Chapter News
April 2011



 “Meteorological Memories of 2010”

Greg Carbin, Storm Prediction Center

The fourth meeting of the Central Oklahoma Chapter of the American Meteorological Society/National Weather Association (COCAMS/NWA) was held on April 20, 2011 at Sooner Legends Restaurant in Norman. Around 25 people were in attendance for the meeting.

Dr. Jerry Brotzge, President, welcomed everyone to the fourth chapter meeting of the year and introduced the other officers (Kit Wagner, Treasurer; Sarah Corfidi, Secretary; and Mark Sessing, Vice-President (not present).

Old Business:

Winners for the tornado contest were announced. The first tornado after March 15 (when the contest officially started) was on April 14, 2011. The winners were:

Kevin won a $15 Sonic gift card, Ryan Jewell won an Atlas of the Roads of Oklahoma, and Keith won a $15 gift card to 7-11.

Kit Wagner presented a brief treasury report from the last meeting.

Highlights included:

Sarah Corfidi presented a brief secretary report as well. She is maintaining a separate email list for COCAMS/NWA members and requested anyone who wishes to be on this list to contact her.

New business:

COCAMS/NWA will sponsor a spring BBQ, to be held in June, at a local park or possibly a member’s home. More information will be provided at the next meeting.

Dr. Brotzge then introduced Greg Carbin, Warning Coordination Meteorologist from the Storm Prediction Center. His presentation is available here:

Greg Carbin has maintained a “Top 10” list of memorable weather events for the past several years. Greg’s 1st event was January 20-22, 2010 when a series of powerful low pressure systems slammed the West Coast. As the storms moved across a large area of the west, from Oregon to Arizona, they produced heavy rain, flash flooding, high winds, heavy snow and even tornadoes. By the 22nd, precipitation totals for this series of storms ranged from 4-12 inches from coastal areas inland across lower elevations of Arizona, with as much as 8-16 inches of rain occurring in the foothills and mountains. Also from Oregon to Arizona, new all-time record low pressure values were established. Some of these pressure records had been established in the late 1800s!

The 2nd memorable weather event occurred from February 5-10, 2010, with major snowstorms in the Northeast. These two major East Coast snowstorms followed the “Snowpacalypse” of December. Many new snowfall records were set, including snowiest February, with 51.5 inches in Philadelphia, 49.7 inches in Baltimore, and 36.9 inches in Central Park, New York City. By the time the second storm cleared the East Coast, thousands of flights had been cancelled, Amtrak suspended service in the hardest hit areas and local rail and bus service were disrupted. Local transportation was so impaired that the federal government was shut down for 4 1/2 days, and schools and businesses remained closed for most of the week.

The 3rd event was the impact of the El Niño. El Niño was a major weather story affecting the 2009-2010 winter.  Warmer ocean water around the equatorial region of the central and eastern Pacific alters the wintertime storm track over the U.S. The impacts of this past El Nino on continental US temperatures and precipitation were warmer conditions across the northern U.S. and wetter than normal conditions across the southwest, south-central, and parts of the eastern seaboard.

The 4th event focused on the March 30-31, 2010 heavy rain/flooding event in southern New England. Record rains from a slow-moving and extremely wet Nor'easter triggered historic flooding in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts, with several rivers exceeding their 100-year flood levels. Over 16 inches of rain fell in Providence, Rhode Island during March, the most rain recorded in any month and besting the previous record of 15.38" set in October 2005.

The 5th event concentrated on the Yazoo City, MS tornado which occurred on April 24, 2010. This tornado went on to track for nearly 150 miles, crossing almost the entire state of Mississippi on this day. The tornado was rated EF4 at its strongest points, and caused 10 fatalities, 143 injuries, and over $300 million in damage.

The 6th event was a review of the May/June flooding in the mid-South.  Nashville, TN was virtually paralyzed by the heaviest recorded 1-day and 2-day rainfall in its history. A remarkable 7.25" of rain fell on the city on May 2nd, breaking the record for most rain in a single day. Nashville's third greatest day of rainfall on record occurred the day before when 6.32" fell. May 2010 became Nashville’s wettest May on record. Another notable event was a tragic nighttime flash flood event in southwest AR on June 10th. The Little Missouri River came up over 20 feet in 2 hours in the early morning and tragically drowned 20 people staying at the Albert Pike National Forest campground. The peak river height of nearly 25 feet had never been recoded and was about 10 feet greater than any previous peak in the last 10 years. Just four days after the Arkansas flash flood on June 14, Oklahoma City received a major flash flooding event as an overnight MCS continued to backbuild across the metropolitan area. The 7.62 inches of rainfall in Oklahoma City on this day established a new daily rainfall record for the city where records go back to 1890.

