of the Asheville, N.C., Chapter
of the
American Meteorological Society

Article I. Name

This organization shall be known as the Asheville, N.C., Chapter of the American Meteorological Society. Hereafter, in this Constitution, it will be referred to as the Chapter and the American Meteorological Society will be called the Society.

Article II. Objectives

The chief objectives of the Chapter will be "the development and the dissemination of the knowledge of meteorology in all its phases and applications, and the advance of its professional ideals." An additional objective will be the dissemination of such information that will serve to interest promising high school seniors and others in a career in meteorology. Nothing in this Constitution shall conflict with the Constitution of the Society.

Article III. Membership

Anyone who has an interest in meteorological matters and who agrees to abide by the precepts of this Constitution becomes a member upon the payment of dues.

Membership in the Society shall be encouraged, but not required.

Article IV. Officers

The elective officers of the Chapter shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. They shall be elected for one year.

No individual shall serve more than three consecutive one-year terms in the same office.

The elective officers shall hold membership in the Society, or be candidates therefore.

Two months prior to the October meeting, the President shall appoint a three-member Nominating Committee. This Committee shall submit a slate of nominees for offices for the following year and shall provide the President with these names prior to the October meeting. The Committee shall submit names of only those who have agreed in advance to serve if elected.

Officers shall be elected at the regular October meeting of the Chapter and shall serve through the following October meeting. If a quorum is not present at the October meeting, the Executive Committee shall call a special meeting for election of officers. Nominations may be made from the floor at the October meeting, if any member of the Chapter wishes to make such a nomination with the stipulation that, the nominee has agreed to serve if elected.

The succession of the officers is President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Vacated offices that cannot be filled by succession shall be filled by majority vote of the Executive Committee.

Article V. Committees

There shall be an Executive Committee, a Program and Publicity Committee, a Nominating Committee, a Finance Committee, and any other Committees deemed necessary by the President.

A minimum of three members shall comprise any Committee. They shall be appointed by the President except that the Executive Committee will consist of the immediate past President and the current officers.

Article VI. Dues

1. Dues shall be five dollars ($5.00) per year, due at the October meeting. Dues shall be prorated on a quarterly basis for new members.

2. Anyone who has not paid dues, by January 31st is automatically suspended from membership until the dues are paid. Members may become reinstated by paying their full annual dues.

Article VII. Meetings

The Chapter will meet regularly four times a year. The October meeting is required. The other three regular meetings shall be at appropriate times during the year. A majority vote of the Executive Committee shall cancel a regular meeting; exception the regular October meeting cannot be cancelled.

Cancellations, and reasons therefore, shall be announced in a timely manner with care taken to ensure that the entire membership has access to the notice.

Special meetings may be called by a majority vote of the Executive Committee, upon petition by 10 members, or by a majority vote of a quorum present at a regular meeting.

All Chapter meetings shall be held at a place and time selected by the Executive Committee.

All regular Chapter meetings, or meetings involving any business, shall be announced in writing to all members by the Secretary at least seven (7) days prior to the meeting. The announcement will include the time, place, and purpose of the meeting.

A special meeting may, if necessary., be convened by the President or Vice-President without the restrictions noted in items number 2 and 4 above if the purpose is to present a paper, visitor, or program, which otherwise would not be possible.

The business portion of a meeting shall ordinarily be limited to one-half hour. A meeting shall ordinarily be limited to two hours.

Article VIII. Finances

1. Expenditures of Chapter funds in excess of $25.00 shall require the approval of a majority of a quorum.

2. Expenditures of $25.00 or less must be authorized by a majority of the Executive Committee.

3. The President shall appoint a Finance Committee to audit the accounts of the Treasurer. An annual audit shall include all Chapter accounts and shall cover the period since the previous audit. The Finance Committee shall report to the membership during the regular October meeting.

Article IX. Voting Procedures

A quorum is defined as more than one-half of the membership, or two-thirds of the average member attendance of the last two regular meetings, whichever is less. At each meeting the Secretary shall circulate a register which members and visitors will sign.

All members may vote. The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining the official membership roster and shall provide the Secretary with a copy at each meeting.

A majority of a quorum is required for the election of officers and for matters other than Constitutional amendment.

A two-thirds vote of a quorum is required for amendment of the Constitution.

Voting for officers shall be by secret ballot if requested by any member present. Otherwise, voting can be held by a show of hands.

Any question not resolvable according to this Constitution shall be resolved according to "Robert's Rules of Order," or by majority vote of a quorum.