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Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society (BAMS)

Advertising Information

The AMS will accept tasteful and accurate advertisements for products and services of professional interest to AMS members from organizations that are actively involved in the atmospheric and related sciences. The AMS also accepts advertising from organizations that have an interest in the atmospheric and related sciences and services, but are not actively involved in them. These organizations may promote their contributions to AMS activities and other good works, but may not directly promote products or services. The AMS reserves the right to refuse advertising that does not meet these criteria. Acceptance of advertising does not constitute the Society's endorsement of the product or service being advertised.

 Market of BAMS

BAMS (published since 1920 and issued monthly) features editorials, survey articles, conference summaries, and correspondence devoted to the latest news and research in the atmospheric and related oceanic and hydrologic sciences. It also includes professional and membership news and announcements, book reviews, meeting programs, and a professional directory. By advertising in BAMS, you will reach a paid subscriber base of 14 000 AMS members—many of whom are responsible for the purchase of their organization's equipment and services. The Bulletin is also sent to over 250 institutional subscribers in meteorological, oceanic, and hydrologic services, business and industry, universities, libraries, government agencies, and research institutions. Through BAMS, you reach thousands of government and private-sector meteorologists, supervisors of university and college meteorological facilities, research scientists, and a host of other prospective buyers.

In addition, all AMS members have exclusive cover-to-cover access to the BAMS Digital Edition—a dynamic, interactive reading experience. Advertisements placed in BAMS are also available in the online BAMS digital edition. Advertisers also have the option to use animations in their ads for the digital edition. You may view a sample of the BAMS Digital Edition (Flash required) at:


2015 Advertising Rates - all rates are per issue


Ad location


Back Cover
$2,870 $1,420 $2,726 $1,349 $2,583 $1,278 $2,439 $1,207
Inside Front/Back Cover
$2,760 $1,310 $2,622 $1,244 $2,484 $1,179 $2,346 $1,113
First Page
$2,760 $1,310 $2,622 $1,244 $2,484 $1,179 $2,346 $1,113
Full Page
$2,680 $1,230 $2,546 $1,168 $2,412 $1,107 $2,278 $1,045
1/2 Page
$2,215 $765 $2,104 $726 $1,993 $688 $1,882 $650
1/4 Page
$1,930 $480 $1,833 $456 $1,737 $432 $1,640 $408
2-Page Spread
$4020 $2,570 $3,819 $2,441 $3,618 $2,313 $3,417 $2,184
Classified Ad
Line ads for products, services, or employment are $1 per word.
Digital BAMS Animations $190 per file

Corporation/Institutional member of the AMS (regular, sustaining, and small business members) receive a 25% discount on all advertising.



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