The 7th event focused on the severe weather outbreak in the upper Midwest on June 17. This record-breaking severe weather event produced the largest single-day total for tornadoes in 2010. A massive EF4 tornado touched down west of Albert Lea, MN, early Thursday evening, June 17, 2010. The tornado was deadly, killing one and injuring dozens more. In addition, this day set the record for the greatest 1 day significant tornado count since 2008, with 4 EF4 tornadoes and 3 fatalities, and was the most active severe weather day in MN history.

The 8th event comprised a trio of significant weather events across Oklahoma, including a crippling ice storm on January 28, 2010, a tornado outbreak in central Oklahoma on May 10, and a giant hail storm.  This was a classic Southern Plains tornado outbreak day, with over 40 tornadoes across OK and KS by the end of the day, and 3 fatalities. Finally, on May 16, a lone supercell initiated over Major County, OK. It proceeded southeast through the afternoon and produced giant hail and damaging winds across the OKC metropolitan area on its trek to the Red River in southeast OK.

The 9th event focused on the record-breaking heat of June-August 2010. The contiguous United States had the fourth-warmest summer (June-August) on record, according to the latest NOAA State of the Climate report issued in September. During June there were 808 new daily maximum temperature records established according to NCDC. There were 842 new daily max temperature records set in July with all-time maximum temperatures being recorded. August had nearly 1400 new daily maximum temperature records, and it was the 7th warmest August in 116 years of records.

Finally, the 10th event reviewed the October 26-27 “inland bomb” in Minnesota. This system, given the incredibly tight surface pressure gradient, the availability of relatively warm and moist air, and given the time of year, not only produced substantial precipitation amounts, but also led to widespread severe storms along an extensive squall line that moved across the Midwest. On some areas of the Great Lakes, waves approached the height of small buildings! Wind gusts exceeded 60 mph with some reports nearing 80 mph. The Big Fork, MN pressure dropped to 955.2 mb, which set a new inland pressure record.

After this fantastic presentation, Dr. Brotzge concluded the meeting around 8pm.

Next meeting: June BBQ – TBA in June 2011 – 6:00 pm- 8:00pm.  COCAMS/NWA will sponsor a year-end BBQ dinner. The event will be open to families and friends of COCAMS/NWA members and will be held either at a member’s home or at an area park. More details will be coming soon!---Sarah Corfidi.



The High Plains AMS chapter held a lunch meeting Thursday, April 21st in Norton, KS.  Nine members attended, including one new member from Hastings, NE. After eating, Al Pietrycha/SOO GLD gave a lively and informative presentation on his recent experience providing 1st line support to a national disaster.  On July 26, 2010, an oil pipeline ruptured and spilled ~19,500 barrels of oil into the Kalamazoo River of southwestern Michigan.  The Kalamazoo River eventually drains into Lake Michigan, and over 2500 people per day worked long hours trying to suppress the environmental and economic impact of this spill.  They worked for over 90 days; Al was the NOAA meteorologist for seven days.  Al showed and described how hectic this line of work can be.  He averaged 13 hour days, and sometimes worked 18 hour days.  Al stated you can train using the NIMS course for this type of support, but experience is the best teacher for learning how to deliver information to a Type-I Incident Command.  You will need to be a multi-tasker, ready to provide 24/7 support, and may be called to do your job at any time.

The meeting was called to order by President Chris Foltz/GLD.   Tim Burke/DDC briefed on an update from Mike Umscheid/DDC pertaining to the Not For Profit filing status of our chapter.  The first step, obtaining an Employee Identification Number/EIN is complete.  Mike continues working to get the required IRS forms filed to complete this venture.  Al Pietrycha/GLD updated us on the upcoming HP15 conference to be co-hosted with the Wichita AMS/NWA Chapter Aug 4-6th.  Featured speakers will be Don Burgess/OU/VORTEX II, Dr. Cliff House/Missouri State Univ, Tim Marshall/Haag Engineering/Chaser, Mike Smith/WeatherData Inc., and Merril Teller/Chief Met KWCH-TV, with the banquet speaker being Storm Chaser Jim Reed.  A career fair is planned for Thursday evening, and as usual, a scholarship will awarded to one or more college students.  Conference T-shirts are cheaper if pre-ordered via online registration.  The Call for Papers deadline is June 1st.  All conference information can be found on the website:

Nicholas Humrich from O’Neill, NE was this year’s winner of the Jim Johnson Scholarship.  Nicholas was home schooled, and plans to attend the University of Nebraska at Lincoln in the fall, majoring in Meteorology.  Discussion ensued on pin pointing established guidelines on the administering of the Jim Johnson Scholarship.  President Chris Foltz/GLD will send an email message to our members on this Jim Johnson Scholarship issue.  The next meeting is tentatively planned for Wed, June 29th.---Tim Burke.



