Chapter News
April 2008


Meeting Minutes: 4/18/08

Minutes by , Secretary

Alumni Weekend Review:

        - Friday April 25 and Saturday April 26

        - Events:

                1.  Friday Night Reception 7PM up in Bradfield

                        - meet and greet with the alumni and everyone

                        - food and drink will be available

                        - business casual attire (ie: khakis)

                2.  Saturday Morning Panel Discussion

                        - 10:30AM in 135 Emerson

                        - alumni will tell us what they’ve been up to and answer your questions

                        - food and drink will be available

                3.  Saturday Afternoon Barbeque

                        - 1PM at Cornell Recreation Center (CRC)

                        - outdoor fun such as Frisbee, hiking, softball

                        - food courtesy of Grillmaster Wysocki

        - pay Alli the $10 if you’ve RSVP’d that you’re coming, but haven’t paid yet


        - nominations for next years officers will be by email next week

        - the new tentative elections meeting is Tuesday April 29 at 4:30PM

Senior Panel and Study Break:

        - tentatively scheduled for Tuesday May 6 at noon (during study week)

        - the seniors will tell everyone what they’re doing next year and answer

questions about classes they’ve taken that were good and helped prepare

them and all that they have done to get to where they are going next

        - the senior panel will be followed by the traditional Trivial Pursuit

study break

Brief Overview of Research Presented Today:

        Steve DeNero & Jim Reagan

        - AERMOD (the dispersion model used by EPA) research

        - how well can AERMOD predict concentrations of black carbon?

        - specifically researched pollution in Bronx, NY

        Steve DeNero

        - developing a model to predict ultra fine concentrations of particles

near highway roads

        Robert Gottlieb:

        - micrometeorology focus at Indiana University in Bloomington, IN

        - tasks involved checking observations and programming in MATLAB

        - use LIDAR data to measure aerosol concentrations to find the boundary


        - soil moisture correlation


Meeting Minutes 4/29/08

Minutes by Erik Thorgersen, Secretary

Today’s Agenda: Elections

Congratulations once again to the winners and good luck with

everything next year.

Election Results:


Andrew Shook

Kristen Yeager


Robert Gottlieb


Mike DeFlorio

Upcoming Plans:

First up is the table to inform the public of Severe Weather Awareness week on Thursday 5/1/08 from 3-7pm in front of P&C at East Hill Plaza. Email Erik (emt36) if you want to help you.

Next Tuesday 5/6/08 during study week is the Senior Panel and the study

break Trivial Pursuit game.  Hopefully having both on the same day, back

to back, will encourage all of you to come.  The Senior Panel will begin

at Noon (right after our meso review, so no excuse for all the seniors not

showing up!) and we, the seniors, will tell you what we are up to next

year, and will give you words of advice and answer any questions.

This will be immediately followed by the class vs. class Trivial Pursuit

study break tradition.  Tradition also has it that there is food.  We will

confirm this and remind you of next Tuesday's events as we get closer.

Until then, good luck with the last week of classes and have a memorable

Slope Day!---Erik Thorgersen.




Meeting Start Time: 6:45pm

Welcome from the president

Polo shirts have arrived.  Pay Linda and pick up your shirt at the end of the meeting.

Ask for volunteers for WAI Day-Tuesday, April 15

3 shifts from 9 am to 12

              ICI center

Ask for volunteers to work weather support for the Air Race Classic in June.

              Kristen gives a brief description of the event.

Joanna has been in contact with Campus Safety and is looking to have a representative give us an update on what we need to do to help the campus become Storm Ready.

Kristian gives an update on March’s weather summary for Daytona Beach and how it compares to the normal values.

Congratulations to Kira, Tony, and Kristen for receiving their internships for the summer!

Thanks to Kristian for hosting the potluck.

Meeting End Time: 7:05pm---Dan Halperin.



Sixteen chapter members came together at mid day on Wednesday, April 30th.  This assembly started with a meal from the Town & Country Kitchen in Norton, KS, with most of our members selecting the buffet meal.  After our stomachs were satisfied, we began the meeting.  Following the meeting, a very interesting slide presentation was given by Tim Samaras - research storm chaser from Lakewood, CO.

Tim Samaras awed and fascinated us with lightning pictures from a high speed camera.  Most of us had never seen lightning pictures like this, as his imagery captured shots too fast for the human eye.  His presentation, “Visualization of Naturally Produced Lightning Strikes Using High Speed Imaging”, was absolutely breathtaking.  Check out this link from National Geographic, which includes some of the pictures Tim Samara showed us at our meeting:  lightning-up-close Natl Geographic video  (Ctrl-click, or Right click/Open Hyperlink.  Short commercial will play first). We attempted to persuade Mr. Samaras to be a key presenter at our upcoming September conference in Hays, but nothing was firmed up. 


Call to order.   The meeting was called to order at 12:30 PM, followed by a quick round of introductions.  President Ewald waived the reading of the past meeting’s minutes for the sake of time.

Treasurer’s report.  Treasurer Matt Masek gave the following summary of our treasury:  the balance from 2/6/08 was $3783.05; Deposits totaled $499.52 and Withdrawals totaled $133.00, leaving an overall balance as of 4/30/08 at $4129.57.  The Jim Johnson Scholarship Fund stands at $1425.00, leaving our High Plains checkbook balance on 4/30/08 at $2724.57.

Old Business. An update on the coming HP13 conference on September 4-5th, hosted by the Goodland staff and to be held in Hays, KS was by given by Al Pietrycha.  The conference will be at Holiday Inn on north Vine St, near Interstate 70.  The conference cost will again be kept as low as possible, in the $60-65 range, which will include lunch on Thursday, Sep 4th.  A banquet is planned for Thursday night, which will be an additional $15 fee.  Three excellent key speakers have been secured, and a 4th is being sought.  A Call for Papers has been sent out, and is available via our website, , with a deadline of Aug 1st.  All members are encouraged to submit a paper for presentation – this is a good opportunity to share your knowledge with your peers, in a relaxed conference atmosphere.  We will once again sponsor a student paper competition, with $400 to be awarded in each of the Undergraduate and Graduate categories.  All abstracts are to be submitted to: .

