Chapter News
April 2013


April 2nd, 2013 Meeting Minutes

The Ark-La-Tex Chapter of the American Meteorological Society held its 2nd meeting of 2013 on Tuesday, April 2nd at the Operational Support Squadron at Barksdale Air Force Base in Bossier City, LA.  This meeting began at 6:10 pm, with ten members present.

The meeting began with Chapter Vice-President Bryan Walter and member Scott Vaughn leading a tour of the OWS/CWT facilities, which provides site specific Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts (TAF’s) for Barksdale Air Force Base as well as other locations across the country to support training and specialized missions. Vaughn also explained that this facility is also responsible for the issuance of various weather watches, warnings, and advisories for the Base, in order to protect key equipment and personnel. They showcased their equipment and products used to accomplish their mission, as well as the close coordination with the 26th Operational Weather Squadron, and answered questions posed by the members in attendance.

Following the tour of the OWS, Walter led the members to a static tour of a B-52 on the flight line, explaining the various weapons and radar systems used by this aircraft. He then led a tour inside the aircraft, highlighting the various stations and duties for the five member crew.

The following members were present:

Jason Hansford, President                      Brittany Gill

Bryan Walter, Vice-President                  Mario Valverde

Leslie Sexton, Treasurer                         Amanda Nelson                         

Brian Kabat                                              Chris Nuttall                  

Scott Vaughn                                           David Bonnette

The meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM.---Jason Hansford. 



April 2nd, 2013 – 8:00 pm

136 McBryde Hall - Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Blacksburg, VA

Meeting called to order at: 8:00 pm


President, Amanda Weigel

Meeting adjourned at: 9:00 pm

Members in Attendance: 22---Hans VanBenschoten


Meeting Date: April 9, 2013

Start time: 9:08

President Reports:

Vice President Reports:

Secretary Reports:

 Treasurer Reports:

SGA Reports:

 Webmaster Reports:

 Open Floor:



The Cornell Chapter of the American Meteorological Society recently sponsored and hosted the annual Cornell atmospheric science departmental reunion. The event featured an elegant wine and cheese reception Friday night on the top floor of Bradfield Hall, Saturday brunch with a panel of returning alumni who discussed their graduate school and career experiences and choices with the undergrads, a picnic at a downtown park on the shores of Cayuga Lake, and informal socializing at various venues. Culminating the weekend was a prepared lecture by Boston-area TV station New England Cable News (NECN) Network Primetime Television Meteorologist and Cornell alum Matt Noyes. Matt gave a dynamic and thought-provoking talk on Preserving Intelligent Communication in Modern Media, using examples and situations from his on-air weather experiences in a major market to show how entertainment/market needs and scientific communication do not have to be mutually exclusive when presenting weather and climate information and concepts to a television audience. As part of his talk he announced that starting the following Monday his staff was going to begin presenting 10-day forecast information as part of the regular weather content, expressing his feeling that the science is now good enough and the uncertainties can be presented in a way that the public will understand and find useful. Following his talk, the returning alumni, undergraduate, and faculty attendees got together a group photograph (Matt is in the back-row center, wearing the suit).---Mark E. Fernau.



In April we held officer elections. We have added a new treasurer and a new recording secretary to the officer board. Our chapter also participated in two outreach/education events. The first was the Whole Foods Earth Day event on April 20th. Members of our chapter had a table inside the local Whole Foods where they spoke with many members of the public about the way meteorologists take earth observations. They had a number of tools on hand to use as examples (weather balloon, anemometer, infrared thermometer, 4" precipitation gauges, etc). The Rockville Science Day event (on April 28th) was attended by more than 1200 students. The chapter taught students about lightning safety using a Van de Graaf generator and also displayed the same observational tools as used at the Earth Day event. Members handed out severe weather preparedness materials to adults who were accompanying the students.

We planned our May meeting in conjunction with the Howard University graduate students. It will be held at Howard University shortly after the Memorial Day holiday. We continue to work on the Annual Science Fair Banquet, which has been moved to Saturday June 8th to better accommodate the students end of year schedule.---Katie Garrett.