April 13, 2011 GBM Minutes

Attendance: 31 (Including Exec. Board)

Start Time: 6:00 PM

End Time:  9:10PM---George Krauszer.



Meeting Type: General Meeting

Meeting Date: April 13, 2011

Attendance:  32

Meeting in Session: 8:05pm

Introduction (President Pete Mullinax)

Millersville University Chapter of the AMS

Meeting Type: General Meeting

Meeting Date: April 20, 2011

Attendance:  62

Meeting in Session: 8:37pm



The April 2011 meeting of the North Texas Chapter of the American Meteorological Society and National Weather Association was held on April 19, 2011 at 7 PM at the NWS forecast office. Here are the highlights of the meeting:

Treasurer's report: We have $479.26, plus $30 in gift cards (although one of these needs to be sent to our April speaker).

The nominations for chapter officers is now open. You not only can nominate yourself for an office, but another person as well. The election will be at our May meeting. We definitely will need to elect a new chapter secretary, as Bobette has decided to step down after performing these duties the past several years. We all thank Bobette for her service to our chapter!

While Stanley Christmas has done an outstanding job with judging the Dallas and Tarrant county science fairs, we are looking for someone to step forward and take over as the lead judge. Please let us know if you are willing to do that. A lot of the paper work and making contact with the fair organizers will be handled by the chapter officers via email before the judging.

Our May meeting next month will be moved to the 4th Tuesday of the month, the 24th. Our speakers will be Rusty Billingsley of our NWS Southern Region Headquarters and Mark Fox, WCM of the WFO. The theme of the night will be "Social Networking: Facebook and the National Weather Service". Plan on attending!

Our speaker of the night was Dr. Bernard Meisner from the NWS SRH who is the Chief of science and training for the region. Bernard gave a presentation on the certified consulting meteorologist (CCM) program of the American Meteorological Society, of which Bernard currently serves as the chairman of the board. The CCM program is a service for business, industry, and the general public to establish a standard to indicate that individuals who are CCMs have been tested and found to meet or exceed the standards of technical competence, character, and experience. The principal purpose of the program is to enable users of meteorological services to select consultants with greater confidence in the quality and reliability of the products and services they will receive. Bernard described who is considered to be a consulting meteorologist, gave some examples of the work consultants perform, and described the process by which one can become certified. The talk was well received, and many good questions followed Bernard's presentation.

The meeting adjourned at 830 PM.---Bobette Mauck.



Final Meeting Spring 2011 (April 26th, 2011)

OUSCAMS held our final meeting of the Spring 2011 semester and elected the new and upcoming 2011-2012 officers. The election results were as follows:

President: Stacey Hitchcock (former Freshman Rep., Secretary, and Junior Rep.)

Vice President: Kyle Thiem (former Treasurer)

Secretary: Emily Thompson (former Freshman Rep., and Sophomore Rep.)

Publicist: Lauren Duhon (former Publicist)

Senior Rep.: Colt Forney

Junior Rep.: Bethany Hardzinski

Sophomore Rep.: Addison Alford (Former Freshman Rep.)

We are all very excited for our new officer board. Current President Brian Squitieri surprised all of this year's current officers with a gift to show his appreciation for their hard work during the year. We ended the meeting with a slide show featuring pictures from the past year's events.---Kait Smoleroff.



07 Apr 2011 Meeting Minutes
Valentinos, Omaha

Barb called the meeting to order at 6:25 p.m. and greeted the members and guests. We had 28 members and guests attending the meeting.

President’s Report (Barb):

Barb reminded the membership that elections are coming up in May. Jay Martinelli is heading up the Nomination committee. Barb noted that she has reached the end of her term, and she cannot serve again. The President must be a dues paying member of the National AMS and the NWA. You are welcome to run for any office, but most officers are willing to run again, however we need a President and Corresponding Secretary. She invited anyone who has questions about the duties to see her after the meeting or talk with Jay or one of the officers about the positions.

Our next meeting is finalized. Date: Monday 5/16/2011. Location: Lo Solo Mio, Omaha. Time: 11:30 -1:30 p.m. Speaker: Bonar Menninger, author of “And Hell Followed With It: Life and Death in a Kansas Tornado”. He will bring a few copies for sale, but it is on Amazon if you want to buy it before hand.
We will be holding elections at the May meeting.