New Business.  Secretary Tim Burke explained the AMS Chapter of the Year application process, and asked members to keep track of any significant outreach activities they participate in.  We plan to submit an application for Chapter of the Year to the NWA by July 1st.

President Rick Ewald reviewed the Jim Johnson Scholarship process the committee had just completed.  With 4 members on the committee, the selection resulted in a tie.  Our Chapter Vice President was enlisted to break the tie. The winner will be announced later, after the student is presented his award at the upcoming school awards day.  Measures will be taken to add a 5th committee member, such as one from outside the NWS, before next year, to avoid a tie vote. 

Adjournment.  The meeting adjourned at 1:00 PM.  The next meeting will be held in the mid to late July time frame.---Rick Ewald and Tim Burke.



Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Members Attended: 44

Special Thanks

Thanks to all who have helped out in community outreach in the last months, your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks especially to those who participated in the weather radio programming at Hy-vee, the Science Nights and with organizing VEISHEA and the Career Panel. All these events were made possible by the efforts of the active members. Volunteering your time and efforts really showcases ISU AMS’s continuing commitment to community service.

Thank you cards were passed around and signed for those who dedicated their time at the career panel, their time was greatly appreciated!

Also, special thanks to all who attended Dr. Kerry Emanuel’s presentation on global warming and its effect on hurricanes.  Hope everyone enjoyed Dr. Emanuel’s presentation and thanked him for his time here at Iowa State University.

Senior breakfast


              Senior breakfast is scheduled for Saturday, May 10th at 10am.  Seniors please join the faculty, your family and fellow students for our annual Senior Breakfast. E-mail if you are attending.


National Weather Association

The final Central Iowa National Weather Association meeting this year is set for Thursday 6:30pm at the Des Moines NWS.


A motion was made to reimburse those members who attended the Severe Storms and Doppler Radar Conference $5.  The motion was seconded and passed.  Reimbursement forms were filled out at and turned in.  If you attended the conference and haven’t filled out a form yet please contact for further information.

ISU AMS Constitution

The constitution of the Iowa State Chapter of the American Meteorological Society has been amended to meet university requirements.  Amendments to the old constitution were spoken of and the motion was made to amend the constitution. This motion was seconded and the passed. The new constitution and bylaws are hereby enacted for the chapter.


Current Balance: $2504.00

Instruction was given to members of the chapter that participated in the Severe Storms and Doppler Radar Conference for filling out the reimbursement vouchers. 

Academic Chair

              Keep checking the meteorology forums on the ISU AMS website for updates about review sessions.  Please contact group leaders to remind them of any upcoming exams.  Feel free to email Chris Schaffer ( with and questions you may have concerning exams and review sessions.

Social Chair

The ISU AMS Spring Picnic will occur 5:00PM this Sunday April 27th, 2008 at Moore Park.  The AMS will provide the hamburgers, hot dogs and brats, but members attending are asked to bring beverages, chips, desserts, etc.  A sign up sheet was passed around for those who plan on attending and for those who plan on bringing beverages and desserts.   Also feel free to bring volleyballs, basketballs, etc for fun at the picnic.

Frisbee will be played on central campus Friday around noon; everyone is welcome to attend to hopefully enjoy the nice weather then!

Forecast Contests


              The team as a whole finished 28th in the national rankings.  Thanks to everyone for their hard work this year.  The top 5 forecasters were: Jayson Prentice finishing 20th, Bill Gallus finishing 188th, Jon Hobbs finishing 215th, Chris Schaffer finishing 221st and Brandon Engelson finishing 244th.   Congratulations for being ISU’s top forecasters this year!

Iowa Contest

              Congratulations to Justin Wittrock for winning the day 2.5 period for Clinton, IA.  Also congrats to Jon Hobbs for winning the day 4/3/2/1 for Sioux City, IA, Storm Lake, IA, Harlan, IA and Clarion, IA.  This was a very challenging period!  Our current city is Ottumwa forecasting for aviation.  The current leader is Brandon Engelson, with the NGM Model in 2nd.  The overall leader is the average followed by Jon Hobbs, Brandon Engelson, Jeff Duda and Jayson Prentice rounding out the top five.  If anyone still wants to join, email for further instructions.  Contest is still free and goes throughout the summer, with a tournament at the beginning of next school year. It is an excellent opportunity to hone your forecasting skills!

Cys Eyes

              The final show is the Senior show at 6:30pm on Wednesday April 23rd, 2008.  Be sure to watch the seniors give their final on-air presentation at ISU. Things are going well with show otherwise.




              Jeff Edmonson gave a presentation showing the year in review with activities that the AMS was involved with this year.  Presentation was very entertaining and lasted 6 minutes, thanks to Jeff for putting it together!




              Jayson Prentice, Ben Schwedler and Adam Deppe introduced themselves and gave a list of activities with which they are involved.  The chapter questioned the candidates on various topics and then had a closed discussion about the candidates.  The chapter then voted on the position and a special congratulation goes out to Benjamin Schwedler for being elected the president of the Iowa State Chapter of the American Meteorological Society for the 2008-2009 academic school year. 

Vice President

              Justin Schultz, Logan Karsten, Adam Deppe, Jayson Prentice and Jeff Duda introduced themselves, gave a brief description of what their next semester consists of and what other qualifications they posses.  The chapter questioned the candidates on topics that were very informative.  The candidates were then asked to leave the room and a closed discussion occurred among the chapter.  The position was then voted on and Adam Deppe was elected Vice President for the 2008-2009 academic school year.


              Justin Wittrock, Shannon Rabideau and Logan Karsten introduced themselves to the chapter.  The chapter then questioned the candidates and the candidates gave answers to the best of their abilities.  The candidates were then asked to leave the room and the chapter went into closed discussion about the candidates.  The position was put to a vote and Logan Karsten was elected the treasurer of the 2008-2009 academic school year.


              Justin Schultz, Nick Carletta and Elizabeth Suess introduced themselves and the chapter questioned each of the candidates on various topics.  The candidates answered the questions to the best of their abilities.  A closed discussion was then brought about by the chapter bringing out the best in each of the candidates.  The chapter then put the position to a vote and Justin Schultz was elected into the position of secretary for the 2008-2009 academic school year.