The High Plains AMS Chapter held a teleconference and a webinar, on Monday, April 22nd, at 12:30 PM CDT.  There were 23 members dialed into the teleconference. President Bill Taylor/North Platte, Neb. welcomed everyone to the phone call, and started a brief business meeting.  Treasurer Scott Bryant/Hastings, Neb. reported on the state of the treasury, and the balance of the Jim Johnson Scholarship fund.  Members were encouraged to pay their 2013 dues to a representative from each forecast office, by May 15th.  Each office representative will then mail the collected dues to Treasurer Scott Bryant/Hastings, Neb. after May 15th.  The Jim Johnson Scholarship chairman, also Scott Bryant, summarized that program.  The committee has received 5 to 6 good candidates, and will select the winner by April 30th.  The High Plains conference was addressed, and for now, we will keep things as they are.  No conference will be hosted this year due to limited funds.

Our guest speakers were Aaron Johnson/SOO/Dodge City, Kan. and Kelly Sugden/ Dodge City, Kan.  Their subject was “Evaluation of Numerous Thermodynamic and Wind-Related Hail Parameters from RUC-2 Soundings.”  Many examples were shown to determine the vertical temperature profiles and wind regimes to forecast the size of hail possible.  There were numerous questions and Aaron Johnson/Dodge City, Kan. has an application available to anyone who wants it, which helps predict the size of hail possible. The meeting ended at 12:40 PM CST, and the presentation ended at 1:17 PM CST.

The next meeting will be in June, with more details later.---William Taylor and Tim Burke.



16 April 2013

Meeting Location:  City of Huntsville Public Services Building Meeting Room

6:30pm – People gathered at the Public Services Building Meeting Room for a meet-n-greet.

7:00pm - The Huntsville Area AMS Chapter is reborn.

7:05pm - Elise Schultz welcomed attendees and gave a brief introduction about the chapter.  Elise introduced BJ Barbre to give a history of the chapter.

7:06pm - BJ Barbre gave a history of the chapter, highlights, and why the chapter went defunct.

7:10pm – Elise Schultz made announcements, including future direction of the chapter, and nominations for officers, dues, and future meetings. The chapter will provide professional development opportunities for its members, outreach to the community, and a local connection for the national organization.

If you have suggestions for speakers, tours, outreach, or anything else for chapter involvement please contact the cabinet members.

The chapter email is hsvamsnwa [at] gmail [dot] com.

If you are on Facebook , join the Huntsville AMS/NWA group at .

We have put together a google group to serve as our email list serve. To join, please go to:

Dues will be $5 and will be due at the first meeting in the fall (late August). Currently, the goal is to hold 4 business meetings during the year with a summer picnic.


7:15pm - Nominations were made, nominations closed, & elections were held.

President - Elise Schultz

Vice-President - Karen Altino

Treasurer - BJ Barbre

Secretary - Ryan Wade

7:18pm - EMA announced they would offer tours of the office after the meeting presentation.

7:20pm - Christina Crowe, Journey Forecaster at NWS Huntsville, gave her presentation on the 27 April 2011 Outbreak: An Insider's View of a Once in a Career Event.

Operational perspectives on the event include:

-Breaking up the warning responsibility area between multiple meteorologists due to widespread nature of the outbreak.

-Morning and midday tornadoes caused power outages, weather radio failures, & stretched emergency responders and resources thin....all before the violent tornadoes started in the afternoon.

-Viewing tornadoes on live tower cam video during the warning process.

-Knowing people were dying while issuing warnings...but still needing to do your job.

-Hydro impacts were significant during this event, yet get forgotten during this historic tornado outbreak.

-Briefly handing over operations to NWS JAN while taking shelter during tornado warnings for the NSSTC (UAH/NASA/NWS Building).

-Losing power and dealing with that during warning operations & Hytop radar going down for the rest of the event.

-Several questions about operations from NASA/USRA/UAH attendees who also experienced the event.

-Both NWS & NASA attendees shared that they were actually excited/relieved when Madison County was "only" under a Severe Thunderstorm Warning.