Vice President’s Report (Kristen George): Nothing to report.

Corresponding Secretary's Report (Rose Tseng): Working, but nothing to report.

Treasurer’s Report (Fritz VanWijngaarden): Working, Karen Harder-Sittel filled in.

Beginning balance: $ 389.90 petty cash, Closing checking balance = $ 950.66. Total = $ 1340.56.

Recording Secretary’s Report (Karen Harder-Sittel): The March minutes were submitted to the National Chapter, and she also posted to Facebook. Jay Martinelli got our chapter website in working order, so they were also posted there. (thanks Jay!) Rose sent the minutes to everyone’s email.

Motion was carried to submit the minutes to the record.

She also reported on the winners of the Greater Nebraska Science and Engineering fair in Nebraska City, back on March 26, and thanked the participants.

She noted that a report on this year’s science fairs is forthcoming.

Old business:
Barb is still working details with becoming a joint AMS/NWA chapter. We expect this to be finalized by summer. She assured us that she will finish this before the new President takes office in September.

Barb also talked about the Science Olympiad in Lincoln on April 2.

She and Jay Martinelli created a test for teams of middle-schoolers. The topic this year was meteorology-severe weather. They enjoyed their time with the students.

Karen told of upcoming opportunities to program weather radios for the public. Our chapter is helping to program weather radios again this year with Bill Randby (Channel 7) and Sarpy Co. Emergency Management. Our first event this year is April 16 at the Papillion Hy-Vee, 72nd and Hwy 370, from 10am - 1pm.

Dates are all Saturdays, and at local Hy-Vees.

1. April 16 -- Papillion - 72 and Hwy 370 ( 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. )
2. May 14 -- 146 Maple - ( 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. )
3. May 21 -- 144 Stony Brook - ( 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. )
4. June 11 -- 2323 West Broadway, Council Bluffs ( 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. )
5. June 25 -- 6919 Cass Street -- ( 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. )

Last year Karen made some instructional videos for how to program a wx radio for the metro area. The videos are a little outdated, but with one viewing you will know the basics and be able to assist us greatly. and

Please let Karen know at, or on the chapter Facebook page to let us know what days/times you could be available. You can volunteer for the full 3 hours all 5 days or even an hour on one of the days would be helpful. She will bring this up again at our next meeting also.

New business: none

Allocations: none

Jay mentioned that he would appreciate feedback regarding the webpage. It is at the same address as the old one, at: .. The membership thanked Jay for getting our site up and running again.

Business meeting adjourned at 6:45 p.m., continuing with dinner, and then our Speaker, Tim Marshall, who gave an excellent and insightful talk about his work on the VORTEX2 project. Tim will be speaking a the CPSWS Saturday 4/9 in Lincoln. Harder-Sittel.


April 2011

The PSUBAMS (Penn State University Branch of the AMS and NWA) Community Outreach division remained active in April, completing a school visit at the Panorama Elementary School just outside State College, PA, and meeting with a local Girl Scout troop. The girls toured the department and learned about how to forecast the weather, helping them earn their meteorology badges.

April also featured the most high-profile event of the year for PSUBAMS. With support from the department and the NWA, PSUBAMS was able to welcome Bill Read, the Director of the National Hurricane Center. Mr. Read met with faculty and staff, including Department Head Dr. William Brune, and then spoke about his career and advancements in hurricane forecasting, among other topics. The large audience included members of the local National Weather Service office, AccuWeather, Penn State faculty, and local media. It was an extremely successful evening, with many audience members remaining afterward to talk with Mr. Read. PSUBAMS presented Mr. Read with a Penn State Meteorology t-shirt and a package of world-famous sticky buns from the State College Diner.

The morning after the meeting, Mr. Read stuck around to better enjoy his stay at Penn State. PSUBAMS officers provided him with a personal tour of the department and organized a small, personal meeting between Mr. Read and about 10 students interested in tropical meteorology. Finally, Mr. Read conducted interviews for the statewide weather television program, Weather World, before returning to Miami. Mr. Read called his stay “a grand experience,” and it can be described similarly from the PSU student perspective!

The end of April closed the book on the eventful 2010-11 academic year for PSUBAMS, and signaled time for the election of the 2011-12 Executive Board. In yet another first, the elections were conducted online during the day on April 26.

PSUBAMS Officials for 2011-12:

President: Matt Mahalik

Vice-President: Ryan Kramer

Secretary: Elyse Colbert

Treasurer: Michael Page

Community Outreach: Melissa Constanzer

The outgoing officers will meet with the new executives, who will undoubtedly continue the success and advancements made this year. The outgoing officers would like to thank the entire PSUBAMS community, the AMS, and the NWA, and wish the 2011-12 officers the best of luck! Thank you for a great year!