              Shannon Rabideau and Matt Hoffman introduced themselves to the chapter.  The chapter then proceeded in questioning each of the candidates on various topics.  The candidates then answered the questions that the chapter had supporting why they were the best candidate.  The candidates were then escorted out of the room and the chapter went into a closed discussion about both candidates, discussing the qualities one of the candidates.  The chapter then put the position to a vote and Matt Hoffman was elected into the position of Social Chair for the 2008-2009 academic school year.


           Megan Brosowske, Matthew Ramthun, Jeff Duda, Nick Carletta, Shannon Rabideau and Jayson Prentice introduced themselves and what they were majoring in.  Questioning of the candidates was then conducted about any questions that the chapter had for the candidates.  The chapter then proceeded in putting the position to a vote and Jayson Prentice was elected into the position of Academic Chair for the 2008-2009 academic school year.



           Andy Mair introduced himself and was questioned by the chapter.  Andy was the only candidate and was elected into the Webmaster position for the 2008-2009 academic school year.


           Racheal Witter introduced herself to the chapter and answered questions that the chapter had.  Racheal was the only candidate and was elected into the Webmaster Chair for the 2008-2009 academic school year.


           JoBeth Minniear, Ryan Alliss, Nick Carletta and Elizabeth Suess introduced themselves and answered any questions that the chapter had.  The candidates were led out of the room so the chapter could have a closed discussion about the candidates.  The position was put to a vote and JoBeth was elected Sophomore Chair for the 2008-2009 academic school year.


           Shannon Rabideau, Elizabeth Suess, Nick Carletta and Megan Brosowske introduced themselves and answered questions from the chapter.  The candidates left the room so the chapter could discuss the qualities of each candidate.  The position was put to a vote and Shannon was elected Outreach Chair for the 2008-2009 academic school year.

           A meeting has been scheduled for next Monday April 28th, 2008 6:00Pm at Pizza Hut.   This meeting will serve to acquaint the incoming cabinet members with some of the duties of their positions and ask questions of the current cabinet. 

           Congratulations to all of the elected cabinet members!  Thank you everyone for making this year a great one for the chapter and the community.  This is possible due to hard working individuals which make up our chapter.  It is members like this that make our chapter a great candidate for chapter of the year.   Good luck to everyone in the future! 

Next Meeting will be determined and will be at the beginning of the 2008-2009 school year---Brandon Engelson.




April 16, 2008 General Business Meeting

Attendance: 34 (Including Executive Board)

Start Time: 6:32pm

              Our current AMS president Steve LaVoie welcomed the club to our April General Business Meeting.  Steve gave the club a quick reminder about the Lyndon State bowling event with Plymouth State College on this Saturday.  Both clubs will meet in Saint Johnsbury and bowl for a few hours.  Steve hopes that this event will lead to more events in the future.  The president then moved on to the goal of this meeting, which were elections for the 2008-2009 executive board positions.  Steve quickly went over the election procedure, which is based on Robert’s Rules of Order.

              The club began elections with the presidential position.  Todd Lanouette began by nominating Richard Maliawco Jr., which was seconded by John Maciel.  Rich graciously declined from running.  Michael Saint Laurent then nominated Matt Clegg, which was seconded by Michael Lichniak.  Matt accepted the nomination.  Finally, Tony McGee nominated Hayley LaPoint for president, a move seconded by Megan Payne.  Hayley accepted the nomination as well.  Both Matt and Hayley then gave a quick synopsis of what they would like to bring to the club as president.  A round of questioning then followed where several members of the club asked questions to the two candidates.  A secret ballot vote then commenced.  The results of this round did not satisfy the 2/3 majority vote required to elect an officer.  Another round of questioning followed, and then another vote was conducted.  The results of this vote led to Hayley LaPoint being elected as the LSC AMS President for the 2008-2009 academic year.

              Next in line was the vice president position.  Joe DiTommaso nominated Josh Redinger for the position.  Michael Lichniak seconded the nomination, and Josh accepted.  There were no other nominations so Josh Redinger became our next vice president of the AMS.  Josh then said a few words on what he plans to add to the position and what can be improved upon on the club website.

              The next position was the secretary of the club.  Joe DiTommaso nominated Kaitlyn Jacobs, which was seconded by Michael Lichniak.  Kaitlyn accepted the nomination.  Anjel Robins nominated Garrett Combs, seconded by Tony McGee.  Garrett also accepted.  Both nominees then talked about why each of them would make an excellent secretary for the club.  A quick round of questioning by the members then followed, where numerous questions were asked.  The club then moved on to a secret ballot vote, and the results led to Kaitlyn Jacobs becoming our new AMS Secretary for 2008-2009.

              Treasurer was then up for election.  Mike Michaud nominated Tony McGee for the position.  This nomination was seconded by Heather Embleton and Tony accepted.  No other candidates were nominated so Tony became the next AMS Treasurer by default.  Tony then spoke on what he could do for the treasurer position and his plans for the coming year.

              Next was the Public Relations Director position.  Joe DiTommaso nominated Ryan Long for the position, which was seconded by Michael Lichniak.  Ryan accepted.  Bryan Shaw then nominated Tyler Southard but Tyler declined the offer.  Tyler then nominated Richard Maliawco Jr. for the position, a move seconded by Hayley LaPoint.  Rich also declined the position.  No other candidates were selected, so Ryan Long became the 2008-09 AMS Public Relations Director.  He then quickly spoke on what he would like to add to the position.

              Community outreach officer also had only one nomination.  Joe DiTommaso nominated Tyler Southard, which was seconded by Josh Redinger.  Tyler accepted and became the Community Outreach officer for the 2008-09 academic year.  Tyler also added some thoughts on what he would like added to the position and what he plans to do in the coming year.

              Finally, we reach the election of our new Historian.  Michael Lichniak nominated Joe DiTommaso for the position.  Matt Clegg seconded that nomination and Joe accepted.  Kaitlyn Jacobs nominated Scott Jaeger for re-election, which was seconded by Josh Redinger.  Scott decided to decline the nomination offer.  No other nominations were added, so Joe became our new Historian.

