AMS Ten-Year Vision Study
Executive Summary

     The objectives of the AMS are, and continue to be, the development and dissemination of knowledge of the atmospheric and related oceanic and hydrologic sciences and the advancement of their professional applications. The AMS represents a maturing field of science with rapidly improving understanding and predictive capabilities and an environment that provides more efficient and varied communication and computational capabilities. Further advances depend upon better science and an evermore holistic approach to the physics, chemistry, and dynamics of the earth system. These advances depend upon entraining expertise in other fields of science and drawing upon public resources and support to fuel research, development, and operations. Better products of our science have fostered accelerating demand for products to be applied to economic and operational decisions. This has led to a rapidly growing private sector engaged in enhancement of products for special applications and in disseminating these products to individual and corporate interests.

     An examination of this environment has lead to the conclusion that the AMS must place renewed emphasis in several areas of the enterprise as follows.


We must constantly review all of our activities in light of the multidisciplinary nature of meteorology itself and the myriad allied science and engineering disciplines now essential to conduct our research and to produce and apply our products.


The AMS must be a more inclusive society. The AMS should provide services and support to those who generate, apply, disseminate, and use our products, as well as to our scientific and professional base.


The AMS must place greater emphasis upon reaching out to the broad spectrum of our public. We must pay great attention to having a positive impact on public policy. This implies that the AMS should have more activities and outreach directed to decision makers, as well as the generating grass-roots public support through education of the public.

Communication and computer technology

Communications technology is affecting, and will at an accelerated pace, heavily impact how the AMS interacts with its members and how our meetings are conducted and our publications propagated. The AMS should continue to remain at the forefront of the electronic evolution in the full range of Society services, including publications, outreach, and meetings activities.

Finances and development

Crosscutting all of our deliberations is how to provide the financial support for current and any added services the AMS may contemplate. Many of the changes that seem inevitable will require increased expenditures and may not lead to concomitant increases in revenue. This dictates priority setting and increased efforts to raise the level and continuity of fund-raising efforts.

     The full report of the Commission includes 21 specific suggestions related to achieving the objectives cited above.

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