For more information on PSUBAMS activities, please see our 'Year in Review' at Mahalik.



General Body Meeting          April 13th, 2011




Kelly Ann Cicalese

Anthony Adams

Jeff Mart

Shunondo Basu

Erik Taylor

Geoff Heildelberger

Adam Rainer

Alyssa Donovan

James Danco

Matt Drews

Alexander Harrison

Christina Speciale

Secretary Notes

During this event, students gave presentations on AMS talks they saw in Seattle. Part of their trip gets reimbursed if they choose to share what they learned with other students at a general body meeting. Other items that were discussed were lightning detection, and what AMS is. Also discussed was prediction of freezing rain events and social implications of our career choices. The snow pool winners from this winter were also announced!---Jeffrey Deppa.



Meeting Minutes

April 11, 2011 @ 6:30pm EDT

Cascade Township Public Library

Meeting called to order by President Brandon Hoving with brief overview of the agenda and topics of interest to club members.

Vice President Nathan Jeruzal discussed opportunities to help the club grow through committees and outreach efforts. Our website is in development at

Treasurer William Marino provided the financial statement.

Secretary Rob Dale gave an overview of the severe weather outbreak that hit the western Great Lakes over the previous weekend.

Mr Marino was our featured speaker, and presented a report on La Nina’s impact to SW Michigan severe weather.

Concluding remarks about out summer forecast contest and future meeting topics / locations.

Meeting adjourned at 7:40pm.---Rob Dale.



April Chapter News.---Lindsay Rice.



The current TAMSCAMS officers conducted their last meeting this Monday, where we held officer elections and spoke about some of the upcoming events. The 2011-2012 TAMSCAMS officers are:

President:  Allison Podbielski

Vice President: Nick Adams

Secretary: Kristen Collier

Treasurer: Ashley Demko

Social Chair: Hannah Upton

Congratulations to our newly elected officers and Thank you to our 2010-2011 officers!

After elections and some brief announcements, our guest for the meeting, Mr. Chris McKinney, conducted SKYWARN Training for our chapter.---Allison Podbielski.



The April 2011 meeting of the Twin Cities Chapter of the AMS was called to order at 7:02 p.m. on April 19 by President Chris Bovitz. Introductions were made among the 10 members and four speakers from the Air National Guard’s 208th Weather Flight unit. Bovitz gave a recap of the March 2011 meeting at Target Field, the home of Major League Baseball’s Minnesota Twins, at which member Wes Hyduke from Telvent (and sponsor of the evening) spoke about the services which Telvent can provide for sports-related activities such as lightning detection and conditions for turf. Then member Craig Edwards related his experiences working as the Twins’ meteorologist. As far as he knew, he was the only meteorologist employed by a major-league baseball team. He talked about difficulties in his forecasting weather, but generally the team “lucked out” for bad weather last year. Edwards coordinates with the head groundskeeper, Larry DiVito (who spoke to us last year) regarding weather conditions and their effect on the field. Overall, he said it was a great experience, and he will be the team’s meteorologist this year.

Treasurer Bryan Howell gave the treasurer’s report. Our current balance is about $1,400. We took in about $1,000 from registrations from the chapter-sponsored Northern Plains Convective Workshop (NPCW) which was to pay for the workshop’s printed programs ($68) and for catering from St. Thomas University. We are still awaiting word from St. Thomas for that amount. Since the cost of the programs is less than our $75 chapter-approved threshold, no vote was held, and Howell will pay it.

Bovitz then showed the banner and certificate which the chapter received for its being selected as the AMS Chapter of the Year. This was the first time in the Twin Cities chapter’s existence that it has won the award, and he again thanked everyone involved. This banner and accompanying certificates were presented to the officers at the NPCW.

Bovitz read a report from Arden Berge, Science Fair Coordinator, about the projects he awarded at the Minnesota State Science and Engineering Fair. He mentioned the next one is the South Central/Southwest Minnesota Regional Science and Engineering Fair at Minnesota State University in Mankato, and Berge is looking for someone to accompany him.

Howell gave a recap of the NPCW. He felt it went well despite attendance being down from previous years. The chapter approved the expenditure of up to $1,000 to pay for the workshop’s catering from St. Thomas University as soon as member Doug Dokken can get an amount from the university. Member John Wetter gave a summary of the Minnesota Skywarn Workshop (of which the AMS was a sponsor), which he also felt went very well at its new venue.