              Steve then thanked the club for an excellent year, as this was the last GBM run by the 2007-08 executive board.  He wished Hayley, Josh, Kaitlyn, Tony, Ryan, Tyler, and Joe the best of luck in the coming year.  This concluded the April General Business Meeting of the LSC-AMS & NWA.


              End Time: 7:48pm---Alexander Jacques.



Meeting Type: General Meeting with Elections

Meeting Date: April 9, 2008

Attendance: 55

Meeting in Session: 8:32 pm


Introduction (President Jim Kurdzo)

Speeches (Candidates)

Amendments (Jim Kurdzo)

Voting took place and ballots were turned in

Session ended: 9:30 pm


Elections Results:

All eight amendments passed through the election process.


Meeting Type: Community Outreach

Meeting Date: April 2, 2008

Attendance: 14

Meeting in session: 8:00 pm

Introduction (Jim Kurdzo)

Group Presentations (Jim Kurdzo)

Earth Day (Jim Kurdzo)

Conclusion (Jim Kurdzo)

Session ended: 8:32 pm

Meeting Type: Fundraising Committee

Meeting Date: April 2, 2008

Attendance: 4

Meeting in session: 8:00 pm

Introduction (Rob Junod)

Session Ended: 8:05 pm


Meeting Type: Events Committee

Meeting Date: April 2, 2008

Attendance: 8

Meeting in Session: 8:00 pm


Report on Events (Secretary Channing Dale)

Conclusion (Channing)

Session Ended: 8:35 pm---Channing Dale.



On Thursday, April 3, the North Florida AMS held its final meeting of the chapter year.  The meeting opened with Charlie Woodrum discussing “Today in Weather.”  The event discussed was the famous Super Outbreak of April 3, 1974.  The outbreak holds the record for most tornadoes in a 24 hour period (148).  There were 6 F5s and 24 F4s in this outbreak extending from Alabama and Georgia all the way to Michigan.  With this outbreak there were 315 fatalities and over 6 million dollars of damage done. 

After discussing the Super Outbreak, Charlie moved on with discussing upcoming events for the chapter.  The NOAA P-3 will be visiting Apalachicola, FL on April 17th, and the chapter is planning to take part in this event by setting up a booth and informing 4th and 5th graders on careers in meteorology.  The final social event of the year will be the chapter picnic at Tom Brown Park on April 19th.  Food and drinks will be provided, however the members were encouraged to bring side dishes.  Charlie also announced that the chapter will again hold its annual grads vs. undergrads flag football game at the picnic.  With the vice president, Andy Latto, in Alaska for graduate research mission, Charlie moved on with describing the duties of the president and vice president to those in attendance for the upcoming election. 

Following Charlie, Kevin McKee, the treasurer, announced that the account balance was $1250.  He announced the Mini-Golf tournament, which is to be held on April 8th at 7:00pm at Fun Station.  Kevin stated that there will be team and individual play and the top 3 in each category will win a prize.  The entry fee for the tournament is $5 and members will be provided with pizza and refreshments after their round.  Kevin then described the duties of being the chapter treasurer which have included keeping track of the chapter funds, fundraising, and increasing membership.  Kevin McKee passed it over to our secretary, Liane Claytor who thanked everyone for helping out with the four chapter bake sales through the year.  She then described the duties of the secretary which have included the publicity committee and taking down the minutes for the chapter. After Liane, our Science and Education Chair, Alec Bogdanoff, spoke on the recent science fairs that chapter members had taken part in. Alec mentioned that the chapter has allotted $150 of the chapter funds to purchasing outreach materials with the chapter name and logo on them.  He then talked about his role of being the chair of the Science and Education Committee and mentioned that the president should appoint someone for the next year who loves outreach.  Last to speak prior to elections was Jimmy Taeger.  Jimmy mentioned and rallied for support his chapter project of putting together packages for the homeless shelter in Tallahassee.  Jimmy asked for donations of ponchos, umbrellas, socks, flashlights, toothbrushes, shampoo, soap, and sun block for the packages. 

After Jimmy finished speaking, the each nominated chapter office spoke briefly before the election of the 2008-2009 officers was held.    There were 39 members voting in this year's election.  Officers will assume their roles on May 1st.  The results were as follows:

Matt Bloemer - 25
Evan Kalina - 14

Vice President
Kim Bradbury - 22
Cristina Collier - 17

John Sisak (unopposed) - 39

John Smith - 26
Jamie McGinley - 13

Following the election, Charlie introduced the speaker for the evening, Lieutenant Colonel Richard Henning of United States Air Force Reserve: 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron (The Hurricane Hunters) who are stationed at Keesler AFB in Mississippi. Richard Henning is the Aerial Reconnaissance Weather Officer for the squadron and Mission Director onboard.  He is a former graduate of Florida State, receiving his B.S. in Meteorology in 1994 and his M.S. in 1997.  He spoke on his flight responsibilities and some of the interesting missions he had been on the C-130 as a hurricane hunter over the past few years.  He also showed video of the hurricane hunters flying into Hurricane Katrina and most recently amazing onboard footage at night of the intensifying Hurricane Felix.  With the end of Rich’s presentation, that closed the final meeting of the chapter year for the North Florida American Meteorological Society.--- Liane Claytor. 



April 3, 2008

The Northwest Indiana Joint Chapter of the AMS/NWA held its sixth general meeting of the 2007-2008 school year on April 3, 2008, in Kallay-Christopher Hall at Valparaiso University. There were 32 people in attendance.

Members present:

- President: Michael Grogan

- Vice President: Mark Borchelt

- Secretary: Katie Giannecchini

- Treasurer: Chris Wilson

The meeting was called to order at 11:11am.

The No Talent / Talent Show will be held on Friday, April 25, at 4:30pm in Kallay-Christopher Hall. For those who have not participated before, students and professors gather to perform their talents or, if they are talent-less, their no-talents. Winners will be selected for the best talent as well as the best no-talent. Sign-up sheets will be in the weather center for anyone who wishes to perform.

The 6th Annual Great Lakes Meteorology Conference will be held on Saturday at Old Town Banquet Hall in Valparaiso. Transportation will be provided for those without vehicles. Our lineup includes many great speakers as well as severe weather and lake effect snow exercises. This is an excellent opportunity to be able to meet new people within the meteorology world and to learn about Great Lakes weather and career building possibilities for the future.