-Birmingham also needed to be backed up while they took shelter during tornado warnings.  Coordinations during this got extremely tricky between NWS Huntsville, NWS Birmingham, and NWS Peachtree City.

-The Storms Are Gone...Now What?

-Christina then provided an overview of aftermath & trying to cover operations while endless storm surveys over the next few WEEKS.

-Greater than 1000 NWS man hours for surveys, over 250 hours of surveying by UAH.

-EMA coordination was key to getting access to hardest hit areas and fuel for vehicles.

-Final survey wasn't completed until June 28th, 2011.

-Survey pictures are still shocking and humbling to see even 2 years later.

-Mobile home frame/base carried over 600ft.

-Christina gave a synopsis on how to rate high-end damage and why certain violent tornadoes received their rating.

-Christina discussed how Meteorologists are trained on the science, but not how to handle victims still in shock while surveying.

-Closed with challenges faced, recovery efforts, and how the event changed her.

-YouTube Videos are available about their experiences during the April 27th Outbreak.  Search for "National Weather Service Huntsville"

8:15pm - The members of the revived AMS Chapter then toured the Huntsville-Madison Co EMA Operations Center and heard April 27th perspectives from the EMA Office.

9:00pm - Meeting adjourned.

A total of 22 people attended the first meeting of the revived Huntsville Area AMS Chapter.  Elections were held and the future direction of the chapter was discussed.  Spirits are high and future is bright for this revived chapter.

Next meeting: Summer picnic (June/July timeframe) followed by regular meeting at the end of August. Please join the email list/google group at to keep up to date on chapter business.---Ryan Wade.



April-May Chapter News.---Sean Stelten.



Meeting Minutes for April 23, 2013

I.  Call to Order

The sixth NWA/AMS meeting of the 2012-2013 year took place on Tuesday, April 23rd at WFO Jackson, MS.  The meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm with pizza and soft drinks provided by the treasury fund.

II. Roll

The recording secretary, Eric Carpenter, passed around a sign-in sheet for attendees.  18 people were present.

III. Minutes Approval

Eric summarized minutes from the previous meeting held at WFO Jackson, MS in February.  The minutes were approved.


IV. New Business

The business session began at 6:10 pm when the treasurer, Jason Brand, gave a treasury report.  The treasury had $343 as of 4/23/13.  Joanne Culin, NWA Chapter President, then followed by introducing our guest speaker for the evening, Dr. Michael Brown, professor at Mississippi State University.  Dr. Brown’s presentation included research and findings from the the Smithville tornado from April 27th, 2011 and an investigation into land scarring associated with the Yazoo City tornado from April 24th, 2010.   

In an effort to determine how residents in the Smithville area received and perceived warning information during the deadly EF-5 rated tornado, Dr. Brown and his research team conducted a survey.  Participants were asked about their most trusted methods for receiving warnings and what they considered to be the most valuable information in warnings.  Residents were also asked to give testimonials about life-saving actions.  While there were multiple sources for receiving warnings, including sirens, television, and family communication, a common finding was that folks generally sought confirmation from more than one source.  After several warnings earlier in the day with no tornado, there was a need to seek proof that this tornado actually existed.  Also, some residents noted that the television meteorologists had a different tone suggesting that this was different and they needed to take action to save their lives. 

Following the Smithville tornado portion of the presentation, Dr. Brown moved on to his next topic concerning land scarring in the long-tracked Yazoo City tornado.  The purpose of this research was to investigate how vegetative discontinuities resulting from severe tornado damage can translate into differential heating boundaries, thus leading to enhanced convection in the absence of synoptic-scale influences.  The Yazoo City tornado track was compared to several test tracks from the region using lightning (NLDN) and upper air data from 2006-2010, and it was determined that there was a significant increase in convective activity during synoptically benign days following the tornado in 2010.  For more information concerning both of these studies, please send an email to

V. Adjournment

The meeting concluded at approximately 7:30 pm and it was adjourned.---Eric Carpenter.