Now that the chapter is part of the NWA (and has an even longer name), Bovitz felt that an effort should be made to “brand” our chapter, to give it a unique identity which would be easy to relate to others. No one at the meeting offered to work on this effort, but Bovitz hopes to have something in place by the next chapter year.

No one has yet stepped up to be an officer next year. Bovitz read from the Constitution the overall officers’ duties. Howell offered to continue as treasurer next year, but we still need people for president, vice president, and secretary.

The so-far results of the weather contest were shown. It looks like Jim Taggart will win the snowfall award, and Bill Endersen will win the cold-temperature award.  Their prizes will be a free one-year membership in the chapter.

The business meeting adjourned around 7:35.

The presentation at the meeting was by members of the 208th Weather Flight: Master Sargent Kyle Mack, Senior Airman Rob Zweber, Joshua Uhl, Ryan Keever. Their unit was founded in 1973 and is part of the Air National Guard, directly supporting the 34th Infantry and 34th Combat Aviation brigades. There are 17 full- and part-time members of this group. In the past few years, they have been deployed to Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kuwait, and Colombia, among other places. The Air Force is responsible for forecasting weather for all branches of the military.

The personnel’s paths to this unit are quite varied: being in Hurricane Andrew, knowing people in the unit, an interest in aviation, and curiosity about surfing.

The hierarchical structure of the weather services were shown, from major theater commands down to responsibility for battlefield conditions. The members of the weather group work in pairs when deployed, though they can consult with personnel higher up the chain to discuss conditions and forecasts.

Mack related the training schedule for Weather Flight personnel: Eight and a half weeks of basic training, nine months weather training, four months Air National Guard readiness training, followed by four months weather seasoning training. There is also a short (few days) defense exercise where one must set up, keep functional, and defend a weather installation in the woods. They take additional military training since they are military personnel and can be deployed for combat, although they are far down the list.

On a typical deployment day, the forecasters wake and shower (sometimes using baby wipes), don their battle gear and report to the Tactical Operations Center. There, the duties of the two weather people in the center include briefing commanders and airmen, writing ground and aviation forecasts, issuing local watches and warnings, and taking observations. Generally, the people who are responsible for moving troops and equipment are interested in a “go,” “go with caution,” or “no-go” forecast.

The group is also responsible for siting and maintaining weather stations. Dust is a major problem for sites in Iraq and Afghanistan, and getting to and fixing a malfunctioning weather station can take days.

Regarding real-time data, the forecasters depend greatly on satellite imagery. There is some available radar data (and some surface observations), but radar doesn’t work very well in the mountains, and it’s difficult to upload local radar data.

The speakers then took a few questions about their presentation. They also expressed an interest in our chapter and will bring word of our group back to their group.---Chris Bovitz.



Monthly Meeting:  Thursday, April 7, 2011


The meeting began at  5:45 pm on Thursday, April 7, 2011, with President Rob Junod calling it to order. He started the meeting off taking officer nominations and announcing elections would be held at the end of the meeting.  Six members in total were nominated for officer positions.  He then made a motion of the reimbursement to Sandy LaCorte for $167.20, an expense incurred mailing the Severe Weather Poster Contest fliers to local schools.  Junod then announced the plan for Dr. Bill Gray’s special seminar.  The seminar would be held April 18th at 12:45 in the fourth floor conference room.  It will be preceded by a student lead Q&A lunch-in with Dr.Gray at 11:00.

The floor was then opened to Elise Schultz to discuss membership in  the National Weather Association.  NWA is a weather operations community association that is open to anyone with an interest in weather.  Student membership cost $18 yearly.  Go to to sign up.  She announced that the first two to become members will get a sports bag with the NWA logo.  Schultz suggested working towards making the local student chapter a joint NWA and AMS chapter.  She announced this year’s annual meeting will be held in Birmingham, October 15-20.

Following these announcements, Treasurer Ken Leppert stated the year’s budget.  We had $1150 at the beginning of the year, and in closure of the year raised to $1550.

After the financial report, Secretary Crystal Woodard made an update to apparel orders.  The orders will be placed no later than the end of the month.  Anyone interested in ordering a dry-fit department polo or chapter t-shirt should email

Next, Vice-president Stephanie Mullins requested help with our annual Severe Weather Poster Competition and staffing the booth at Panoply.  Assistance staffing the Panoply booth will consist of taking shifts of a couple of hours during the weekend of April 29th to May 1st.  Help distributing sponsorship letter for Rocket City Weather Fest is also needed.  If you can assist, please contact Stephanie,

Finally, President Junod took the floor to lead elections.