On Friday, April 4, our keynote speaker for the conference will be giving a presentation in Kallay-Christopher Hall. The evening will begin with a pizza dinner, followed by a presentation on Mike Umscheid's storm chasing experiences.

Meteorology Field Day will be held next Tuesday, April 8, in the Union Great Hall. Elementary and middle school kids from schools in the Valparaiso area will be coming to take part in interactive exercises that will allow them to learn about tornadoes, lightning, clouds, and other aspects of the weather. Students are being asked to help out by working at the tables for one hour shifts throughout the day.

The Northwest Indiana Joint Chapter of the AMS/NWA and the Valparaiso University Storm Intercept Team will be holding e-board elections for the 2008-2009 school year on Monday, April 28. Nominations can be sent to any e-board member via email.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:25am.---Katie Giannecchini.



April 8, 2008   Kevin Kloesel (OU School of Meteorology)

5:30 PM  Food served

5:45  Kevin speaks about the importance of meteorological outreach, opportunities to do community service/outreach, gives pointers/demonstrations of some of the best ways to go, and engages students in the spirit of reaching out to the community.


April 29, 2008   Elections - last meeting!

6:30  Ice cream served!

6:45  Wrap-up of the year, discussion of goals met and outreach accomplished

6:50  Nominations and elections held

7:30  The torch passed on to the next generation of creative, hard-working, motivated students.---Kim Klockow.



The April Omaha-Offutt AMS meeting was held on the 25rd of the month at Lo Sole Mio in Omaha.  The meeting was called to order by president Evan Kuchera at 12:00 pm.

The first order of business of the meeting was the reading of the March meeting minutes by Recording Secretary Scott Rentschler.  The minutes were then approved by members of the chapter.

Chapter member Matt Sittel  announced that the weather radio programming event held at HyVee 12 April was a great success.  He noted that they were busy the entire time and sold 125 weather radios.   He also announced that there would be another weather radio programming event at the Shadow lake HyVee on 26 April from 12:00 to 4:00.  All available chapter members are welcome to join and assist the public program their weather radios.  Members should contact Matt Sittel if they have any questions. 

President Kuchera announced the chapter audit committee and officer nominations are under way.  Officer nominations should be submitted to chapter member Bruce Telfeyan.   Elections will take place at the next AMS meeting on 16 May.

The next meeting will be at the new AFWA building.  Members planning on attending should submit their names to the chapter email account: so they can be added to the base entry list.

An request for speakers was made for Weather Explorer Post.  Any chapter members who wish to speak contact Derrick Herndon.  It was also announced that Derrick would be unable to continue leading Weather Explorer Post past the Spring of 2009.

Chapter member Bruce Telfeyan announced that the plans for the 2009 WAF conference are proceeding.  Tentantive plans are that the conference will take place between 1 June and 5 June at the Holiday Inn at 72nd and Grover.  A call for papers will appear on the AMS website sometime during the late summer.

Additionally, Bruce mentioned that he had recenetly purchased a Davis home weather station and highly recommends it to anybody interested in taking observations at their home.  Bruce proposed that the chapter could sponsor a contest to local high schools, wherein the schools could submit papers on how they would utilize such a weather station were it to be installed at the school, and the AMS would donate the station to the best submission.  It was also mentioned that the chapter may want to consider donating a station to the new AFWA building.   More discussion will take place during the May meeting.

The business end of the meeting was adjourned at 12:20pm.

The guest speaker for the meeting was Chuck McWilliams, a broadcast meteorologist from the local tv station KETV channel 7.  Mr. McWilliams gave a fantastic talk about his decision to join the Nation Guard Reserve after 9/11, and gave an overview of deployment as part of a security detail for a year in Iraq.---Scott Rentschler.



“Assessing Risk and Vulnerability for Water Resources in a Changing Climate” by Phil Pasteris

This dinner meeting on April 9th, 2008, at Izzys Pizza Bar in north Portland had 24 attendees.  Our guest speaker was Phil Pasteris, who just retired from the USDA - Natural Resource Conservation Service (and a career NWS employee, too).  This was the first joint meeting of the Oregon AMS and the Oregon AIH (American Institute of Hydrology).

Phil reviewed the basics of climate change.  He stressed using the extensive NRCS SNOTEL and Snow Course datasets for clues on the intersection of snow water equivalents, climate change and variability.  He said that retrospective studies can give good indicators of possible directions of climate trends, including abrupt shifts.

After the talk concluded, Phil answered many questions.  We appreciate Phil sharing his vast knowledge with us!  We also would like to sponsor another joint AMS-AIH meeting.  For more details of the talk, and to see Phil’s powerpoint, go to the chapter website: Dittmer.



On April 1st, a reminder was sent out that our club would be participating in relay for life on April 12th 2008.  A second reminder was sent out that skywarn spotter training would take place Saturday April 4th.  The April 15th meeting will also be the day of the clubs Fajita Grill fund-raiser.  We announced that the spring t-shirt had been designed and was ready to be purchased, directions were given on how to purchase one.  The April 15th meeting was also announced to be an important meeting as it was the meeting our chapter was going to hold officer nominations for the 2008-2009 school year.

On April 15th we went over first a few quick announcements before going to the Fajita Grill for our fund-raiser.  We first discussed our guest speaker Dave Dombeck from Accu-Weather, who would come on April 29th.  We then discussed the business of our spring picnic being moved from May 4th, to Sunday, April 27th.  The spring t-shirts have been ordered.  An announcement was sent out that we were about to hold our 3rd annual photo-contest.  Rules and directions were given out, the winner of the contest will have his/her photo in the 3rd annual Lake-Effect Conference Logo.  Dr. Scott Steiger (professor are SUNY Oswego) discussed that we were getting a new research faculty member added to the meteorology department and gave students and opportunity to meet this professor and ask him questions.  Lastly, 2008-2009 officer nominations were held.  Elections will occur at the next meeting.

On April 22nd the big news was the officer elections for 2008-2009.  However first a reminder was sent out for the students to attend QUEST (a day for students of all majors to present research done). Elections were held and the New 2008-2009 officers are as listed.

