as you sign in.  We will also possibly have a pizza meeting occasionally.  We are also planning on having “mini-talks” at each meeting to liven things up and keep the meetings fun.  We hope to invite the two new AtSc professors in the department to a meeting to introduce themselves and to describe their interests.  We will also have talks from AtSc students that interned at different locations over the summer. 



-Anyone needing homework help for a math or atsc course is welcome to stop by the Met 110 TA office hours or contact us by email.  Listed below are the office hours, location, and emails for the TA’s.  Please don’t hesitate to ask us questions… we’ve been there and we want to see you all succeed!

              Kira Dordal        Office Hours: M   2-3 CH                  email:

                                                                      T   4-5 CH

                                                                      W  7-9 Tabula

              Becki Legatt       Office Hours: M   5-7  CH                 email:

              Dan Koller         Office Hours: W   12-2 CH                email:

              Katy Olson                                                                   email:

              Kelly Kramlich                                                       email:

              -Next meeting will be in 2 weeks, September 11th at 5 PM.


              Meeting was adjourned without objection at 5:35.--- Becki Legatt.    



“Huracanes y Casa Segura” Activity (Hurricanes and Safety House”

              The broadcast meteorologist, Ada Monzón, invited some students from our chapter to present weather experiments to the community. The activity was on August 4th  and  August 5th.

Monthly Meeting

              We had our first monthly meeting of the semester on August 16th at 10:45 am. A total of 20 people attended the meeting. We talked about the 2nd general meeting that will be on August 31st. We mentioned that the second initiation of our chapter was going on October 19th. We also voted for a change of our chapter logo and for an increase on our membership fee.

Hot Dog Sale

              We had our 1st and 2nd hot dog sale of the semester at the Physics Department lobby on August 20th and August 29th as a fund raising activity.

2nd General Meeting Promotion

              From August 24th – August 29th our chapter did an extensive promotion of the second general meeting directed to the UPRM student community.

2nd General Meeting

              On August 30th we had the 2nd General Meeting. A total of 41 people attended including professors. During our presentation, we talked about the benefits and opportunities that our chapter members have.---Nestor Flecha.



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