Your 2011-2012 officers are:

President: Stephanie Mullins

Vice-President: Adam Sherrer

Secretary: Christina Branson

Treasurer: Naren Rongali

Web Master: Rob Junod

The meeting was concluded at about 6:30 pm.  Our next meeting will be announced at the start of the next school year.---Crystal Woodard.



Meeting Minutes for April 12, 2011


Odegard Hall, Rm. 103 


Meeting Minutes for April 20, 2011


Odegard Hall, Rm. 103 



Meeting Agenda for UNC AMS Chapter, April 13, 2011

Topics were:

Ice Core Lab Trip, Set for May 10th.  As long as they have room

Reminder that weekly bowling is still going on till the end of the semester, Thursday Nights at 7:00 pm, $3.00 per game

Our end of the year BBQ will be on April 30, 2011, Remember to sign up for food!

We need people to do weather observations over the summer.  If anyone interested needs to talk with Dr. Shellito.

We are still looking for people to by polo’s so we can get a good deal on them.

Vote for who you think should win:

                  Student of the year

                  Forecaster of the year

                  The Service Award

                  Most improved of the Year

                  Rookie of the year

Vote for Your New Officers for 2011-2012 school year!


Results of election were:

                                    President: Lisa Coco

                                    Vice President: Jessica Jacobsen

                                    Secretary: Peter Goble

                                    Treasure: Brian Popick

                                    Underclassmen at Large: Stevie Adams

Good Luck On Finals!!! See everyone at the BBQ!!

Meeting Attendance:  30---Jessica Jacobsen.



SCAMS did an amazing job putting together groups for the Big Event. Together we were able to clean up a few blocks of west Oklahoma City as well as give a fence covered in graffiti a fresh new coat of paint and recycle old tires to create a heart-shaped garden. Overall, it was very successful event and the town seemed to truly appreciate it. At our last meeting, Kevin Kelleher, spoke to us about the political implications of the future of Meteorological careers in NOAA, WFOs, or any other government run weather related offices. It really brought into focus the issues of our current government happenings, and how they are effecting not just the job market for meteorologists, but also the research and development of meteorology itself. Our freshman representative also did an outstanding job setting up the OUSCAMS Relay for Life team. To raise money for Relay for Life, they held a Bake Sale and raised over $200 for the cause. Several students attended the event and really enjoyed themselves. Currently, we are working to put together a fundraiser for the recent earthquakes and tsunami in Japan. OUSCAMS will be holding a Mr. Meteorology pageant on May 5th in the NWC atrium and all proceeds will go to the American Red Cross for the benefit of Japan. Our next meeting will be mainly elections for next years student officers.---Lauren Duhon.



April 2011


Monthly Meeting: Officer Nominations


The monthly meeting was held on April 12 at 10:45 am. A total of 35 members attended. The president, the secretary, and the treasurer offered their respective annual reports, which had been sent to everyone via e-mail. The vice-president, who was the main person in charge of organizing the Weather Festival, discussed the progress of the preparations for the event. The officers also discussed the plans for the banquet to celebrate the chapter’s 5th anniversary, among other activities.

The main objective of the meeting was the chapter officer nominations for the 2011-2012 year. As provided by the Chapter Constitution, active members were allowed to nominate their candidates for the positions of: President, Vice-president, Secretary, and Treasurer. Twelve members accepted the nominations and were asked to prepare platform statements, which would be sent to everyone before the elections. The chapter officers also asked the candidates to get involved in the preparation for the Chapter Banquet, so that they could already get a feel of what being an officer would be like. Members also proposed two amendments to the Constitution, which were applied as approved by the attendees. 

Special Meetings

Two special meetings were held to discuss the logistics for the Weather Festival. All of the Weather Festival participants were assigned a task, whether it was preparing demonstrations or hands-on activities, acting as ushers, or other miscellaneous duties.  A total of 21 members attended the first meeting on April 7, and a total of 23 attended the second meeting on April 28.

The chapter committees also met regularly during the preparation period. At one of these meetings, the chapter advisor and physics/meteorology professor Dr. Carlos U. Pabón, and the chapter honorary member and physics professor Dr. José R. López observed the students practicing the demonstrations and provided helpful suggestions.


Activity: Visit to the PR Seismic Network


On April 5, 18 members visited the PR Seismic Network (PRSN), which is part of the UPRM Department of Geology. The PRSN Educative Program Coordinator, Glorymar Gómez, kindly received our members, gave a talk, and showed the facilities. The talk included information about earthquakes, tsunamis, the preparation for these natural disasters, and the PRSN’s mission, responsibilities, instrumentation, and data acquisition processes. The personnel gave the attendees evacuation maps for their communities, which were available if the municipalities were Tsunami-Ready, and other educational material. The purpose of this activity was twofold: first, to prepare our members for non weather-related natural disasters, and second, to help our members broaden their scientific knowledge in geosciences.