President - Ted Letcher
Vice President - Kyle Pieper
Treasurer - Evan Duffey
Secretary - Alexia Martinez
Public Relations - Drew Montreuil

On April 29th, Dave Dombeck came as a guest speaker and spoke about meteorological jobs in the private sector specifically Accu-Weather.---Ted Letcher.



Executive Board Meeting

Date: April 2, 2008

Minutes: 6:00-6:30pm

Board Members in Attendance: Melissa P, Heather D, Katie P, Norm S, Jeff V, John S, Peter A, Lindsay V

Other Members in Attendance: Matt B


             The four design submissions will be voted on for the Logo Contest.

            The Lyndon State bowling/bonding event will be held Saturday, April 19th from 12-2:30pm. Two games and a pair of shoes will cost $8/person. Eight lanes have been reserved for the event. Expected attendance from both clubs is about 45 members.

            The May All Members Election Meeting will be held May 5th at 7pm in Boyd 306.

            Donna Kelley from the Loudon Speedway has inquired about working this summer and fall. In a response email, she will be notified of our plans to work during the fall only.

            Senior executive board members will be discussing election procedures directly after this meeting. All members will be reminded that in order to be elected President or Vice President, the member must also be a member for the National AMS.

            The April All Members Meeting will be held Thursday, April 10th at 7:30pm. The executive board will meet at 7pm. Signs and a reminder email will be distributed.

            Nominations will start on April 10th at 8pm and will run until April 25th at midnight. Members should send an email to the Meteo account with any nominations.--- Heather Dinon.



Meeting Minutes

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Desert Research Institute

Called to order by President J.D. McAlpine at 5:48 pm.

Guest Speaker:  Hal Klieforth, a research meteorologist, discussed his life research including wave clouds, and a brief history of measurement techniques. 

Chapter Business:

Next meeting is Thursday, May 1, 2008,  5:30pm.

Meeting adjourned at 7:10pm.---Patrick Joyce.



We had our TAMSCAMS (Texas A&M Chapter) meeting this past Tuesday April 1, 2008. At our meeting we voted for the new officers for the 2008-2009 school year. We discussed our final trip of the year to the Weather Research Center in Houston on April 19th. We also discussed details for the weather camp that we will be having this Saturday from 8-1pm at the College Station Conference Center. We will be doing weather activities with the 4th graders of College Station.---Beth Bange.



The April 2008 meeting was held on April 17, 2008, at the Department of Atmospheric Sciences at St. Cloud State University.  There was not a business meeting so that we could get right to the students' presentations.  Our host was Dr. Tony Hanson of the department.  About 15 of the department's students attended, and there were about a half dozen Twin Cities AMS members there.

The first presentation was by Kirstin Gleicher, titled Saharan air layer vertical profiles as observed during NAMMA.  NAMMA is an acronym for NASA African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analyses.  Gleicher did her study during a summer program at NASA.  Her desire was to confirm the Saharan air layers' (SALs') thermodynamic and particulate characteristics.  The SALs often create low-level inversions, cause dry intrusions (mainly due to subsidence), and enhance low-level wind shear, any one of which is not conducive to development of African easterly waves into tropical cyclones.  She used in-situ measurements of thermodynamic variables, particulate matter, and wind velocity from aircraft which penetrated the layers.  Her results confirmed the results already observed and the theory behind them.  Her work can be found on the NAMMA web site.

Diana Jesberg's presentation was on “The dynamic structure of Hurricane Rita and how it compares to tropical cyclone theory."  In tropical cyclone research, the reasons behind rapid intensification of cyclones are still not well understood.  She wanted to see whether conditional instability of the second kind (CISK) or wind-induced surface heat exchange (WISHE), or both, or neither, was responsible for the rapid deepening of the cyclone.  While a steady-state storm is desired, Rita underwent rapid deepening.  Her methodology used dropsonde data from hurricane hunter aircraft, and plotted the equivalent potential temperature with respect to radial distance.  She discovered that while the profiles more closely resembled WISHE, there was some influence due to CISK, at least in this storm.

Beau Gjerdingen's topic was “Mesoscale modeling of convective environments in Minnesota using the WRF-ARW.”  His goal, among others, was to compare the results of a high-resolution nonhydrostatic model to radar returns during three different events.  The model had a large number of parameters for which he had to use approximations and assumptions.  The inner model had 4 km resolution horizontally and a terrain-following vertical coordinate, denser near the ground.  He showed a number of events, some in which the model did not produce any precipitation, many where the precipitation was not nearly as heavy as reality, and a couple where the precipitation was misplaced in time or space.  His conclusion was that more study was needed, and that perhaps a few of the assumptions which were made were not the best ones to make.---Chris Bovitz.  



April 11, 2008

The University of Alabama in Huntsville AMS Chapter held a meeting on Friday, April 11, 2008 and discussed several items such as educational outreach activities, fundraising ideas in progress, social activities, and constitutional amendments.  Also, the chapter held annual elections for the 2008-2009 Academic Year. 


Local outreach activities that have occurred recently are assisting in programming weather radios and conducting school talks at an elementary school.  Over the past several months the UAH AMS has helped programmed over 5000 radios with two local television stations with more events planned for May.  The judging of the Severe Weather Poster Contest will take place on Friday, April 18 and the winners will be displayed for the public to vote on their favorite at the NWS booth at Huntsville’s Panoply Arts Festival from Friday, April 25 to Sunday, April 27.  The photos of the finalists will eventually be placed on the chapter website and are currently located at

Several fundraising ideas that have been presented are in progress and are producing good profits.  The UAH AMS is assisting WHNT with a 2009 Weatherguide calendar. Chapter members will be responsible for collecting weather data and facts to for the calendar. Also, the student-funded refrigerator continues to provide a steady inflow of money through selling soda and water out of the Student Lounge. 

Many group activities will be held throughout the summer in order to provide the students with a chance to socialize with one another outside of the classroom. Members of the chapter chapter will be attending the  Huntsville Stars baseball game on April 17th.  They will meet in front of the stadium at 6:30pm.

Two constitutional amendments were presented and voted on during the meeting. 

