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BAMS (published since 1920 and issued monthly) features editorials, survey articles, conference summaries, and correspondence devoted to the latest news and research in the atmospheric and related oceanic and hydrologic sciences. It also includes professional and membership news and announcements, book reviews, meeting programs, and a professional directory. By advertising in BAMS, you will reach a paid subscriber base of over 14 000 AMS members—many of whom are responsible for the purchase of their organization's equipment and services. The Bulletin is also sent to over 300 institutional subscribers in meteorological, oceanic, and hydrologic services, business and industry, universities, libraries, government agencies, and research institutions. Through BAMS, you reach thousands of government and private-sector meteorologists, supervisors of university and college meteorological facilities, research scientists, and a host of other prospective buyers.


While each issues contains the latest reports of scientific research and other information vital to AMS members, researchers, consultants, teachers, and students, many readers consider the following special issues to be "keepers"-those they'll pick up over and over again throughout the year. These issues provide a unique opportunity for advertisers to prolong reader recognition of their products, publications, and programs.

SEPTEMBER: Scholarship/Fellowship Issue
This issue includes a listing of scholarship and fellowship recipients. Along with AMS, leading environmental science and service corporations, government agencies, and members support the scholarships and fellowships.

NOVEMBER: Meeting Program Issue
This issue includes a synopses of conferences and symposia being offered at the upcoming Annual Meeting as well as information on activities and programs of general interest. It is used as an itinerary and meeting planner for AMS members and meeting participants.


The Professional Directory is divided into two sections: the first section is for Certified Consulting Meteorologists, and the second section is for AMS members (professional members). Copy should read like a professional card, not like an advertisement. Space allotted is 1 1/2" x 3 1/4". The rate for insertion is $31.00 per block, per issue (accepted on a calendar-year basis). Listee is billed automatically at the end of the year for the following year. There is a $25 charge for changes or corrections. (Sample shown below.)


Certified Consulting Meteorologist

Environment Impact and Site Surveys · Air Pollution Studies · Diffusion Analysis · Weather and Air Quality Forecasting · Monitoring Instrumentation · Expert Testimony
45 Beacon Street
Boston, MA 02108
(617) 555-2425


A full-page advertisement in the Bulletin at $1180 is a requirement for use of the AMS membership list. An electronic file of the mailing list is available for onetime use at 15 cents per address. There are approximately 14 000 members' addresses on the full list. The list may be broken down by membership classification, zip code range, state, country, or field of expertise. All advertising materials must be submitted to the Society for prior approval. Rental of address list is for a onetime mailing; it is strictly forbidden to reproduce/copy the AMS mailing list in whole or in part.

Orders for advertising, rentals of membership lists, and professional directory listings must be accompanied by payment. All advertising is subject to acceptance by the publisher. The advertiser and/or the agency absolves the AMS of any and all claims or suits arising from the publication of any advertising in the Bulletin.


For additional information, or to place an order, please contact:

Kelly Savoie
Manager, Marketing/Special Programs
45 Beacon Street
Boston, MA 02108-3693
617-227-2426 ext. 215 (phone)
617-742-8718 (fax)