Community Outreach April 8, 2013

Attendance: 36
Start: 8:31pm
End: 8:41pm

Community Outreach: 
-Silence the hate, next Monday from 11am-1pm. Address the issue of hate and will allow us to advertise for PWAD. (Jimmy, Megan, Sabrina). Contact Tyra if interested.
- Discussed booths.
- Next Wednesday we will advertise through chalk around campus. Anyone interested is encouraged to contact Tyra, times to be determined.
- Anyone involved in church groups please contact Tyra to hand out flyers for advertising.
- The next meeting T-shirts will be distributed, be sure to bring $5 if you ordered one. If you can't wait it be sure to give your money to Ian, Tyra, or Evan. 
- Went over a few vendors participating in PWAD (WGAL, Chem Club, OSC, Discover AQ, The Lancaster Sci Factory).
- Advertising has been extremely successful:
            - 400 flyers handed out at the SMC
            -Mentioned in Eric Horst's discussion page
            -Steaming video mentions
            -Lancaster Science Factory

Decorating team: Be there around 7:30 am-8am
Booths: 9am

Meeting 4/8/13

Start: 8:04
End: 8:14

Members: 27

-Recycling Wars begins now and will end the day before PWAD
-Please clean bottles before putting them in the bins!

-Red Robin Fundraiser: Next Wednesday, 4/17 4:00-9:00

-Speaker Series: Dr. Michael Friedman, this Wednesday 4/10 at 8:30 in Caputo 210
-Free ice cream will be provided!

-AMS Banquet form will be online by the end of this week

-Needs to be filled out by 4/26 (NO LATER)

-Still waiting for the van bill to figure out the total cost for the Northeast Storms trip

-UNISYS Trip: Saturday, 4/13; departing at 8:30 am

-Still working on Scavenger Hunt details

-Tyra and Pete met with the Student Senate, and the Historian officer position is now official


Speaker Series: Dr. Michael Friedman

Start: 8:35pm

End: 9:40

Attendance: 17

The speaker of this Speaker Series is from National AMS, Dr. Michael Friedman on how to write and publish a research paper.



Tom’s Final Thoughts

    -Lessons learned:  

        -Manage time wisely and don’t waste it!!!

        -Prioritize based upon importance.


        -Decision-Making:      1. Composure

                    2. Make a decision based on experience

                    3. Go with your gut not matter what!

        -You ARE the example not only for the group, but as well as OU!

        -(Not) Making everyone happy? What’s the best decision for the group as a whole? Put yourself in everyone else’s shoes.

        -Explain everything. Don’t shut down ideas.

        -Reputation! Remember...YOU are setting the example.

        -Enjoy what you are doing. Think about future goals/opportunities with meteorology you can pursue.

        -Take never know when that chance will come around again, or if it ever will.

Transition of Officers/Chairs

    -Dr. Fogt swore in the incoming officers/chairs.

Incoming Plans

    -NWAS Application

    -Continuation of Peer Mentor/Mentee Program   

    -Continuation of Peer Speaker Series

    -Tom skype presentation while in Germany next year?


    -This Thursday, April 18, at Athens High School from 2:40-4.

    -If still interested, email Nate or Chad ASAP.

Cookout at Fogt’s

    -This Friday, April 19.

    -Passed around sign-up sheet for snacks/drinks.

    -Drivers will be arranged.

Awards Ceremony

    -Next Monday, April 22, at 5pm

    -Grover Room E306

    -Business casual apparel.

    -Snack/Drink list passed around.---Morgan Wentling.


April 2013 Meeting

Valentino’s Restaurant, Omaha, Nebraska

The eighth meeting of the 2012-2013 year for the Omaha-Offutt chapter of the American Meteorological Society/National Weather Association was held on Tuesday, April 2nd, at the Valentino’s Restaurant in Omaha, Nebraska.  Approximately 50 people were in attendance.  The guest speaker was John Gagan, Lead Forecaster at the National Weather Service Weather Forecast Office in Springfield, MO.  Mr. Gagan presented a weather service perspective of the devastating Joplin, MO tornado of 22 May 2011. 