Elections for officers were held during this meeting and the results are as follows:  Chris Hain, Student Representative; Elise Johnson, President; Chris Schultz, Vice President; Chris Jewett, Treasurer; Holly Searcy, Secretary; and Christina Crowe, Webmaster.  These are the officers for the UAH AMS for the 2008-2009 Academic Year.---Holly Searcy.



SCAMS@UIUC meeting minutes—Thursday, April 17, 2008


We are planning a movie and pizza night for Wednesday, April 30, 2008 at 6:30pm.  Additionally, everyone is invited to the department’s spring picnic, which will be held on Sunday, April 27, 2008 at Moraine View State Park from 1-5pm.


Yearly Summary:

Before starting the elections, Wendi gave a brief summary of what we accomplished this year and what we hope to pass on to the new officers for next year.  We were able to hold a joint meeting with the Central Illinois chapter, and we sent a group of students to the AMS meeting in New Orleans.  We are also involved in local and regional Science Olympiad competitions.  Selling t-shirts as a fundraiser was very successful, but expanding the designs to include a general design for the department would have helped even more.  Additionally, we are still working on organizing a calendar and photo contest as well as activities for local Girl Scout troops.

Snow Pool Results:

The final snowfall total this winter for Champaign-Urbana was 26.5 inches, which is just over our climatological average.  Congratulations to our faculty advisor, Steve Nesbitt, who won with a prediction of 26.2 inches.


Congratulations once again to the new 2008-2009 SCAMS@UIUC officers!

President—Sara Strey

Vice President—Jason Keeler

Secretary—Catrin Mills

Treasurer—Brittany Deterding

Teacher Awards:

As the votes were being counted, we discussed giving awards to all of the professors who taught a class during this academic year.  The idea behind these awards is to mention something funny, but also thank everyone for all of the work they do both inside and outside of the classroom.  These awards will be presented during the spring picnic this coming Sunday.


Please let us know if you are planning to attend the movie night on April 30th by either emailing or talking to one of the officers.  If you would like to attend the department’s spring picnic, please sign up on the sheet in room 104 by 5pm on Friday, April 25th.

This was our last meeting for this school year.  Good luck on finals and have a great summer!---Faye Barthold.




Ideas for the upcoming year….

Community Service



Incentives for Joining




Activities Continued….

Intramural Team ( Any Sport)---Travis Corbett.



Minutes from:

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

Clifford Hall, Rm. 264

5:00 p.m.

Members Present:

Alan Borho, Advisor

Kira Dordal, President

Katy Olson, Vice President

Becki Legatt, Secretary

Kelly Kramlich, Treasurer

Erin Bertschi

Kevin Skow

Dan Koller

Leah Tatarak

Andrea Neumann

Kelsey Watkins

Aaron Hommerding

Matt Saari

Peter Johnson

Shawn Palmquist

Call to Order:

              President Kira Dordal called the AMS meeting to order at 5:01 PM.

Past Minutes:

Officer Reports:

Secretary’s Report: Past meeting’s minutes were read.

Vice Pres Report: none

Treasurer’s Report: current balance is: $1659.38

Guest Speaker:

- none


Old Business:



New Business:

-President: Kelsey, Dan K, Kevin, Andrea

-V-Pres: Kelsey, Dan K, Kevin, Andrea

-Treasurer: Erin, Leah, Kelsey, Dan K, Kevin, Andrea, Matt S, Angelle(pending acceptance)

-Secretary: Erin, Leah, Kelsey, Dan K, Kevin, Andrea, Matt S, Angelle(pending acceptance), Aaron H., Chris K.

-Officer Voting Results:

        President:  Dan Koller

        Vice-President: Kelsey Watkins

        Treasurer: Erin Bertschi

        Secretary: Kevin Skow

-Congratulations to next year’s officers!


-We’re continuing sales of snacks and pop on 4th floor Clifford. 

-Possible hotdog fundraiser in May before the end of the year picnic.


-The Science Museum trip is coming up on Friday.  Details for the trip were discussed after the meeting by those going on the trip.

-A sign up was passed around for assisting with the “Bigger” Big Event to be held on April 12th.  This is a campus wide community volunteer event.  We are able to select indoor or outdoor activities but not the choice of where to volunteer.  We will talk with faculty to see if any of them are interested in helping because this year because it’s the “bigger” big event meaning they want to celebrate the 125th anniversary of UND by having faculty also participate. 

-BWW night possibly in the future.


-Keep sending photos to Dan for the end of the year banquet (jump drive or cd).

-Tickets will be $20, and invitations will be sent out at the end of the week.


-no new business



-If you’re interested in helping out with an elementary art festival see an officer for more info. 


              Meeting was adjourned without objection at 5:20.---Becki Legatt.



Mike Nelson, 4/8/08: Denver’s News Channel 7 Chief Meteorologist, Mike Nelson, visitedthe program to share highlights of his career in broadcast field of meteorology.  Mr. Nelson began his career developing innovative computer applications for weather broadcasting before permanently settling down as a broadcaster.  He described changes in technology over the past 30 years, and told stories of how flies landing on a weather map appeared as big as a person when displayed on camera.  Mr. Nelson also humbly shared some of his more memorable “bloopers” before leading the audience through his famous “tornado dance”.  In response to questions, Mr. Nelson described his typical day of radio broadcasts from home, school visits, and then work at the station.  Interns (two UNC students are current interns) are important to help set up his broadcasts.Approximately 30 students and faculty attended.


General Chapter Meeting, 4/23/08: The last general meetingof the school year began with an overview of recent chapter activities (summarized below), including the tornado model school visits, severe weather week, the spring barbeque picnic, the Rockies game, and visit to NCAR.  Elections were held for all officer positions.  Candidates gave a short speech indicating why they wished to lead and what plans they proposed for their positions.  The new chapter leaders for 2008-09 are Kim Insana (president), Grant Gutierrez (vice-president), Chris Outler (treasurer), Doug Koch (secretary), and Becky Elliot (underclassman at large). 