Activity: “Feria Planeta Digital” (Digital Planet Fair)


From April 9-10, chapter members attended the 1st “Digital Planet Fair” organized by meteorologist Ada Monzón and architect Astrid Díaz. The event was held in Plaza Las Américas (San Juan), PR’s most visited mall. The objectives of this activity included: to educate the community about the Earth and its components, to give them information about how to protect their lives and belongings from damage during disasters, emergency management, human efforts to explore the Earth and space, among other topics. The main attraction of this event was the Digital Planet geodome, inside of which images are projected to simulate natural disasters. We helped the organizers by sharing information about our chapter and the UPRM Meteorology Program, and by giving weather-related demonstrations.

Activity: Earth Week


The chapter joined the Earth Week activities at UPRM from April 25-29. On April 26, the chapter participated of the “Eco-Feria” at the Student Center, where local artisans sold their eco-friendly products. On April 28, the chapter attended the “Human Impact on Climate Change” forum. Some of our members were asked to prepare short biographies of the professionals participating in the forum to introduce them.

Activity: Weather Festival

The 4th Weather Festival was held on April 29 as part of the 1st Arts, Sciences and Engineering Festival (Figure 1). More than 1,500 students of different ages and from many schools attended this event. We set up 10 separate booths, each dedicated to explaining a different atmospheric phenomenon through hands-on activities (Figure 2), and exhibited weather instruments and research posters.


Figure 1. The Weather Festival was held at the UPRM coliseum.


Figure 2. Hands-on storm surge activity


The chapter’s weather channel “Juracán TV” committee was in charge of the chroma-key station, where the students experienced what is like to give weather reports on TV (Figure 3). The chapter’s “Juracán” magazine committee organized a trivia challenge area, another exciting way to teach the students about weather concepts. The attendees also had the opportunity to stop by exhibit booths from different agencies, programs, and student organizations. These included: the PR Sea Grant Program, the Center for Collaborative Adaptive Sensing of the Atmosphere (CASA), the NOAA Center for Atmospheric Sciences, the Center for Hemispherical Cooperation in Research and Education in Engineering and Applied Science (CoHemis), the Laboratory for Applied Remote Sensing and Image Processing (LARSIP), the PR Seismic Network, the UPRM chapter of the Society of Physics Students, Campus Verde, and the Student Geological Society.

Figure 3. JuracánTV and chroma-key station.


Activity: Donuts Sale


On April 11, we sold glazed donuts for fundraising purposes, especially to cover the costs of the semester’s main activities: the Weather Festival and the Chapter Banquet. 



April Meeting Minutes.---Nicole Carlisle.



On April 28, 2011, the following officers were reelected without opposition:

Andrew D. Ross President

Warren Glover Vice President/Secretary

Debby Sibbillio Treasurer

Activities in the last 12 months....

The Chapter (Western New York) is rather small, but enthusiastic. Attendance at meetings ranges from 12 to 25. Many of the members are in the COCORAHS program which rainfall is submitted by the internet on a daily basis. During the cold weather months, they serve as snowspotters which the local NWS office in Buffalo keeps record of.

On April 12, 2011, members present were recertified by the NWS as participants in the SKYWARN Program. This chapter has formed an association with the Geography Department of the State University of NY at Buffalo. Dr. Stephen Vermette instructs classes in meteorology and has furnished use of his facilities for meetings. Some of his students are members. Dr. Vermette and his staff have been involved in local weather research projects. Chapter input is being sought for involvement in a proposed Weather Experience Center in Buffalo. Proposed exhibits would be simulated weather conditions as well as historical weather events of the area. Funding remains a large obstacle.

The undersigned served as a judge at the Niagara Regional Science & Engineering Fair at Niagara College Welland ON Canada on March 26, 2011. Concurrently served as a judge representing the U.S. Army (Retired Officer). The winner of AMS Certificate of Achievement is Aleksander Gibson Grade 7 Wheaton School St. Catharines ON entitled "Homemade Weather Station". He received the award on April 6, 2011.

A footnote to this Science Fair. In recent years, an increasing amount of French speaking students from church schools have entered projects. The exhibits are in French, but are completely conversational in English. This trait factored in several of the awards form the U.S. Army. This year the printed awards program was bilingual and a tandem French speaking narrator was added.---Andrew D. Ross.



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