President Jay Martinelli called the meeting to order at 7:03 PM.

The May meeting was announced with Dr. Mark Anderson of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln announced as the speaker.

Treasurer John Roth read the treasurer’s report.  The starting balance was noted as $1706.47 with $15 in income from a new member and $20.41 in expenses, leaving a final balance of $1701.06.  $1532.71 is in the bank account with $168.35 in petty cash.

With the year coming to an end, an announcement for candidates for chapter officers was made, with particular need for candidates for the position of President and Corresponding Secretary, where the current candidates have reached the end of their allowed terms. 

No old business was brought to the floor.

New business was requested.  Mr. Steve Byrd mentioned a local group had a specific anemometer available for interested parties. 

Announcements were made for upcoming weather radio programming events at local HyVee grocery stores, requesting volunteers to help with the events. 

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made at 7:12 PM.  The motion carried.---James McCormick. 



The Rutgers University Chapter held a meeting on Thursday April 4th that was unique for the year and a new idea that we had not previously explored.  We invited four of our own Rutgers Meteorology Alumni back to meet with the club in order to hold our very own “career fair!”  Our members were able to talk and meet with each of our guests about the specific career track they had embarked on after they had graduated from the program.

Also taking place this month were two different community outreach opportunities.  The first was on April 4th where three of our members drove to Hillsborough, NJ to give presentations about the weather to some very interested first graders.  Upon returning our members said they were amazed at how much the kids knew already and how genuinely excited and intrigued they were in the subjects.  The second outreach event was on April 12th at an elementary school in West Windsor, NJ at which three more of our members stayed the day to partake in the schools science day event.  They had a table set up to present on the water cycle, clouds and storms to a few different grade levels as they passed through the event area.

On the 25th of the month the executive board met that evening to discuss the end of the year plans and make sure everything was prepared to make the transition to the new E-Board that would be elected at our final meeting of the school year on May 6th.  We discussed and made sure all the plans were also set in place for that coming Saturday (27th) which was Rutgers Day, which is likely the single largest event Rutgers University puts on every year.  More than 75,000 people come to Rutgers Day across all the campuses and our club had tables set up to talk to the attendees as well as offered interactive tours of the WeatherWatcher studio on campus.---Jeffrey Mart.



The Southeast Texas/Southwest Louisiana Chapter of the AMS/NWA held its 6th meeting of the year on April 27, 2013 at KPLC TV studio in Lake Charles, LA. The meeting was called to order by chapter vice president Jonathan Brazzell at 5:00 PM (President Jones was unable to attend due to work constraints). A sign in sheet was passed around indicating that eight human beings were present. The previous meeting minutes were read by Vice President Brazzell. The minutes were then approved by members present.

Brazzell then read the secretary/treasurers report which noted 23 active members and 10 pending members. Jones then informed members that the organization had $370.00 available in its general fund.

Brazzell then explained the nomination process and qualifications for the nomination of the next year’s chapter officers after which, nominations were opened for all officer positions. Donald Jones, Jonathan Brazzell and Rob Perillo were nominated for chapter president. Jonathan Brazzell, Felix Navejar and Wade Hampton were nominated for Vice President. Ben Terry and Ashley Jones were nominated for Secretary/Treasurer (Ashley Jones later declined her nomination). Nominations for all officer positions were then closed.

Vice President Brazzell then let members know that the next meeting would take place on May 11 in Beaumont, TX and that since a new chapter year would begin with that meeting, chapter dues would become due at that time.

The meeting was then turned over to KPLC TV chief meteorologist Wade Hampton who gave members a tour of the studio. Members then watched a live broadcast from the studio.

The meeting was then adjourned and dinner followed at Casa Manana Mexican restaurant.---Donald Jones. 



April 2013

Eberly Science and Technology, California University of Pennsylvania



Monthly Meeting: Friday, April 19th 2013

The seventh and final meeting of the 2012-2013 school year for the Student Chapter of the American Meteorological Society met on Friday, April 19th 2013 at 1:00pm in the NSSTC, room 4065. The first item on the agenda was the Treasurer report from Ryan Rogers on the chapters budget and the Weather Fest budget. The current balance is $544.47 and the Weather Fest account is at $161.15.