The meeting concluded with a presentation by visiting speaker, John Henz.  Mr. Henz visited from HDR engineering ( and described several examples of how his company designed and implemented stream flow gauges and flash flood response plans.  Ironically, for many of these examples, an historic level flash flood occurred within a few years of installation, ultimately yielding documented successes for the response plans.  Mr. Henz also discussed more generally the state of private sector employment.  He countered the popular notion that our field produces more degreed meteorologists than available jobs.  Instead, he feels that the private sector is poised to blossom with opportunities associated with climate change. Students must remain active in their preparation, seeking internships while supplementing their meteorology curriculum with courses in business and geographic information systems.  Skilled forecasters, or more generally students with strong analytic and computation skills will be highly sought.  Approximately 30 students and faculty attended.

Greg Thompson, 4/24/08: Greg Thompson of NCAR/RAP visited the chapter to share updates on his recent web development activities and provide his personal insight into forecasting for storm chasing in eastern Colorado.  Mr. Thompson demonstrated a few undocumented “tricks” for using the web site  In particular, he showed that archives for upper-level maps could be acquired by typing in the date string into the URL. Mr. Thompson also demonstrated his “New Flight Path Tool Application” located online at His discussion ended with a summary of some of his personal storm chasing “rules of thumb” that he’s found useful while chasing in eastern Colorado. Approximately 20 students attended.


NWS College Road Tour, 4/25/08: Motivated by the presentations at the Student Conference of the AMS Annual Meeting, our chapter president invited John Gordon (MIC, NWS Louisville) to visit UNC and present his discussion on NWS employment and run his famous “Weather Jeapordy”.  Mr. Gordon helped expand this visit into a science and employment workshop involving a total of seven representatives of regional NWS offices.  The visitors were: 

Gordon, Mentzer, Eise, and Ceru presented a series of talks describing the NWS SCEP/STEP intern program.  They discussed the importance of volunteer work, and showed outstanding examples of projects that have been completed by students involved in the program.  Sample questions from actual NWS interviews were presented and discussed as a group.  Steve Hodanish presented analyses of thirteen case studies of lightning fatalities, and discussed lightning safety.  He indicated that the traditional recommendation to crouch down on the balls of your feet is to be replaced by a stronger message to seek shelter.  Doug Crowley presented examples of how the Grand Junction office has been involved in fire weather forecasting.  John Gordon concluded the 3-hour workshop by leading his game of “Weather Jeapordy”.  After the workshop ended, everyone reconvened atOld Chicago for pizza buffet dinner emphasizing casual networking. Overall, it was an incredible experience. Approximately 50 students and faculty attended, including visitors from Metro State College and Colorado State University.  The next morning, a group of thirteen students, faculty, and a few remaining NWS visitors met for casual breakfast.

Tornado Model and Weather Safety Demonstrations: A core team of four to five chapter members continued to conduct severe weather safety discussions, anchored by our stimulating 5-foot tall tornado vortex model.  Presentations have been made for several groups of 8th grade middle school students, who were invited to visit UNC to help inspire them to think about going to college.  The most recent presentations occurred on April 4th, 15th, 17th, and 22nd.  Throughout the year, chapter members have contacted over 1400 middle school students with these weather safety discussions.

The tornado model team has also traveled to area second grade classrooms.  The second grade presentation emphasizes not only severe weather (tornado) safety, but also includes a slide show of different cloud types and an interactive demonstration using thermometers, fans, heaters, and spray bottles.  The content is aligned with second grade weather curriculum.   On 4/28/08, professor Nutter and four regular members of the “tornado team” presented the weather discussion to all the second grade teachers in the Greeley school district.  There was interactive discussion to help the teachers expand their weather knowledge, while exchanging ideas about how weather instruction can be improved.  The teachers were impressed, and are now clamoring to sign us up for classroom visits next year.

End of the year BBQ, 5/3/08: The chapter’s final event of the year was a spring barbeque picnic.  It was a chilly, windy day, but students were happy to relax over casual conversation before enjoying a lunch of hamburgers and hot dogs.  After lunch, chapter awards were distributed, including:

Sophomore student Doug Koch was awarded Wxchallenge trophies for winning the overall national contest in the freshman/sophomore division as well as winning his division for two specific contest cities.  Certificates were distributed to Wxchallenge forecast leaders among UNC participants.  Finally, three senior students were thanked for supporting the UNC Cooperative Weather Observing station over four continuous years.   After the awards, students played touch football.  28 students and faculty attended.

Chapter Activities:

Bowling nights: Every Wednesday of the month there has been a chance for everyone in the club to go bowling.  This is always a great opportunity to better get to know everyone in the club and make long lasting friends.  Bowling usually begins at about 7:00 pm and goes utill around 9:00 pm, which is generally about 3 games of bowling.  There are usually 15-20 members and non-members that show up for the occasion.  It has been going on for the whole year and continues to be one of the most popular events for our club.


Cici’s Pizza fundraiser, 4/22/08: We had our monthly AMS Cici’s Pizza fundraiser which allowed people to donate a portion of the cost of their meal to our club fund.  It was fun to socialize and eat good pizza for a good cause.

Colorado Rockies Game: On May 2ndabout 10 of our students attended a Colorado Rockies baseball game in which they played against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

NCAR: On April 28th a few of our students visited the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder.  We left our school at 1:00pm and got there for our tour at 2:30pm.  Students toured the facility and saw samples of the research that goes on behind the scenes.  They also watched a 3d visual presentation of many different weather simulations.  It was very exciting.  We returned to Greeley around 6:00pm.  Four chapter members attended.---Paul Nutter.




Chapter News – April 2008

Hot Dogs Sale

              We had a hot dogs sale on April 7th for fund raising activities.

Monthly Meeting

              We had our monthly meeting on April 8th at 10:50 am. A total of 27 people attended. Nominations for the chapter officers were held. The meeting concluded at 11:50 am.

Luis Bejarano Seminar

              On April 10th we received the visit of Dr. Luis Bejarano from the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Institute and Meteorology Department at the Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL. He gave a seminar entitled “Co-existence of Equatorial Coupled Modes of ENSO”. These modes can be used to study El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO).

Weather Festival

              On April 18th we celebrated our second Weather Festival at the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez. We received about three hundred students from the entire country accompanied by their teachers, and general public. We counted on the presence of university officials and professors. This Festival helped people to learn about atmospheric sciences and meteorology through different activities and booths. Many local agencies and exhibitors like NWS, Department of Natural Resources, the Puerto Rico Seismic Network, and others were present.---Néstor S. Flecha Díaz.


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