PhD student Ryan Wade talked about creating a webpage where graduate students write-up articles on any significant weather events the students have experienced or researched such as winter weather, hurricanes, severe weather, etc. He also mentioned having a team of students or any scientists in the building to start an applied research team to conduct storm surveys for our own learning benefit and research.

President Matt Saari briefly mentioned the success of all the events the club has participated in recently and gave a short overview of what was going to happen at the Panoply Arts Festival. AT Panoply we have the public vote for the winners from the top six finalists of our annual poster contest. The prizes for the winners include science museum tickets and NOAA weather radios.

We had approximately 20 members attend the April AMS/NWA meeting.  The last item on the agenda for the last meeting of the school year was to vote and elect the new AMS officers for the 2013-14 school year. The new AMS officer are:

President: Aaron Kaulfus

Vice President: Tony Lyza

Treasurer: Sarah Plapp

Secretary: Danielle Kozlowski

Webmaster: Traci Fehnel

Dr. Kevin Knupp will remain the Faculty Advisor. Aaron Kaulfus, Tony Lyza, Sarah Plapp, Traci Fehnel, Danielle Kozlowski and Dr. Kevin Knupp will be the approved signers on the UAHuntsville Chapter of the AMS bank account through Alabama Credit Union. Monthly AMS meetings will start back up at the end of August when the fall semester begins.---Danielle M. Kozlowski.



News and Information from April, 2013

Meeting Minutes:

Jared Rackley, President

Matt Daniel, Vice President

Minh Phan, Secretary

Lauren Lindsey, Treasurer

Officer Election Meeting

UGA AMS held its annual Officer Election Meeting on April 3, 2013. There were four positions members were eligible to run for: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

The newly-elected 2013-2014 UGA AMS Officers are:

Matt Daniel, President

Dean Pryles, Vice President

Molly McCollum, Secretary

Castle Williams, Treasurer

Congratulations to our new officers, and thank you to our current officers for their efforts this year!

After the election, members ate pizza and snacks and watched footage from a documentary on the April 2011 Tornado Outbreak.

UGA AMS Speaker Series with Featured Speaker, Tom Niziol

Tom Niziol, the Winter Weather Expert from The Weather Channel, visited UGA AMS on April 10. He talked with members about the 2012-2013 winter season and outlined The Weather Channel’s controversial decision to name winter storms this year. Many weather professionals and meteorologists were very concerned and upset with TWC’s decision to give designated names to storms this past season. Niziol explained to us the criteria and step-by-step plan for how the meteorologists at TWC decide to name significant weather systems during the winter months. Niziol also outlined the path and level of impact on every named winter storm from October-April. Some storms were tremendously significant in terms of the amount of damage they left behind and the population affected by the system. Some storms that were named proved to be less memorable, with little impact. From this past year, several improvements will be made to the naming system for next year’s winter season.

About Our Guest Speaker, Tom Niziol (Information from TWC)

Tom Niziol is the winter weather expert for The Weather Channel.  Niziol joined TWC in January 2012 from the National Weather Service in Buffalo, NY, where he was meteorologist-in-charge, supervising full warning and forecast operations for public, marine, and aviation interests across western New York. He also directed research and science operations and coordinated with partners including Emergency Management and other local and national government agencies. Prior to that, Niziol was science and operations officer for the National Weather Service in Buffalo, NY. In that role, he was responsible for initiating, planning, coordinating and overseeing the transfer of new and emerging scientific technologies and forecast techniques from the research community to the operational forecast and warning environment. Niziol holds a bachelor's degree in meteorology from the State University of New York at Oswego.


Chase Elementary Weather Balloon Launch

On April 26, UGA AMS members went to Chase Elementary to talk to students about their upcoming weather balloon launch. We gave a talk and demonstrations on what atmospheric characteristics a weather balloon can detect and what factors (like wind) affect a balloon during its ascent. The children were very enthusiastic and really enjoyed our discussion.

UGA AMS Thanks Faculty/Staff with Breakfast

UGA AMS appreciates all of the hard work and support of the many faculty and staff members of the University of Georgia Geography Department. On April 25, our organization provided delectable doughnuts and fresh fruit throughout the morning and afternoon to say “thank you” to everyone. Without them, our organization would surely not be what it is today. We are so thankful for everyone’s contribution to our group.

UGA AMS End of the Year Cookout/Field Day

The school year has come to an end, and our annual tradition of a cookout and field day continued this year. Grilled burgers, hotdogs, and ice cream were provided for members.  It was an opportunity to reflect on the many great achievements for our organization in the past year and to thank members for all of their support. Members mingled with one another and played a game of ultimate frisbee on the UGA Geography field.---Minh Phan.



23 April 2013:

-Meeting length: 35 minutes

-Key topics:
    Final tornado model presentation
    Ice core lab tour on 29 April
    End of the year BBQ on 4 May
    New officer elections

-Election results:
    President: Kody Gast
    Vice President: Joshua Clark
    Treasurer: Phillip Foy
    Secretary: Daniel Bazemore

---Kody Gast.


Minutes for General Meeting - April 9, 2013

This meeting was held at the National Weather Center in Room 1313.  The meeting opened with Vice President Bethany welcoming everyone.

Elections were held.

Next, we got a reminder and an update about Relay for Life form Kate-Lynn.

Outreach opportunities were also discussed.

The National Weather Association made a last call for membership from our members.

Also, there is an opportunity for our members to go to a luncheon with Jacqui Jeras from WLJA-TV.  She will be in town as a guest judge for the Biennial. 

The last item of business was asking our members to do a survey in order to continue to improve SCAMS.

The meeting was then adjourned and we watched Twister.---Megan McClellan.



April Chapter Meeting:  WCFLAMS Annual Banquet and Presentation on “Hurricane Probability in Tampa”



April. 15th, 2012



Brios Tuscan Grill, Tampa, Florida


Dr. Kerry Emanuel

Picture:  Guest Speaker Dr. Kerry Emanuel receiving a token of appreciation by chapter president Dr. Jennifer Collins


Picture:  2013 WCFLAMS banquet attendees

Picture:  Presentation of the official AMS chapter of the year award and recognition to the 2011-2012 chapter officers


The 2013 WCFLAMS meeting for the month of April was the annual chapter banquet.  This year the banquet was held at Brios Tuscan Grill in downtown Tampa with over 45 members and guests in attendance, one of the largest attendances in the banquets storied history.  Multiple festivities were held during the banquet including an hour and a half social prior to the start of the meeting and a fabulous dinner catered by the wonderful staff of Brios.

To start the meeting Dr. Jennifer Collins, the chapter’s president, briefly reviewed the tremendous year that the chapter has had including:  being selected as the 2011-2012 chapter of the year, the second annual teach for teachers outreach program, numerous social events, and the excellent monthly meetings hosted by the chapter.  Dr. Collins also thanked the current officers for all their hard work (Jen Collins – Preside; Nicole Carlisle – Vice President; Justin Hartnett – Corresponding Secretary; Treasurer – Nancy Knight; Kelsey Roberts – Recording Secretary; Web Master – Mark Mantz; Member at large – David Roache; and Outreach Chair – Matt Bolton), and announced the results for the 2013-2014 elections:

President:  Jennifer Collins

Vice President: Nicole Carlisle

Corresponding Secretary:  Lindsay Rice

Treasurer: Nancy Knight

Recording Secretary:  David Faysash

Web Master: David Feller

Outreach Chair:  Matt Bolton

Member at Large:  Bobby Deskins

In addition Dr. Collins presented all of our speakers from this year with a small token of appreciation for taking their time to keep the tradition of excellent speakers at the WCFLAMS monthly meetings.  In addition the chapter presented the annual Dewey Stower’s Award to a local college meteorology student with hard work ethic and dedication; this year’s recipient was dedicated member Matthew Bolton.  Also for the first year the chapter held sponsored student meals awarded to a select group of students to offset the dinner costs.  The meeting concluded with a raffle for various gift cards within Tampa Bay, with all proceeds allocated to the Dewey Stower’s Award.

However, the highlight of the night was the tremendous speaker for this year’s banquet Dr. Kerry Emanuel of MIT.  Dr. Emanuel was introduced by Corresponding Secretary Justin Hartnett, in which Dr. Emanuel’s research interests and honors were listed, including being recognized in 2006 as one of Time Magazines 100 most influential people.  Dr. Emanuel talked about the hurricane risk and probability in Tampa Bay.  Dr. Emanuel began his presentation with a brief introduction about tropical cyclones, and the severity of the damage that they can cause.  He then proceeded to enlighten the audience about a project that he has implemented using physics as a basis for predicting hurricane risk instead of statistics.  The most amazing results of Dr. Emanuel’s reanalysis prediction is that it is just as accurate if not more accurate than other computational tools (other models) but can be run on a single operating systems in relatively little time, instead of having to utilize a super computer.

Dr. Emanuel noted that for Tampa, the hurricane probability tends to be similar to New England, very spare but if one does occur it does tremendous damage.  The return period for Tampa is approximately every 100 years for a major hurricane, which has created a fairly resistant community to hurricane warnings, severity, and preparation due to a lack of experience.  However, if a major hurricane was to hit Tampa, it could be crippling to the region.  Due to the interaction with wind speeds, shallow topography, and Kelvin waves, storm surges within Tampa Bay could be as high as 14 m.  In fact, due to Kelvin waves, an offshore storm which never causes increased winds or even precipitation over the Bay, can cause storm surges exceeding 6 m within Tampa Bay.  Dr. Emanuel also stressed the idea that surge, winds, and other deadly weather associated with hurricanes (i.e. lightning and tornadoes) are not the only problems, as some models suggest rainfall in Tampa Bay from a single s=cyclone can exceed 1 m.  With all of this said, Dr. Emanuel concluded with a simple, yet powerful question to the audience, “Is Tampa the next New Orleans?”---Justin Hartnett and Jennifer Collins.

Picture:  2013 Dewey Stower’s Award winner member Matt Bolton (center) presented by chapter present Jennifer Collins (left) and Dewey Stower’s Award Chair Neva Duncan-Todd (right)

Picture:  2012-2013 chapter officers with guest speaker Dr. Kerry Emanuel.  In order, from left to right:  Dr. Kerry Emanuel, Nicole Carlisle (Vice-President), David Roache (Member at Large), Kelsey Roberts (Recording Secretary), Justin Hartnett (Corresponding Secretary), Nancy Knight (Treasurer), and Dr. Jennifer Collins (President)

Picture:  2013-2014 chapter officers with guest speaker Dr. Kerry Emanuel.  In order, from left to right:  Dr. Kerry Emanuel, David Feller (Webmaster), Nicole Carlisle (Vice-President), David Faysash (Recording Secretary), Lindsay Rice (Corresponding Secretary), Nancy Knight (Treasurer), and Dr. Jennifer Collins (President)



On April 16, 2013 the following officers were reelected without opposition: Andy Ross President; Warren Glover Vice President/Secretary; Debby Sibblillio Treasurer.

The chapter averages about 20 per monthly meeting. Most are held at the Department of Geography and Urban Planning State College of New York at Buffalo. Virtually all members are Sky Warned certified. Some are in the COCORAHS Program.

An invitation was extended to members this fall to attend and receive certification in a forensic weather program.

Andrew Ross served as a judge at the Niagara Regional Science & Exposition Fair held April 6, 2013 at Niagara College Welland, ON Canada. The winner of the AMS Certificate was Madison Hollister Grade 8 Winston Churchill School. Additionally, Andrew Ross served as a judge representing the U.S. Army. An observation he shared with fair officials was an increase in the number of girls, making up over half of the attendees. Girls were participating in projects in the physics area which is usually an all boy area.

The most popular meetings are the Winter WX Review, Summer WX Review, and visit to the Buffalo NWS Forecast Office.---Andrew D. Ross.




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